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  1. this is HILARIOUS!!!
  2. my screen just got worse than having negative blck (pics)
  3. iPod touch: Shipping Guesses
  4. Softphone
  5. If I ordered online, can I return it to an Apple Store?
  6. Web apps for iPod touch/iPhone
  7. Howstuffworks.com features the iPod touch
  8. Dead pixels
  9. More Video on Touch?
  10. heres a good comparison video [iphone vs ipod]
  11. How is the Safari Browser? Anyone have a video using it?
  12. UK iPod touch order...
  13. Want to see how bad your iPod really is? Go here...
  14. Speculation; Final Commercial of iPod Touch During the Emmys?
  15. Touch not allowing me on my wireless network?
  16. Anyone know if Apple Stores will get some more tomorrow?
  17. Why I am Returning my iPod touch
  18. veoh on Ipod Touch
  19. wifi @ panera
  20. ipod touch restore issue
  21. ORB on the iPod Touch
  22. My iPod should be a model!
  23. Engineer offers explanation of Black Screen syndrome.
  24. iPod touch scratches
  25. iPod Touch- Safari + Music doesn't work
  26. Email address to complain to?
  27. Alright boys... Here's my Verdict
  28. iPod Touch screen meltdown on the Emmys!
  29. Putting large pictures on iTouch
  30. Anyone know how to enter Debug mode on 'Touch?
  31. Version 1.1(3A100a) v. 1.1(3A101a) Differences?
  32. Good Idea for something like the Starbucks thing
  33. Screen issues limited to video...
  34. ilounge review - wallpaper?
  35. Retail Store availability in Canada?
  36. So are most of us going to have screen problems no matter what?
  37. Easy Video Question
  38. Donate to get Third Party Apps on iPhone
  39. Empire Strikes Back - Great test for screens, iphone too
  40. The Debate... Touch vs Activated iPhone
  41. Gotta love apple " experts"
  42. iLounge review iPod touch
  43. Theory on screen
  44. iPod Touch Screen Issue Solution
  45. An open letter to Steve Jobs
  46. So when will we get an official response / press release from Apple...
  47. "Negative Black" on BOTH models?
  48. Touch and iPhone different screen construction
  49. Another thought on why UK has not yet shipped...
  50. Will they expand the memory?
  51. Handbrake & H.264 - Audio not in sync
  52. The touch does not have auto-correcting keyboard??
  53. Wifi Issues - Help Please!
  54. Recall on iPod touch???
  55. Problems with YouTube
  56. Just rang Apple UK about screen problems.
  57. is your screen bad
  58. Anyone check the Apple Store today for more Touches today?
  59. discussions.apple.com offline
  60. Apple Support Discussions down...
  61. How will Apple deal with the screen problem (poll)
  62. Folks with Screen Problems - Are You Going to ... (Poll)
  63. Instant messenger for iPod touch
  64. iPod touch a probable explanation for the negative black issue
  65. iPod touch Screen Mentioned in Keynote
  66. What model of iPod touch do you Have? Is it having any screen issues?
  67. Washington Post Reports on iPod
  68. Stattracker on iPod touch
  69. The audio is worse than the screen
  70. Will this cause a delay for preorderers?
  71. iPod Touch to be released tomo in London after press conference?
  72. iPod Touches found any where else?
  73. People In Uk....
  74. 640 x 480?
  75. Need Help Converting Video to Ipod Touch
  76. Crashes?
  77. Amazon Orders
  78. List of webapps?
  79. Turning off the touch
  80. iPod touch scratch test?
  81. Help Me, Mac Synch Issue -- Apple Won't Help
  82. anyway to set homepage in safari?
  83. Picking Mine Up Tonight & a Few Questions
  84. notes app?
  85. wallpapers don't work?
  86. Anybody ordered ipod Touch in Europe?
  87. iPod touch 8GB or 16GB - Obviously not savvy
  88. Cover Flow With Wrong Pictures
  89. iPod Touch Screen Problem
  90. Vancouver/Canada iPod Touch
  91. just realized i have a bad screen
  92. Some weird Malfunctions on Touch
  93. Screen issue problem: Capacity related?
  94. Picked up an 8GB Touch tonight - Its Perfect!
  95. Your might not have a screen issue
  96. Glitches?
  97. Touch owners with bad screens - bring it back!
  98. Apple Store
  99. iPod touches shipping tomorrow!
  100. How to return your iPod to an Apple Store
  101. Return with small scratch
  102. The Absolute BEST way to see if your screen is defective
  103. iPod touch rant. Yay.
  104. Whats the best video to show to prove to apple about the bad screen?
  105. The PSP has a better screen
  106. Wifi Music Store + Gift Cards
  107. Bad Screen...Bad Genius...download a free sample from iTunes
  108. Cancelled iPod touch 16GB
  109. tricks to connecting to some wifi?
  110. mac.com issues with iPod touch
  111. Apple Care knows about the BLACK issues and sending me a new 16gb
  112. Screens WONT be fixed you guys...
  113. Music stops playing while surfing
  114. Quicktime in web browsing?
  115. Interface question
  116. How many have canceled preorders because of ipod touch screen issues?
  117. iPod Touch Europe availability.
  118. Is there a sensor/camera in the top left corner?
  119. More reviews/articles surfacing....
  120. iPod Touch in London Apple Store?
  121. Now the iPhone is out anyones iPods shipped?
  122. Will returns = refurbs?
  123. PDF reading? + other questions
  124. Bought my Ipod Touch Yesterday
  125. Installer.app
  126. Can iPod Touch Be...
  127. Apple Rep tells me to return Touch and wait 6-8 months for Apple to sort out issues
  128. Polishing Cloth?
  129. Just got an iPod Touch
  130. IPhone (refurb) instead?!
  131. iPod Touch and the Cloud?
  132. Hopefully not a stupid question... (hold button and battery)
  133. Online order shipped
  134. Any Email Application that can work for iPod Touch?
  135. Calendar?
  136. AIM for the Ipod Touch. Works Flawless. Check it Out
  137. Any other stores have the Touch in stock besides Apple and Best Buy?
  138. What happens to song lyrics in iTunes when using an iPod touch?
  139. Video on Touch: Thoughts on Handbrake
  140. Those Who Ordered Online: Bad Screen?
  141. Genius Appointment Today 'bout Screen, but at Different Apple Store than it was Bough
  142. Looks like Touch not the only ipod with screen issues
  143. Remote Control Your Computer
  144. iPod touch pre-order shipped!?
  145. For those who got good Touches
  146. Couple Questions about Touch
  147. iPod Touch 8GB or 16GB
  148. mystery of the LCD Screen
  149. whats a good converting program for ipod touch???
  150. Maybe Apple is actively trying to prevent hacking...
  151. Just got back from Apple Store w/ return
  152. chatted with a apple store guy
  153. Anyone's Engraved Touch Shipped?
  154. Couple iPod touch questions
  155. Apple store soho
  156. How to convert a DVD to Touch?
  157. I just got my iPod Touch! (With pics and video)
  158. Touch answers
  159. returning mine :(
  160. Best Buy Pre-Orders - Has Yours Shipped Yet?
  161. i bought my iPod Touch saturday, can i return?
  162. iPod Touch = Cell Phone?? (could this be possible?)
  163. Too many things wrong.
  164. Cant decide!
  165. iPod Touch in Canada?
  166. PLEASE REPLY - Charging the iPod Touch
  167. Anyone sync Thunderbird/Lightning calender & contacts using mozpod?
  168. Video Organization
  169. iPod Touch not in stores (Canada) until October 12! urg...
  170. Can I return my scratched/black negative screen ipod touch to BB?
  171. Getting the best charge from an iPod touch....
  172. Apple returns
  173. The infamous Jay-z pic on a good Touch (pics)
  174. Would anyone get a refurb'd iPod Touch?
  175. How upset is steve?
  176. Exchanged my ipod touch for iphone!
  177. went to the apple store tonight
  178. What I found at the NYC Apple store about the touchscreen
  179. Preorders from Amazon
  180. Questions for taking your iPod touch back to Best Buy
  181. Has anyone seen this yet? ipod touch... phone?
  182. Manufacturing Change?
  183. There are no bad screens
  184. Do you put your iTouch to sleep or turn it off?
  185. Mount the Ipod touch to the Dash?(best product)
  186. Any iPod touch sightings in Germany?
  187. Found A Issue With IPT
  188. Touch & AppleTV Encoding Compromise - HELP
  189. my feedback message to apple
  190. iPod Touch User Age Groups
  191. How many charges until dead battery?
  192. Top 10 reasons I love my IPod Touch
  193. Hmm. I wonder if I order Friday, when will it ship?
  194. MAC address???
  195. Anyone considering returning the Touch and buying Archos 605 instead?
  196. Why has more mainstream media not picked up the screen issue story?
  197. Shanghai Typhoon
  198. iPod Touch web app. sites
  199. AIM on the touch
  200. Dot in upper left
  201. Closed Captioning on ripped movies
  202. Landscape view in Safari possible?
  203. Anyone have a desire to a site with a list of apps for the touch?
  204. Contact List at Apple Store
  205. I Got my Pre-Order!
  206. txt viewer?
  207. UK shipping Date for Pre-Orders
  208. Touch Error: Account information has changed
  209. UK Apple Store pre order, shipping changed!!
  210. What is the best video on youtube to test ipod touch?
  211. Why I Love and am Keeping My New iPod touch
  212. Canadians Please Speak Out: Why Are We Forgotten?
  213. any not have a negative black screen?
  214. Syncing iPod Touch
  215. Touch screen material
  216. iTunes just sniffed my iPod touch for info
  217. Things you don't want to hear from you apple Genius
  218. An interesting idea if your touch is pissing you off lol
  219. adapations to the touch
  220. Any event-day preorders not shipped?
  221. iPod touch Hacking Status?
  222. After two 16G, no luck....
  223. A few questions about video...
  224. Archos 605 over touch, for me at least. Here's why.
  225. Official (ha ha) Target Pre-Order Thread (14.4% off!)
  226. iPod touch CRASHING!? (sleep mode)
  227. Should I cancel my touch order.... (uk)
  228. Walt Mossberg's rave review for Touch
  229. UK iPod Touch Screens
  230. Resellers other than Best Buy
  231. Are European iPods (and the iPod Touch) still volume Limited?
  232. When do Best Buys' usually get their stock and...
  233. iPod Socks
  234. Slightly disappointed
  235. If ordered on Apple's Online store and received your iPod Touch-Post screen results
  236. when should you power off?
  237. Air Port Express and my iPod Touch
  238. My Take on the Touch....
  239. Any order #: w311 ship yet?
  240. Canadians, There's Hope! Mine Is Prepared To Ship!!!
  241. Test your iPod Touch or iPhone with this movie
  242. Newly received pre-orders: screen issue?
  243. Regent Street Stores.
  244. Deleted Video's continue to re-appear?
  245. Quick Question About Pre Order Status!!!
  246. "Flicking" my Macbook...
  247. Tell me if your iPod touch crashes
  248. Has anybody who order standard shipping from the Apple Store shipped yet?
  249. iPod touch: glass or plastic?
  250. Week 38 = Good iPods?