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  1. 4200 Rpm?
  2. Starting my self repair quest
  3. stupid question, but I have to ask ...
  4. What should I do? Dilemma.....
  5. Getting a replacement which costs less than what i paid for!
  6. Is Firefox slow on MBA rev B SSD too?
  7. Rev C not really a Rev C
  8. rev C MBA capable of user upgrades?
  9. Air repair; almost a month later
  10. new MBA SSD drive specs?
  11. rev. A accepted for repair (audio, hinge)
  12. going from rev a to rev c
  13. Does MBA headphone jack support input as well as output?
  14. Why doesn't Apple build a 13" MBP without the optical drive?
  15. lines on the Rev C
  16. MacBook Air v 2,1 (rev B) 1.86 CPU, 128 GB SSD, REFURBISHED $1449!!!
  17. MBA, MBP 13" & 15" weight differences
  18. Getting my v 2,2 MBA 2.13 GHz with SSD tomorrow afternoon! I will report back then.
  19. My Rev B. is kicking 6200/fan speed with just safari, advice
  20. The MBA and the one or two computer dilema, help me decide
  21. Impossible to restore Air from disk?
  22. How do I prove that the lines are present?
  23. Has anyone ever been shocked by there magnetic plug on your mac
  24. MacBook Air rev. c faster graphics?
  25. NO RESTOCK FEE!!! what what!
  26. New Battery Air rev C could fit in rev A????
  27. I'm going to pass on the Rev C..
  28. my 1.6 120gb i THINK has lines just turned it on tonight
  29. Question about performance
  30. Where can I sell my MBA?
  31. Brand New macbook air 120 gb 1.6 can I have it swapped for new?
  32. Amazon.com pre-order for MacBook Air 2.13GHz
  33. Is there any effective method to check the MBA's screen?
  34. Went with MBP instead...
  35. Snow Leopard runs amazingly wonderfultastically on the Air
  36. No MBA until better screen
  37. forget password
  38. Rev C, 2.13/SSD Pix w/ Internal Shots
  39. Just picked up a 2.13ghz Air...questions
  40. Realistic battery life on rev C?
  41. Spore on 1.6 ghz
  42. 2.13GHz/128GB SSD Simple Review
  43. New 2.13 Owner
  44. can't decide: MBA refurbish 1.86GHz vs new 2.13GHz
  45. 9C90 is the ONLY display reported for new MBA! Anyone have 9C9A, 9C8F, or different?
  46. Battery issue with MBA Rev A (refurb)
  47. MacAir RevC or New MacPro 13"
  48. Help deciding on line issue
  49. Is the New Air using the updated displays?
  50. MBA SD Card Slot
  51. MBA: Creeping up on the Polycarbonite MB.
  52. Confused about SSD true capacity?
  53. Planning on replacing CE Macbook with Air. Mind answering some questions?
  54. Free-play on the new Macbook Air ?
  55. Bootcamp with Vista or XP?
  56. Is SSD vs HD really that significant?
  57. Wireless information on a Mac
  58. top spec air with 30" acd
  59. Med student interested in the MBA
  60. Worth purchasing a USED Rev A MBA for $800?
  61. Macbook Air Rev. C battery life?
  62. SSD gotten much faster from rev. A to B to C?
  63. After extensive testing, I couldn't determine what is causing the lines on the MBA!
  64. New Air replacing Old
  65. Any chance for a silent update before november?
  66. WOW! HD Videos from Hulu play flawless on the new AIR's
  67. Rev C has GPU x6 then why not a firmware update to x6 for rev B?
  68. Why just 2GB?
  69. consider switching back to mba, need some advice
  70. jumpy video & mouse
  71. Macbook Air SuperDrive now works with Mac Mini
  72. I think I messed up...
  73. Why I LOVE my Air .... STAND UP to the recent "Air Bashers" (and make them go away !)
  74. Keyboard and TrackPad Won't Respond
  75. Macbook Air... a love/hate relationship
  76. How hot does your MBA rev B get?
  77. Dose Coolbook work on the Rev. C
  78. Which Macbook Air to Get ?
  79. Few questions comparing to 13" mbp
  80. Macbook Air Case?
  81. camera not being recognized??
  82. Macbook Air Battery Replacement?
  83. Air and snow leopard memory
  84. Can't Reinstall Mac OSX Leopard on Macbook Air with Remote DVD
  85. Refurb Rev B or New Rev C
  86. Well, my MBA is now replaced...I think.
  87. Can I install iWork and Office 2008 via USB?
  88. Interesting note about 'the lines' issue
  89. Coming from 15/ 17" to 13" (MBP) screen, how do you like the smaller screen size?
  90. Air good enough for Snow Leopard?
  91. air and itunes question
  92. MBA rev:A screen so much better than MBA REV:C
  93. mba screen vs mbp or umb from viewing angle and color prospective
  94. anyone in orlando area that can meet up to verify if these are lines on my revC 9c90?
  95. rev C SSD making loud fan nosie when moving back n forth
  96. Want to add an Apple Cinema Display to your MBA system... big discounts!
  97. What are your 2.13 SSD temperatures?
  98. Tonight's visit to the Apple Store...
  99. Macbook Air, Superdrive and 30" acd
  100. iPhone 3.0 has screen lines like MBA??
  101. Superdrive not working?
  102. Spilled juice into ports on side help got ?'s
  103. Not getting temperature drops after AC5 (RevB)
  104. 2.1ghz/128ssd noticeably faster than 1.8ghz/128ssd MBA ?
  105. Rev B cooler after new Thermal Paste?
  106. What computer to you use with your MacBook Air?
  107. Is it bad to keep it constantly plugged in all day once charging light is green?
  108. How to identify if your screen has lines
  109. Can this thing run Final Cut Pro?
  110. anyone use keyboard cover or protector?
  111. first full charge and use on rev C ssd 3.5 hours battery wtf?
  112. MBA hinge, how tight?
  113. New 2.13 MBA Owner - Couple of Questions
  114. MacBook Air replaced... After sizzling.
  115. No Battery in My Macbook air
  116. monitor issues for rev.C macbook air
  117. Syncing through BT
  118. Is a MacBook Air for me?
  119. MBA and MBP?
  120. Macbook Air Airport not automatic
  121. Will the 1.86 GHZ macbook air suits me well?
  122. this is my macbook air rev:A 1.6 80GB review,might help others
  123. remote install help
  124. Does Speck case cause loose hinge in MBA?
  125. Macbook Air and College?
  126. Revision A, sound...................
  127. Checkout this ebay scam MBA
  128. Glass Track Pad
  129. MacBook Air....which Rev is this? A,B, or C
  130. How to Reload OSX on a MBA
  131. Macbook Air Rev A
  132. Battery cycle count=1
  133. Color Profile for MBA 2.13 9C90 display - anyone have a good one?
  134. MBA 2.13 - Spacebar key louder than others?
  135. Macbook air bigger update coming?
  136. MacWorld review of revision "C"
  137. So, is the GPU really better in the Rev C? Is it significant?
  138. Is purchasing this MBA 1.6GHz 2GB/120GB a good deal?
  139. Light Bleed - Should this be a Display replace worthy repair?
  140. usb to sata converter on air rev a
  141. Why the Air is not more like a Pro?
  142. The Rev. B is faster then the Rev. C??
  143. disappointed with macbook air rev. c
  144. MacBook Air Rev A Hinge Repair Surprise
  145. Video Slowdown in MBA
  146. I am in love with SSD
  147. If the MBA doesn't survive it will be because....
  148. MBA suitable for Keynote presentations?
  149. Whatchu' talkin' bout hatin' Rev A?
  150. Macbook Air for Full HD videos and as a primary computer...!
  151. which DVD drive for new MBAir
  152. MacBook Air/C and Blu-ray video playback
  153. Bug... in my screen... dead
  154. New Revision C Display Alignment Issue
  155. Rev A Air misreporting HDD space available after logic board replacement
  156. Thinking about getting a rev B w/ HD.. quick question
  157. 9C90--Lines notwithstanding, a garbage screen
  158. MK2431GAH Toshiba 240gb Hard Drive in 1st Gen. Air?
  159. MBA 2.1 but i still need to run windows
  160. MBA 2.1 or MBP 13 with a MacMini which is a better combo
  161. MBA's new firmware fixing core shutdown (but not kernel_task going crazy...)
  162. Another potential SSD for the Rev A
  163. so what was just changed in the update
  164. New SSD installed for my Macbook Air rev.A
  165. To MBA or To MBP
  166. MBA REV.B Kernel_Panic - what apple has to say
  167. Unknown Virtual Machine Partition - Not MAC user - help
  168. FLAT OUT game demo on 2.13 GHz MBA off of youtube
  169. Macbook Air good pick for a former geek?
  170. SATA interface of 2009 MBA?
  171. POLL: MBA Firmware Update Faster? Stronger? SLOWER? HOTTER?
  172. How do I do a full restore without disc?
  173. Would you buy Rev C 128 SSD or Refurb 128 SSD?
  174. Considering 2.13GHz MacBook Air Rev C. from 13inch MacBook
  175. MacBook Air OEM case replacement
  176. Heat about Rev C
  177. Macbook air rev:A trackpad issues after new SMC Firmware Update 1.2
  178. MBA or MBP 13 inch?
  179. Is this a good trade?
  180. MacBook Air: Rev B or Rev C?
  181. 2.11GHZ vs 1.8GHZ comparison video
  182. 55* Celsius and 6200 RPM
  183. ifixit: macbook air rev a hd upgradable with samsung 120gb hs12yha
  184. Which SSD in MBA 2.13?
  185. Anyone use mail.app with massive IMAP archives on an MBA?
  186. 1.8ghz Refurb or new 2.13ghz model
  187. SSD speeds in new Toshiba blowing away MBA
  188. Sold my MBA, final references for newbies.
  189. Does MBA/SSD really need 4GB of memory?
  190. MacBook Air- One revision away ?
  191. MacBook Air owners, do you have another Mac? If so ...
  192. Graphic drivers
  193. MBA rev C. Windows 7 experience score vs rev B score
  194. Considering the MBA...should I wait?
  195. I just got a REV b 1.6 MBAIR Some q's
  196. MBA rev B noisy but cool?
  197. advice re: buying new AC charger for MBA
  198. Would you upgrade?
  199. External Optical Drive for Macbook Air
  200. How many hours of battery life?
  201. Laggin on internet pages
  202. For those on the fence about buying Macbook Air
  203. How to tell....rev A, B, C
  204. My Air is freezing all the time!!
  205. Problem with MDP to DVI to HDMI
  206. Problem installing boot camp
  207. Have you re-applied thermal paste on your air?
  208. second computer help needed
  209. End of MBA???
  210. One Month, Rev. C Review
  211. can the 1.6ghz macbook air watch 1080p movies?
  212. had to share... just got a MBA!!
  213. Macbook Air - my first Mac with problems
  214. MBA Rev-A - Another Broken Hinge
  215. Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro
  216. kingspec 128gb ssd does not work
  217. How is the MBA doing?
  218. sent macbook air in for repair..came back two months later beat up w/no paper trail
  219. Is this a good deal on a Rev. A 1.6GHz, 80GB Air?
  220. Keyboard backlighting very, very dim at max setting
  221. Charging 2 iphones with MBA and non-powered hub
  222. Refurb MBA Rec C?
  223. i forgot my admin pswd
  224. MBA 2.16 fan control
  225. Traveling around the world.... With a Macbook Air?
  226. Macbook Air (Rev B.) - SSD Install Tutorial
  227. Macbook Air Aluminum Unibody?
  228. Looking to buy MBA.... need config help
  229. Went in for MB Air, left with MBP 13"
  230. New MBA 2.13 Scratched :|
  231. Speck Hard Shell Fitment?
  232. kernel_task: what's the current state of affairs?
  233. Looking to buy this MBA refurb..... any comments?
  234. Skype on Rev. A Air
  235. MacBook Air + Sleep = battery drain!
  236. MBA Rev A SSD with Windows 7
  237. generic USB to ethernet adapter?
  238. What do you think of a 17" MacBook Air?
  239. air update?
  240. Is it a good deal
  241. External battery?
  242. I need help with VirtualBox
  243. Air technical electronical inquiry
  244. Already refurbished 2.13 GHz MBA rev C at Apple.com
  245. MiniDP to HDMI or VGA for HDTV?
  246. Which Monkey Island to get?
  247. Rev.B and Rev.C SSD swap.
  248. Truth about 15" MBA
  249. Windows 7 (7600 RTM) on MBA 1.6 Rev B install problem ?
  250. Sold MBA but want another one REV A? Need advice!