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  1. Realistic shipping/delivery dates from Amazon?
  2. Bluetooth problem using Windows XP on MBA
  3. Pro Evolution Soccer on MBA?
  4. Changeable keys and SSD-SATA for the MBA?
  5. Totally anecdotal MBA in the Apple Store observations
  6. iTunes with Multi-Touch
  7. Window Display
  8. Thoughts on the MBA conspiracy...
  9. Macbook Air Transfer Question
  10. About Store Shipments??
  11. SSD shows 55Gig capacity?
  12. How do I lock the thing to my desk?
  13. Incredibly shrinking box
  14. iSight problem
  15. Battery Conditioning?
  16. Wireless N Issue (5GHZ Only?)
  17. MacBook Air colour calibration profiles thread
  18. MacBook Air dropped from 4 feet in an Apple Store.... SURVIVES!
  19. wireless file transfer in Macbook Air.......
  20. Official Problems List!
  21. Macbook Air Backpacks
  22. Synching Entourage Between Air and MBP
  23. BUT is it quiet?
  24. Anybody's MBA Shipped/Prepared For Shipment That Ordered After The 17th?
  25. its on its way
  26. Macbook Air + free mighty mouse
  27. So, 1.8/SSD owners, how's the battery life?
  28. Booting for Tiger
  29. Shared Memory Allocation for video
  30. Going from old MBP to MBA
  31. not impressed
  32. Boot camp on air?
  33. Anyone have a Sprint Ovation U727?
  34. 7 Hour Battery Life ???
  35. GEEKBENCH score of 1.8 ghz + SSD drive (higher than PowerMac G5 Dual Core 2.5ghz)
  36. MacBook Air Restart Test - 1.6/HD vs. 1.8/SSD vs. MacBook 2.2
  37. Post Your Geekbench Scores for the MBA!
  38. manilamac / AirMail = SHIPPING ! :)
  39. Please read this if you plan on sending feedback to Apple
  40. Why is the bezel so wide?
  41. Super Thin iMac with Macbook Air Insides?
  42. Best way to travel with MBA right now?
  43. Actual Experience Using the Macbook Air for Work
  44. MB Air, MB Pro, or Gateway to DHell ThinkBad
  45. Help Please? Network question
  46. Did anyone buy the MBA as his or her only computer?
  47. Why do some people appear to HATE the MBA?
  48. Official Thread for MBA Defects and How to Remedy Them (MBA owners ONLY)
  49. MBA or MBP has better resell value?
  50. USB Ethernet or AirPort Express?
  51. I didn't realize the MacBook Air was THIS thin!!!
  52. MBA vs airplane tray table?
  53. Airline Adapter
  54. Anyone Ordered From MacMall
  55. I flippin got it!!!
  56. Best way to switch from PC to an MBA?
  57. hard drive space ssd with vista and entourage?
  58. clean install step by step
  59. Best slipcover for MBA?
  60. My MacBook Air Parody
  61. air like an expensive hooker
  62. Do all Store/ online purchases get the Promo Bag?
  63. Macbook Air only a Precursor?
  64. does your mba lie flat
  65. Remote Disk Download? Where?
  66. Disk Erase with SSD
  67. My MacBook Air Youtube Video review
  68. Remote disc is slow... use an external HDD...
  69. Photo Booth
  70. List of Retail Stores with MBA (UK Only)
  71. USB Hub?
  72. Macbook air for work or Macbook pro.
  73. Does the SSD do it's best to spread the data over the disk?
  74. is a MBA still better than PBG4?
  75. battery taking 8 hours to charge?
  76. Why did you get the SSD model?
  77. Complete Steps to Perform a Clean OS X Reinstall on Your MacBook Air
  78. Look at all the opportunists on ebay now...
  79. Migrating data from a Tiger PBG4 to MBA?
  80. Air Refurbs?
  81. Fans going nuts
  82. No IWork Demo Ready in MacBook Air?
  83. Slow boat [from] China . . .
  84. Manually Controlling MacBook Air Keyboard Brightness
  85. Can you create a bootable image of the boot disks on a USB HD?
  86. Got mine, unfortunately defective.
  87. MBA Gaming
  88. Macbook Air Battery Life (1.6 HDD)
  89. SSD formatted capacity 55.5GB??
  90. VMWare Fusion running Boot Camp WinXP install?
  91. MBA potentially dangerous?
  92. USB 2.0 drive speed connected to MBA
  93. How do you keep it clean?
  94. Ask us Macbook Air Owners Questions?
  95. Is the iPod Touch bump to 32gb a bad omen for the 64Gb SSD?
  96. Install Bootcamp on an External Drive?
  97. Macbook Air issues and a solution, still need a bit of help
  98. Should I buy a MB Air, MB Pro, or MB?
  99. MBA and desktop Mac working together
  100. Chinese Text Converter?
  101. MBA Demo Machines
  102. Ok my OCD got the best of me and I had to get it. Here my opinion compared to MB.
  103. Games Playable on Macbook Air???
  104. Macbook Air or wait for new MBP
  105. MBA to TV?
  106. Denver, Colorado.........
  107. MBA battery calibration?
  108. MBA Accessories
  109. Sony to Release Vaio "Air Extinguisher"
  110. MBA Wireless Question
  111. Is the screen on the Air brighter than the MBP?
  112. Just returned macbook air.
  113. Getting a MacBook air! Case?
  114. Mac OS X reinstall: issue with Remote Install over ethernet (solved, pls delete)
  115. Macbook Air Ethernet Dongle Drivers
  116. Geesh, how bright can these screens get?
  117. Post your Temp and Fan speed!
  118. All set to buy but 1.6 or 1.8 with HDD?
  119. Slow shutdown on SSD vs. HD model?
  120. MBA in their Sleeves (Post Pics please)
  121. I got one, but I'm afraid to open up the package!
  122. Mba Revision 2
  123. Apple Care Plan
  124. Installing Cs3 On Mba
  125. Using magnets on the Macbook Air...
  126. Got A Defect Mba
  127. Sales of 1.6/HDD vs 1.8/SSD
  128. MBA's performance with Lightroom and Photoshop
  129. Honest question, why is thiness of MBA appealing?
  130. A lighter MacBook Air?
  131. Once you go thin, you'll never go back (even if the air isn't for you)
  132. Air, rEFIt, bootcamp and Vista x64 without external drive...almost
  133. MacBook Air has issues, says Apple
  134. Relace SSD with HD?
  135. Bluetooth stereo headset on mba?
  136. List of Retail Stores with MBA (Germany Only)
  137. Things that FIT in the MacBook Air ports
  138. MacBook Air issues...
  139. Can The Air Run in "Closed Lid" Mode?
  140. migration assistant issue
  141. Major issues with air battery.
  142. Plans for Nvidia cards in macbook air?
  143. MBA 1.6 and 1.8GHz review
  144. Gizmodo. SSD MBA has pretty much same performance as HDD MBA
  145. Deal: MacBook Air Coupon (3% off). Up to $200 Off with Rebate. [Ended]
  146. Suddenly not sure - maybe a pro
  147. ArsTechnica Compares Air HDD to the SSD and find little difference.
  148. AIr SSD Owner Question
  149. Finally saw the MBA in person
  150. Who else is bothered by fan noise?
  151. Macbook air and Mobile internet
  152. How long after shipment?
  153. usb to pc card
  154. How much hard drive space after normal install
  155. Looking for SSD/1.6GHz or HDD/1.8GHz Owners
  156. Old Macbook Apple Care -- Will it work for Macbook Air?
  157. Can you get a 1.6/SSD at Apple Retail Store
  158. Why does the 64GB SSD cost $1000?
  159. dropped my MBA......
  160. Macbook Air's Wireless
  161. Using FileVault with SSD?
  162. The Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
  163. Somewhat fuzzy appearance using MBA's iSight Camera on Photo Booth?
  164. Is the MBA right for me? My first MAC.
  165. Should I buy or wait?
  166. CD Drive Emulator
  167. Multi Touch with Firefox?
  168. AirMail Sleeves Delayed TWO WEEKS
  169. Help configuring wireless
  170. Battery "fix" at Genius Bar tonight!
  171. Just ordered a very cool sleeve!
  172. PC World cuts 250 off the price of Apple's MacBook Air...with a catch, doy
  173. Accessories Wishlist
  174. Anyone else have an iPod Classic as a companion to their Macbook Air
  175. On my second air and it is defective too.
  176. Anyone kb lighting uneven?
  177. MBA HDD question (not about HDD vs. SSD)
  178. Invisible Shield for MBA
  179. MacBook Air Benchmarks
  180. More Battery Observations
  181. Vista and multi-touch trackpad
  182. Anyone regret buying the MBA?
  183. Has Apple Shipped any CTO orders?
  184. One of my cores keeps shutting down?
  185. POLL: Your direct subjective experience with 1.6/80 vs 1.8/SSD?
  186. booq case for MBA = Mid-April?
  187. Problems with Remote Disk OSX Install
  188. 50% off Shieldzone.com - incl the Macbook Air skins
  189. Speaker Jack
  190. Who ordered a Waterfield Sleeve?
  191. Retail Stores with MBA (Canada Only)
  192. Migrating between 10.4 and MBA?
  193. Cores shutdown only on the 1.6?
  194. Gaming on Air
  195. My first impressions (after being jerked around at the store)
  196. AIR should have been a G5 not a Core 2
  197. Post your Geekbench mark scores for te Macbook Air.
  198. What do you think is MBA profit margin?
  199. Onyx use on SSD 'Air'?
  200. 2 questions
  201. Mba Air Questions...newbie
  202. MBA charges faster when on?
  203. What are your primary uses of the MBA?
  204. But does it Scratch?
  205. Will Time Capsule Work Without Internet?
  206. Using Remote File Access to Save Disk Space on Your MBA
  207. 1.80GHz on the SSD
  208. Anybody get rid FAT binaries?
  209. MacBook Air Common Questions and Tips
  210. New Macbook Air Magsafe Airline Adapter
  211. Macbook Air + Ruby on Rails
  212. I knew this would happen...
  213. All regions: Any MBA Shipment After Feb 6th And Whose Order Got Stuck Also?
  214. Macbook Air Owners Rate your MBA
  215. Apple Charging Question
  216. FedEx Lost My MBA!
  217. MBA: Problems with the aluminum?
  218. Saving space on the MBA - Can Xslimmer be dangerous ?
  219. Where do I get bootcamp drivers for MBA?
  220. Why all the concern about HD space?
  221. Generic (non-Apple) USB CD-ROM drives work?
  222. 160 gb only slightly thicker?
  223. Shipping Delay!!!
  224. Web browsers and mulit-touch..
  225. Using Leopard Disc from retail Leopard purchase for Boot Camp drivers? Is it okay?
  226. when will we start seeing macbook airs on the refurb store?
  227. Note: Read this if you want to reimage MBA OTB with your wireless connection
  228. Air cannot even handle 720p 30fps
  229. Question of timing
  230. Has anyone actually swapped out the HDD for an SSD?
  231. Why is the 64GB SSD formated to 55GB
  232. Temperature Check
  233. Problems with regular videos
  234. Does everyones fans go full blast during HD video playback?
  235. Poor battery life and potential lawsuit
  236. MacBook Air HDD
  237. Trackpad Button Unresponsive
  238. Is it possible to use a gesture to reload a page in Safari?
  239. HAHA "No FireWire Ports Can Be Detectided)
  240. Suggestions? (partitioning external drive)
  241. Have helicopter, ready to take to the Air [UK RANGE ONLY]
  242. Will it work for me?
  243. List of Retail Stores in Ireland that have the Macbook Air??
  244. Programme to talk to the Macbook Air??
  245. Pics and Videos of your Macbook Air
  246. PATA SSD to be discontinued?
  247. Keyboard backlighting issue fixes
  248. MacBook Air Faulty????? Help!
  249. 2 things to do for most of your MBA functioning issues
  250. Already have MBP, should I get a MBA?