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  1. Tab bar controller containing Navigation Bar Problem
  2. NSThread Problem
  3. Creating app based on open source code.
  4. IUButton problem in IB unknown selector
  5. Organizing an NSArray by number
  6. Full-screen photos
  7. Adding new Contacts to Address Book from XML file?
  8. How to add text to the end of a text file?
  9. iPhone app crashes after connecting label with property
  10. Router IP into NSString?
  11. Removing items from a dictionary and related array
  12. String as equation?
  13. Sorted NSDictionary through Class
  14. how to add integer array into nsmutable array
  15. file upload strange error
  16. Is it possible to run similar in Landscape mode at first?
  17. OK to use small buttons?
  18. External display help
  19. Running in sleep mode?
  20. NSUnknownKeyException reason: class is not key value coding-compliant for the key
  21. Looking at app development - a few questions.
  22. EventKit Framework
  23. iOS Enrollment Fax question
  24. Problem with merging contacts using ABUnknownPersonViewController
  25. Looks like the app store rules have changed...
  26. Photos for iPhone app
  27. Making an app for my mom's salon.
  28. New Developer Question
  29. How to get a propriatary apps on an ipad?
  30. CALayer off-screen rendering
  31. Value Transformer double to currency (Dashcode)
  32. Thick newbie migrating to xcode from MS. Link errors
  33. Damn adhoc, I've spent more time on this than the app! Help please.
  34. Template in X-code is loading previous project
  35. debug ad-hoc profile
  36. Multitasking data-dowload error?
  37. File system access
  38. Why my grouped style Table View without round corner?
  39. Accessing ringtones through the SDK
  40. problem running accelerometer on device
  41. If I upgrade my IOS would I lose my ability to put apps on my phone ?
  42. Where to open/close SQLite3 is better?
  43. CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host.
  44. Trying to show an UIActivityIndicatorView but it doesn't start until the function...
  45. Developer question
  46. How do you send a command between views?
  47. Socket programming (robot arm)
  48. FMResultSet can't be add to NSMuatbleArray
  49. App 1 hour in front....
  50. Navigation Controller Pointer for UITableView
  51. Popping Modal UINavigationController
  52. About Orientation in split view controller
  53. Pulsating Color Background
  54. subview from main view
  55. Can you make add-ons to existing apps?
  56. MapKit/CoreLocation
  57. Multiple shapes/objects
  58. Can't debug any app on xcode
  59. Difficulties writing data to a plist on program termination
  60. Custom Class not Linking to other Objects
  61. Stop a sound file on second view....
  62. Icon.png & Default.png not deleting
  63. Custom Navigation Controller functionality.
  64. Value of variable not staying outside of method
  65. iOS 4 on iPad
  66. best place to post a developer job offer?
  67. help on iphone + web service
  68. Xcode: ViewController.xib or Main.xib
  69. Question about Greece VAT
  70. loading PDF pages issues on webview in iphone
  71. iPhone website+no nav buttons
  72. how to check if amination isAnimated and respond accordingly??
  73. newbie question: How to count the no of times a method has been accessed?
  74. Slight delay on a label, testing on iphone
  75. Import statement not working in Release mode.
  76. Can I let keyboard in Japanese input mode?
  77. No Internet Connection
  78. Objective-C
  79. URGENT : Get the current location
  80. What is the most appropriate method for accessing a HTTP server?
  81. iTunes API on iPad and iPhone
  82. Can an interface BOTH inherit from another interface AND implement a protocol?
  83. Retriving xml Data from server in iphone application
  84. zoom a specific part of image in UIImageview
  85. Mobile Safari and WebGL
  86. A simple question about assign, copy and retain
  87. Adding a Navigation Controller as a subview
  88. Is it possible to register as an iPad developer for free?
  89. Loading a UIView from an OpenGL View.
  90. Problem in cancel NSURLConnections with navigationcontroller
  91. Miss Base SDK in DateCell exaample
  92. Search engine for RSS Feeds
  93. XML Data with UIScrollView
  94. Couple Questions (XML Serialization).
  95. Drawing and moving rectangles in drawRect
  96. Beginner: Took over project, now need help with Code needed
  97. Advice needed - how to start out in programming
  98. Drawing App
  99. Is there a GUI interface for High School students to learn programming for iPhone?
  100. iPhone & iPad Universal App Inc UITabBarController
  101. Alternatives to Programming iOS apps in Cocoa?
  102. Largest Tab Bar icon size
  103. Ugh, the UITableView is not refreshing. Ever.
  104. IBaction
  105. How can I show a PcikerView with indicator?
  106. Can I only select part of TableViewCell?
  107. Core Data retrieve relationships
  108. PHP & iPhone application
  109. Iphone Programming : GPS Data
  110. variable to appdelegate
  111. Reject binary
  112. UINavigationItem
  113. Problem with dynamic width UILabel
  114. Sensor Iphone
  115. UIButton
  116. Stopping video playback with a touch
  117. how to show moving/swinging rope hanging from tree
  118. Re-Learning Programming
  119. addTarget selectors
  120. openGL bitmap blurry?
  121. iPad not recognized by iTunes
  122. A newspaper App Help
  123. objectiveC-class question
  124. [Dark Quadrant] in development
  125. Flurry Analytics on OS 3.0 and 4.0
  126. Problem with view only showing in background...
  127. Components for iPad
  128. Why does my Picker View show nothing?
  129. App crashes after upgrading xCode
  130. Anyone using VNC to remote in to your mac
  131. needed: simple tutorial on how to display date within label in app.
  132. Bundle Identification problems
  133. update query in cocos2D
  134. How do I get my App higher up in search lists?
  135. Need someone to develop a simple app for me
  136. PickerView in miss location after rotated
  137. How to change date format for date picker view?
  138. Equivalent for reloadData, but for UILabel (not UITableView)
  139. How do you write multiple texts?
  140. The simplest way to make Split Controller in Tab Bar Controller
  141. Browse files/directories and select one
  142. Re-size image on ipad...
  143. NSXMLPARSER fails an refuse to parse !!!
  144. UITableViewController Memory Issue? Or Bug?
  145. The Document "UIViewController.h" could not be saved.
  146. Adding up NSNumber's formatted as Currency
  147. strange problem with UITableView
  148. Custom RSS app so users enters search term
  149. Simple drawing, big problem :)
  150. Container control?
  151. Web App, JSON Query Help Please.
  152. Segmented Control
  153. plist Dictionary
  154. app starts from second viewcontroller instead of first in iPhone 4
  155. EAAccessory framework problem
  156. Is it possible to project screen to both iPad and VGA output simultaneously?
  157. Can it be possible, User can customize the App Name
  158. Blank area at bottom of UITableView
  159. Custom UIView used in Multiple Locations
  160. Classes
  161. NSAttributedString tutorial or help
  162. Help with adding array? into xcode
  163. Problems with TableView inside a UIViewController
  164. How to revert from a view back to MainWindow.xib
  165. How to store the media item selected from ipod media library ?
  166. Font/Size/Type of the native texts in messages app
  167. Making background go gray on button press
  168. problem reading xml with NSArray
  169. Can we use UIAutomation api In Ipad directly?
  170. In App subscription without a server
  171. IPHONE APP Developer (Certified) Exam?
  172. whats the best way to draw these vectors?
  173. Memory management question
  174. multiple UIButtons with same IBAction -how to know which UIButton is clicked
  175. I am not able to access the image stored in the document directory...
  176. Need Advice (Initiating camera)
  177. export certficate is not working.
  178. Can we automate an application in Ipad not the simulator?
  179. Drawing a PNG to a CALayer
  180. Storing line points in an array :(
  181. problem with variable wrong assignment
  182. Custom UITableViewCell problem
  183. code doesnt work for different iPhone OS
  184. Send values from mapview to a detailview?
  185. navigating a plist
  186. Set Navigation.Title before http url sent
  187. a question about operator
  188. How to connect to Self-Signed Certificate server (no private API call)
  189. expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before '*' token
  190. rror: expected ':' before numeric constant
  191. error: initializer element is not constant
  192. How to bring up Settings from within app?
  193. Object cannot be set - either readonly property or no setter found
  194. Having trouble with delegates
  195. Cancel and delete Apple Developer Account
  196. Two versions of app, one for iPad and one for iPhone... use same name?
  197. Data files gone after app reinstall
  198. NSMutable Array, custom object losing string values
  199. tableView-deleteRow-error
  200. Need help implementing searchbar for my table. App works, no search though.
  201. plist question
  202. Grouping up collision detection
  203. Using Google 3D Warehouse models
  204. Multiple full-screen UIViews
  205. New in CSV
  206. Efficient Accelerometer Code
  207. Using string as #import variable
  208. Beta tester can't install mobileprovision file
  209. Saving State when App terminates question
  210. Open Links from UIWebView in Safari
  211. 3D Model Format
  212. Setting individual pixel values in a UIImageView
  213. Alternative for UIPageControl
  214. HELP! Change country for app!!!???
  215. change image from array on uiimageview
  216. How to disable "save" button until user adds input
  217. Any software devs out there know if my idea is possible?
  218. iPhone crashes on upload from xcode
  219. Unrecognized selector, only in simulator
  220. Shall I learn C before learning Objective-C
  221. Capture video simultaneously from both front and rear camera
  222. Help with inverse sin in xcode
  223. Can we access the iphone general settings ?
  224. calculate the distance between two bluetooth enabled devices....
  225. UIModalTransitionStylePartialCurl in mkmapview
  226. How can my App invoke network setting and place my App in the background?
  227. Is there a way to force a background app to switch to foreground
  228. Looking for the cheapest mac to programme iPhone & iPad apps on smoothly ^_^
  229. changing image in UIImageView with slider
  230. App licensing advice? What to charge?
  231. file size storage and download limits...
  232. is there possible to do Screen recorder in iPhone App?
  233. NSMutableArray Case insensitive sortin
  234. how to get transparent view in round shape using CGContext
  235. How to move shape on screen?
  236. In-App purchase : error code 0
  237. Application Background
  238. Is iTunes Connect Down?
  239. Property scope question
  240. Button shadows on html iPad webpage
  241. how to develop j2me based application in IPhone?
  242. Help with equals code
  243. Execute code only for first time the app starts..
  244. Making apps without the SDK?
  245. UIAlertView: Usage and Appstore.
  246. Mouse click tracking embedded in a epub document?
  247. Saving a value for Current View Controller When App Terminates
  248. pathforResource issue
  249. Notifcations through Bluetooth
  250. Interface iPhone/iTouch via 30pin to microcontroller