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  1. Sort an Array or change Datatype from String to NSNumber
  2. NSMutableArray into plist file
  3. Can any one identify the leak???
  4. Open Source Chart
  5. Can't access iTunes Connect
  6. Help with localization (using nib files)
  7. Communication between iPhone & MacBook
  8. Structure for "Assistant" app
  9. Help with creating an app
  10. iTunes Connect and Apple ids
  11. CGAffineTransformRotate in viewDidLoad doesn't work
  12. Slider control similar to ipad default calendar app
  13. Excel XLS file into plist
  14. How to save a checkmark in table view using NSUserDefaults
  15. Can't test my app on device in Xcode 4 and other problems
  16. Better source for info on Picker View
  17. CGPDFViewController and multipage PDF (zooming)
  18. Apps that require interaction with website
  19. XCode 4 Break on Exception
  20. How to localize a plist file?
  21. preparing the app for app store
  22. UITextField Keyboard backspace issue
  23. Mobile Safari - Timeout value?!
  24. How do you scramble up arrays to make them random?
  25. Need WWDC Ticket for Thurs + Fri
  26. how to change default blue color of tab bar when tab selected
  27. UITableView
  28. Button Detection Within Button Detection
  29. XCode code sign fails
  30. Code Review System
  31. iPad icon name ?
  32. How To Make Apps
  33. UITableView crashes when scrolling
  34. Customizing UISplitView (or alternative?)
  35. Game Programming for iPhone
  36. Replacing a tab view with a new view
  37. "Making movies vibrate"
  38. KVO for AVAudioPlayer not working.
  39. Is there a bug with localizing launch images ?
  40. I can't change the text of a UILabel or the image in an ImageView, in a children subV
  41. iad fill rate (stats)
  42. inspect a Core Data model ?
  43. How does iOS Application life cycle works
  44. External Accessory Framework
  45. Project Collaboration
  46. usb drivers for ipad
  47. Playing Sound with Startup Image?
  48. Please help, Different class into 1 View
  49. Push Notifications
  50. How to create a youtube rss app
  51. Is Dashcode still alive?
  52. Nested TableViewControllers
  53. Breaking Conditionally
  54. App calling unknown class
  55. Need help on CGAffineTransformMakeRotation rotation value
  56. iOS Dev Hourly Pay Question
  57. Downloading XML
  58. Can we read all events at once of iphone calendar in programmatic way?
  59. problems in implementing Gesture Recognizers for iPad app
  60. iOS classes hierarchy ?
  61. can we read/write photos (images) from/to server
  62. Same Code Works on One Machine and Not the Other
  63. Allowing user interaction during animation
  64. Generating NSManagedObject Class Automatically
  65. Distributing a iPad/iPhone-App to different Companies
  66. Latest PPC Iphone SDK
  67. Memory headscratcher in a Calculator
  68. [Resolved] How do I reset CGAffineTransform
  69. Objective C - tic toc equivalent
  70. Trying to make a UIScrollView scroll to a UITextView's cursor position
  71. How much Mac for iOS development?
  72. Jailbroken iphone, want to run my own app
  73. Why no update badge after I released new version?
  74. Switch on Restrictions programmatically
  75. App approval times?
  76. Apps that sync info between mac and iOS
  77. Is there a way to register the name of an App so it doesn't get stolen?
  78. code sign problem
  79. Moving RootView and DetailView to Tab Bar from Nav based app
  80. Can a project be "too generic"
  81. simple audio help
  82. I need help with XCODE
  83. Testing ios apps ..... ipad or ipad2 ?
  84. Loading Image from XML URL
  85. Sending XML through NSConnection NSData to a PHP script
  86. Need Help With NSPredicate
  87. Collect2: ld returned 1 exit status error
  88. Properties
  89. Call to tableview reloadData skips over
  90. IOS 2d Graphics
  91. TableView on iPad not filling up screen
  92. filename may not contain whitespace?
  93. UITableViewController with MKMapView subview
  94. code sign fail
  95. Print without displaying print dialog box?
  96. Specified pixel sizes
  97. Local Push Notifications
  98. Triple DES (3DES) Encrypt/Decrypt
  99. Best database for iOS and Mac?
  100. Recommendations for Inexpensive Development Machine
  101. iOS Developer Program (Company) - 4 months+
  102. UITableView issue
  103. Image Procesing Sharpness on UIImageView with a Slider
  104. Can the MBP run the retina/ipad simulator at full speed?
  105. Custom Drawing
  106. How is this UI element called?
  107. New Indie Developer to the community
  108. Closing a popover with a button (within another .xib file)
  109. AES256 Decryption
  110. App Marketing Help
  111. Note
  112. Can download xCode 4 from website?
  113. Blowing frequency
  114. Newbie
  115. UIView Issue
  116. iOS Bootcamp/training
  117. Record Output Audio
  118. Using Proximity Sensor in app
  119. Reading plist into array of dictionaries help
  120. How do I load a new UIViewController from the current one ?
  121. Do I need to be a member of iOS Developers program to develop and install my app ?
  122. Help with files in simulator
  123. Showing beta versions of an app to a customer
  124. How to pass a MKPlacemark to a String?
  125. Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, or it was error
  126. Problem with multiple sound buttons.
  127. Need help with UIImagePickerController
  128. iOS: How can I load all files from a specific folder ?
  129. Can I add objects to a UITableView in UI Builder in xCode ?
  130. mThumb- Code optimization
  131. UIScrollview acting strange
  132. How do I build a UITableView with ON/OFF switchers ?
  133. Help with multiple views
  134. Mem leak using NSMutableArray?
  135. setPopoverContentSize:categoriesTableViewControlle r.view.frame.size ?
  136. Unrecognized selector when using multiple gesture recognizers
  137. NSXMLParser to UITableView
  138. OpenFeint submit highscore problem
  139. Should the files be saved inside the "Library" folder ?
  140. Apple app store percentage
  141. Modal UITabBarController
  142. CurlTransition like Maps
  143. Quick hand with array of strings
  144. Struggling with Core Data (part 1)
  145. How to add stretchable image as background
  146. modifying layer that is being finalized error
  147. What information can agents / members see?
  148. Objective-c exam
  149. UIScrollView - Showing user more content is available on scroll
  150. Secure NSUserDefaults?
  151. OpenAL multiple sounds POP
  152. Pop all views of the stack
  153. [Resolved] Using a void within an IBAction
  154. [Resolved] Struggling with Core Data: Part 2
  155. Payment Gateway API
  156. Question about buttons and SQLite
  157. UIOrientation
  158. TableView Checklist
  159. Passing an Object between two views
  160. Develop an app
  161. Animation a UIButton while animating a View - Ipad
  162. [Resolved] Memory management of structs
  163. Resizing UIImage?
  164. 2d array only acting like a flat array
  165. Password protect as soon as app is installed - Ipad
  166. Encoding on NSURLConnection
  167. Xcode 7235 errors!!!!! HELP!
  168. Need help to start iOS developing
  169. Best way to parse a simple html text?
  170. How to open new .xib on UIButton click
  171. How to customize UIImagePickerController
  172. Learning Objective C
  173. Logic thinking
  174. NSString format and outputting to UITextView
  175. Getting an App developed - a few questions
  176. [Resolved] CGPoint conversion problem
  177. [Resolved] Remotely accessing an instance variable
  178. teach me please
  179. As a first time game developer would you use Android or iOS to make a 2D game?
  180. SQLite Errors in Xcode Console from Media Query
  181. Error when reconnecting key events with a button
  182. [Resolved] Using NSPredicate
  183. Question about methods and actionsheets
  184. General Getter/Setter
  185. ipad site issue :S
  186. UIScrollView not scrolling on dynamic height
  187. UIBarButtonItem Loading UIPickerview Popup
  188. When in-app purchase completes, how do I get it to bring up a view controller?
  189. iOs web CSS bug?
  190. Circular Sector
  191. Timer with UIPickerView
  192. Searching for an object in a set
  193. XCode 4
  194. Connect the Dots
  195. System Sound Services
  196. Can I publish an html5 based app on the App Store?
  197. How to put an arrow at the end of a drawn line?
  198. Maps Street View api available?
  199. Saving data in a table cell
  200. Checking from app whether a passcode lock is set for Ipad
  201. Help with searching XML
  202. message composer sample code/photo picker sample code
  203. Making one application in different languages
  204. How do we combine two NSPredicate object?
  205. Where should we resign first responder status of search bar?
  206. When will searchBarShouldEndEditing be called?
  207. Xcode error gcc-4.2 failed w/ exit code 1...HOW DO I FIX??
  208. [Resolved] Timer update help
  209. Sending a in app email
  210. iPad web application
  211. How to Check that an NSString is empty
  212. Property vs. Property+Variable
  213. Newb question - button transparency
  214. Reading and Writing to Property List
  215. Is there a software available for making iPad or iPhone apps
  216. How do you turn a Tab Bar Application into a View-Based Application...
  217. uploading a picture to a server
  218. how do i only allow one selected button at once?
  219. Gibberish in Xcode
  220. What am I doing wrong in this switching view example ?
  221. Desire to learn coding help needed..
  222. Macro- lValue error
  223. Interface Builder error
  224. sound releted iPhone application
  225. Recipes Sample Code Help
  226. Do I need to Debug and Clean before running the new build?
  227. How To Test iPad Application On iPad Without Paying A Developers Fee?
  228. UIPickerview question
  229. Where to start with developing for iphone apps?
  230. Blowfish Algorithm - iOS
  231. iOS - Signature Capture - 3Bytes ASCII
  232. UITablview RssReader UISearchbar
  233. WWDC iOS5 for developers
  234. Best way to go between views
  235. best database tool
  236. Navigation Bar Help
  237. How to take a screenshot in your App and publish it on facebook?
  238. listing my apps in my profile
  239. Automatic Reference Counting ?
  240. Sorting CoreData fetch results based on computed [meta]attribute
  241. iOS 5 Developer Beta: Stable Enough for Daily Use?
  242. pointers when creating custom uitableviewcell
  243. how can i get ios5 on my device?
  244. Apple's Developer Forum Problem
  245. Undeclared Error and iPhone Simulator Crashing
  246. iPhone Programming Book and a physics engine
  247. iOS5 installed but..
  248. downgrading xcode
  249. Apple screwed me over: dev authentication
  250. Register device for iPhone Developer Programme