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  1. Creating a custom toolbar over the iPad keyboard in Xcode
  2. How did Facebook put App Store pages in its app)
  3. Can I play AAC file between 8m24s to 12m03s?
  4. Find nearest place
  5. Converting Internet Date Without DST Messing It Up
  6. Environment variable not setting correct path to libcache.dylib
  7. OpenGL ES: Determining Texels in a Fragment
  8. Switching between Portrait and Landscape Views
  9. Jailbroken iPhone with Dev Profile
  10. creating an empty project and setting up basics
  11. Layout for iPad app
  12. to buffer or not to buffer Global High Scores?
  13. Accepting arguments of multiple types?
  14. Does anyone have ideas about how to implement the scrolling effect as in the 'Applauz
  15. How to create a social network in xcode?
  16. [Resolved] Declaring object inside a function
  17. Using Notification Center in API
  18. Need help with Xcode 4.6 adding contacts to address book ?
  19. App Rejected
  20. Coding together: Stanford's online lectures [Winter 2013]
  21. Creating a String with multiple lines
  22. I need a template chooser app
  23. Proper way to handle registering new users with email
  24. [Resolved] Const v typedef enum v #Define
  25. Master-Detail iPad App Question
  26. writing midi files
  27. xCode crashing on all projects?
  28. Split View App
  29. Dealing with Hex
  30. Set image Button Toggle
  31. Image Rotation problem
  32. @property copy semantics explanation
  33. Debugging - When you were new to programming
  34. Instagram API Question
  35. Sotryboard and scroller, how do I arrange my objects?
  36. Detail View Question
  37. iPhone Amiga emulator
  38. Learning backend development for iOS apps
  39. "@" notation instead of initializer?
  40. hexadecimal equivalent in objective c
  41. Starting out with iOS Development...where to start?
  42. Creating an app for iOS 7
  43. LLVM-GCC Compiler issues
  44. Can I get a small explanation about this bit of code?
  45. iPad mini test device question
  46. Naming Device When Registering Device In Developer Site
  47. Old icons still showing up?
  48. Just got contacted by an Apple Recruiter...
  49. Developing For iOS 7
  50. [Resolved] uipickerview output help.
  51. UIImage Effects
  52. OpenGL ES Xcode Template Example -- Indices
  53. i need a little bit of help.. please im a new one
  54. [Resolved] ARMv7 error in Xcode
  55. iOS multiplayer development
  56. When to use [[alloc]init]
  57. cocos 2d
  58. How Do I Access Email Messages?
  59. [Resolved] iad not working right?
  60. Message Sending btw two objects
  61. Need some help with binary
  62. Accessing Array from Another Class
  63. Starting from scratch
  64. Which direction should I go in?
  65. Image size in a pdf created in code
  66. retrive image from feed parser
  67. minimum requirements for ipad emulator
  68. iTunes Artwork at Full Resolution
  69. Move Existing Game to Game Center Group??
  70. Collection View Cell buttons[SOLVED]
  71. Project Not Opening Correctly
  72. Xcode and mountain lion
  73. iOS7 Camera Enhancements & Best Programming Practices
  74. Moving Images Smoothly With Accelerometer
  75. Should I learn any other language before learning LUA?
  76. Can someone explain "self" a little better to me please?
  77. Adding Unique MKPolygons to MKMapView
  78. sprintf function call in .c file in iOS app crashing.
  79. Havok release free engine with iOS and Android engine
  80. [Resolved] Can't push view controller after overriding openURL
  81. segue
  82. Srip Identity from Xcode Project
  83. Provisioning profile issues
  84. OpenGLES: Square won't draw?
  85. Developing an app to access a website?
  86. For clarity sake - am I understanding this?
  87. UITextView with log file content
  88. Syncing Core Data with iCloud?
  89. I have no programming experience, do you recommend I learn C first, or Obj- C?
  90. iOS 7 UIPopover Behaviour Help
  91. Recursion
  92. Transferring Files
  93. When do you not need to declare an object?
  94. Combo Core Data Fetch? (Update: Unsupported function expression count)!?
  95. xcode newbie
  96. Post your dev setups!
  97. When does Apple pay me?
  98. Character confusion, support world?
  99. Letting players create their own levels
  100. Auto Layout Worth It?
  101. [Resolved] Tool to draw bezier paths
  102. setting targets and actions Xcode
  103. [Resolved] Unrecognized selector sent to instance
  104. Managing drawing code
  105. Learn iOS Programming Through Mentorship
  106. Sending App To Another Developer's License
  107. Accessing instance variables.. Apple approved way?
  108. unintentional breakpoints
  109. Which physics libraries can I use?
  110. OpenGL ES: #define BUFFER_OFFSET(i) ((char *)NULL + (i)) explanation
  111. Queuing up next version in iTunes Connect
  112. Can I run my app on iOS7 w/o the iOS7 SDK?
  113. Missing connection
  114. How long were you learning iOS App Development before releasing your first app?
  115. XCode iOS Simulator on Air
  116. Legality of Reusing Code
  117. Core Data Graphical Fetch Requests?
  118. I want to make an iOS app. Where should I start ?
  119. Publishing iOS apps on legacy hardware?
  120. Canceling support ticket
  121. Dvorak?
  122. How To Make Area Of Button Responsive
  123. Adjusting Collections View to ImageView (Width & Height)
  124. 20k Budget - Beginning Development For iOS?
  125. How to cancel a StoreKit purchase programmatically as a timeout
  126. Share iPad & iPhone UI resources?
  127. Website Login
  128. iphone app with many images
  129. Method return values
  130. sql logic
  131. OpenGL ES: Vertex Buffer Objects and Vertex Array Objects
  132. Copyrighting a program
  133. SQLite3 and UITableView
  134. Need an array to store unnamed objects
  135. Submit App with In-App Purchase
  136. In App Purchase: Register SKPaymentQueue observer on launch?
  137. Chatty Error Messages in Core Foundation?
  138. retrive image to my iOS app
  139. OpenGL using Vertex Buffer Array
  140. Cocoa Touch and Objective C
  141. [Resolved] iPhone app for 4-inch screen only?
  142. Having an issue passing data between views with Core Data.
  143. Xcode 4.6 - Pragma marks not working?
  144. Trouble with UIViewControllers
  145. method Call
  146. glCreateShader returns 0
  147. UIMenu in ViewController
  148. Nuance SKRecognizer delegate property warning
  149. Apple pays less than it should be.
  150. Retrive app names installed in iPhone
  151. [Resolved] Windows level editor for iOS Game?
  152. Enterprise Licenses -- How Many?
  153. Xcode Bug?
  154. [Resolved] Apple Dev forums
  155. Writing value to UILabel
  156. [Resolved] UIDevice currentDevice Q
  157. XMPPFramework Roster Memory Storage
  158. Has there been any documentation on how to develop dynamic wallpapers?
  159. Image file sizes reported wrong
  160. Sending And Receiving High Resolution Images
  161. Device upgrade for new iOS and Xcode question.
  162. using Google Maps and Parse API in one app
  163. Identifying incoming calls - NON-jailborken iphone
  164. Extract incoming phone numbers and message list in iOS
  165. getting user current location using Google
  166. Assigning instances from difference classes to Array
  167. Apps in Adobe Flash Pro without Dev account?
  168. slider bar and label
  169. Thunk code error in Armv7
  170. Help with Simple app EDITED
  171. Simple xcode project templates
  172. Do you use CocoaPods? Poll + Comments
  173. Uploading application without store provisioning profile
  174. Fixing memory leak issue.
  175. Wait for file access to finish?
  176. Auto Layout Problem
  177. UITableView in UIScrollview
  178. Fixing issue with ViewControllers
  179. Segmented Control iOS
  180. Detect SMB servers
  181. example objective c code
  182. MPMoviePlayerController not working
  183. Playing Random Sounds
  184. Error in xcode!
  185. iOS 7 borderless button design
  186. [Resolved] Convert image: color to alpha
  187. OpenGL ES on iOS Multiple VBOs without Indices
  188. UIImage altertatives Stretchable UI?
  189. I need help in developing Ipad/Iphone apps
  190. Getting web data into UITableView
  191. Difference between view.h and view.m?
  192. What's the bar in iOS 7 called? (Details within)
  193. [Resolved] AFNetworking Vs NSURLConnection ?
  194. Credit Card Payments in iOS app?
  195. Signing the App
  196. Issue with Landscape View in Portrait App
  197. Closing a UIWebView?
  198. @protocol
  199. Connecting to Access Point via Wifi
  200. Which is the best cross platform for development?
  201. Memory Leak
  202. Parsing hidden WebView items.
  203. Calculating nearest path
  204. iOS Developer Program question
  205. Gesture recognizer interferes with UIButton
  206. Unable to download iOS 7 from Dev Center! Please help
  207. Xcode Questions about what it can do
  208. Draw Blue Unread Dots like in Messages & Mail?
  209. Basic errors
  210. Xcode empty ViewController.xib
  211. Advice about delivering a large number of photos from app to client
  212. How to share build schemes in a git repo?
  213. Activity Indicator Problem
  214. Convert iPhone app to Universal
  215. iOS App Navigation - something better?
  216. Is it worth getting the Apple Developer Program for Me?
  217. Apple Develeoper Program help?
  218. [Resolved] Where is the Xcode 5 download?
  219. Property not found on object
  220. TBXML - still used?
  221. How to get data PUSHED from JSON
  222. NSData byte Access
  223. Problem Hiding Tab Bar
  224. stringWithContentsOfURL: login credentials?
  225. Where do i begin?
  226. Question before starting out.
  227. Making apps and/or books for other people (non developers)
  228. Binary & Xcode
  229. [Resolved] UIActivityIndicatorView Not Stopping
  230. iOS app rejected for using webView:didFinishLoadForFrame: but I cant find in project?
  231. Xcode iOSSDK help!!!!!!
  232. IOS 7 UILabel Size Question
  233. Equipment for a Social Networking App
  234. [Resolved] hpple and string encoding
  235. Any courses for complete beginners in UK to attend?
  236. If I buy the Apple iOS Dev account individually but I sign under my dad's name...?
  237. creating methods with Completion Handler
  238. Multiple Provisional Profiles ?
  239. Scrolling issue with UICollectionView.
  240. Making a native app for my website
  241. Formatting a number with thousands separator and 10 digit limitation in Xcode CS193P
  242. Building iOS Apps
  243. no visible interface
  244. Can Google maps be used within an app instead of Apple maps?
  245. How should I parse HTML5?
  246. Xcode 5 Developer Preview 6 showing up on IOS Dev Site, Released 08/21/2013!
  247. iOS 7's "apple-touch-startup-image" for web apps
  248. [Resolved] UICollectionView and UIMenuController [workaround]
  249. app rejected
  250. New to XCode - Question [How do you go from one view to the next via a button]