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  1. Mandarin or Simplified Chinese apps
  2. WebBased ios7 app without phone gap
  3. detect tap
  4. Creating a search Database in Xcode for iOS
  5. Is it possible to show the push notification prompt again once it is shown?
  6. [Resolved] How do I make my game a freemium game?
  7. inheritance problem
  8. Table View to Detail View
  9. [Resolved] Trouble creating PDF on iPhone
  10. PickerView show a especifi value
  11. [Resolved] custom font for Custom UITableViewCell
  12. IOs serial programming
  13. Learning Obj C - Kochan or Big Nerd Ranch?
  14. Nil value in variable when it should be non-nil
  15. Abit of advice needed
  16. [Resolved] Storing Star Ratings.
  17. How to detect when the non-transparent part of an UIImage is in contact with another
  18. Background image does not fit
  19. iOS apps that require paid software on server?
  20. Posting Facebook likes through an iOS app
  21. Use of Undeclared identifier "initwithnibname" and "receivememorywarning"
  22. Too Young To Register For iOS Dev Program! What should I do?
  23. [Resolved] Random Question Generator
  24. Objective C first program issue
  25. lazy instantiation
  26. Developing with and distributing from multiple macs
  27. Local notifications with custom code
  28. [Resolved] Memory disappearing .. Quartz Core.. actually NSTimer!
  29. Table view & plist
  30. Home,Lock,Volume buttons
  31. Notification for incoming SMS
  32. Game dev learning path?
  33. iOS Background fetch mode
  34. The way to detect other apps in use
  35. update resources
  36. Looking into Programming for iOS-- just a couple of questions.
  37. 15" vs 13" screen for development
  38. best way to have a lot of pngs in app game
  39. ipad test app fail
  40. Open Source projects
  41. Apple Developer iOS center is down?
  42. Drawing World Map - Performance & Interaction - iOS
  43. Is it possible to have both Local and Push notifications?
  44. Photoshop background a little blurry.
  45. AdColony causing IDFA related error
  46. missing LINKING error
  47. Need help with accelerometer in objective c xcode
  48. Compass navigation
  49. Best book to guide me through making gorgeous game?
  50. Exception breakpoint where no exception is caused
  51. connectionDidFinishLoading doesn't trigger
  52. Xcode Table View Stuck After Update to 5.1.1
  53. Which book for learning Objective-C should I choose?
  54. iPhone App Dev Error Help
  55. Rookie wants to start making apps, which mac to go for? Anything else I should know?
  56. CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation and UIButton's titleLabel
  57. [Resolved] How do I convert an NSData object to an NSDictionary object, and vice versa?
  58. Modify a key-value pair of an NSMutableDictionary that is represented by an NSData
  59. SKPSMTPMessage on iOS 7
  60. Book to read while i'm not at a computer?
  61. New version of Paintcode out
  62. iOS version data to server
  63. Tableview Reload headache
  64. Xcode for iOS - Music App
  65. Add elements to View from subclass
  66. UITextView drawing
  67. Does anyone honestly use RestKit?
  68. [Resolved] Reposition a XIB and content.. not working
  69. Core Data help.
  70. Appropriate way to scroll an app that is larger than the iPad screen?
  71. loop thorugh JSON only shows a couple of Markers on map
  72. iPhone app security
  73. Where do I start?
  74. ADHOC Help
  75. UIImageView in full screen mode
  76. Xib does not exits. Xcode 5. Wha??
  77. Which programming language is best for android development?
  78. UICollisionBehaviour - UIView, contains round ImageView-collision on subview boundary
  79. [Resolved] XML -> NSDictionary
  80. Implementing Google AdMob to UIWebview app
  81. custom UITableViewCell subview frame
  82. Questions on HTTPS/SSL
  83. Investing in social network - need help
  84. Check if Block is null before executing? (macros)
  85. itunesConnect Down?
  86. [SOLVED] Can someone explain what message is being called please?
  87. Check SSL myself?
  88. NSString causing memory leak
  89. Designing iOS apps on PC
  90. UIWebview background color
  91. Calculate Gravity
  92. [Resolved] UIActivityIndicator
  93. deleted ViewController.m by mistake?
  94. iOS background modes
  95. What type of table should I use to collect data?
  96. App installation get stuck at "Installing"
  97. User interaction inside app
  98. Question about instancetype...
  99. How do you use autolayout to position a button at the bottom of a scrollview?
  100. Write The Code. Change The World. Is it Objective-C 3.0 ?
  101. A couple of questions on searchDisplayController
  102. Where to learn?
  103. Some warning when trying to load other view controller
  104. Wireless distribution
  105. self.view endEditing is not dismissing the keyboard. Any idea why?
  106. IOS to Web Service API Authentication
  107. [Resolved] Simple NSMutablestring search and replace.
  108. Show MasterViewController on buttonClick in MasterDetailView iPad application
  109. Swift Reaction
  110. Swift: Throw away your Objective C books!
  111. Book/Online course to program ios and sql interaction
  112. Where to begin for Swift
  113. My app issue with iOS8/Xcode 6
  114. Question for developers...
  115. Orientation change from portrait to landscape switches Safari to fullscreen
  116. Want to learn Mac/iOs coding. Need language advice.
  117. hexadecimals in obj c - freaked!
  118. difference between swift & Objective-C?
  119. Am I reading the dev notes right? You can now rollback from iOS 8 to iOS7?
  120. First time app programmer, is swift the way to go now?
  121. Downside of Swift: Porting to Other Platforms
  122. Xcode 5.1.1 ERROR in main.m "Thread 1.1"
  123. [Resolved] Swift language
  124. I want to learn a programming language
  125. atan2() & slope question
  126. Swift vs Objective-C: Which would you rather use?
  127. Show var into a label [Swift]
  128. Anyway to identify devices uniquely?
  129. Swift vs Objective-C
  130. valid identity is not found
  131. Favorites Button Creation
  132. Plotting & graphing ?
  133. This is like the dumbest question ever: Xcode 6
  134. I would like to begin Programming
  135. Too heavy for this playground...
  136. change direction of moving sprites in Spritecode
  137. [Resolved] Stop NSTimer when leaving view
  138. [Resolved] xCode UITableView
  139. Noob Wanting to learn - IOS Game Developers
  140. Xcode (or, at least, xcodebuild) 4.4.1 under OS X 10.9.4+?
  141. Why are new API's still in Objective-C?
  142. Swift without a dev account
  143. Positioning of sprites
  144. is Xcode 6 and Swift under NDA?
  145. I can't get Cloud Kit working
  146. Paying 99 bucks a year to play around with swift on my ipad is crazy
  147. CGRect problem.
  148. How do I programmatically have a method's behavior checked before the app compiles?
  149. App communicating with other devices that have the app installed
  150. Printing Format For iPhone
  151. Technology behind Siri?
  152. Iphone Application in Xcode save images...
  153. Is there no way of changing the height of a UITextField with rounded rectangles?
  154. Probably a dumb iOS dev question
  155. Straight To Swift or Objective C
  156. Is programming on iOS too different than programming for Mac/Windows?
  157. Few small questions about dynamic data and submition meta data
  158. [Resolved] Adding audio To An Existing Xcode iPhone App.
  159. Create a quick and dirty app - then hand off to a professional?
  160. setting objects to nil.
  161. Phone Activation After Installing iOS 8 Beta?
  162. Ram Spike In iTouch 5th Gen Vs iPhone5/5S
  163. Working Together
  164. App to display Console Logs on iOS, where to start?
  165. Keychain APIs restored in Xcode 6 beta 2?
  166. Want to make Ipad games. Is Swift the best?Cocoa?Ruby?Python?C?C+?C#?C-Objective?
  167. Wow. Second Beta and no Application Extensions category.....
  168. Simple question for executing specific code using a boolean
  169. OCR APIs?
  170. How to become a professional iOS programmer?
  171. When I create a new NSManagedObject subclass I loose all my data. Way to avoid this?
  172. iOS8 question
  173. [Resolved] How do I loop through a series of nested variables?
  174. Apps Checking Your Contacts
  175. Compile FORTRAN code for iOS
  176. How to use Swift UITextInput Function textInRange
  177. Objective-C or Swift?
  178. Help with navigation-based app?
  179. Will this process work?
  180. CGBitmapContextCreateImage or CGContextDrawImage doesn't work
  181. Checking for different devices
  182. Native vs Web Programming
  183. In-App Animation Video Purchases - Videos Hosted On My Server?
  184. App Dev Images
  185. How do I commit only working copies to Source Control.
  186. Signing Up With Mobile
  187. Swift and SQL
  188. Blocks/Clousures
  189. Distribution over web
  190. [Resolved] AR SDK with object detection crazy?
  191. What navigation pattern to use for this iOS app?
  192. This page view controller works but I can't see the page dots?(project zip attached)
  193. changing a getter through inheritance
  194. Removing Event in Xcode
  195. Is it possible to convert .icns to .png etc... DYNAMICALLY?
  196. Good And Bad Programming Habits
  197. NSArray Animation Problem....
  198. Defender 2 - Stargate!
  199. autosizing and moving content for the keyboard? (project code attached)
  200. Thoughts on SWIFT type inferrence
  201. [SOLVED]UIPopover troubles. All I need is a super simple, zero functionality example.
  202. C programming in IOS
  203. Help with SIGABRT Error
  204. [Resolved] Programaticly add buttons
  205. Interpreting downward spikes in Time Profiler
  206. Objective-C setter method not being called
  207. [Resolved] problem with background moving?
  208. Beta and Production Environments
  209. [Resolved] How to implement bash into a app?
  210. Where to start?
  211. Button inside custom Callout View not responding (Swift)
  212. Derivatives and Integrals for iOS
  213. Game Platform Question - UIImage
  214. Image / Photo Upload / Share
  215. NSStream's
  216. Backward compatibility with iOS 6
  217. Tracking App
  218. AlertView Actions....
  219. Parse <img from html-string
  220. [SOLVED]How to tell which UIAlertView called clickedButtonWithIndex method.
  221. splitviewcontrollers, navigation controller and yes tab bar controllers
  222. Example of why Obj-C Sucks...
  223. [Resolved] 3.5 to 4 or iphone 4 to 5 .. got to make a living.
  224. Clarification on segues needed (prepare for segue never gets called)
  225. Justifying $99/year for the iOS Developer Program
  226. Apple Map Zoom Level (Argument)
  227. How do I add a collection view cell to a dynamically filled collection view?
  228. [Resolved] NSFileManager?
  229. Orientation Xcode 5
  230. First Release VS Update
  231. Check to see if back button was pressed
  232. Some of the code in a custom init method is not being called
  233. Xcode 6 beta 3 is now available for download
  234. Recent Friends
  235. Auto Layout Scaling to screen
  236. [Resolved] Storing image locally
  237. [Resolved] iOS 7 speech synthesis
  238. [Resolved] AVQueuePlayer: play item twice
  239. Image Share
  240. Programaticly add buttons with an action?
  241. Safari Web Components
  242. linking code with another Viewcontroller
  243. [Resolved] How to add url linked buttons to Preference Bundle?
  244. How would you approach hiding multiple text fields and buttons?
  245. Editable Text with Images, Audio, and Video?
  246. Access variable that is declared in class's method def from subclass's method def
  247. viewWithTag keeps returning the 'parent'
  248. iOS8 download?
  249. [Resolved] Key-value observing: get old value
  250. Tracking Design