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  1. Tap N Tell Math is Here!
  2. Video player LuberPlayer(HD) back in AppStore; silently removes AC-3 support
  3. Adobe photoshop touch
  4. Are there any "Alarm" apps for iPad like the one on iPhone?
  5. Media Player that can stream:
  6. Galaxy Overlords HD - Space Action with randomised loot
  7. Cyber Monday Sale: our popular apps at $0.99
  8. Review: Movie Player HD+ renamed to Media Player PRO; gets update
  9. Paper
  10. Looking for an inventory/stock control programme
  11. Apps that make it worth it.
  12. New iPad app: rsMovies & Series. Feedback would be appreciated
  13. Spotify vs rdio
  14. The sequel to "Devils at the Gate: Total Resistance" is coming in Nov.
  15. Pre-release testers wanted: "Pen & Ink: A Watercolor Notebook"
  16. VPN free for iOS
  17. What games to get now? (comparable to clash of clans)
  18. sketch recognition diagramming app for ipad
  19. Video player AnyPlayer(HD) updated: drops AC-3 support
  20. Bunny Escape HD - (by TRAB Studio)
  21. Trying to find this one clock + weather + calendar + background photo app I saw today
  22. What are the best newsreading iPad apps?
  23. 【Free iPad Game】Cowboy Carnival HD
  24. The score now updated or ipad...
  25. Word Express (by Free Spirit Solutions Ltd)
  26. Simple question about iMovie App
  27. iPhoto on iPad - How do YOU get your edited photos onto photostream and mac?
  28. Quickoffice Help
  29. Great multimedia player “XBMC” adds support for the iPad Retina screen at last!
  30. Symphony pro
  31. Multimedia playback: Why is dropping AC-3 support that important?
  32. Recommended Math Apps for Preschooler?
  33. Fitness and Fashion iPad Magazine by GlamFit Magazine
  34. Delete App from iCloud?
  35. File Transfer App
  36. Buy iBook or Physical Copy?
  37. Media player devs: a viable way to re-enable AC-3? (Users: make 8player play AC-3!)
  38. Best sites to know about app promos?
  39. New free iPad app: CruiseSchedule - Port Everglades
  40. Video Playback
  41. New iPad App: Devils at the Gate: Pacific War HD
  42. Win a free copy of upcoming Splash Money app
  43. Demo app on all ipads..licence export?
  44. Ipad apps for the ladys?
  45. Your favorite Christmas apps ?
  46. Database for SWTOR
  47. PDF synchronization system for iPad
  48. MX Player For iPad?
  49. The Daily Shutting Down - Best Replacement?
  50. Wish this app existed - to avoid manual checking of refs in academic papers
  51. 50% OFF - Marine aviator for ipad
  52. GlucoSweet - Diabetes Management
  53. Make Your Memories More Beautiful With PicStory App!
  54. Splashtop 2 no more port forwarding?
  55. all my safari bookmarks just disappeared
  56. The vegetables encyclopedia--Baby plants vegetables(FREE)
  57. Circus Ponies Notebooks well worth it for the iPad?
  58. Creates an amazing lighting effect in sync with your music!
  59. the end of the year end free events!! iPad Books!!
  60. Creating Logos or Banners
  61. Shrink My Pictures - Reduce Image Size Without Resizing
  62. Apps like StumbleUpon?
  63. Clumsy Santa
  64. FeedDeck - Fast, Personal RSS Reader
  65. App to watch videos?
  66. Sports Store Tycoon: The new tycoon game for IPAD Launched
  67. How do I enable a note-finder like thing in GarageBand
  68. Espn Radio Free Until Jan 1, 2013
  69. Videos App and Homesharing
  70. [Free] Moto Go, from Top Hot App
  71. Learning Math the Fun way: "Fun with Fractions" now on the App store
  72. Learn Decimals through Fun Games
  73. Secret Photo Vault App - oneSafe Photos <<FREE Only Today>>
  74. [TEST] DeluxeWare need beta tester.
  75. BACK IN TIME for iPad and iPhone
  76. The iOS UPnP Streaming bible & roundup – all iOS players compared!
  77. Dearest Bialowieza Forest [Universal]
  78. Baldur's Gate for iOS live!
  79. help me find this app?
  80. Why is iBooks font size universal?
  81. Looking for beta testers for MishMash+
  82. MKV files for iPad 4
  83. 2 iTunes questions
  84. Vintage People (iPad)
  85. Word processor for iPad
  86. Browser and chat
  87. QQ on iPhone + iPad
  88. pictus Xmas - kids christmas coloring book for all ages
  89. [Free Game]QMI Mania!!
  90. Review: UPnP player / control point "ArkMC"
  91. Media Player HD PRO for iPad - Play Avi, Mkv, Wmv, Rmvb, Mpg, Flash, Xvid, etc!!
  92. [FREE] My Nail Salon VIP - New Game by Webelinx for All Girls Who Love Nail Designs
  93. Fresh Touch Media launches 3 electronic music apps on iPad
  94. Twitter occupying 1 GB of storage
  95. Don't miss Christmas app for your Baby!
  96. THE BEST Camera app?
  97. New App Video Reviews Channel
  98. | PROMO | Backgammon Masters HD
  99. Don't forget: the new YouTube client supports Closed Captions at last!
  100. Remote app for iPad doesn't 'see' AppleTVs while iPhone app does.
  101. Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas
  102. Help with iTunes and apps on iPad
  103. Tapatalk vs Tapatalk HD
  104. is Google Maps dedicated APP for iPad available ?
  105. "Pen & Ink: A Watercolor Notebook" now available
  106. Copying files directly to folder in PDF Expert
  107. MKV player
  108. Now Free Celebrate Holiday with Facinate X'mas - Funny Snowy Props For iPad
  109. Newsstand not auto-downloading?
  110. FTP App?
  111. 【FREE】Download Devils at the Gate: Pacific War HD on 15 Dec, 2012!!
  112. [FREE】Download Bass Drop Dubstep Sampler for iPhone / iPad until December 21st
  113. Where can I download the Apple, Inc. stock weather/stocks applications?
  114. Good app for audio books?
  115. Expense Tracker 2.0 - Available soon on iPad EDIT: Now Available!
  116. oneSafe vs 1Password
  117. Great Composers Christmas Music
  118. Apps for Work
  119. All Angry Birds Games For iPad Are On Sale For Just $.99 Each [Regularly $2.99]
  120. WSJ Moving to Newsstand
  121. New Thanksgiving Greeting Cards, Frames For Ecard Express iPhone/ iPad Apps
  122. problem with My Photo Stream in Ipad
  123. True mkv / ac3. Player
  124. Froggies HD - Logical puzzler for iPad
  125. Bug with Apple Remote app?
  126. Trippy Booth - Amazing Filters & Warps (for iPad)
  127. Great iPad mini Apps
  128. App that let's me download videos and put them on repeat?
  129. Bad GTA update install?
  130. Suggestion on a Project Management Dashboard APP ?
  131. A app that works for PDFs what iBooks does for epubs?
  132. 【FREE】Multiplying eggs (Montessori multiplication board)
  133. In the App Store, it doesn't ask me to put in credit card info
  134. Starter iPad apps
  135. iPad slideshow app is Free for Limited Time
  136. i Pad applications
  137. iPad VNC/Remote Desktop *Server* App
  138. StarTrail-You Will Die. The Hardest Arcade Game on the App Store!
  139. Best productivity app?
  140. yaPlayer is now FREE FOR VERY LIMITED TIME
  141. A fun and simple game ( Testing it out-video inside )
  142. Form Creator
  143. Tutorial & Roundup: Stretching videos so that they entirely fill the screen
  144. Ticket to Ride - $1.99 today only!
  145. Sand Flame: Vengeance!
  146. Quick scroll
  147. Fillingit - Speed / precision game - by CGPills (free)
  148. StateOfCash - personal finance management made easy
  149. Looking For A Marine/Navigation Map To Replace Garmin
  150. [New release] Animation Desk™ for iPad
  151. Words'N'Blox - our first game [FREE]
  152. iPad handwriting notes apps with Mac version of Circus Ponies Notebook
  153. [New Release] Word Search for iPad
  154. The Great Holiday App Sale from XLabz! Amazing discounts on 7 of our apps!
  155. adnotatus - quick and beautiful notes *** PRICE DOWN JUST FOR THIS XMAS ***
  156. Using PDF expert - problem seeing highlights
  157. iannotate vs pdf expert
  158. Bamboo Paper
  159. How to use PaperScan to easily scan documents with your iPad
  160. My Personal Message App - Available on app store
  161. Magic Paintbrush for FREE
  162. Any calendar app experts here?
  163. Middle Manager of Justice
  164. Hide Text - private secret messaging
  165. New Whiteboard App for iPad Launches - Whiteboard Mojo
  166. Use WordPress or Blogger? Get Prose for iPad!
  167. iOS Cards app: adult filters?
  168. Finally! It's here! Free music!
  169. Need a PDF reader which can keep portrait form.
  170. Time for Celebration!!!! Christmas Greetings HD is now available on iTunes
  171. Dreamlands space shooter
  172. Goodreader: iPad 3 v 4 speed
  173. iActivity Monitor - All you want to know about your iPad
  174. Expense Tracker 2.0 - 20% off on end of year sale
  175. [New] Spot The Difference Game for iPad
  176. Reader/w translation function
  177. Word Docs with Page Breaks
  178. MySafeApp - Hide your private Pictures, Videos, Documents and Passwords
  179. looking for an app for my kids
  180. "Reduce": Post your images in the web.
  181. iPad Numbers help
  182. Which browser is you prefer ?????
  183. Special Holiday Sale on Splash Math Apps
  184. Connect & Pop 1.1.2 is released
  185. Permanently delete purchases from iCloud?
  186. Video Player Recommendation for iPad
  187. Fido's Magic Soundbox - Perfect for your curious babies and toddlers!
  188. Must have application and game recommendation for iPad
  189. Which apps do you have on your Dock?
  190. .mkv player for iPad
  191. Control the Flow
  192. Best SMB Streaming Video Player for iPad Mini?
  193. Out of country App Store purchase
  194. Magazines (newstand)
  195. Where is "appshopper"??? Not in appstore now?
  196. Anyone know of an app for this?
  197. Warriors 2 meets God of War..Epic!!!!
  198. An iPad Slideshow App-Photo Slideshow Director HD
  199. sharing itunes account
  200. Bureau apps 2 questions
  201. iOS Calculator app with expression history feature, like Speedcrunch
  202. iPad app which based on Evernote and GTD
  203. Crazy Calculator Full--Change the way you use calculator
  204. app for Ipad and Macbook for Journaling Exercise
  205. iPad has stock iPhone weather app?
  206. Suggestion for good offline Dictionary
  207. Running App - Turn by Turn Directions?
  208. App to stream movies from Mac to iPad without converting?
  209. OCR for Ipad
  210. Need a good app marketing polices for indie developer.
  211. Success in Apple Appeal Process?
  212. pls Suggestion an app for send email with smtp queue?
  213. Xbox smartglass app and pausing windows media player
  214. In store iPad demo apps. Help?
  215. Time Keeping and Invoicing app
  216. Best spreadsheet excel app?
  217. Spanish Word Searches
  218. Is ther an app like this? (Tasks with week view)
  219. Apps for organizing daily activies + "to do's"
  220. Looking for beta testers
  221. App Store blocked for my iPad mini
  222. Game42 - Play fun board games on iPad with your friends, kids, lovers
  223. best MS Office App?
  224. Best Source for News (UK)?
  225. scriptus - quick and easy note taking FREE
  226. App for takling notes in ppt?
  227. Calculate Windchill released at the right time of the year.
  228. imovies problem, please help!
  229. What the Block?!™ - A new puzzle game for iOS
  230. Msn messenger app for iPad
  231. To lock and to group on Pages for Ipad...
  232. Dog Pawer - track and find healthy food for your dogs!
  233. Cat Pawer - track and find healthy food for your cats!
  234. Is there a 3D illustrator app?
  235. Best Excel viewer/editer
  236. [Free App] ScannerApp - Scan documents in few seconds
  237. [Free App] iPad Security App from Codeproof Technologies.
  238. I created a document on my Ipad in "Page" and now the document won't open, help!
  239. Good Deal On 28 ipad Apps!
  240. Survey: top two iPad apps (not programmed by Apple)
  241. Numbers for iPad
  242. Is here any iPad app developer here????
  243. Halfling Wars - Hobbit-Like RPG/Simulation on Kickstarter
  244. The best app for charging the battery
  245. Still confused on handwriting/notes apps
  246. Viber
  247. game
  248. New encyclopedia of condiment
  249. Kids Clothes & Seasons - an educational game for kids
  250. Drawing music score