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  1. iBook G4 questions!
  2. G3 Setup (Display, Keyboard, etc...)
  3. PowerPC G5 question
  4. Airport disconnects randomly, reconnect attempts time out
  5. iMac G3 450MHz 640MB RAM: MAME Box
  6. iMac G5 Slow Start Up After Leopard Install
  7. Trackpad suddenly stopped working! -iBook G4 1.44ghz
  8. PowerMac G5 video card fried (pink display)
  9. iMac G4 USB2 upgraded to SSD and 2GB RAM
  10. Flashable Video cards for PowerMac G5
  11. A good Linux distro for iBook Clamshell?
  12. Good alternative to iMovie?
  13. Power Mac G5 Quad 2.5GHz Upgrade to Intel
  14. Need to borrow a Leopard Install Disc
  15. Power Mac G5 with new hardware...
  16. Crazy project for dead powerbook g4
  17. PowerBook not booting
  18. Compatibility issues?
  19. Powerbook G4 12", new to Mac computers and need adivce..
  20. PM G5 2.7GHz goes into overdrive, no chime
  21. Revive my G5...
  22. 512 Mb Video card in a G5
  23. Buying an ibook or powerbook 12 for wife
  24. PowerBook G4 @ 800GHz running OS X 10.5.8
  25. Good cleaner software?
  26. iMac G4 idle noise - What could it be?
  27. ssd or ram?
  28. Cannot disable Classic environment at startup
  29. Itunes - Crashes when burning a CD need to burn music for my upcoming wedding
  30. anyway to run on iTunes 10 with Mac OS X 10.4?
  31. G5 freezing - no problems with ASD - crashing also in single-user-mode
  32. Test ethernet (speed)
  33. Ibook g4 not booting
  34. Dual 2.7ghz PowerMac G5 keeps giving me date problems and turns off randomly
  35. Essential software for a new PowerPC mac user?(antivirus etc.)
  36. iBook G4 will only boot in safe mode. Suggestions?
  37. New Mac User - Just bought 2 eMac's...now what?
  38. iBook G3 12" HD
  39. G5 fans run full speed all the time, what to do?
  40. Fan on the G5
  41. iMac G4
  42. Should I upgrade my powerbook G4 hard drive?
  43. Strong sweat-like smell coming from my powerbook's keyboard? o_O
  44. Need advice- How Bad Will Leopard Be With 512 MB of Ram on a 1.33 Ghz iBook?
  45. Replaced G5 Xserve.
  46. Can I run multiple Sonnet cards on a G4 AGP?
  47. iMac G4 not connecting to wireless network
  48. Getting Bluetooth and wireless on my eMac?
  49. Multi Monitor Setups Power Mac G5
  50. Reinstall Advice 14" iBook G4
  51. New iMac vs PPC G5?
  52. Boot G4 from a USB external drive?
  53. iBook leopard install - Macbook pro dvd?
  54. Back up a G5 striped RAID 0
  55. iBook Troubleshoot 4 U
  56. Powerbook G4 modding- open to your ideas
  57. Powerbook g4 (last model before intel) kernel panic, please help
  58. 17" G4 iMac Purchase: Yay/Nay?
  59. How do I figure out what Mac OS came preinstalled on my secondhand Powerbook G4?
  60. Buying an old school mac (ibook G3 maybe?)
  61. Airport Card's plastic tab is broken off, how do I get the card out of my Powerbook?
  62. Formatting a G5 and leaving it empty
  63. Poll: Keep the 2010 HP or buy the Powerbook
  64. New PowerMac G4 MDD
  65. Which wireless card for this Emac?
  66. "New" emac stuck on blue screen
  67. Instal tiger on imac G3 with 10.1.3
  68. Powerbook g4 15" power adapter
  69. Upgrading ibook g4 from regular cd-rom to dvd-rom. Can it be done?
  70. DVD/Optical Drive Not Working For An iBook
  71. Power Mac G4 Quicksilver, Dual ADC Monitors?
  72. Screen locks up but mouse still moves...
  73. Got a G5 for cheap!
  74. Ibook screen randomly goes dark - would appreciate some help
  75. iBook questions
  76. SOLVED: PowerBook boots to black screen
  77. Mac to Mac Ethernet File Sharing
  78. Original G4 boxes
  79. GeForce 4 MX in PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio)
  80. VIA USB PCI Card issues (unknown brand)
  81. iPhone app development on an eMac - Tiger or Leopard?
  82. Is 1Gb of memory overkill in an emac?
  83. imac to help emac?
  84. Internet speed seems very low on my MDD!
  85. source for good, cheap titanium battery
  86. iBook Clamshell New Battery Calibration
  87. Thoughts on What to Do with Spare LCD Panels?
  88. Going out to take a look at an iMac G4 today.. will it be good enough?
  89. 9600xt vs 9800 pro in a MDD?
  90. iMac G4 hangs on Grey Startup, then shuts down
  91. Powerbook G4 17" display trouble
  92. Click When Drawing
  93. Graphics Card for PowerMac G5
  94. installing leopard on a dual g5
  95. Any external indicators of which emac is which?
  96. Need a cheap wirelss solution for iMac G3!!
  97. Ways to increase PowerBook G4 performance.
  98. 17" iMac G4 - original display type?
  99. OSX 10.4 install, iMac G3 getting errors.
  100. PowerBook G4 Titanium Onyx - What to do?
  101. Newb w/ Kernel Panics on my Powerbook G4
  102. finally installing leopard on powerbook g4... or not. please help!
  103. anyone still use a ibook g3
  104. USB or Airport Extreme?
  105. Is the quad G5 a bad idea?
  106. I need a program for Mac OS 9
  107. Cannot Access Time & Date Preferences
  108. Partitioning Two 1-TB SATA HD's for a G5 DC Power Mac
  109. Heads up - Android is coming to PPC
  110. G4 MDD Non-Airport Wireless Setup Help - Leopard
  111. iMac G5 (A1173) 17" LCD replacement
  112. What outdated browser should I use??
  113. G4 wont turn on
  114. Howto AIRPORT EXTREME w/out external antenna DR BOTT POWERMAC g5 for free :)
  115. 12" Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz: $150...Worth it?
  116. Problems in loading Xerox Phaser 6200DP after upgrading to Leopard
  117. PB G4 1.67, 15" battery power issue
  118. I need to re RAID my G5, can someone help?
  119. Is an iBook g4 worth buying anymore
  120. Issues sharing internet with Xbox 360 (iBook G4)
  121. First Apple Computer, Ibook G3 800mhz
  122. HD videos playback on PowerMac G5 with VLC
  123. External Hard drive stopped working...
  124. G3 to G4 logic board swap?
  125. Putting a B&W w/ G4 upgrade to use.
  126. Help with iMac Display
  127. Lepord on my g5
  128. flash NVIDIA Quadro FX4500 512MB
  129. Dual 500mhz G4 inside a 400mhz sawtooth?
  130. Amazing firefox addon for totally smooth YouTube viewing!(works great on my PB!)
  131. Imac G4 800mgz 17"
  132. Bluetooth adapter for PowerMac G5?
  133. LCD screen turning red in corners? (iMac G4 20")
  134. Stress-testing PowerMac G4
  135. ibook G3/PPC 500MHz
  136. My Power Mac tried to kill me... now what?
  137. Two Hard drives
  138. iMac g3 left speaker doesn't work :(
  139. G4 stuck at "Login window starting" screen
  140. Itunes will not acknowledge ipod
  141. Getting my PowerMac G5 to shut up, or at least keep it down! ;)
  142. can you build a fully working mac
  143. PowerBook G4 12" 1.5ghz and games.
  144. PMG4 with iPhone 4
  145. Tips on speeding up my Powerbook G4(used) to max speed..?
  146. Turned on my Powerbook and it gave ma an icon with the earth, folder, and then booted
  147. iPhoto file numbers
  148. iBook G4 external display
  149. Problem finding early versions of OS X (10.0)
  150. airport card installed but wont show webpages
  151. flyback transformer-hooking up external monitor
  152. Need help troubleshoot a PowerBook G4
  153. Cheapest 2gb ram for eMac?
  154. Faded pixels showing up in display
  155. Boot Linux from G3
  156. G5 keeps freezing up....
  157. iMac G5's on ebay warning
  158. Upgrade G4 MDD to OS X Leopard?
  159. Which PPC Macs can use DDR PC2700?
  160. Can't afford intel mac and don't want a pc, PPC beat a new PC?
  161. ibook wont start up help please!!
  162. G4 MDD USB problems
  163. OS 10.3.9 upgrade
  164. Putting a G4 processor in a G3 Pismo
  165. Youtube/Safari/OSX help for the kids' Pixar G4 Imac
  166. PowerBook G4 graphics went the way of the do-do?
  167. Mixing RAM in a USB 2.0 eMac
  168. Acquired a 12" Ibook G4 - what to check, what to upgrade...
  169. What use for a dual 500MHz G4?
  170. Major boot Problems!!!
  171. LaCie LaCinema for vintage G4 PowerPC Mac???
  172. Can my G4 use a SAMSUNG T220HD 22" Widescreen HDTV Monitor
  173. DVI to HDMI problems!
  174. Post your PowerBook
  175. Free Power Mac G5. How useful is it for today?
  176. iBook G4 RAM update issue
  177. G4 Sawtooth - CPU upgrade / DIP Switch advice
  178. Tiger VS. Leopard - iMac G5 2.1GHz
  179. G5 1.8 Single turns on but doesn't run the system
  180. New battery question
  181. Loose lid latch on Powerbook G4 15"
  182. Is this powermac any good?
  183. Airport in my G3 Cannot "See" any Wifi networks.
  184. Firewire Target Disk Mode won't show up in Windows
  185. eMac 1.25 GHz classic
  186. PowerMac g5 1.8 Dual core Max upgrades
  187. Why is my Late 2006 MBP so much SLOWER than my Power Mac G5?!
  188. Imac g4 boot problems - Solved + Pic
  189. Powermac G5 1.8 Dual Normal fan speeds
  190. Buying a computer with Kernal Panics?
  191. What's the best G4 notebook I can get?
  192. Is my hard drive crapping out?
  193. What flavor of Linux on a iMac G4 800mhz
  194. iBook: How much difference does exxtra RAM make?
  195. WOW PPC, It's Official
  196. iMac G3, best operating system?
  197. Network 8500 to 2009 iMac ? or Hook up Jaz Drive?
  198. Powerbook G4 Help!! Wont Boot?!?!?
  199. New to PPC, having trouble with a Powerbook G4
  200. PCI e-SATA Controller card G5 Dual 2.0 GHz
  201. Is there a market for a Mac 9500?
  202. [iMac G5] dies spontaniously
  203. Tiger, Photoshop 8/CS, FCP 5.1 compatibility
  204. iMac G4 1.25ghz
  205. PowerBook G4 - strange startup / optical drive issue
  206. helllo
  207. G4 Powermac 400mhz - - Not working - - What to do?
  208. I think I bricked my Powermac G4
  209. open firmware problem installing to g4 imac
  210. G4 Cube Won't Boot from Installation disks!
  211. Hulu on Single G5--out of luck?
  212. Isn't Apple ashamed of their HD temps in iMacs?
  213. Read failure on hda3: ext3 filesystem: dma fails to read drive|| boot read failure
  214. Two Hard Drives, one for storage, one for Operating systems
  215. Power PC G4 and Mozilla
  216. iBook G4 blank gray screen
  217. iMac 20" 2ghz playing games
  218. Should I buy this Quad Core?
  219. Gigabit G4
  220. PowerMac G5 - shall I take the risk
  221. powerbook g4 doesnt see any harddrives
  222. eMac and iMac File Sharing with Ethernet Cable and Other Cable
  223. Help on Speeding up iMove on iBook G4
  224. 1.42Ghz eMac G4 and a WD Ext. HD
  225. iMac G5 input audio dead + weirdness
  226. PowerBook 12" RIP?!?
  227. iMac G4 - cannot get it to boot UbuntuPowerPC Disc
  228. Article on fixing Mac Classic II with eletrolyte leak
  229. PowerMac G5 OS
  230. PowerBook G4 won't start - Sitting on shelf for years - Ideas?
  231. PowerBook 1.33 15 inch battery problem
  232. Majority of applications crash when opened.
  233. PowerMac G4 MDD upgrades?
  234. Imac g3 remote login
  235. beige G3 usb
  236. Powermac G4 gigabit best MS office for tiger 10.4.11?
  237. How does flash perform?
  238. Powerbook G4 can't boot to OS, but clone of HD will boot on another mac??
  239. Trying to revive an iMac G3 Blueberry
  240. Transferring data form one internal drive to the other in G5
  241. ibook Hardware Test failed to boot
  242. iMac G5 Video card fail Workaround/Fix
  243. Radeon 9000 in a AGP Sawtooth?
  244. iBook G3 (Clamshell) - boot from new MBP
  245. eMac vs iMac G3?
  246. Return of the Mac
  247. Onyx: Replaced logic board 2x, still 3 beep RAM failure
  248. PowerBook G4 won't boot
  249. Wireless issue with Powermac G5
  250. Powermac G4 and Caller Display