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  1. iMac G5 Buy or No Buy?
  2. Max Overclock Speed: 1.42GHz PowerMac G4 MDD
  3. PCI Video card
  4. PowerMac G3...mother board question.
  5. Help- New Hard Drive for my Powerbook
  6. Very weird but possible project-- Any Help????
  7. Painted eMac (now with pictures)
  8. Powerbook G4 won't boot from external FW drive
  9. help installing Leopard on new HD and no DVD drive.
  10. Leopard doesn't run on PPC mac mini!!!
  11. Temps for iMac g5
  12. Wanting to buy a PowerMac G4
  13. iBook G4 boots to black screen
  14. Lifespan of PowerPC
  15. MacTubes is a piece of junk on my G4 iMac - Help?
  16. How much is my eMac worth?
  17. Help: Is there an Activity Monitor alternative for 10.4.11 PPC?
  18. Most Beautiful PowerPC Mac
  19. Reasons why the G5s have such a high failure rate?
  20. My TenFourFox Tweaks Thread
  21. Can I Upgrade a PowerBook G4 from Jaguar to Leopard all at once?
  22. Power mac g5 disk drive problem
  23. Powerbook G4 kernal panics, onboard memory not recognized
  24. MDD G4 - Native FW/USB ports dead
  25. Would my iMac G4 benefit from Leopard?
  26. PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 Chimes but no video
  27. What torrent apps are there for PowerPC Macs on 10.4.11?
  28. Need some help installing Leopard on a Powermac G4
  29. PowerBook G4 Hardware test
  30. Using an aftermarket 12" Powerbook G4 battery
  31. My little PowerMac G5 story and surprise
  32. IMac G4 800MHZ problem
  33. G5 dual monitor problem
  34. New Member of The Family
  35. Little help with my G4 desktop. Panic screen.
  36. Installing a PowerLogix 2.0 Ghz in my G4 tonight
  37. Wireless USB adapter for OS X 10.4.11
  38. So close to Power Mac reassembly- help with power button?
  39. MDD Weak Front Speaker
  40. iMac G4 questions
  41. Benchmark For Mac And PC?
  42. 1.8 G3 Tower Dead
  43. Is there anything like this?
  44. Deciding on SSD for PowerBook 1.33Ghz
  45. The PowerPC G4 was a lie?!
  46. Who uses their PPC mac as their main machine?
  47. iBook G4 logic board "fix"
  48. Questions: Development for Mac OS X on a PPC system
  49. iBook G3 on mac 9.2 reformat help
  50. Anyone Want My Radeon 9800XT AGP Card (For Free)?
  51. Which system for eMac?
  52. Broken g4 towers
  53. Help recovering last data from old G4 iBook
  54. Tip: WebKit builds for PPC based Macs
  55. iMac G4 Sleep Issues (NOT what you're thinking)
  56. Powerbook G4 Light Sensor Issues
  57. PowerBook G4 1.67
  58. Hanging at "Starting Directory Services"
  59. eMac power Adapter Died
  60. Powermac G5 Quad BackSide Temperature
  61. G5 Chassis shocking me
  62. My G5 2.3 feels as zippy as my Mac Pro?
  63. Unsupported iMac G4 Gaming (!)
  64. Pillarbox 4:3 on OS 9?
  65. Typing This on a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
  66. [Resolved] Where can i find a G5 case
  67. What would be better for my Clamshell-- a RAM upgrade or an OS upgrade?
  68. Video card questions
  69. PowerMac G5
  70. Apple downhill in quality since the PowerPC Days?
  71. The fan noise, it is driving me MAD
  72. Cannot copy to external drive after reinstall
  73. Repeated Kernel Panics
  74. Loud PSU Fans In PowerMac G5
  75. I love my mac mini!
  76. Odd problems with an iMac G5 (iSight)
  77. eMac power button
  78. How should an iSight work with a Clamshell?
  79. [Resolved] iBook G4 can't connect to network.
  80. Anybody think this is legit?
  81. I think my old water-damaged G4 iBook could work again! How to diagnose/fix/test it?
  82. how to clear my G4 Cube to sell
  83. VLC 1.xxx or 2.xxx for Tiger???
  84. PowerBook G4 titanium voltage readings
  85. Another G5
  86. Question about Flash on PPC
  87. Power Mac G4 AGP MAXPower G4 1,6Ghz GeForce 6200A Leopard video trouble
  88. Upgrade a G4 Desktop or trade towards 2007 MacBook?
  89. upgrading MDD g4
  90. "Cannot create file" error on 10.4.11 eMac
  91. PowerPC dead with apple... not with microsoft
  92. Fun sized macs
  93. New respect for an old product
  94. Xserve G5 Remote Monitoring
  95. Mac mini PPC and Broadcom Crystal HD
  96. PowerPC Midi Networking?
  97. Powermac g5 ram solder
  98. Mac Mini at a steal !!!
  99. Cinema Display light blinking
  100. Ati radeon 9600 xt help
  101. Quicktime Issues
  102. Looking for a old white mac monitor
  103. Powerbook Not powering up
  104. TenFourFox 13 out.
  105. 1989 Mac Plus -- any resale value?
  106. 2 Questions.
  107. [Resolved] What versions of Apple software should I run on my 400MHz PowerMac G4 (10.4.11)?
  108. Which laptop would be the best for my high school if I even need one?
  109. Power mac g5 flash fix
  110. [Resolved] ...upgrades for my PowerMac G4! WENT WITH A G5 INSTEAD!
  111. Causes of flashing light? (Powermac G5)
  112. Dual Processors from a G4 MDD in a G4 Quicksilver?
  113. [Need Windows related help!] Need a desktop. EDIT: Bought a powermac g5! Need help!
  114. Hacking together a power button assembly?
  115. Powermac G5 as HTPC problems
  116. iMac G4 for $30
  117. Reviving an old Quicksilver
  118. Just bought a PowerBook G4. Any help?
  119. Replacing eMac case screws?
  120. OS X lineup which one realy was the most advanced operating system for its time
  121. Speed up a 800Mhz G4 PowerMac..?
  122. Picked up a G5 iMac, what to do with it?
  123. I don't think it is possible, but looking at options!
  124. I got a Power Mac "Performa" 5500/275 but a few problems.
  125. Power Mac 7200/90 a few issues.
  126. Testing mac floppy drive and making readable disks on a pc
  127. G5 with 480p and 720p?
  128. Worth buying?
  129. What to do with an old powerbook?
  130. Alternative OS iBook G4
  131. Whats left to do on my G4?
  132. Tenfourfox Issue
  133. What do you guys think these PPC laptops are worth? (Buying advice requested)
  134. Your Recommended Software for a G5?
  135. what is the difference between a g4 pb and mb pro
  136. Mac OS 10.5 Leopard on g4 ppc (help installing)
  137. Any more upgrades for my G5?
  138. help
  139. Data DVD wont open on my Power Mac!! Please help!
  140. iBook G3 Unable to Connect to WiFi after new router
  141. Need help with my PowerMac G5
  142. Leopard Webkit (Safari updated for PowerPC)
  143. How do I decrease the power consumtion of an iMac G3?
  144. (((HELP NEEDED))) SoyLatte for PowerMac G5 (OS X 10.5.8)
  145. Tiger installation with XPostFacto - performance issues?
  146. [Resolved] Magic Mouse + PPC G5 = Lag?
  147. TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh)+TiVo=Awesome
  148. NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 64mb games?
  149. ibook G3 clamshell mode os 9.2.2 keeps rebooting
  150. Quick inquiry about multiple graphics cards
  151. Speed Up My PB G4
  152. Late G5 Wireless Antenna
  153. Why won't it do it
  154. Is Apple software raid bootable?
  155. [Resolved] Read it Later/Reading List alternative for Leopard?...go with Instapaper!
  156. I'm thinking of switching back to PowerMac G5...have questions...
  157. Kernel Panic
  158. powerbook/mac G4 slow internet
  159. Flash an fx5200 on a Mac
  160. G4 Cube for sale! 1.8 Ghz sonnet upgrade!
  161. How to get an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero guitar to work on PowerPC?
  162. So I bought a 'Lamp' iMac...some questions
  163. PowerMac g5 as Media server
  164. Power mac G5 june 2004 Dual 2.5 Wont Turn On!!! Please help!!
  165. Question about PowerBook G4 Airport card
  166. Changing password from previous owner...
  167. [Resolved] PowerMac G5 LAN sharing issues....WORKING FINE NOW
  168. iBook G4 as HDDs enclosure
  169. PowerBook G4 12" x 2
  170. Video format for playing back on G4 500 powerbook
  171. PowerMac G3 & G4 Help.
  172. Video Playback (.mp4/Youtube/VLC/etc.)
  173. PowerMac G5 as HDD Server?
  174. ibook G3,replacing harddrive
  175. Getting scratches off PowerMac G5 case?
  176. How much is the 1.42 DP worth?
  177. Any idea why two 1GB RAM sticks show as 1GB total in my PowerMac G5?
  178. PowerBook G3 (Pismo) w/G4 Upgrade GeekBench Scores
  179. Almost bought an iMac G3!!
  180. Installing Tiger on a PowerBook G4
  181. iBook G3 Airport problem & installing Tiger -DVD stalls
  182. I have a mess here
  183. [Resolved] Blu-Ray in my PowerMac G5?
  184. Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics Best Upgrade. Good and bad news.
  185. Quicksilver Newbie - general question about Graph Cards?
  186. Quake running at 1 frame/sec
  187. Can someone please confirm this RAM is compatible with my Late '04 G5 before I order?
  188. IGNORE at a flea market and found a powermac 1400cs
  189. So now I'm the owner of a Cube..
  190. Highest PowerPC OpenMark score IN THE WORLD: what is it? I think I have it :)
  191. Transform G5 into a NAS?
  192. Touchscreen iMac G3 adventures
  193. No discs will mount on Power PC
  194. 14" iBook G4 Battery / Charger Issue
  195. Power Mac G5 2.3 Ghz Wont Power On
  196. How do I add a backlight to my 15'' aluminum PowerBook G4's keyboard?
  197. HELP!! Powermac G5 trouble diagnosing problem
  198. Game advice for Powerbook G4?
  199. iBook G3 Won't Power On
  200. Reset Password On Panther
  201. How do I change the DNS settings on my iMac G4?
  202. AppleTV and PowerPC G5
  203. Mac Mini G4
  204. Dual Core 2.0
  205. I'm staying with PowerPC for as long as I can who's with me?
  206. Is the 2.3GHz DC PowerMac G5 the best "safe" PMG5?
  207. Imac Blue Screen Blues
  208. I'm installing OSX 10.5 Leopard on my iBook G4 and it's SLOW
  209. Flash to HTML5
  210. PPC 8600 parts & SCSI stuff ... being let go
  211. CorePlayer is no more! RIP
  212. How to push an iBook G4 1Ghz to the limit?
  213. can i use the Nvidia lion driver on snow leopard?
  214. My (new) Powerbook G4 15"
  215. Lowest resource web browser for g4 running Tiger?
  216. Dual 2.5 G5 Won't Boot. Fan's just go to 100%
  217. Need help, upgrading drives in Quad G5
  218. so I picked up a used g5...
  219. PRAM Battery Mod - 15" Powerbook G4
  220. Turning a Mac Pro G5 into a Media Server/Box
  221. Cleaning up computer desk clutter
  222. Running Matlab on PowerMac G5
  223. Benchmarks: 466MHz Digital Audio G4 from 16MB ATI Rage 128 to 128MB Radeon 9600XT
  224. App help
  225. No chime...
  226. Identifying all these "Mac Software Install Discs"
  227. PowerBook G4 RAM issues
  228. PowerMac G5 SATA Controller Issue + Dead HDD
  229. iBook G4 screen replacement?
  230. Is this a good trade for an imac g4?
  231. Can anyone recommend a non CPU-hogging music player for a G5?
  232. iBook G3 Clamshell 466Mhz: Good Enough For Word Processing and Web Browsing?
  233. Is BlumAlerts a legitimate browser security service?
  234. Thinkpad X61 LCD in PB G4 12"?
  235. OS X Leopard for iBook G4?
  236. Best Graphics card for 733MHz PowerMac G4?
  237. Post Your PowerPC Setup
  238. Whats the story behind the iMac Rev.A Rage IIc?
  239. How do I flash card?
  240. iBook G4 on eBay
  241. Weird eMac startup
  242. Thunderbird Mail - no more?
  243. A ram clip came off of my iMac G3
  244. How has no one mentioned Overflow?
  245. OS9 /Classilla Help
  246. G5 cpu
  247. [Resolved] PM G5 Ressurection --solved--
  248. Power Macintosh G5 1.8 DP 2 x 4TB hard drives in RAID 0 ???
  249. New School year new setup
  250. Apple Cinema Display