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  1. External Monitor + Lion
  2. Mission Control + "minimized" apps
  3. Flash Player - WTF
  4. Time Machine & Filevault 2: do I need to log out?
  5. Do we need drivers too?
  6. Lion Launchpad Treats Alias as New App
  7. Lion & Office 2011 Fonts, major problems for me
  8. So, is this how autosave works?
  9. World of Warcraft, Life After Lion Upgrade
  10. English Voice reading Native text/time Issue in Lion ?
  11. no intro video
  12. iTunes 10.4 Mobilesync Location Changed in Lion?
  13. Should I upgrade my RAM?
  14. TextEdit on Lion / Snow Leopard
  15. Changing a network drive icon...broken?
  16. Sorry, but Apple FAIL
  17. OSX Lion Backup Deletion?
  18. VPN Suggestions?
  19. After installing Lion, where is the install file?
  20. I am having Kernel Panics. Would someone who can read mac log files help? Please?
  21. Social Network Profiles in OS X Lion Address Book
  22. Lion slow to boot?
  23. Function keys in Lion
  24. After upgrade to Lion iCal can't sync to MobileMe
  25. Typo City
  26. how to cull spotlight results
  27. The name is changed?
  28. Some Lion windows indicate "32 bit" in the title bar
  29. Memory leak in Safari 5.1
  30. MBP and iMac no longer connect
  31. Safari
  32. mission control shortcut bug
  33. DVD Player and TV
  34. Re install Lion from Store
  35. Remove duplicate App Icons from LaunchPad
  36. Possible bug? Disable password hint
  37. Battery life decreased with Lion
  38. Lion bug?
  39. Lion audio bugginess
  40. Desktop Icons Fade In After Changing Spaces / Desktops
  41. desktop icons dissapear when switching spaces
  42. Lion & Finder
  43. How to give my 2010 mbp away with lion
  44. Everything is other
  45. Cannot access Shared folder from Windows
  46. Forbidden 403 with lion upgrade
  47. Multi-file select in List view doesn't work in Lion
  48. Wow, they really screwed up Preview, didn't they?
  49. Lookup gesture NOT working, any tips?
  50. APPLE how could you??!!
  51. List of stuff that sucks in Lion
  52. Need to get to the root directory in Lion
  53. Problem with "Mail PDF" in the print options
  54. Multitouch?
  55. How do I turn off resume for applications after restart?
  56. Deleting Files
  57. Transfer mail accounts fresh Lion install
  58. Sidebar icon color gone and what exactly is the use of Launchpad?
  59. MagicJack Run In 64 bit?
  60. iTunesHelper gone?
  61. Copying multiple files with duplicates in OS X Lion
  62. Installing Lion Fresh From USB Drive
  63. Lion. Safari not quitting, and closing tabs.
  64. Airphones?
  65. I got a refund on lion
  66. Lion won't install on non-Apple hard drive?
  67. So, what did I just pay for exactly?
  68. Will Rosetta run if you upgrade from snow leopard that already has it installed?
  69. Lion Networking with older OS?????
  70. Lion and GrowlVoice
  71. "Natural" scrolling for trackpad and "reverse" for mouse?
  72. Lion Server Graphs
  73. Should I Install Lion on My 2007 MacBook Pro
  74. fans constantly running since Lion upgrade
  75. Cannot empty Trash Can
  76. Dock badges are small
  77. Safari Private Mode ERASING all previously-recorded logins?
  78. Mail App in Lion OS X
  79. Keyboard+Hover Dictionary (where is it)
  80. Lion is for a (new) tablet device.
  81. SSD Trim Support in Lion?
  82. MD5 confirmation of Apple Mac Store DMG
  83. GUIDANCE REQUESTED: 10.6/10.7/Windows triple-boot
  84. Screen lockup
  85. Lion Mail: Cannot disable auto-checking for accounts?
  86. Okay someone please clarify the 2, 3 finger gesture for me?
  87. I am not liking Lion!
  88. Can we revert the safari new tab open location to the old way?
  89. Creeped out!
  90. Launchpad - folder naming
  91. [Resolved] Swiping between spaces (not via Mission Control) not working
  92. Background bug?
  93. Getting the old sliding buttons
  94. Migration Assistant Problem
  95. Safari, reading list icon missing?
  96. Disable refresh when going to previous/next page in Safari
  97. Mission Control simply does not animate
  98. Disabling specific animations in Lion
  99. NO internet, no bookmarks, upgrade hell
  100. Image editing tool
  101. Where is iSync?
  102. "Upgrading iCal calendars..." for over 30 hours now
  103. Where's 'Shared' in Finder gone?
  104. 2011 15" MBP - battery life halved on Lion
  105. I would like this as a background....
  106. Dual display full screen issue
  107. How to enable Trim in Lion?
  108. Has anyone else noticed this?
  109. Are You Experiencing Battery Problems In OS X Lion?
  110. WiFi Lan Troubleshooting
  111. Is Lion intended for "dumb" iOS users?
  112. Full-screen mode sucks with multiple monitors
  113. Moving programs into folders
  114. What Keyboard Key is This?
  115. Are you reporting your bugs?
  116. Anyone else not charged for Lion yet?
  117. What's better about Lion compared to Snow Leopard?
  118. Where do I put in my code to download Lion for free?
  119. Full screen apps for ALL apps!!!
  120. Screensavers Disappeared
  121. Question about Lion's Desktop Wallpapers w/ multiple Desktops(Spaces)
  122. Should one get a new computer now or wait to OS X 10.7 Lion comes out
  123. Did Apple not charge my card?
  124. Go from picture to picture via mouse?
  125. MacBook Losing Wifi After Wakeup
  126. ichat frozen at "restore windows" - solved, might apply to other apps?
  127. Who else has been getting annoyed at scrolling in Safari in Lion?
  128. File Vault II Encryption: Yes or No?
  129. Lion Start Up Issue
  130. Finder issue with attached drives
  131. Lion not saving profile settings.
  132. How to reinstall Lion onto a SSD?
  133. Problem with Lion
  134. Lion removing files after paste....
  135. New Scrolling Issue
  136. Safari 5.1 Problem
  137. osx lion 10.7 Wake on lan not working
  138. [Resolved] Spaces/Desktops Glitch, is there a fix? (With video)
  139. Autosuggestion in Safari 5.1? (Lion)
  140. Stupid "Resume" Feature!
  141. Hard Drive always spinning in Lion - RAM?
  142. Different scroll settings for trackpad and mouse?
  143. Safari Two Finger Swipe on older Macs
  144. Quicktime Sound
  145. What computers are compatible for the new multitouch gestures?
  146. Copy one user's data/profile to a different account
  147. Lion license on new Mini, can I also use on my iMac?
  148. LATEX commands are not found :( Help!!!
  149. CTRL-scroll for zooming stops working
  150. Why are so many basic features missing?
  151. Mail and IMAP IDLE
  152. Slowing the trackpad scroll speed in Lion?
  153. How To Do Clean Install With Lion?
  154. 2010 Mac Mini Audio Issue
  155. Info at the bottom of Finder windows
  156. Odd Root Process Sucking Over 4GB of RAM?
  157. Won't Accept Password Out of Sleep?
  158. System Preferences not Saving
  159. Two quick questions about upgrading to Lion
  160. My macs hard drive is read only !
  161. 2011 13" MBP - Lion randomly disables audio
  162. How do you create a new user by hand?
  163. Preview and TextEdit crashing
  164. Major Flaw in Lion's Application Management
  165. Change the order of arrange by kind?
  166. Quicken not Compatible with Lion
  167. Trackpad Gesture for Revealing Barren Desktop?
  168. iLife apps not working with Lion
  169. How do you change your user account picture in Lion
  170. Lion WILL NOT SAVE MY SPACES when I restart... all reopened windows show on ONE SPACE
  171. Who switched to Lion?
  172. Can't resize columns in details view
  173. Importing network connections from SL to Lion.
  174. Automatic Login
  175. Mission Control Help!
  176. Screen Saver issue after Lion install?
  177. Can't download Lion
  178. Finder List View: Missing Functionality?
  179. Lion + Virgin Broadband
  180. Mail 5 - delete messages on server
  181. Saving column size in 'All My Files'
  182. Safari still a memory hog
  183. Going back to Snowy! Can I take Mail with me?
  184. Lion os x + safari _ multiclutch app problem
  185. Macbook Battery not charging since Lion upgrade
  186. Change account associated with mac?
  187. Migration Assistant
  188. Finder Problems
  189. snow leopard server to lion (non-server) upgrade
  190. Lion wont boot from disc
  191. Xcode 4.1 Instruments Hardly Working For Me
  192. Move spaces around in Mission Control?
  193. enabling Time Machine Local Snapshots
  194. Mac App Store Super Laggy
  195. no sound in some apps on lion
  196. Does anyone else lose internet connectivity?
  197. Preview "print selected images"
  198. Aqua Scroll Bars
  199. Cant Install On My Air
  200. Mail and Gmail
  201. Do not install xcode 4.1!
  202. Cannot empty trash anymore - stuck!
  203. Wow! Mac finally has CUT & PASTE!
  204. Speedy Lion?
  205. Lion User Guide (????) Where or where is it?
  206. Browser + Java Issues
  207. iLife 11 on LION?
  208. Logic board in need of repair
  209. Nobody experiences increased Ram usage?
  210. Stacks a bit slow and stage lagged, same with folders in launchapad
  211. Inertia scrolling keeps reseting...
  212. Time machine backups to ReadyNAS
  213. Dock unread badge is pixelated.
  214. How Close Video-Preview?
  215. Steam won't work on Lion!
  216. Cannot Update iTunes
  217. iCal - all new entries created as all-day events.
  218. Can't get rid of VNC Pop up window
  219. Full screen safari
  220. Lost my desktop background...
  221. Connecting to SMB share.
  222. Desktops giving me headache...
  223. MacBook became very slow after Lion
  224. login screen hangup
  225. Mission Control, minimised windows, almost a solution
  226. Simple way to show Library
  227. Scrolling in Lion is so slow!
  228. Lion free upgrade
  229. Where has my drop down fullscreen icon gone?
  230. Badge iOS style too small!
  231. what great external drives can I boot Mac OS X 10.7 from?
  232. Holding keys down when you type t d th
  233. Deleting Files in Finder
  234. Key repeat in OS X Lion - bug?
  235. Always-on clock for fullscreen apps?
  236. iPad, iPhone & Lion
  237. Can't get MBA running Lion to output audio to my Panasonic TV
  238. TimeMachine and Windows share
  239. Why such varying opinions???
  240. Wi-Fi (Airport) won't connect in Lion unless i flush the Firewall rules first
  241. MagicMouse + Mac OS X Lion Question
  242. Can Apple tell you have Lion just through IP?
  243. OS x Lion new upgrade
  244. Desktops manual arranging & Fullscreen as desktop....
  245. email hyperlinks in Address Book? Missing??
  246. Resume switched off, but TextEdit still opens last document?
  247. Lion VNC broken (Blank screen, wall paper only)
  248. yellow highlighting form fields
  249. Lion FREEZE!
  250. Mission Control in Lion; how to show desktop # in menu bar (like Spaces used to do?)