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  1. [iPod Touch] iOS 6 for iPoad Touch Sucks
  2. iMessage and send pictures..
  3. Install button does nothing.
  4. [General] What happened to iCloud video sync?
  5. Why all the crying about i5?
  6. Full screen Google Maps on iOS6
  7. Crazy High usage
  8. Permanent login for Find my iPhone?
  9. Odd iOS 6 podcast issue.
  10. getting multiple conversations in text with the same person
  11. Google Music WebApp Not Playing when screen turns off
  12. [iPhone] Question About Siri
  13. What were developers doing?
  14. Vector based maps
  15. Facebook "check-in" places all gone in iOS6?
  16. [Resolved] How Do I Get the iOS 6 Weather App to look like this on my iPhone 4S
  17. iOS 6: How embarrassing
  18. No Smart Mailboxes for iOS?
  19. Can't Listen to YouTube in Background Now?
  20. iExplorer not working on iPhone 5?
  21. Why is Google Maps back in Safari and how do I stop it?
  22. [iPhone] No Service since ios6 update
  23. [iPhone] Embedded video autoplays in Safari and I can't stop it!
  24. Power clicks and slide to unlock sounds lower?
  25. Have you had issues with iMaps
  26. How to manage multiple Apple ID's in multiple iOS devices in iOS 6
  27. Safari - Open new tabs in background?
  28. Cell and Personal WiFi problems
  29. Can 3GS update from iOS 4.0.2?
  30. Steve Jobs: We don't know how to do maps. We don't think one company can do everythin
  31. Screenshots of apps in 3.5 and 4-inch (before/after)
  32. Passbook in Switzerland?
  33. Music track bar GONE?!
  34. A man using Apple maps walks into a bar...
  35. New Volume Bar Inconsistent
  36. iOS 6 & letter boxing apps on iPhone 5
  37. Mails not working
  38. Restoring iOS from an iTunes backup
  39. [Resolved] Can you add tracks to a playlist right from your phone?
  40. Facebook notification bug
  41. Still Haven't Noticed Anything Wrong With Apple's Maps... (Rant-ish)
  42. iPad 3rd Gen 4G - Location based reminders
  43. Manually Manage Music
  44. [General] How come they didn't make everything silver themed?
  45. [iPhone] Viber or iOS6 bug?
  46. Remove Microphone Key from Keyboard
  47. accessory connected. Is there native No Accessory Splash for iOS6?
  48. Shared Photo stream question
  49. A possible fix for the iPhone 5 graphics artifacts bug [Please confirm]
  50. Backup & reset
  51. New HTML signature in iOS 6... NOT WORKING!?
  52. Messages mixes history up
  53. All my texts show up on my ipad since I upgraded to IOS6 - more
  54. I want iCloud tabs, but not iCloud bookmarks. Possible?
  55. Smart playlists don't update on phone now?
  56. No Sound on Ipad3
  57. Siri - Grammar FAIL!
  58. [iPhone] Safari and Google Maps bug (ios 6?)
  59. Does killing apps in multitask menu save battery?
  60. Deleting Safari tabs from an old iPhone?
  61. distinguishing number vs email in messages
  62. Safari in ios 6
  63. Is the App Store laggy for anyone else?
  64. Apple Maps Software is the Best
  65. iMessage, iTunes Match, Maps, Find My Phone all time Apple Fail
  66. Apps for iPhone 5 list.
  67. thoughts on this.....??
  68. Flyover Disabled?
  69. [iPad] Wifi can't turn on or off
  70. [iPhone] upgrading expired ios 6 beta 4 to ios 6(final version)
  71. iOS 6 music app
  72. App Store Stuck Accepting New Terms
  73. Siri lacks What old Voice control had
  74. Starbucks Passbook?
  75. I can't download new apps
  76. iTunes "Purchased" tab w/ "Not on my iPhone"
  77. Wrong Apple ID since iOS 6 upgrade
  78. iOS 6 update from developer iOS 6 GM?
  79. [iPhone] App page doesn't appear
  80. problems with Safari after update?
  81. Album artwork not showing up in cover flow
  82. Contact caller ID photos keep changing
  83. Developers Account expired, 6.0b4 expired, bricked device?
  84. Thought ios6 let u take still pictures from your videos?
  85. SMS backup
  86. iOS 6.01 Release date and fixes?
  87. Use Apple Store employees to help fix maps
  88. iMessages not syncing properly between Mtn. Lion & iOS6?
  89. iOS 6 on the iPhone 4
  90. Cannot download songs from iCloud
  91. [iPhone] No incoming Caller ID when on other line since update
  92. Horrible Ringtone Quality
  93. How long for Apple to send "iforgot password change" email?
  94. Maps - Traffic works well
  95. iOS Updates
  96. Google contact sync?
  97. Backup on computer or icloud?
  98. Podcast App
  99. App search not working
  100. landscape view, music
  101. Do not disturb , can you edit "can't talk right now"
  102. anyone downgrade from ios6 ?
  103. YouIube app doesn't show all videos
  104. Photostream is really needs the ability to exchange photos
  105. [iPhone] YouTube
  106. Syncing....
  107. Full screen google maps
  108. Access iOS device through finder?
  109. Messages coming from GV Number?
  110. Some good ideas for Siri
  111. Microsoft Exchange Push Not Working?
  112. Pix messaging trouble since updating to iOS 6
  113. As of today, any way to roll back to 5.1.1
  114. Flagged emails not appearing on iPhone in iOS 6
  115. ios6 slowed my sms down.
  116. calendar in 'list' view keeps scrollin' and scrollin' along
  117. [iPad] Last of a couple of Ios6 bugs appears
  118. iPhoto Event Sync Error
  119. iPhone5 iOS6 losing 4G while on call
  120. Point of view: iOS 6
  121. ios 6 ruined itunes match.
  122. Xperia to iPhone - What can I get over?
  123. itunes match issues the past 2 days
  124. Ran into something stupid with Exchange settings
  125. Why is the clock icon different on the iPad opposed to the iPhone?
  126. Lost important app after update
  127. Setup up iPhone 5 as new and transferring contacts + notes, rather than full restore?
  128. iMessage unauthorized account using my email addresses?
  129. Stop Safari Tabs from reloading?
  130. Facebook Contacts Integration - Everything defaults to Facebook Email
  131. iTunes keeps syncing movies to my iPhone?
  132. Location Services has been randomly showing up
  133. Can you not change the volume of the turn-by-turn voice?
  134. How long apple. Inc
  135. [iPhone] Old phone numbers coming up in Autofill "to" field in messages
  136. Do notifications ever disappear on their own from the lock screen?
  137. During turn-by-turn, podcasts should pause
  138. Jailbroken Iphone 4s won't update to IOS6 or restore
  139. Random, minor bug with 'picture frame' functionality
  140. Safari website automatic
  141. T Mobile UK Voicemail
  142. New iCloud email
  143. Can I airplay mirror directly to my Mac Pro using an Ah Hoc network?
  144. Can more than one person add to a photostream?
  145. spotlight & ios 6 - can't find music
  146. [iPhone] Total blow from Verizon
  147. Wrong Bookmarks Syncing
  148. Old Apple Id/password keeps popping up
  149. iTunes update
  150. iPhone 5 randomly rebooting
  151. Deleted Contact Not Deleted?
  152. Facebook push notifications on ios 6 only work for iPad, not my iPhone
  153. AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Question
  154. 'Reporting a Problem' on iOS 6 Maps
  155. Find my friends! Notify me grey out!
  156. [iPhone] Group messaging problem
  157. iOS 6 and Toyota entune issue
  158. No search results in iOS6 App Store? ...
  159. Editing Cloud Documents?
  160. (When) Apple fixes Maps, will it be via Software Update or "Instantly"?
  161. Calendar help????
  162. [iPhone] I can't fix errors in maps
  163. Upgrade to iOS 6 for Security reasons?
  164. 1080p
  165. Does anyone else has errors with reminders??
  166. Facetime on iOS 6
  167. YouTube using location (but location services are off)
  168. Facebook problem
  169. Cant delete calendars..not items but full calendars
  170. Maps in "Find My Friends" way better than in "Maps"
  171. [iPhone] Lost Past VM messages on AT&T iPhone 5
  172. bluetooth issues - micro cut-outs on music
  173. iOS 6 User Guide - Where is it???
  174. Weird App Store Glitch
  175. Images in Email Signature Lines
  176. wrong usage timer
  177. iOS6 on iPhone 4?
  178. Quick question - notification center and mail
  179. Fix Autocorrect
  180. So... Are Apple Maps improving yet?
  181. Facetime poor connection after IOS 6 upgrade
  182. Apple Should Buy/Partner With Foursquare for POI
  183. Slower phone after iOS 6
  184. [iPhone] Proximity sensor problem
  185. iCloud not syncing properly between devices?
  186. [iPhone] WiFi Conflicts?
  187. Ask Siri if she likes "Tim Cook"... haha
  188. [iPhone] Need help to downgrade
  189. iOS 6 LockScreen
  190. [iPhone] shsh blob for ios 4.0.2
  191. Shared Photo Streams - re-ordering
  192. [iPhone] Stupid Passbook Question
  193. Passbook Battery Life
  194. Google Maps Street View is back
  195. iOS 6 battery life - Anyone have anything positive to report?
  196. [iPhone] Apps Crashing Within A Minute!
  197. no internet = No WiFi
  198. [iPad] Full screen mode ipad safari how to switch off ?
  199. Is it safe to use contacts in iOS6?
  200. "Update Completed" screen stuck
  201. iOS 6 4-inch Update for Apps???
  202. iPhone 5: App to really get at the file system?
  203. Do Not Disturb in Notification Center?
  204. iPhone 4 and iOS 6 speakerphone bug?
  205. 3rd Party app accessing photos, not working
  206. iTunes match help
  207. Passbook so far...
  208. Why Passbook sucks your battery life down
  209. [iPhone] Alert sounds not working after iOS6 update
  210. Help with Reminders
  211. Messages Saved When Moving To Different Carrier or Number?
  212. Repeating notifications
  213. Remove Facebook and Twitter from share sheets?
  214. Apple Maps POIs ARE Getting Updated (add your findings here)
  215. Have system sounds and ringtones always come through the dock?
  216. iCloud Backup?
  217. New user: Reminders with multiple calendars
  218. Sharing a Passbook card on multiple phones?
  219. App Store Search
  220. App Store won't load content.
  221. Usage/Standby Times are the same
  222. iOS Release History
  223. Apple Store app not iP5 ready
  224. LTE and Wi-Fi just dont work well togheter
  225. Text notifications
  226. Any way of sending group emails?
  227. The good side of Apple's Maps
  228. What the Heck Happened?
  229. Way to use Messages in iOS 6 without texting plan?
  230. Mobile Google Maps Street View
  231. Contact's ringtone not activating
  232. Problem with my iPhone 5
  233. [iPhone] Same text message on multiple devices
  234. How do I set default reminders to have an alert?
  235. Question about panoramic
  236. How do I consolidate messages on my iPad 3rd gen Wifi model?
  237. Do not disturb and face time
  238. How Would You Change iOS 6?
  239. So, did anyone else notice?
  240. [iPad] How to install ipad3's version od ios6 on ipad2
  241. Wifi slowness due to google dns servers?
  242. 2nd request for help - ?back to 5.1.1 from 6.0?
  243. Can't disable FB privacy setting!
  244. Battery usage not showing?
  245. Wished they had a drop down to on/off wifi/bluetooth/airplane mode etc
  246. IOS 6 experience on 4S
  247. Location Services icon comes on frequently, iOS6 / iPhone 5 ...
  248. Reply with Message dilemma...
  249. Lag in receiving iMessages.
  250. Battery indicator when powered off?