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  1. It's MRU's Great Galaxy S4 Oneye Case Lotto!
  2. An Android Phone as good as iPhone 5
  3. Galaxy note 8.0 3G verison is out..
  4. Mobile vulnerability statistics
  5. Your GS4 need a case? Tons here!
  6. My Ideal Phone
  7. Cyanogenmod for S4
  8. Looking for an iPhone Alternative.
  9. Consensus on the best Android Mail client
  10. How does Android actually work?
  11. Let's at least pretend to be surprised: HTC First is a massive flop
  12. When I think about it, the iPhone isn't a top 10 smartphone
  13. MyWi alternative for Android?
  14. Rogers RAZR HD on AT&T
  15. Lumia 925. The redesigned Lumia 920.
  16. Reducing data consumption on my Android
  17. Nexus 4 (update)
  18. Apple wants to add the Galaxy S4 to 2014 patent trial
  19. The return of the budget BlackBerry! The R10 announced as the Q5.
  20. Carriers need to fast track critical issues
  21. BBM is coming to Android and iOS!
  22. Sharp to tap Samsung, banks for survival after $5.4 billion loss
  23. Cydia on Android...this could be the start of something awesome
  24. Major Touchwiz Annoyance
  25. [phones] HTC One first charge?
  26. Google I/O
  27. Real Racing 3: HTC One vs iPhone 4S
  28. Real Racing 3 on iPhone 4S (vs HTC One)
  29. current iphone camera roll to G SIV?
  30. GS4 with stock Android
  31. Returned to iPhone...
  32. GOOG = 900 Dollars +
  33. Is this the end of iPhone?
  34. Nexus S4?
  35. Offline Google Music on iOS
  36. Difference between two laptops
  37. Galaxy S4 Google Edition
  38. Is Google the new Apple?
  39. Streaming Android Device
  40. Where is the Nexus 7 successor?
  41. App for Google Play Music for iOS?
  42. Android studio, is anyone excited?
  43. Question about the HTC One
  44. new to android ... two calendars???
  45. SMS integration coming to Hangouts
  46. [mobile OSs] Microsoft's new ad campaign against Google: 'Don't Get Scroogled'
  47. Mirror games and such to Samsung Smart tv?
  48. Bluetooth automatically disconnects Galaxy S4
  49. Some company can make money!
  50. Tried WP8 For the First Time...
  51. Anyone using an Optimus G Pro?
  52. Why isn't Google Edition available on all Android phones?
  53. Why far more Android users post here than iOS users on Android forums?
  54. Work to provide me a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Nokia Lumia 920, which would you choose?
  55. Samsung ad
  56. Droid DNA selling question
  57. [mobile OSs] Light flow proves Android 4.3 soon?
  58. How would you update iOS?
  59. Android Lag - Nonsense or Fact?
  60. Apple TV remote apps on non-iOS devices
  61. 3D launchers?
  62. What Widget Is This?
  63. Potential Nexus successor Q from Google
  64. Making Android look like Windows Phone, need some help
  65. Rooted HTC One (HTC 802w)
  66. You won't be doing this on an iPhone any time soon.
  67. Cheapest Android Device?
  68. Using more than 1 phone
  69. Decided to go HTC One instead of GS4
  70. Post Google I/O, Android 4.3/5.0 expectations
  71. Need new phone
  72. Why do Nexus devices not sell better?
  73. Android 4.3 & White Nexus 4 Rumored For June 10, Same Day As WWDC
  74. If you like launchers and messing with your Android, check this out!
  75. Still researching move to Android and have more questions
  76. Quento is free with AppGratis for a little bit longer!
  77. Time for a dual-boot smartphone!
  78. Jolla Smartphone with Sailfish OS
  79. I have an iPhone 5 and an S4 - Comparisons & Observations
  80. Nexus 4 Owners using custom kernels
  81. Note2 no longer flips when in horizontal mode
  82. HTC One or Samsung S4 compatible with T-Mobile's AWS (1700/2100)?
  83. Reposting here - Looking for a simple solid smartphone.. windows 8?
  84. What features would you add to Google Hangouts?
  85. Ex Nokia employee's make a new phone...
  86. 4.2.2 coming to HTC One soon
  87. [phones] Consumer Reports: Samsung Galaxy S4 is top phone
  88. iPhone 5 to Samsung S4?
  89. [mobile OSs] For those who still own the S3... (GT-I9300/International only)
  90. Best Android mini tablet?
  91. Few questions about rooting and stuff?
  92. HTC One anyone having this issue?
  93. Enjoy your HTC Ones, that's the last flagship you'll ever get from HTC.
  94. iPad Mini or next Nexus?
  95. [tablets] Anyone here used both Nexus 10 and Ipad4? Want opinions
  96. Will this be the end of battery woes? 30 secs to charge phone.
  97. Verizon
  98. [phones] Is this pathetic?
  99. 5 min long Galaxy S4 music video
  100. Will HTC make it?
  101. Anyone using the new Google maps?
  102. Need phones with front facing speakers
  103. LoJack for the Samsung Galaxy S4
  104. Samsung Flexible Displays! I want this!
  105. So, Nexus 4 versus a google edition Galaxy S 4
  106. Is Apple waiting too long to release the next iPhone?
  107. The HTC One has sold 5 million phones so far
  108. Google Play Music question ... Help needed!
  109. [phones] iPhone 5 screen compared to S4 & HTC
  110. Chrome Beta 28 Released - Some cool new additions
  111. [mobile OSs] Google to acquire WAZE?
  112. So many smart phones in the market
  113. Android phone & iPad mini?
  114. How does OS X handle other phones (syncing, media, etc)?
  115. There is a definite lag on Note 2 compared to Mini while playing games
  116. Is my iPhone 5 unlocked after buying the S4?
  117. Clearing Market Place history
  118. [HOW-TO] Make your own Google Play Music web app for OS X
  119. Dell Windows RT 8 tablet for $249
  120. The new Camera User Interface is amazing on Android 4.3
  121. S4 Ad
  122. Interesting graphic: Apple dominating Samsung in global cellphone profit
  123. Windows Phone 8 people
  124. Which older phones will run an official PACman ROM?
  125. Sky TV Android app hacked
  126. Using Do Not Disturb
  127. Cheapest way to experience Android 4.2 and Google Now?
  128. So whats next?
  129. So what's next for Samsung on June 20th?
  130. Tech21 Impact Shield.
  131. A Redditor Says His Samsung Smartphone Just Exploded While He Was Sleeping Here's W
  132. My gallery of pre iPhone/Android Japanese cell phones and gadgets
  133. OMG, a smaller S4!
  134. [phones] Rumor: Liquidmetal tech in the cards for future HTC smartphones
  135. Can't seem to get Notifications working on Android (Galaxy S4)
  136. Google Edition Tablets?
  137. White Nexus 4
  138. Anyone seen this Kickstarter? AGENT Smartwatch
  139. [phones] Galaxy S4 Battery life thread
  140. An iPhone retrospective!
  141. Face Recognition and Fingerprint Reader
  142. S4 Extended Battery?
  143. Thinking about switching to the darkside
  144. So how committed are Microsoft to RT
  145. Verizon's Galaxy S4 will be first to utilize faster LTE spectrum
  146. Nova Launcher
  147. Let the Tablet wars begin .....
  148. Oppo Find 5 review
  149. 'Moto X' revealed by Motorola CEO @ D11
  150. changing the default browser that Facebook opens links to
  151. Service Carrier help!
  152. [mobile OSs] iOS is stale, but isn't touchwiz also stale?
  153. Samsung, Google to scale back giant screen sizes on new Android phones
  154. Password app that works with Android/iOS/Mac OS?
  155. [phones] And Google announces the stock HTC One
  156. Copying all apps and home screens from Note2 to Note 8.0?
  157. Indecisive about another switch to Android
  158. One week in...
  159. [phones] eMail Apps Confusion?
  160. I'm starting to get irritated!
  161. The AppGratis Free App of the Day thread
  162. Samsung SoC chaos
  163. ex - iPhone 4S owner: which Android should I choose?
  164. [tablets] Samsung's next Galaxy Tab will have Intel inside, says Reuters
  165. Apex Launcher question
  166. Nokia EOS - Confirmed - 41 MP Camera
  167. Galaxy S4 appearing as an external drive?
  168. [phones] S4 Data Speeds
  169. New to Android - help with some basic functions
  170. [General] Apple headphones in new Samsung commercial?
  171. How to enable LTE on Google Nexus 4?
  172. Just sold my 4S, can't decide on the replacement
  173. Kingdom rush is out on Google Play.
  174. HTC One Android 4.2.2
  175. Should I get an iPad mini or Galaxy tab 10.1?
  176. [phones] Windows Phone Resources?
  177. Why are Android devices missing on the web?
  178. [phones] Why 32GB should be the minimum.
  179. Official... HTC One will be coming to Verizon in Summer
  180. Patchy by Frozen Fractal - Like JezzBall, with a retro touch, and more complexity
  181. [tablets] Sell Nexus 10 to buy new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity?
  182. Is there any way to group message with iPhone users on Android?
  183. [tablets] Ask a new Note 8.0 owner, former iPad Mini owner anything
  184. For those that want the new GMail 4.5 here is the link
  185. SlimPort HDMI anywhere?
  186. Charging speed of S4 - home vs. car
  187. Disabling Google Maps from saving my location history?
  188. iPhone Alternatives?
  189. Lumia 521 Review
  190. What are some features that would make you come back to iOS?
  191. [phones] Comparing the HTC One US/Int'l vs. China Edition
  192. My last day to decide (Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5)
  193. Samsung S4 active or Samsung S4?
  194. What to look for in a power supply to check compatability?
  195. Android file transferring on OS X, what's everyone using?
  196. Another GS4 or H1 from iPhone question
  197. Google Keyboard Now available and Free!
  198. Pew poll presents new stats on demographic smartphone preferences
  199. [phones] LingLing Free App
  200. Galaxy S4 storage.
  201. Any smartphone with High-Speed Camera out there??
  202. Tapatalk 4 battery impact.
  203. BMW iDrive adds Siri and S Voice support to 2014 cars
  204. [phones] Unbiased advice. (4S vs Nexus 4) :D
  205. Galaxy Note 8
  206. iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4
  207. Next Launcher 3D is free today!
  208. Is 1080p on a phone even noticeable?
  209. Competition will help us!
  210. S4 - Camera Settings/Themes
  211. Blackberry Z10 EOL Already?
  212. [General] iPhone 5 lag vs Nexus 4 lag
  213. What's your browser of choice?
  214. What's this?
  215. [tablets] Buying the galaxy note 8.0 how to get things on there..
  216. Google Music Streaming = Data Killer
  217. Is Google trying to limit bugfix releases through compartmentalizing Android?
  218. People with rooted HTC One's
  219. Windows 8 tablet users: which metro apps are needed?
  220. The next step forward in innovation.
  221. iPhone 5 to HTC one?
  222. [tablets] Nook HD & HD+ Father's Day Sale (extended)
  223. Are the to do apps on Android better because of more integration?
  224. Galaxy S4 Keyboard Settings - Had No Clue
  225. iOS 7 announcement will decide 5S vs Andriod
  226. Is this the Note III?
  227. Android account
  228. Honami and Togari
  229. Using Note2 or Note8 to make math formulas?
  230. Galaxy 3 Group text recipient limit
  231. Slide (from bottom) to unlock?
  232. Android is still way superior
  233. When will galaxy note 8.0 get android 4.2.2?
  234. Why is Apple trying to copy Android?
  235. iOS 7 is really making it difficult to switch to a different OS now
  236. Which way did iOS 7 push you?
  237. Help me decide
  238. Any news on Nexus 5? I'm ready to jump ship from iOS bandwagon....
  239. My iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean - Vine
  240. Google bought Waze!
  241. Any news or leaks about the next gen Nexus 7?
  242. Now shopping for other phones
  243. S4 v HTC One. Yep. It's another one of these threads.
  244. Nexus 7 Slowdown - Any Suggestions?
  245. Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Zoom
  246. VZW Sim cards?
  247. Galaxy mega 6.3
  248. Idle Standby drainage - Android vs iOS
  249. Great way to get a good Android tablet cheap
  250. Android mimicking iOS 7 icons and Parallax