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  1. How good is the oppo 5?
  2. Problem with Android ADB Emulator
  3. help- S4 suddenly draining fast in standby after software update..
  4. HTC Butterfly S
  5. [phones] Microsoft is getting owned by Nokia
  6. Snapdragon 600-flavoured Note II hits China
  7. I bought a Nexus 7....
  8. What is HTC doing?
  9. [mobile OSs] Windows 8 UI within Chrome Browser/Chrome OS
  10. Nexus 7 2013 Review By An iPad User
  11. 2Q of 2013: Android tablet 67%, iPad 28.3%, Windows tablet 4.5%
  12. [phones] HTC Predicts first loss in company history
  13. Can i add the name to an app in the dock
  14. Can the s4 and one block numbers?
  15. [phones] Samsung tweaking benchmark scores with an overclock when running benchmark apps?
  16. Online Benchmarks iPad 4 vs New Nexus
  17. [tablets] Surface revenue less than $900M RT write down
  18. [tablets] New Kindle Fire HD 7"to come with Snapdragon 800 and FulLHD screen
  19. New iPhone or Samsung GS4-Verizon
  20. I've gone from the Xperia Z to the Xperia SP
  21. [phones] My very own "I went from the iPhone to a GS4" thread!
  22. Samsung Galaxy Now Leads iPhone in USA Customer Satisfaction
  23. Kickstarter funded game Chuck's Challenge 3D out now on the Play Store, FREE
  24. Signal/Reception problems on the Galaxy S4 Google Edition?
  25. Viber problem.. Plz help me
  26. Note 3 could be fantastic!
  27. [tablets] Windows tablets seem to have a great future
  28. Xperia Z thoughts/opinions(US users)
  29. Where would screen sizes be without Samsung?
  30. If I was to switch...
  31. Before an iPhone comes out i switch to an Andriod
  32. [phones] Non-iPhone but focused on battery life (screentime)?
  33. 'ok siri' always listening like Moto X - Always Ready 'ok google now'
  34. Do I dare?
  35. What do you want to see in the Nexus 4 (2013)?
  36. [phones] Moto X or New Nexus Phone
  37. Out of all of their Galaxy devices, Samsung chose to update their S II Plus to 4.2.2
  38. And the Loser is.............
  39. [mobile OSs] Android finally gets baked in "find my phone" feature
  40. Windows Phone question
  41. The new iOS7 looks more Android
  42. [phones] Owners of HTC One and SGS4, help me
  43. Samsung phone sales vs Apple 3rd QTR
  44. Motorola not in Australia, Asia and UK
  45. Nexus 4 heat issues
  46. Surface Pro Price Cut by $100
  47. Annoying GS4 Quirks! Fixes?
  48. HTC One Max, wow now that's a bezel
  49. iPad Mini getting destroyed by Nexus 7
  50. The art of staying on top
  51. Nokia Lumia 928 (and windows phone in general)
  52. Galaxy Note III invites are out!!!
  53. FoxFi on my Note2 VZW stopped working
  54. Question on htc one camera plz look.
  55. "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped."
  56. Seriously considering the move to Android.
  57. The iPhone camera is lagging behind
  58. New Nexus 7 Slim Case - Amazon cheap deal
  59. [tablets] App Differences Between iPad/Android Tablet Versions
  60. CyanogenMod and F-Droid Store: Open Source App to hide NSFW Pics/Videos?
  61. [tablets] Nexus 7 AND iPhone 5? Can I Survive?
  62. Once you go bigger, you don't go back
  63. SG S4 Earbuds replacement
  64. Got a Galaxy Mega today.
  65. LG G2 taking landscape pics completely UNINTUITIVE?
  66. Hopefully, Google stops giving Qualcomm business after this
  67. Maybe Apple Was Kinda Right?
  68. [Resolved] iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 Photo(!)
  69. Sleep Cycle equivalent app in Cydia
  70. Anybody thinking of selling their Galaxy S4 for the Note 3?
  71. Best twitter app for android?
  72. Those who switched to an Android phone, how is it getting along with the iPad?
  73. Package Invalid error w/Google Play?
  74. [phones] Smashed Samsung Galaxy S2, can I retrive pictures, contacts, etc?
  75. Try the S Pen; It's pretty good
  76. [mobile OSs] Cool New App: Krome
  77. [mobile OSs] Cool New App: ActiveNotifications (MotoX Style)
  78. Android Device Manager Now Available
  79. [tablets] Nexus 7 (2013) Non Functional GPS Issue
  80. [mobile OSs] iOS Fragmentation gets larger with iOS7
  81. Moto X "most advanced smartphone on the market. Period."
  82. Is new Motorola Moto X a mid-range or high end device
  83. Motorola to make the Next Nexus phone?
  84. What do you think of this round icon theme?
  85. Why is Moto X exclusive to the US?
  86. Is it obivious that the iPhone 5S will be better than the Samsung Galaxy S4?
  87. Can you download a file from Dropbox on your android phone?
  88. Tablet upgrade
  89. Easy Steps To Turn Your GS4 Into A Google Edition GS4
  90. Is the Atrix HD worth buying for around $100?
  91. Samsung ecosystem - replace my iOS ecosystem?
  92. Ipad 4 + Macbook for Surface Pro?
  93. Verizon Users: I need your advice
  94. First press pictures of Sony’s external ‘lens camera’ outed; shown with Honami
  95. [mobile OSs] Android is better - How I fell in love with Android and how you can too (blog post)
  96. Googled a restaurant and Google Now brings up directions?
  97. Windows 8 On A 7 Inch Tablet
  98. Reading PDF files in Dropbox with no internet?
  99. Will Moto X be an iphone and Galaxy S4 killer??
  100. Amateur photographers- Whats ur view regarding smartphone photos
  101. Other devices that are able to compete with iPhone build quality
  102. From iPhone 4s to HTC... and BACK to iPhone with iOS7
  103. [tablets] Nexus 7, 8gb vs 16gb hardware difference?
  104. Lost all my contacts on S4: Happy ending
  105. Those of you that workout, and run is your smartphone also your MP3 player?
  106. Huawei Ascend P6...whoa!!!
  107. sony honami
  108. Desktop+Smartphone all in one device: Ubuntu Edge
  109. Samsung Galaxy S2 [used]
  110. LG G Pad 8.3"
  111. Really nice sale on Galaxy Note 8.0 tablets
  112. Quick Burst Mode on S4
  113. Factors to consider in Android or iOS (long)
  114. Describe your dream phone
  115. any android app thats similar to zephyr?
  116. So i won't be selling my iPad afterall
  117. Google Now no longer reminding me of events?
  118. Why's fragmentation so bad?
  119. iPhone to Android
  120. 4S to S4
  121. [mobile OSs] Best android media player with wifi transfer option?
  122. How do I customize Android like this...
  123. [tablets] Experiences with Note 8"
  124. Did I brick my Nexus 7?
  125. Is anyone using Aviate?
  126. Do you want a new color scheme for KLP?
  127. Do any of you have parents that own Android products?
  128. What is keeping you guys from going back to iOS?
  129. Most populated Android news site/forum?
  130. Plastic case for extra S4 Battery
  131. Dear Apple: Get notifications right!
  132. ATT S4 update (MF3)....... Issues I've noticed.
  133. Timely Alarm Clock
  134. Rumor: 12-inch Samsung tablet in the works, could arrive in October
  135. Galaxy Note 3 to come in 32GB and 64GB models only?
  136. What makes you switch from one platform to another
  137. [tablets] Tablet Stand
  138. I'm done with Apple... for now.
  139. Should I bother with an Android tablet.
  140. Leaving iPhone
  141. iPhone vs Galaxy Mega or New Note
  142. Android has replaced Apple as innovators..
  143. Nexus 7 v2 vs. First Gen iPad
  144. Nexus devices and rooting.
  145. For those times when 1080p in a smartphone just isn't enough...
  146. Is anyone thinking of switching from Android to the 5S?
  147. Samsung Are Flipping Out
  148. HTC One Is A Mess (My Opinion Only)
  149. Interesting stats on Samsung and it's Users in the Android world.
  150. Former iPhone Users...Miss the Ecosystem?
  151. Which is the best Android tablet for you?
  152. Opinions on Samsung 550 Chromebook for Software Development?
  153. Dodgy dodgy google
  154. Do you think Galaxy Note 3 will have any extra features that S4 doesn't?
  155. Galaxy Note 8.0 now available on three in the UK
  156. Flash iPhone, Add New OS
  157. [mobile OSs] Tasker question
  158. Will Galaxy S4 drop in price when Galaxy Note 3 comes out?
  159. recommend a VNC app that uses a trackpad please, like Remoter?
  160. AirPlay for Android
  161. HTC One Mini (ATT)
  162. Can you transfer contacts easily from one android device to another?
  163. How much do you use the S pen on your Galaxy Note?
  164. Android TV?
  165. Does anyone here have the Hisense Sero Pro(Nexus 7 knockoff)?
  166. Changes to Google Play app content policy
  167. [phones] In the market for a mid-range phone
  168. Timely Alarm Clock codes...
  169. iPhone 4S vs Nokia N86 8MP - Camera Comparison
  170. ATT won't sell me a Moto X at retail?
  171. What would make Android more appealing to you iOS users?
  172. Google translate or Google chrome
  173. Thinking about getting Galaxy Note 3- Which colour is your favourite..Black or white?
  174. How good do you expect the battery life to be on the note 3?
  175. Samsung Galaxy 8" Tab 3 16GB
  176. My logic for buying the S4 over the HTC one.
  177. Moto X Early Adopters
  178. Samsung Scores Lowest Radiation Cell Phones
  179. $130 unsubsidized for a phone with quad-core, 4.7" 720p (312ppi), 8MP camera, 1GB RAM
  180. [mobile OSs] Would you buy a laptop with a mobile OS on it?
  181. iPhone 5s vs The Competition
  182. [General] Future of sim cards
  183. How much do carriers really "subsidize" each phone on contract
  184. Why do people care about benchmarks?
  185. iPhone 5S or get Galaxy S4
  186. Here are pics of Note 3
  187. Nexus 4 Price drop - Now $199 and $249
  188. [phones] Debating between the 5S and a Galaxy 4...what will the 5S have to close the gap?
  189. [phones] Battery life on smart phones
  190. Ipad 5 or Dell Xps 18 (Haswell)?
  191. Do you buy a new phone subsidized or pay for it up front?
  192. WSJ reports dismal BlackBerry Q10 sales
  193. SwiftKey - FREE in Amazon Appstore
  194. Amazon App Store Greatest Hits sale: Cut the Rope, SwiftKey, Shazam Encore, and more
  195. College student could use some input!
  196. [mobile OSs] Do you enjoy gaming more on Tablet or Phone?
  197. How to transfer data from your old phone to your new phone via Wi-Fi with back-up pro
  198. [mobile OSs] Do you think WP8 wud be dead had Nokia gone android route
  199. Thinking About Getting A Windows 8 Tablet
  200. Playing a floating Youtube video on a home screen with a Note2?
  201. [phones] Another great Android phone (and it's not from Samsung or HTC)
  202. Potential switch to android questions.
  203. iphone or move to android its the harder to decide then buying a car!
  204. Questions About AT&T and No Commitment
  205. Alleged photos of the Galaxy Gear leaks online
  206. [mobile OSs] Post a screenshot of your Windows Phone Start screen!
  207. [tablets] Finally got a Windows 8 device (Yoga vs Surface Pro)
  208. Galaxy Note 3
  209. Galaxy Note Owners
  210. Used Note II purchase price or should I wait for the Note III
  211. [phones] Lg g2
  212. iphone5 or galaxyS4 and why?
  213. Acer launches phone with 4K video recording
  214. My time with the HTC Butterfly S
  215. Amazon smartphone strategy: don’t care about making a profit -just want marketshare
  216. Oppo N1
  217. Interesting Article on "fragmentation" and how to beat it
  218. [mobile OSs] Android 4.4 KitKat revealed?
  219. My Note2 is telling me when new emails arrive?
  220. Kindle Matchbook - wow
  221. ThL W200, wow $199, which AT&T bands will this work with?
  222. Google Editions (S4 v. HTC One)
  223. Nexus 5
  224. Nexus 5 Spotted in the Wild - Made by LG?
  225. Should I get and iPod Touch or a Nexus 4?
  226. Should I get an iPod Touch or a Nexus 4?
  227. A serious Android/GS4 VS iPhone thread
  228. [phones] I miss the iPhone XD
  229. Apple 4S to S4?
  230. Nokia would have been #1 (Samsung #2) had Nokia went with Android
  231. Did Samsung just hand Apple their hat?
  232. Samsung Gear vs. Qualcomm Toq
  233. Need help deciding... [Between phones for AT&T]
  234. Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 for Android Development Class?
  235. Are rubber trim cases adequate for casual/school life?
  236. $326 unsubsidized for Snapdragon 800 quad-core, 16GB, 2GB RAM, 13MP camera, 5" 441ppi
  237. ipad mini users views on Nexus 7 (2013)
  238. Kindle worth it for people without Amazon accounts?
  239. What case you guys use on your S4?
  240. Galaxy Note 3 Camera question
  241. Samsung smart gear watch
  242. LG G Pad 8.3 is looking nice
  243. Xperia Z1 test shots
  244. Will the 5S be better than the Galaxy S4?
  245. Which looks more ridiculous ?
  246. Best Way/Place to Sell Used S3
  247. Amazon to offer free phone?
  248. LG G2 and Nexus 5 Battery Analysis
  249. [tablets] Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 addition
  250. Checking warranty status of Note2?