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  1. HTC one case
  2. Chrome could be coming to Windows Phone
  3. [phones] Nokia Icon.....first time Windows phone user.....any advice?
  4. AT&T Note 3 users - Kit Kat is out now
  5. Camera app for google edition galaxy S 4
  6. iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" 2014 Edition! Screen quality!
  7. Microsoft Office free for android phones!
  8. Is anyone here buying a Samsung Gear 2, Gear Fit, or Gear Neo?
  9. Seen the Light
  10. [tablets] Which tablet do you own?
  11. Is it me or are a lot of people getting Samsung?
  12. Think I bought fake Note 3 :(
  13. Pocket Casts
  14. Google Now adding Bill Pay reminder cards?
  15. I saw the LG Flex today...
  16. Swappa experience?
  17. Verizon s4 gsm unlocked?
  18. most recent vs top stories in new Facebook app
  19. One phone and one tablet for next 12 months
  20. Thinking iOS 7 to Android 4.4 (Help) (Switch)
  21. The most annoying things about Android.
  22. Outlook.com
  23. [phones] War of ecosystems. Help from knowledgeable members (Android, iOS & Mac, Microsoft)
  24. Any Blackberry users left here?
  25. MS Onedrive instead of Dropbox for Android and Mac OS?
  26. To be fair is it worth switching to Galaxy S5?
  27. [General] There is another fighting around the corner between Apple and Samsung
  28. Humble Bundle for Android 9
  29. HTC One - Front Facing Logo
  30. Windows phone on VZW vs other carriers
  31. (Updated) All the Windows Phone 8.1 Announcements from Build in one spot
  32. Wow, Microsoft kicking ass!
  33. [General] iOS emulators on a PC
  34. Cortana vs. Siri
  35. Should I get Amazon Fire TV?
  36. Meet Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri...
  37. Handwriting apps
  38. Samsung galaxy note 2 or 3
  39. iPhone 5s vs new HTC One (M8) initial thoughts..
  40. [Carrier] Possible to get an early upgrade on Verizon?
  41. Update: Project Ara and Phonebloks from Google
  42. Thinking about jumping ship, need advice
  43. Note 3 vs. Nokia Icon (with a mention of iPhone 6)
  44. Getting a Moto X
  45. Bit the bullet and got Fire Tv
  46. Will.i.am's Smartwatch
  47. [phones] iPhone to icon
  48. [mobile OSs] How long has Android has this feature?
  49. What Smartphone are you using Q2 Edition
  50. Best 2013 Android phone for camera & battery life?
  51. Windows 8 Car Concept
  52. Plex coming to XBox One
  53. [mobile OSs] Android - Which Keyboard do you use?
  54. Xiaomi shipped 11m smartphones in 1Q of 2014, aims for 60m in 2014, 100m in 2015
  55. Android's answer to iMessage/BBM?
  56. Anyone go from the iPad to the Windows Surface Pro 2 Pro, vise versa?
  57. What are the most intolerable UX flaws you have found on Android devices?
  58. [phones] Eton Raytheon has a 5000mAh battery capacity with a claimed 1100 hours of standby
  59. UK Sport Lovers: BT Sport now Chromecast compatible
  60. Switching from iPhone5 to Samsung Galaxy SG5
  61. [tablets] Have you seen this shameless iPad ripoff from none other than Acer?
  62. Does Windows Phone 8 sync with Google?
  63. How do you buy all the latest devices?
  64. Suggestions for upgrading from G nex.
  65. Great ad by HTC!
  66. Old smartphones
  67. Using Chromecast out of the U.S
  68. Android/Windows Smartphones With Good Headphone Section?
  69. Samsung S5 Pre-Orders Not Great
  70. Windows Phone 8.1 Update Is Now Live! (Vid of Cortana vs Siri vs Google Now added)
  71. Chromecast
  72. OnePlus One
  73. [Amazon Appstore] LYNE is today's FAOTD
  74. What phone has the best camera?
  75. Galaxy S5 Mini
  76. Iphone videos to android
  77. Has Apple lost its cool to Samsung?
  78. Anyone buying Google Glass on April 15?
  79. Samsung 'Kapture'..
  80. Before the iPhone was announced, Android didn't support touchscreen input
  81. Help.... work giving me an Android
  82. Wireless charging card on s5 or s4 any info would be great
  83. Android users: how does App quality compare to iOS?
  84. iPhone 5s owner here. Should I switch to Android?
  85. Amazon Phone
  86. Did your AT&T M8 come like this?
  87. Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Spoofed
  88. Trying Android for the first time after 7 years iPhone..
  89. Does anybody regret moving from WP to Android/iOS after seeing WP8.1?
  90. Own a Lumia 625/1020/1320/1520 or Icon? Free Gameloft Games today!
  91. Google Said I could Keep Nexus 5
  92. Why go Android if you already have a Mac and iOS device?
  93. Those who love their big screens.. Anybody tempted By a 5.5 iPhone?
  94. Next Galaxy Note to feature a new form factor?
  95. Switching From iPhone 5 to Galaxy S5
  96. nexus 5 or google services on iphone?
  97. HTC M8 Notification Light
  98. Swapping between Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5
  99. Any other phone?
  100. [phones] Can you guess what phone this picture is from?
  101. EA Celebrates Easter with 12 discounted games for Windows Phone
  102. Smart Wearable Anyone?
  103. Android Apps that are excessive / memory hogs
  104. AT&T Lumia 925 for $80 off-contract!
  105. Samsung 12.2" Galaxy Pro
  106. Tried the GS5... Returned It... #Unimpressed
  107. I think I saw a Samsung PMP that had good resolution at Best Buy
  108. Galaxy S5 Initial Thoughts
  109. iPhone 6: size comparison with Android phones
  110. Lumia 520 - $50 No contract at Best Buy (today only)
  111. Windows Phone Users on 8.1 - Post your home and lockscreens
  112. Using a tablet as your primary computer?
  113. The all new Google Camera
  114. [phones] Nokia Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1020? Which would you choose?
  115. Decisions Decisions
  116. App to lock screen Android
  117. Google hangouts new version merges sms/hangouts into single thread.
  118. One Plus One, Find 5 and Nikon dslr comparison pics
  119. Firefox OS
  120. Galaxy gear 2
  121. Mobile Marketing
  122. Best Android Keyboard?
  123. Nexus 5 or Z30?
  124. Do many of you use Android Phones and Macbook pro? Apps suggestion.
  125. Questions, comparisons and differences between Windows Phone vs iOS vs Android
  126. Nexus 7 disappointment
  127. KitKat on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition!
  128. Are all mini usb cords the same?
  129. Great Windows Phone 8.1 Apps: Let Us Know Here
  130. Did anybody compare iPads vs Surface when looking to buy a tablet for 1st time?
  131. So torn; Keep the One m8 or get the S5?
  132. WP8.1 on 520
  133. Report - Galaxy S5 Prime to be out in June?
  134. Sold my Iphone 5S for the LG G2
  135. Microsoft still losing money on Surface
  136. A beautiful cheap, waterproof Windows Phone smartwatch
  137. You can't get a nexus 5 or htc m8 GPE on verizon can you?
  138. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
  139. Nokia phone sales figures drop 30 percent
  140. Anyone else switching back to Apple once the iPhone 6 is released
  141. Nexus phones to be replaced by high-end "Silver" models
  142. Moto X On Sale May 1st
  143. Feeling going retro ... Bye smart phones ?
  144. Tethering from a rooted Android has saved my household from a crisis!
  145. [phones] Ultimate Flagship Phone showdown....
  146. Android Opportunity
  147. Amazon's rumored smartphone
  148. Wow, the S5 is crap!
  149. Buy advice: 1520 or S5
  150. May The Fourth Be With You
  151. Tried out Windows Phone 8
  152. are tablets are really a fad?
  153. [Carrier] T-Mobile signs up more customers in first quarter than rivals combined http://www.la
  154. Apps icon disappeared from home page on nova
  155. Google Drive Updated to v1.3.xx - Now integrated with Docs & Sheets
  156. [Carrier] Bought a New S5 from Swappa... worried a bit...
  157. Getting @icloud email configured on Android
  158. One M8; hard to believe, but liking Sense 6 over GPE
  159. Two Choices
  160. Smaller Android Phones
  161. Odd how in UK only gear fit and gear 2 neo are on sale but not gear 2
  162. Apple vs Samsung
  163. Your favorite Android apps?
  164. HTC M8 in PINK!
  165. Skype Alternative
  166. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
  167. [iPhone] OPPO Find 7a
  168. MRU's HTC One M8 Review 2014
  169. Keep getting deleted apple emails over and over
  170. Just acquired 2 Google Glass devices
  171. Droid Razr Maxx
  172. Running out of RAM issue! PLEASE HELP!
  173. Stock android is incredible but a launcher is still a must for me
  174. 3 weeks with Android are enough..I miss my iPhone so much...
  175. AT&T: Returning a phone.
  176. The Moto X+1
  177. People using the GPE OS, how setup Google Now Launcher ?
  178. Andy, play Android games on your Mac or PC
  179. Modern Combat 5: Blackout - More details leak
  180. HTC One (M8) Prime - September
  181. Lumia Icon, 1020 & 1520 owners: Microsoft is giving you $25 for apps
  182. Samsung Replaces Galaxy Series designer
  183. Note 3 kind of crappy as a phone, but a great tablet
  184. Email client
  185. Android users: How much have you spent in the Play Store? Wanna find out?
  186. How the mobile phone worldwide marketshare looks
  187. Z2 stamina mode confusion
  188. Lumia 1020 new phone Early termination fee(atf).
  189. Keyboard is too small in multi window mode how do i make the keyboard bigger?
  190. Samsung Galaxy Tab S with AMOLED display.
  191. Blue HTC M8
  192. Moto E Official @$129
  193. Moto G LTE Official $219 price tag with Micro SD
  194. A world without Android...
  195. Windows 8.1 App Store FINALLY Overhauled!
  196. HTC One (M7) AT&T phone unlock
  197. Best Way to migrate everything on an iPhone to Android
  198. WP 8.1 developer preview update
  199. How to Sync Android with Mac?
  200. Gold Lumia 930
  201. WP8 or Android?
  202. No mention of "Cider" ? IOS emulator
  203. Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet - iPad mini meets iPhone 5C
  204. [mobile OSs] Which OS do you currently use primarily?
  205. Xperia Z2 is terrible.
  206. [Amazon Appstore] Get 9 photo apps FREE, then GTA: San Andreas + 2,000 coins FREE
  207. Ordering a Nexus 5
  208. Sony Xperia Z2 - GSM Arena review
  209. Messaging Platform for Windows Phone
  210. Blackberry 10 users: OS 10.3 Beta out
  211. Wearables overrated?
  212. Surface Pro 3 announcement and prices
  213. Why do people think tablets are just large smartphones?
  214. [tablets] Surface Pro 2 user
  215. Great video showing Vanilla Android UI on Nexus 5 vs Touchwiz on S5
  216. What do you use your tablet for?
  217. Transfer of Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android
  218. [phones] Samsung bringing back the flip phone. Android, 2.3 Ghz quad core 2gig of ram.
  219. Unlock AT&T GoPhone with no data plan
  220. [tablets] Help with samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0
  221. [tablets] Rumor - Google 8.9" Q4 2014
  222. Dell Venue 11 Pro (entry-level Intel Atom-powered)
  223. MRU's Galaxy S5 review
  224. iMovie app is there one like it for android?
  225. What kind of mobile phone are u using today?
  226. HTC One (M8) Prime
  227. Will Surface Pro replace your MacBook Air?
  228. Change icon pack even on touchwiz / sense / stock android
  229. Trying to consider the (phone OS) options
  230. Galaxy Note 4 screen size staying the same?
  231. Comprehensive post of how I made the switch from the iPhone 5s to the Note 3.
  232. Google Most Valuable Brand
  233. Straddling the fence.
  234. Stability of iOS 7
  235. Have anyone tried the HTC One M8 or traded for it?
  236. Samsung gear 2
  237. Gotta love Samsung & their "see what sticks" approach
  238. I know why Samsung sells more than Apple.
  239. [tablets] Is Note 8 worth buying?
  240. flashing a stockAndroidROM using a MAC
  241. I need advice(can boot into recovery and download mode only)
  242. Device encryption on different phone operating systems
  243. If there is the iPod touch to iPhone, what is there to Samsung galaxy or LG?
  244. Your experience with Android 4.4+ KitKat so far?
  245. Wifi Settings not transferring
  246. Nokia Icon
  247. [phones] Tethering for internet in a rural area
  248. Videostream Chrome add on for Chromecast
  249. Should I... [switch my 5s to an s5?]
  250. Best Android phone call quality wise?