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  1. My 2 must have apps for Android.
  2. HTC One X (It was meant to be)
  3. Some clean and simple wallpaper for your GS3 or HOX.
  4. How best to pair android phone with iPad & MBP? Need advice plz.
  5. [phones] Grass not always greener on the other side..
  6. USB External Drive?
  7. VOIP on android?
  8. Droid 2 Global and Cyanogen Mod 9
  9. ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700
  10. International unlocked galaxy gs3 on tmobile hsdpa+?
  11. Syncing Between Mac, iOS, and Android
  12. When is the next Google Nexus device likely to be released?
  13. Will getting the N7 make it complicated?
  14. Is it possible to get bored by Android as people get bored by iOS?
  15. [phones] Galaxy Note II specs leak and pictures of device
  16. [mobile OSs] Adobe Pull Flash for Android
  17. Airdroid
  18. 10 million of that thing ?
  19. 10" Kindle Fire
  20. [mobile OSs] Official JB on the SGS3 video proof
  21. [mobile OSs] why i do or do not like android?
  22. Nokia/MSFT launching Windows Phone on Sept 5th!
  23. [phones] This is how the S3 should have looked (altering my S3)
  24. Got a Galaxy S3, returned it the next day. (kept iPhone 4)
  25. [phones] Xiaomi Phone 2 - sexy!
  26. [iPad] Will iPad Mini instantly kill the Nexus 7?
  27. Xiaomi Phone 2: it could have been the new iphone's design...
  28. [mobile OSs] A new Humble Bundle!
  29. Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320 graphics is the first to top the new iPad's PowerVR
  30. I want a 3D phone
  31. Considering getting ~4.3" Android phone
  32. Google goes after Apple via Motorola patents
  33. [mobile OSs] My Review of Jellybean on the Galaxy Note.
  34. Best Android phones in the next 3 months?
  35. [phones] i know this is an iphone board..but if i don't get a 5, what is the most solidandroid
  36. How entrenched were you into the iOS ecosystem before you moved on?
  37. [phones] Would you use android if..?
  38. [iPad] Buying Samsung Galaxy S3, will it affect my iPad 3 usage.
  39. [mobile OSs] Apple is minimalistic?
  40. Galaxy S3 Spec'd phone comes to Windows Phone 8!
  41. Which launcher do you use?
  42. The next Nexus might be the Galaxy Nexus Plus. Here's the rumored specs.
  43. Could Apple really lose the race?
  44. Switchers: Do you miss iMessage?
  45. I can't believe I actually did this.
  46. Galaxy S3: Apple Better Wake Up!
  47. [tablets] Will Windows Surface RT be better than thought?
  48. [phones] Jeez....android...google...and apple...my opinions about devices
  49. Android is the future.
  50. My phone broke.
  51. Next Big Product Launch?!
  52. Samsung/Android tones
  53. What Android apps do you use?
  54. Thinking of replacing my iPad 1 with a Nexus 7 but I'm using it for class...
  55. State of Apple
  56. Google Chrome Browser Battery Drain Fix
  57. Reactions to Apple Samsung verdict?
  58. Good android phone to use?
  59. iPhone 5 design + iOS6 features = More iPhone users leaving than ever before
  60. Microsoft employees react to Samsung vs. Apple verdict
  61. Pricing for Smartphones.
  62. Possible new life for BB now that Apple owns almost all phone patents?
  63. Did Samsung just copy Apple again with this ‘Samsung Store’?
  64. i might look at an android (MAXX).....i need iOS users opinions on
  65. Let the Windows 8 onslaught begin...
  66. [phones] Post pictures of your non iPhone phone collection.
  67. Used a Galaxy S3 yesterday; Here are my thoughts
  68. Thank You GS3, an iPhone 4S could of never done this.
  69. People with Samsung Galaxy SIII's your advice please..
  70. Anyone with galaxy nexus here ???
  71. [phones] People who are disappointed in leaked iPhone design... WHY DON'T YOU go to Android?
  72. I planned to buy the next iPhone when it came out. Seeing Android in action shocked m
  73. 2nd Phone; SG3 or Nokia Lumia? 3 Hours to decide!
  74. [tablets] anyone get a nexus 7?
  75. Anyone with an iPhone since the first gen switched to Android?
  76. [phones] Still considering switching to Samsung Phone?
  77. What do you all think of Windows 8?
  78. [tablets] Sold my iPad2 and need advice
  79. How the Galaxy s3 compares to the iphone
  80. iOS wins? Android now finished?
  81. For anyone who thinks the rumored new iPhone looks ugly...
  82. Apple calls for ban on Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  83. LG Optimus G officially announced?
  84. So what is Apple going to do now?
  85. Gonna give Android a try..
  86. Would you consider switching BACK to iPhone if a 4.3-5.5 inch iPhone came out?
  87. More colors for the GS3
  88. Pureview Phone with Microsoft OS coming Sept 5th
  89. iTunes and Android?
  90. [phones] Which Galaxy S3 do you have?
  91. [phones] With all of the iPhone 5 parts photo Leaks, why not Any for the Note 2?
  92. Questions about iCloud and Android
  93. Galaxy S3 help.
  94. [phones] how is galaxy s3's battery life so much longer than 4S?
  95. Galaxy S3 Mobile Hotspot
  96. Apple win whacks Android resale prices
  97. What kind of phone do you have and do you agreed with the Samsung v. Apple verdict?
  98. [tablets] Next HTC tablet leaked
  99. [phones] Is anyone else seriously considering switching to Android?
  100. Galaxy Note 2 Leaked just before announcement...looks like a big GS3
  101. [tablets] Samsung using the dock in their Win 8 tablets?
  102. Galaxy Note 2 Live Feed
  103. [phones] IFA 2012: Sony smartphones (Sony Xperia T, TX, V, and J )
  104. Samsung made a nice phone
  105. Why would HTC do this?
  106. Magic Mouse with Android?
  107. [phones] Samsung Galaxy Camera
  108. [phones] Samsung ATIV S - more beautiful than iPhone 6gen ?
  109. Nexus 7 with iMac?
  110. Sync Android ICS with ITunes?
  111. Yet another guy to join the dark side.
  112. Galaxy S3 users
  113. Asus to base Windows 8 device pricing on new iPad
  114. Would you rather get LTE duo core S3? or HSPA Plus Quad Core S3?
  115. [tablets] The new Kindle Fire
  116. Xiaomi sold 200,000 Mi-One S phones in less than 30 minutes
  117. The problem of the Mac
  118. Windows, Sony and Apple... Oh my
  119. Galaxy Note 2 - First Video
  120. [phones] iPhone vs Samsung G3
  121. [phones] Apple copied motion computing - Apple ripped off tablet design
  122. [phones] WP8: Nokia 920 & 820 - Prices and infos
  123. [phones] Anyone else using an LTE S3?
  124. Are you rooted? This app is amazing. Puts all others to shame. I'm blown away.
  125. Verizon vets.
  126. Samsung tries to win in press what it lost in court
  127. Rumors of a bezel less phone
  128. [mobile OSs] Thoughts on change.
  129. The new Sony Xperia T looks awesome...
  130. Galaxy S3 bluetooth.
  131. Downloading Android apps and protecting your privacy/data
  132. [mobile OSs] Post a screenshot of your Android home screen!
  133. LG had a Linux iPad back in 2001?
  134. Dual-SIM Android
  135. Should I get the next iPhone or Samsung Note II
  136. Should I buy the Nexus 7
  137. Windows Phone
  138. Apple so threatened by the Nexus 7 they will not allow BB to sell them
  139. Note 10.1 looks a better comparison to the iPad
  140. Planning on getting an android tablet ... advice?
  141. Microsoft spies Apple vulnerability?
  142. Anyone going to get a Galaxy Note II?
  143. Going Phablet only?
  144. Oh yeah baby. Google now has Google Play cards
  145. Here we go again... Note and S3 targeted by Apple.
  146. Playing purchased iTunes Movies in Android 4.0
  147. AMOLED: Samsung's answer to Retina.
  148. [phones] WP8: HTC 'Accord'
  149. Haier haiPad – Android-based iPad Clone
  150. Saw this video. What do u guys think.......
  151. iCamera?
  152. Who would of thought, People prefer bigger screens
  153. Traded iPhone 4S for Galaxy S3....Big mistake
  154. [phones] SGS3 sells more than the iPhone 4S
  155. Just Before iPhone 5 Launches, Galaxy SIII Becomes Most Sold Smartphone in the U.S.
  156. Anyone using their Google Cr 48?
  157. How is Android a "stolen product"?
  158. [phones] HTC to introduce a FullHD smartphone on Septemberthe 19th ?
  159. [phones] Anybody willing to give Nokia and Windows Phone 8 a try?
  160. Have to admit new Nokia Flagship looks sweet!
  161. Did you guys see the Lumia 920 launch?
  162. Chinese Clone Company Will Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 Design
  163. Nokia unveals Lumia 920...can we say DOA?
  164. [phones] Motorola "On Display" event, it's now
  165. Android users..
  166. [Resolved] Lumia 920
  167. Google's Eric Schmidt: 1.3 million Android activations a day, 480 million devices WW
  168. What will it take for Apple to overtake Android's vast marketshare?
  169. [phones] New Amazon Phone Announced
  170. Windows 8 RT/DESKTOP COMBO?
  171. Question for those who own a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SIII or HTC One X
  172. [phones] Anybody going to try the Lumia 920?
  173. Everyone is outraged about Nokia's faked photos right?
  174. Samsung notches more than 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones sold in 100 days
  175. What On Earth Is This?
  176. iCloud Email On Android?
  177. Has anybody totally boycott Samsung or Android products?
  178. [phones] When Samsung and Google innovates first...
  179. [phones] Competition's Lack of Pricing
  180. Lets get creative and design what would be our perfect Smartphone
  181. Samsung didn't copy Apple--really
  182. uTorrent for Android released today on Play Store, App Store left in dust.
  183. GS3 ..... ICS compared with JB. Video in link.
  184. Anyone know of a working wifi tether for non rooted AT&T S3?
  185. US experts argue Apple is innovation killer- er no they didn't
  186. Anyone who bought the S3 starting to worry?
  187. [tablets] New Kindle tablets and e-reader
  188. [tablets] I think Amazon just kicked Apple in the groin
  189. Amazon announces $499 Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, $50 a year for 250MB monthly
  190. Holy ****! Apple iPad = $499 ... Kindle Fire HD = $299 !!!
  191. If you had the choice today...
  192. 250MB 4G service on Kindle .... Is that the ultimate limit?
  193. Amazon beat Apple today in one area...
  194. eBook Reader: The best one available?
  195. [phones] New iPhone or Galaxy S3
  196. [iPad] Apple or Amazon?
  197. Post here if you appreciate your phone having an LED Notification light
  198. Do you think "There's just as many Android fanboys as there are iPhone fanboys"?
  199. Android Wallpaper of the Day - Star Trek Lovers Go Wild
  200. Easiest way to share a photo between Android and iOS?
  201. Free Game Promotion for GS3 owners only.
  202. [tablets] HTC Flyer 2: SnapDragon S4, $199
  203. nokia lumnia 920 or samsung ativ s or iphone 5?
  204. Now for some light hearted fun...
  205. Samsung Galaxy Player 5
  206. Best overall browser?
  207. Kindle Fire LTE $50/yr plan vs iPad 4G cheapest deal
  208. Mail push problem on iOS devices with Android in the mix
  209. [tablets] Nook Tablet 2 with Windows 8 coming in September ?
  210. Sweat buildup in ports... yes its gross.
  211. [iPhone] Excited but getting ready for dissapointment...
  212. [tablets] Ipad vs google nexus 7
  213. Passbook? Android already has it.
  214. Where does your loyalty come from?
  215. They don't want or need to change the design (I think)
  216. Has anyone switched from iPhone to Galaxy S3 and then went back to iPhone?
  217. [phones] Chinese android phones and tablets
  218. Galaxy S3
  219. Cynogenmod.
  220. problem with kies and mountain lion
  221. For those passing on iPhone 5...
  222. 7" Kindle Fire HD Review
  223. What's the most Apple-like non Apple phone?
  224. Snappier android
  225. The I'm buying a galaxy s3 if the iPhone 5 sucks thread
  226. Hello Galaxy S3
  227. My thoughts on the iPhone 5 vs. competitors
  228. What's everyone doing? Staying, Upgrading, SIII/Android?
  229. Will you move to galaxy or stay here?
  230. Tired of my Galaxy S3. Upset with iPhone 5. Android and iOS suck.
  231. People deciding between iPhone 5/Galaxy S3
  232. [phones] How much worse is integration with apple computers on a non-apple phone?
  233. I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Android
  234. iPT 5th Gen. vs. Galaxy Player 5
  235. Leaving BB, need some help choosing iOS or Android.
  236. [General] What's your preferred method of sending stuff yourself?
  237. Galaxy S3 accessories, looking for some pointers
  238. [phones] imac user stuck between GS3 and iphone5...
  239. I thought I was going to regret getting a Galaxy Nexus today
  240. Does Nokia have a case against Apple for its iPod Nano design?
  241. Galaxy Nexus 2
  242. No more iPhones - what replacement?
  243. After watching the keynote....
  244. My MBP + Samsung SIII Setup
  245. iPhone 5 or galaxy note 2...what to do
  246. Anyone else tempted by Windows 8 phone?
  247. Will i lose unlimited data if i switch to hotspot plan for 20min?
  248. BREAKING: Google closes down Motorola in 30 countries
  249. so do you think the iphone5 puts the galaxy s3 to shame?
  250. Apple confirms iPhone 5 won't do simultaneous voice and LTE data on CDMA networks