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  1. [phones] Galaxy note 2 vs iPhone 5
  2. Best Android Backup Method?
  3. Forget the iPhone 5 - all about Firefox now!
  4. Why buy Windows RT instead of iPad (and vice versa)?
  5. [tablets] Kindle Fire HD 7"
  6. you know what's not a minimal upgrade? S3
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 5? Honest Comparison
  8. The HTML5 Conspiracy - Controlled-opposition competition?
  9. [phones] Who here switched to Android or Windows Phone because you were bored with iOS?
  10. Can I purchase a Galaxy S 3 while waiting for pre-order...
  11. See Samsung's Sunday newspaper ad about the iPhone 5. Whats your thoughts? (merged)
  12. [phones] Might get a biased answer or be a tough question, but Samsung Galaxy S3...hardware?
  13. What's a memory leak
  14. Officially ditched iOS, now on Windows Phone
  15. It was a good ride while it lasted...
  16. Galaxy S3 apps, tips and tricks
  17. The one phone that might make me leave HTC
  18. Few tips to clean up your S3
  19. [tablets] HP TouchPad keyboard case?
  20. This is what the iphone should have been
  21. Same size alternative to iPhone with better battery life
  22. [iPhone] Recommend me an Android (or Windows) phone
  23. IMO, the Nokia Lumia 920 is the first truly worthy adversary to the iPhone! (Pics)
  24. Will there ever be an premium android phone?
  25. What are Samsung doing with all that power? iPhone 5 - 1/2 the specs as S3 and faster
  26. Still no pricing onnp
  27. Still no pricing on Surface RT and Pro
  28. For those that went from Iphone to Android, did you come back?
  29. Geekbench Galaxy S3
  30. Geekbench Scores - Let's Get This Right
  31. [phones] Samsung Galaxy S IV?
  32. [phones] The Next Generation of Android Phones
  33. Samsung trying to beat Apple with bigger screens
  34. How is the iPhone 5 compared with Galaxy Note?
  35. [phones] Battery life on your Galaxy S3
  36. Going back to iPhone (5) from S3... anyone else?
  37. Android Nicities (apps)
  38. [phones] Iphone 5 or Galaxy note II?
  39. Galaxy note 2 questions
  40. [phones] Intriguing
  41. Nokia Agrees With Samsung - It Doesn't Take A Genius
  42. Transparent phone on series finale of Weeds
  43. [iPhone] The whole Android vs iPhone debate from my point of view.
  44. [phones] Why Did you Upgrade to the iPhone 5 vs. the Samsung Galaxy S3?
  45. This made me LOL
  46. What DON'T you miss about iOS?
  47. Verizon Galaxy S3 users
  48. Very tempted to jump ship to Android...
  49. Motorola RAZR i
  50. Advice re switching to S3
  51. Data use - IOS vs Android
  52. W8 vs Android
  53. Galaxy s3 vs iPhone 5: weight
  54. Post your Android setup: rom, launcher, kernel, etc
  55. Android UX Head says he feels he's only 1/3 of the way with Android polish
  56. Android is sucking me in. HELP!
  57. Love the Galaxy S3....
  58. [phones] Sprint, Iphone 5 or Note II on Verizon
  59. I am selling my SII Skyrocket AT&T on ebay
  60. The extremities of some fanboys/girls.
  61. [phones] Quad-core Galaxy Note II
  62. HTC's new 8X Windows Phones look slick!
  63. Verizon galaxy S3 with no sim error
  64. [mobile OSs] Sweet Android Apps
  65. Considering changing from Android to iPhone 5.
  66. Samsung Galaxy S3 (et al) hacked via NFC at PWN2OWN
  67. Samsung new ad mocking iPhone 5.
  68. Samsung (attempts to) bash iPhone in new S3 commercial.
  69. Oh Snap! New Samsung, Cortex A15, Mali T604
  70. Android LTE devices on Verizon can do simultaneous voice/data, but iPhone 5 cannot
  71. Question about android and IOS
  72. How many hybrid or former users disappointed in iOS6?
  73. I'm just not feelin' the 5...
  74. Is there a single reason other than AirPlay & Mirroring to stick with the iPhone?
  75. If you text on Android...
  76. Regretting my sale of the Nexus?
  77. Galaxy Note 2 Price
  78. Who went for the Galaxy S3 instead of iPhone 5?
  79. S3 pros/cons?
  80. Nexphone
  81. [phones] The Samsung SC-05D Galaxy Note (Almost Two)
  82. Sad state of this forum
  83. New iPhone has killed AT&Ts LTE network
  84. Which phone to get , GS3,NOTE,Nexus
  85. So long Galaxy S3
  86. About moderation in this forum
  87. First impressions. (iPhone 5/Samsung GS3)
  88. Android users that upgraded to iPhone 5. What's your impressions?
  89. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Swype
  90. How is the Galaxy Note too big if you carry around a iPad.
  91. American Airlines orders 17,000 Galaxy Notes!
  92. Motorola takes a shot at Apple...
  93. Does Best Buy match att retail no contract prices?
  94. [iPhone] Why I went for iPhone 5 instead of gs3
  95. New "Siri" for Galaxy S3
  96. What do you think will be the next "must have" phone
  97. [phones] With all the iphone 5 scuffgate issues, anyone considering a Lumia 920 or HTC 8X ?
  98. [phones] Is now a bad time to buy an Android phone?
  99. Cynanogen Mod 10
  100. New Androids coming In Oct/Nov?
  101. Android Manufacturer Skins
  102. Is it possible to use icon packs with TouchWiz?
  103. Can you access Find My iPhone from a non-Apple phone?
  104. iPhone sales vs. S3 sales?
  105. Non-Smartphone for the wife
  106. Why I think the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the Apple iPhone 5
  107. iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4(S) vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Display Shootout
  108. Galaxy Note 2 - First Official Review
  109. Lmao
  110. My opinion on the "smartphone war"
  111. Looking for a 5"-5.5" tablet
  112. Custom rom help.
  113. Apple iPhone5 display compared to Nokia Lumia 920
  114. Samsung Galaxy S3 has huge security flaw
  115. Day 1 on the Galaxy S3 - wow, um... so behind
  116. Anyone used both iPhone 5 and GS3?
  117. Which Android phone is closest to an iPhone?
  118. Galaxy S3 rated Best Mobile Phone in the World.
  119. Asus Transformer Pad
  120. Galaxy S3
  121. Explore the ocean with Google Maps
  122. I am tired of the constant RIM bashing.
  123. Play Store - now at 675,000 apps
  124. iOS 6 leads to first-ever drop in satisfaction
  125. If your in the OSX/iOS ecosystem, how do you deal with a Nokia phone
  126. The Jellybean Rollout
  127. Help Me! I want to switch to Android so bad but I can't let go of App Store :-(
  128. Cm10 m1
  129. Galaxy Nexus owners.
  130. Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3
  131. Lumia 920 low-light shootout with Nokia 808, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S III
  132. Jolla - anyone excited?
  133. After a Month on a Galaxy Note...
  134. Only Me...HI There !
  135. How to Root and install JB on your AT&T S3
  136. Safe to charge GS3 with Nexus 7 charger?
  137. Is it difficult to transfer music and videos from iTunes to Samsung G3?
  138. Samsung S3 jelly bean update on mac?
  139. Best place to buy videos that work on both apple and android
  140. W8 Phone has over 500,000 apps! Take a look
  141. Galaxy S3 Help
  142. Yet an other Galaxy S3 v.s. iPhone Thread
  143. GMD GestureControl
  144. iPhone 5 worth extra €100?
  145. Company issued phone prevents SIM swap or data/account transfer?
  146. [mobile OSs] New bosses, same old Motorola.
  147. Battle 2012: Note 2 vs Iphone5 vs 920
  148. Android Lag, Even With Project Butter?
  149. Need help with a ROM.
  150. Scratchgate vs. Nokia Lumina Construction
  151. Officially thinking of switching to SGS3 from iP4
  152. Warranty question
  153. anyone wish they got a SG3 instead?
  154. Jumping ship, pricing outright - Question?
  155. Any reason why I should pay 280 dollars more for 4s vs SG2?
  156. Galaxy Note II tomorrow (UK)
  157. Haha Samsung
  158. Can't believe I'm saying this. What's the best 10" Android tablet?
  159. "first USA duo core 1GB RAM Atrix 4G" won't get ICS
  160. [tablets] Apps for nexus 7
  161. Google Now
  162. What is your Mixed Ecosystem Setup?
  163. [tablets] My week with the Nexus 7
  164. Ultimate tablet up for preorder Oct 3rd
  165. java to Objective-C
  166. [phones] If you couldn't have an iPhone..
  167. Galaxy Note 2 - Absolutely Amazing
  168. Could use some advice
  169. 443 PPI 5 Inch Display on its way...
  170. New Acer A110 7inch tablet
  171. What do you use for ppt and pdf viewing/editing on android?
  172. HTC One X+ announced
  173. [tablets] experiences w/tablets, wait for iPad mini or get Nexus 7/A.F HD...? GPS. prob/questio
  174. Android tablets, successful or not?
  175. [mobile OSs] Curious about the Windows Phone platform vs. iOS?
  176. GSIII too big? Maybe the GSIII "Mini"?
  177. iPhone 5 Display on has 72% of the Standard Color Gamut, while the Galaxy S3 has full
  178. Cheaper Android apps
  179. Apple loses 29% Tablet marketshare in one year(even before Nexus 7 release)
  180. finally did it!!..anxiously waiting
  181. Open WebOS on the Nexus
  182. Samsung Demands New Trial.....
  183. Why I will never go Android again
  184. Who are your favorite phone private reviewers?
  185. Thinking about getting and Android phone
  186. Abandoned Windows Phone Apps
  187. [phones] Alternative Android Phones
  188. So many new gadgets coming soon!
  189. Wow, the Droid razr M .. is better than the Galaxy S3.
  190. Galaxy Note II Or Iphone 5 ??
  191. Need help. Cheap WiFi hotspot option?
  192. [phones] Forced to pick a phone
  193. [phones] Anyone ever had a Palm Pixi Plus?
  194. ANOTHER GS3 Iphone 5 Comparison
  195. Barebones JB on S3?
  196. iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy S3, My Personal Experience!
  197. android app thread
  198. Palm's WEBOS was the only true competitor to IOS
  199. Tmoble contract question
  200. Blocking tethering
  201. [phones] JB ROM for SGS3?
  202. Serious iPhone to Android Question
  203. [Android] Amazon's Free App of the Day
  204. Macbook Pro + iPhone 5? or Note 2?
  205. Advice for an Ultrabook
  206. Excited about Windows Surface?
  207. Best 3G 10" Android tablet available in Canada?
  208. Data speeds faster on Tablet while tethering.
  209. Best combo of phone & plan for the money
  210. One HUGE Android advantage over iOS I very rarely read about
  211. Leary about moving to the world of Android
  212. Windows 8 Tablets will dominate.
  213. Camera testing - GS3 vs iPhone 5 (Then with Camera+ on iPhone)
  214. Are there any HTC one x users with Apex launcher installed?
  215. iPhone 5 falling behind Android or catching up?
  216. Um... Why is my friend's Samsung Infuse getting better data speeds than my 4S?
  217. Opening the Nexus project Will Fix Fragmentation?
  218. I guess they will never understand
  219. [iPhone] Why is the iPhone better than Android phones?
  220. Syncing a mac with a Galaxy S3
  221. If Android did not have widgets and live wallpapers....
  222. Nexus 7 vs Note 2
  223. So how is windows phone doing?
  224. stop dropbox photos showing in album
  225. Samsung vs. Apple marketing
  226. How can I safely remove my Android USB cable from my Mac without doing a Force Close?
  227. Thinking about switching...
  228. What's up with WebOS?
  229. So Apple got a 4" screen correct?/Samsung Galaxy S3 mini [Merged]
  230. [phones] 2 new Android monsters coming from Japan
  231. Android updates vs. iOS updates
  232. New cars, bluetooth and Android
  233. This is going to be a tough one: HTC One X+ vs Lumia 920
  234. [phones] 1GB of mobile data per month for android smartphone
  235. My take on S3/Android
  236. Is anyone here going to sell their iPad when the Microsoft Surface comes out?
  237. Should I Stay (iPhone) or Go (Android)
  238. After 6months with Android 4.0 on Xperia S, good or bad? Have a look..
  239. I don't believe it. It has finally happened. Google has fixed high-res contact sync!!
  240. Why does everyone hate Svoice?
  241. [phones] Apple’s US injunction on Samsung Galaxy Nexus reversed by appeals court
  242. Do you think the S3 mini is meant to directly compete with the iPhone 5?
  243. Unlocking old Verizon phone?
  244. Best Buy gonna sell the S3 for $99 on 14 Oct only
  245. HTC One X+ vs LG Nexus
  246. Does the GS3 Lite close the door for a Samsung GNex?
  247. 50 reasons the Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5
  248. Alternate MP3 stores
  249. Love My iPhone 5 But Open To Android
  250. Nokia - Elop effect. Long but good read