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  1. video and photos on the Note2?
  2. Note2 Processor Speed VS. Other Devices?
  3. Mail options with Android
  4. Verizon Note 2
  5. [phones] iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4
  6. Should I trade my iPhone??
  7. Phone for trying Android out?
  8. Disabling Android auto correct feature???
  9. BlackBerry 10
  10. Anyone using Nexus 4 on NET10/Straight talk
  11. [phones] Just saw the Samsung GS3
  12. What do you use the stylus for on the Note2?
  13. Nexus 4 has 7 band Qualcomm LTE chip according to AnandTech/iFixit teardown!!!!
  14. [phones] Note 2 Playstore Stuck at Downloading
  15. Not sure if I should get the S3, help!
  16. Why I prefer iOS to android
  17. The Two UIs of Windows 8/RT -_-
  18. Who needs a surface? Splashtop 2 and Windows 8!
  19. [tablets] Anyone buying the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD?
  20. [General] Alterntaives forum - has it been a success or failure IYO?
  21. Gesture Typing is genius
  22. Google awarded patent for cell coverage based directions
  23. [phones] iPhone 4S or Android
  24. Windows 8 Sales Well Below Projections
  25. Where to buy official Nexus 7 charger?
  26. What to Expect in 2013
  27. Finally 1920x1080p screens.
  28. Samsung Galaxy Note II
  29. [phones] Will the Nexus 4 be updated to 16GB and 32GB?
  30. Note 2 vs Note 10.1?
  31. Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 Review
  32. Post your Nexus 4, 7 or 10 Lock/Home screens
  33. 4S+Google Nexus vs Galaxy Note 2 ?
  34. Google forgets December (JB 4.2), oops
  35. Elgato EyeTV Micro with Nexus7
  36. [mobile OSs] What's Your Deciding Factor? [to stick with Android over iOS]
  37. Why I'm going back to iOS
  38. Samsung will make 5 inch screens the new normal.
  39. Getting the Nokia 920 WP8 as a 2nd line
  40. Getting an 8X to test, any other owners?
  41. Google Music
  42. Low headphone volume/quality after Jelly Bean update
  43. Samsung Execs to Discuss Strategy vis--vis Apple
  44. [phones] Post a Screenshot of your Windows Phone start screen
  45. 20 years ago: Stylus, 5" to 6" screen, and beam technology
  46. Samsung Ativ S
  47. [phones] Japan Display Showcases 4.38-inch 503ppi full-HD LCD Panel
  48. [phones] Rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Features 5" 1080p Display, To Be Shown at CES?
  49. Would you buy a iPhone if it was made for Android.
  50. Galaxy Note 2 Benchmark comparison
  51. Can Android Erode iPhone's Profit Share?
  52. iPhone panorama vs. Nexus 4 PhotoSphere
  53. Note2 radiation?
  54. Looking for an Android app...
  55. Post your Nexus 4 pictures
  56. Samsung takes LG to court to sue for OLED patents
  57. [mobile OSs] How to tell which Android apps work on what device
  58. LG Testing New 5 inch Super Phone
  59. LG Nexus 4 and Optimus G killer bug
  60. Does Android have an equivalent to Find my iPhone?
  61. Custom sound notifications for different email accounts or text messages?
  62. [mobile OSs] Why are phones and tablets more gaming consoles than tools?
  63. RSS reader for Android
  64. Switching from iPhone? What comment do you get most from your iFriends?
  65. [phones] 4 cores not enough? Samsung to Debut 8-Core ARM Chip Early Next Year
  66. utter! - A new voice command assistant
  67. Galaxy Note II Screen
  68. CWM VS TWRP - Android Recovery
  69. Why did you root or jailbreak your phone?
  70. [phones] Looking to test drive an Jelly Bean Phone
  71. Note 2 Battery Life is Phenomenal
  72. Verizon Customers: What's your next?
  73. Tempted by Android
  74. Galaxy Nexus battery life - is it just me?
  75. iPhone 5 displays outperforms Galaxy S3
  76. Switch Galaxy S3/Nexus 7 combo for Note 2?
  77. iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4
  78. 8 Core, 13mp, 1080p Galaxy S IV
  79. How safe is the Android app store?
  80. Should I Buy a 32GB BlackBerry Playbook for $118 Canadian?
  81. Good deal for 5 GB data
  82. Accessing U.S. Google Play Store
  83. Apple Can't Touch This -> Location Specific Actions
  84. Nexus 4 shown working with LTE after simple tweak
  85. Note 2, 64GB
  86. A Dream I Had Last Night
  87. How much data do you use on an average a month?
  88. Face detection/unlock?
  89. Nexus 10
  90. iPhone 5 vs galaxy s3 or galaxy note 2
  91. Another one back to iPhone after trying Android..
  92. Notability-like app for android
  93. Misleading benchmarks
  94. Anyone check for LTE on the Nexus 7?
  95. Why is Apple a status symbol?
  96. Nexus 4 Battery Life Question
  97. What are Google Now's restrictions?
  98. Nokia Lumia 920 Windows, Not bad
  99. Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web servics
  100. Google Now Question
  101. Question about Google Play Music
  102. Tethering an iPad or MBP to a Note2?
  103. How safe is online banking/shopping with 4G LTE?
  104. [phones] Do you recommend the Droid Razr M?
  105. Get rid of in-app purchases for game - How?
  106. My Experience with the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5
  107. Microsoft Surface Owners should be upset....
  108. Kindle Fire Cases
  109. [tablets] Microsoft Surface (Win RT device) poll
  110. [tablets] iPad Mini or Nexus 7?
  111. Do any iPad owners here own a Kindle?
  112. Changing Android to look more like iOS?
  113. Using Siri equivalent on Android?
  114. iOS to Windows Phone 8 converts, is there anything you dislike?
  115. Suggestions for a 2nd work phone
  116. [phones] Nexus 4 surprising! iPhone 5 beware...
  117. Deeper in the Apple universe than I thought - headsets
  118. [tablets] What does a Nexus 7 do that an iPad Mini Cant
  119. Cyber Monday Deal on Kindle Fire
  120. Antutu 3.0.1 benchmark (updated) - Post your scores. [ANDROID]
  121. Are Immediate Updates That Important?
  122. USB OTG Question
  123. Benchmarking Dirty Secrets - Read before comparing benchmarks
  124. Here's why I prefer polycarbonate to cheap metal...
  125. Confused about which devices to use
  126. Anyone else get a Pebble Watch?
  127. Samsung flexible displays coming in 2013?
  128. Meizu MX2
  129. Android and recent apps
  130. Android owners missing iOS touch control
  131. Future of my iPhone - Question for those who switched.
  132. Are tablets redundant if I have the MBA?
  133. So I bought a 7" Android tablet
  134. Who else purchased a Nexus 7?
  135. Nexus 4 Review by an iPhone Fanboy
  136. Nexus 4 LTE 'Hack'
  137. Galaxy Note 2 - poor ergonomics
  138. [tablets] My $0.02: Had a Nexus 10, sold it, ordered Ipad 4.
  139. Nexus 4 - No USB OTG support
  140. Surface Pro pricing and availability revealed!
  141. Basic Android questions for iPhone to Note2 switcher
  142. [phones] HTC Merge?
  143. An app that should fix the yellowish tint on the Note2
  144. iPhones are horrible to type on compared to Android
  145. [phones] HTC HD2 (Leo)
  146. [tablets] Microsoft Surface Pro - WTF?
  147. Quadrant standard-post your score (Android)
  148. Love Android... but
  149. What will it mean if Tizen is a success?
  150. [phones] Your opinion of the Samsung GS3
  151. Amazon App Store for Android
  152. My Nexus 4 / Android 4.2 Complaints - Yeah, you heard that right.
  153. Transferring files to a Mac from a Note2
  154. Android Apps vs iOS Apps Revenue
  155. Note2: annotating on web pages and photos
  156. [phones] What about windows phone?
  157. [phones] LG Venice?
  158. [phones] Thinking of getting a used Note 1 as a second device.
  159. Seeing more Note2 users than Nokia users.
  160. [phones] Justifying a Data Plan
  161. [mobile OSs] Android System Backup and Restore Question
  162. Apps for protecting my Android from apps that collects my information
  163. [phones] Problem with Wi-fi on Samsung galaxy S2 european version
  164. What FTC vs Google means for us
  165. My thoughts on the Note2 after two days
  166. Chris Pirillo on Android vs iOS
  167. Why are so many iPhone users afraid of Android?
  168. Possible to test-drive Windows Phone?
  169. [phones] Motorola RAZR HD
  170. Why do older Android devices not run as good as they did previously?
  171. An Android Note application that synchs with a Mac?
  172. Built in task app for Android?
  173. Surface Pro to make RT Extinct?
  174. Is Surface Pro more of a tablet or an Ultrabook?
  175. Jelly Bean for AT&T Galaxy SIII now available via Kies!
  176. BIG difference between Siri and Google Now
  177. Do you like your Android phone and iPad/Mac?
  178. What Would Make You Return to the iPhone?
  179. Where to move notification sounds in Android?
  180. Do running apps in the background affect Android's performance?
  181. Android battery life question
  182. What did Samsung Do Right with the GS3 and Note2?
  183. How Many of You Own Android Devices
  184. [HELP] iPhone 5 or Nexus 4
  185. What's the point of Android skins?
  186. Better for gaming, specifically Tegra 3 ONE X or A6 Iphone 5
  187. Using Galaxy S3/Android..and Break Free from iPhone
  188. Green focus square on faces in Note 2 Gallery?
  189. [Resolved] Android Phone As A Christmas Gift?
  190. [mobile OSs] #DroidRage - did it backfire?
  191. Why NO larger screen iPhone choice-Galaxy Note? Only today's profit matter? Tablet
  192. Android Apps - Post any new ones you discover.
  193. Android Exchange email app that I can passcode?
  194. What happens to my itunes music?
  195. [phones] Do specs matter?
  196. anyone reading the apple vs Samsung live blog at the verge?
  197. circle on dates on my android calendar?
  198. iPhone user facing dilemma!
  199. New Swiftkey Flow Keyboard (Swype!) is out for beta testers.
  200. Samsung has the most watched Tech Ad
  201. [phones] Nexus 4 Not Recognizing Touch Input (VIDEO)
  202. Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Upgrade - WOW! Truly Wicked!
  203. 6.1 inch Android Phone Confirmed for Early 2013 Release
  204. [tablets] Had a mini, thinking about Nexus 7, anyone who owns a 7?
  205. [phones] HTC Butterfly for international market
  206. Great Big War Game made 52 in a week on Windows RT...
  207. Here's how to easily unlock you GS3 or Note 2 on JB (nothing needed but your phone).
  208. [tablets] Does having Amazon Prime make the Fire HD best option for 7"?
  209. iphone 5 vs htc one x?
  210. NBC Universal says Android is out.
  211. Android Launchers
  212. Competition is Fierce as ever, will Apple keep it's pace?
  213. Note 2: Making camera photos smaller prior to emailing?
  214. Why doesn't iOS allow multiple apps to run
  215. Google knows where I work?
  216. Confused: Nexus 4 or stay with iPhone 4S?
  217. One week with the N4...back to the iPhone 5
  218. Android app that tells you what is trying to send info from phone?
  219. Galaxy Note II vs. iPhone 5
  220. Google Now is cool as ******, can Apple match it?
  221. 15" windows tablet
  222. If you have no reason to ditch iTunes, that might convince you
  223. [phones] Hows this for innovation
  224. Android to iPhone or vice versa: top 3 pros/cons?
  225. iPhone5 or S3 for the best self-portraits/mirror camera shots?
  226. NFC, real world experience, anybody actually using it?
  227. Samsung teases "Something New" is coming!
  228. Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite *PART 2*
  229. Non iOS Wallpapers
  230. [phones] Xiaomi M3 To Get Tegra 4 CPU, LTE And 4.5-Inch Screen!
  231. Going back to iPhone 4S from GS3
  232. Note 2 vs GS3
  233. What can NFC be used for?
  234. Will consider a Galaxy S IV...
  235. The one thing I miss about iPhone
  236. [phones] Data Plan Allowance
  237. [phones] Android?
  238. Introducing....The Blackberry 10 L Series
  239. [tablets] Sharp Aquos Pad: Tablet with a spec 7 Inches With IGZO Screen Technology
  240. Something like Google Now for iOS?
  241. [phones] Samsung Galaxy Aviator?
  242. Does the Galaxy Tab 2 have real phone functionality?
  243. iphone 5 thoughts + experience = screen still too small
  244. Facebook ads targeting me based on my search behavior?
  245. Really want a Nexus 4!
  246. Wow, Windows 8 puts iOS to shame
  247. Is there any such thing as a Nexus 4 without cellular?
  248. Samsung President uses iPhone and iPad!
  249. [phones] Galaxy Note 3 with 6.3-inch display reportedly in the works
  250. Could not bring myself to renew iTunes Match