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  1. Here it is, The Next Big Thing.
  2. [General] Anyone has any authentic news in how BB Z 10 is doing ?
  3. any authentic news in how BB Z 10 is doing ? And how are the apps working ? etcr
  4. can android function as a desktop?
  5. A good article on Battery Maintenance
  6. [tablets] Panasonic will present a 4K tablet at CES2013
  7. What will make you switch from the iPhone to the Galaxy S4?
  8. Galaxy S4
  9. What will be released first- the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy note 8.0 tablet?
  10. Siri vs. Google Now
  11. Google Glass
  12. [tablets] Might sell my iPad 4
  13. [tablets] 16:9 tablets any good?
  14. iPhone competition? HTC One and Samsung S4?
  15. Anybody with a galaxy note 2 have issues with email attachments downloading?
  16. Galaxy S4 - Antutu benchmark and Specs Revealed
  17. Note 2, how to force 4.1.2 update?
  18. Switching from iPhone to Samsung
  19. Anyone else thinking of the note 3 as possible tablet replacement?
  20. Any reason why Samsung is making the Galaxy S4 4.99 Inches instead of 5?
  21. Some Thoughts about Samsung and their Partnership with Google
  22. Nova Launcher help!
  23. New HTC One Design
  24. [mobile OSs] Ubuntu OS?
  25. [phones] Went to Windows Phone 8
  26. Getting an ATT phone to work under 1900mhz T-mobile refarm?
  27. [mobile OSs] Blackerry Z10 outselling iPhone 5 in UK's largest retailer
  28. Galaxy S IV will have eye scrolling
  29. [phones] Andy Ihnatko - Why I switched from iPhone to Android
  30. My daughter's S3 is faster then my Note 2
  31. Humble Bundle for Android 5!
  32. GS4 16/32/64 pricing $$$
  33. Galaxy S4 Teaser
  34. [phones] HTC One Speakers
  35. [phones] Galaxy S4 will be plastic
  36. Best companion to locked-down work iPhone
  37. Galaxy S III bug bypasses lockscreen, allowing access to all personal data
  38. Anyone know how to change the quality of my youtube uploads from my Note2?
  39. Transferring music with a HTC
  40. Macro on the S3
  41. 4.2.2 custom on Galaxy S3
  42. Alternatives to eclipse?
  43. Chromebook Pixel is overpriced/underpowered
  44. Custom Kernel for Nexus 4
  45. Miracast
  46. Something I've noticed with myself
  47. Nova launcher help with drawers
  48. Galaxy note 3 to be 5.9 inches?
  49. Any messaging app that can put messages on multiple devices like iMessage?
  50. Note 2 scene mode camera bug?
  51. Anyone else here missing their iPhone?
  52. Samsung should have bought WebOS
  53. Help me choose a suitable phone?
  54. HTC Wildfire as a Sports Tracker
  55. Nokia Lumina 920
  56. High end nexus phone
  57. American Airlines Choses Samsung tablets
  58. Samsung - past, present, and future, as they close in on Apple
  59. Lock screen widgets
  60. [phones] Neo N003: quad-core, 5", 1080P for 144$
  61. From iPhone 5 to Note 2
  62. AT&T selling BB Z10 for $199 on 3/22, preorders tomorrow
  63. Notification lock widget?
  64. Battery life...please....someone get on that...
  65. Discussion: switched to Android, hated it, switched back
  66. note II battery
  67. Verizon Note II Root assistance.
  68. Android Desktop/Home Customization
  69. I just couldn't take the change...
  70. the search for a touch/tablet based VMWare view terminal
  71. iPhone's competition
  72. Cloud photo storage for Android
  73. Any android apps that work with iMessage?
  74. Will Google and Apple ever merge?
  75. Does the speculated iWatch stand any chance against Google Glass?
  76. St. Patricks day through google glass!
  77. Andy Rubin moving to new role in Google, Sundar Pichai to lead Android and Chrome.
  78. Google removing ad blocking apps from Google Play
  79. Samsung Galaxy S IV is supposed to be announced tomorrow. Who's buying?
  80. Will Apple announce anything to counter Galaxy S4 event?
  81. Google Has One More Thing.....
  82. What RSS app will you switch to?
  83. Anyone thinking of leaving iPhone for the new galaxy S4? [MERGED]
  84. 7 Inch Note III?
  85. Biggest Myths of Android Explained or busted
  86. If you switched from Droid to iPhone...
  87. Why I went back to Android from the iPhone 5 - if anyone is interested
  88. The Samsung Unpacked, S4 reveal...What the hell was that?
  89. Can anyone tell me whats so great about GS4?
  90. So who's upgrade from an S3 or any Android to the S4?
  91. Galaxy S4 vs HTC One thread
  92. The Galaxy S4 is dead on Arrival
  93. Do you feel like your iPhone 5 is out dated now that the Galaxy S4 is announced
  94. Ugh...Samsung's Presentation Made Me Feel Embarrassed For Them
  95. [phones] What no one seems to get about gs4...
  96. Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard
  97. S4 presentation, no not the performance....
  98. Samsung to dump Google/Android? Not likely!
  99. The Galaxy S4 Will Be a Huge Success
  100. iPhone, HTC One, or GS4
  101. Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One
  102. iPhone 5S needs to be skipped
  103. MSI 7" Android Tablet - need advice.
  104. Too many features makes the phone confusing
  105. Anyone switched from an iPhone 5 to a Nexus 4?
  106. Sony Xperia Z Red Bull Test
  107. [phones] 3rd Place in the smartphone market?
  108. Hard to restore a HTC phone?
  109. Underwhelming Samsung Galaxy S 4
  110. Android and Email
  111. 720p is fine, why not focus on less strain on the CPU and battery?
  112. [phones] Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-order thread: Starts 3/28/13
  113. My 30 day iPhone 5 Journey
  114. Viruses on iOS and Android
  115. What happens to HTC if GS4 continues the trend?
  116. Forbes: Samsung "ahead of Apple when it comes to the “cool” factor"
  117. Price of Galaxy s3 when s4 released?
  118. Those wanting to buy the galaxy S4 on release day...
  119. HTC One not coming to Verizon
  120. Nexus 5 Leak...
  121. [phones] Why Samsung's marketing fooled almost everyone
  122. Is AppleInsider.com Credible?
  123. [phones] NEXUS 5: rumors started to spread
  124. The Little Things ...... Simple Rant about Android vs iOS
  125. Mind Blown! Galaxy S4 Has Screen Sharing!
  126. [phones] Jelly Bean Wifi Issue
  127. Need help comparing HTC One and iPhone 5 photos
  128. Am I making a rushed decision? My iPhone 5 for a Note 2.
  129. Others outlooks at my IOS future....
  130. Samsung Galaxy S3 Thumbs Down
  131. HTC One ..........I'm I the only one who hates the Silver version?
  132. Installing apps on a Nexus 7
  133. Galaxy S4 looks a LOT better now (retail price is...)
  134. HTC One delayed in US until Mid April
  135. Will the iPhone 5S be enough to compete against S4, One, N5?
  136. Samsung Wallet - The Future
  137. [phones] Rooting Note 2 with Mac.
  138. Samsung's totally original game controller
  139. Wish the industry would focus on improving battery life
  140. Can you use an iPhone to find a lost Android phone? And vice-versa?
  141. [phones] The Great Windows 8 Experiment is over
  142. CM developers passing on Samsung Galaxy S4 - should you?
  143. To all the iPhone/iOS haters
  144. [phones] Sell iphone 5 or keep?
  145. Why is Samsung better?
  146. Is the iPhone in danger of being overtaken by Android?
  147. [phones] S4 or wait for Note 3
  148. Unsatisfied Using The iPhone 5
  149. Any "must have apps" designed for Android or Windows or BB10 first?
  150. Minuum
  151. iPhone 5 to s4
  152. Apps for Android users who also use iOS
  153. Watching live 720 or 1080 video over LTE on an Android?
  154. Interesting article on "the end" of Android
  155. I have made my mind up, I'm getting the S4!
  156. HTC One has purple flare issue too
  157. So what do you think about the Galaxy S4?
  158. Is the grass greener?
  159. [phones] iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4
  160. Chameleon, the Google Now of launchers.
  161. Galaxy S4 Question
  162. Help moving calendar from iCal/iOS to Google
  163. Too early into 2013 to decide on a phone, what are you looking forward to ?
  164. Apple iPhone lagging behind competition.....
  165. Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders quadruple S3 records
  166. [mobile OSs] Key Lime Pie?
  167. [tablets] Xperia z tablet
  168. Android Apps quality
  169. iPad mini + iP5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  170. Just got a S3
  171. Those in the UK buying the galaxy S4-Buying 3G or 4G verison?
  172. "Google’s Android powered by remarkable new 'Flawgic'"
  173. If I go S4, which tablet...
  174. [phones] Motorola Game changer
  175. Android calendar icon
  176. So note 3 won't be pentile either like note 2?
  177. [tablets] How speedy is the Nexus 7 with rendering PDFs?
  178. Windows 8 Blue Leaks
  179. [phones] Went and looked at the BB Z10 yesterday...
  180. Nexus 10 or 7?
  181. iPod Nano 6th Gen alternative
  182. [tablets] Ployer MOMO9-III Tablet Review
  183. Which memory card for Note2?
  184. Basic Keep questions
  185. Glass not the best for phones = cracked my N4
  186. The Humble Mobile Bundle
  187. Confused new T-Mobile contract free Vs. Go Smart
  188. Rooting the Note II on OSX
  189. Really good review of the HTC One vs the GS4 AMOLED beats super LCD 3!
  190. Help me with Google Voice
  191. T-Mobile Phones
  192. Blackberry Z10 - Worst battery life on a mobile phone, ever
  193. Google Now voice commands?
  194. Galaxy S 4 Out First Ahead Of iPhone
  195. [Video] New concept of mobile phone UI
  196. Samsung Galaxy S4 - $249
  197. Google announces open source patent pledge, won't sue 'unless first attacked'
  198. Galaxy S4 available for pre order in UK- £625 sim free
  199. [phones] Interesting read on the history of Samsung
  200. Tasker app is on sale in the Play Store..
  201. After 3 years, Nokia N8 has been matched
  202. Syncing iPad & Note II
  203. Note 3 or the Galaxy fonblet?
  204. [phones] Is anyone still rocking the Palm Pre
  205. Wifi signal with question mark on Note2?
  206. Anyone think it will be possible to buy a GS4 carrier free?
  207. Predicting the Future: Duopoly between Android and Apple or A Demise of Apple's iOS?
  208. Here is the main reason why the Galaxy S4 is too underwhelming
  209. Just test drove the Samsung Galaxy S3, can confirm it's not good
  210. Unlocked S4 in the US?
  211. Sigh, I miss iOS sometimes...
  212. Anyway to get bluetooth earpiece to activate google now instead of S voice?
  213. [phones] Thinking about getting a blackberry
  214. Galaxy S4 Cases and screen protector. Have you decided?
  215. Played with the new BlackBerry
  216. Why was Nokia reluctant to adopt Android?
  217. What will be the key to success for 2013 and beyond?
  218. i am looking for the perfect phone!
  219. [phones] Aokp users on galaxy s 3, another question.
  220. What would be your perfect phone?
  221. [tablets] Best android tablet WITH a touch cover like accessory?
  222. [phones] Samsung release S-Scent
  223. [mobile OSs] Some people take their phones way too seriously!
  224. iPhone 4S to Samsung Galaxy S4/ HTC ONE
  225. Apple Newton
  226. Features and Gimmicks and so on...
  227. found my Samsung galaxy s 2 t989 after over a year
  228. Battery life is most important to me - Razr Maxx HD now or wait?
  229. iOS to Android adopters, what's involved?
  230. How has your anticipation changed over the years?
  231. Eye Tracking for Android.
  232. Android: Futuremark's 3dMark benchmark released. Anyone for some more bench scores?
  233. Apple loses US Marketshare at expense of Windows & Android
  234. [iPhone] T-Mobile sending out carrier update for LTE on April 5th
  235. Juice for Android/Roku (an Airplay-like app)
  236. BLU Life series
  237. [tablets] Anyone here used both Nexus 7 and Mini? Want opinions
  238. Help getting .ogg or .mp3 files to use as ringtones, alarms or notifications?
  239. iPhone 5 --> Galaxy S4, how much internal storage do I need?
  240. Second Generation Nexus 7
  241. [phones] How does Apple do this?
  242. Apple still in the business of disruption?
  243. Could Apple attempt to compete with Facebook Home in iOS 7?
  244. New low end BlackBerry on its way - leaks
  245. iOS app quality and Android app quality?
  246. HTC One Dev. Phone
  247. Need Opinions from Those with a lot of Apple Products who switched to Android
  248. Explain why aws is so good for tmobile...
  249. I have phone ADD
  250. Why I think 2013 is going to be the peak for a while