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  16. New to iphone: my story and why all the hate from android users?!
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  18. Is this fair??? ios vs android ques!!
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  20. so happy with my iPhone, I should have never left to Android
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  22. Do you guys ever get a small "want" for an Android phone?
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  25. android to Verizon iphone best practices
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  27. 14 days on android and I'm back
  28. Android clobbers Siri in Japanese... and English
  29. Best android phone available?
  30. We need more then just android and ios to be successful
  31. Voxer- like functionality built into Ios and Android?
  32. Android to iPhone user with a few questions
  33. Interesting comparison, iOS 5.1 vs latest version of ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.05
  34. What iPhone users think of the Android and Windows Phone
  35. My reasons why Android is vastly inferior to the iPhone... What are yours?
  36. iPhone 4s outselling all Android phones combined
  37. Why do people hate on android
  38. Instagram users, what do you guys think of android having it?
  39. [phones] HTC One X
  40. iOS user Regretted Changing to Android
  41. [phones] Your thoughts on the Galaxy S III
  42. Goodbye Android, Hello Apple
  43. Going Android could damage your health
  44. what android phone would a mac user choose?
  45. Keeping unlimited AT&T plan when moving to Android?
  46. Tizen - will it replace Android?
  47. (Japan/Softbank) Moving iPhone SIM back and forth to Android
  48. Switching to Android (HTC One X)
  49. Lumia 900
  50. Anyone here using an Android as their main phone and their old iPhone as an iTouch?
  51. [phones] iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S3
  52. [phones] Is syncing between Mac and Android phone as easy as syncing between Mac and iPhone?
  53. Should I switch to from Android to iPhone?
  54. My first week with iOS and away from Android
  55. iPhones and Androids have kickass browsers, why do we even need a mobile version?
  56. Started with iOS, tried Android, then...
  57. Best way to move iTune music, photos and videos to Android phone
  58. So do you think the Galaxy S3 looks like an iPhone.
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  61. INQ CEO: Android is for geeks
  62. iOS Optimization w/ CPU vs. Android
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  66. RAZR MAXX knocks iPhone out of first place on Verizon
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  68. Data faster on android phone than iphone 4s on gophone?
  69. Iphone 4 and 4S still way better than any Android phone
  70. 38% of iPhone sales are to refugees from Android or RIM
  71. I'm loving the 3.5" screen, all these androids 4.7"+ =bulky
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  73. Need a new android... Help please!!!
  74. iPhone 5 will put Samsung's Galaxy S III to shame, says Foxconn CEO
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  77. Jailbroken 4S vs HTC One X
  78. Samsung GS2 horrible battery?
  79. [mobile OSs] I bought an Android (as well)...
  80. iPhone vs Blackberry
  81. [phones] So, I can pay $650 for just an iPhone or $550 for a Galaxy Nexus PLUS Nexus tablet?!
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  89. FTC Investigating Google/Moto over FRAND Abuse
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  98. The 11 patents that are getting android manufacturers in trouble w/ the iPhone.
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  101. HTC wins patent case vs Apple. Judge: Swipe-to-unlock (also galaxy ban) is obvious
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  109. [phones] Switched to SSGS3: an Apple Girl's perspective (Part II Follow up)
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  117. [tablets] Thinking of incorporating the Google Nexus 7
  118. [phones] Verizon Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G support simultaneous voice and data over 3G
  119. [phones] Bored with iOS but what's the alternative?
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  121. [mobile OSs] Probably wrong here, but do you think Android 4.1 has made Apple reconsider?
  122. [phones] Think blackberry will ever be relevant again?
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  134. [mobile OSs] iOS 7+
  135. Read before you post - about this forum
  136. [tablets] iPad 3 or Nexus 7?
  137. [phones] Samsung Nexus and SIII repository
  138. [phones] Galaxy Nexus on the way
  139. [phones] iPhone needs multiple sizes asap
  140. [phones] Galaxy S 3
  141. [phones] Who remembers the Mac vs PC ads? [remind me of anroid vs ios]
  142. [phones] Owners of the Galaxy Note, what ROM are you using?
  143. [tablets] Another View On The Nexus 7
  144. [mobile OSs] WebOS users (past and present).
  145. [phones] Off to the Dark Side
  146. [tablets] Nexus 7: We have a problem (display problem).
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  148. [phones] Will next gen. iPhone meet expectations?
  149. [phones] Galaxy Nexus now only $99
  150. [phones] iPhone5 Demand Triples That of Samsung Galaxy S III
  151. [mobile OSs] Android piracy is so bad, you cant even charge for apps anymore...
  152. Which Android Device do you have and why do you like it?
  153. Deleted
  154. [tablets] Who's buying a Kindle Fire 2nd generation?
  155. [phones] Any Galaxy S2 who's a Rom flashaholic here?
  156. Any one decided to have iPad+Android combination?
  157. [tablets] Are any ipad owners buying the nexus 7
  158. [phones] Looking to leave the MacBook at home, Go Android or wait for new iPhone?
  159. [phones] New Samsung Commercial
  160. The shine fades off Apple. Buyers are cheap.
  161. [phones] Anyone else excited for WP8?
  162. [phones] Nexus or the S3?
  163. [phones] Switching back from S3...
  164. Google Warned Samsung not to Copy Apple
  165. [phones] Samsung ships 52.1 million phones
  166. [mobile OSs] Android is now the new king in smoothness and fastest mobile OS, and not iOS
  167. Apple denied Galaxy Nexus and Tab ban in Germany
  168. [phones] Galaxy Nexus is Amazing
  169. does anyone else feel like iOS 6 still looks outdated?
  170. This is Another Reason Google Now is the Best
  171. [phones] Sold iPhone today, got a cheap Droid, second thoughts on getting S3
  172. If you could get Windows Phone on the iPhone, will you get it?
  173. FYI - proof of concept hacking of Android phones via NFC
  174. [tablets] $77 Android tablets, talk about low ball!
  175. [tablets] Ipad 3 owner and nexus7
  176. [phones] Tried Galaxy S3...going back to 4S
  177. I want both platforms, help pick best combo?
  178. [phones] Android Gamers - Check in here
  179. What was the app that allowed you to do street view from inside locations?
  180. [mobile OSs] Jelly Bean ROM's for Int SGS S3 i9300
  181. Replace iPhone 4S with Galaxy S3 or wait for Galaxy Nexus Update?
  182. [phones] Android Wallpaper Pic of the week (w/DL links for various resolutions)
  183. Best Android phone in mid-September?
  184. More Android phones in commercials recently?
  185. Moved to Android, iPhone still receives iMessages
  186. Anyone have a Galaxy Note?
  187. ipad mini or nexus 7
  188. [mobile OSs] New Android OS later this year (with the new nexus)?
  189. Thoughts about the Galaxy Beam?
  190. Nexus 7/Jelly Bean users read.
  191. Android to be first with multi-user devices
  192. [phones] Mods please delete - double post
  193. Convince me to stay with iPhone 4s
  194. Bought Galaxy S3 Today - really wanted to like this phone
  195. My brief Nexus 7 review
  196. This time next year...
  197. [phones] iPhoto and Android
  198. Nexus 7 "handle"
  199. [phones] Ringtones/Notifications/Alarms - OneX & S3
  200. [mobile OSs] Why are we ok with Apple still not providing a built-in IM to chat with other phones?
  201. Things you want from iOS to go to your Android phone
  202. Not a coincendence that this "Alternatives" subforum was made after iOS6 right?
  203. sony tablet s purchase
  204. [tablets] Anyone else thinking about a Galaxy Note 10.1?
  205. [mobile OSs] iOS 5 NC and Notification Bars - from Android?
  206. A King has his reign and then he dies....
  207. Moving from iPhone to Android is Painful
  208. [phones] Back to iPhone... (and Android on big screen and Arcade Emulation)
  209. [mobile OSs] Post up your devices running Android (include Carrier & OS version) Poll added
  210. [phones] Just found a relic!
  211. TecTiles, what do you think about them?
  212. Does Android as it currently exist have staying power?
  213. [phones] Best built non-Apple handset you've ever used?
  214. Google Play question?
  215. Galaxy Note 10.1 UI looks pretty cool
  216. Goodbye iPad. Hello Galaxy Note 10.1!
  217. Are you looking forward to TIZEN?
  218. If you couldn't use iOS or Android, what would you be most interested in?
  219. Anyone take advantage of the google ecosystem?
  220. bought an s3 today
  221. Why have some switch from the iPhone, but still consider iPad the best tablet?
  222. 132 page internal report on why the S1 should be more like the iPhone by Samsung
  223. Want to know difference between these phones
  224. Galaxy S3 vs iPhone
  225. Galaxy Note II
  226. iOS getting Google Now like experience [Updated with video]
  227. My SG3 review / experience.
  228. doubleTwist not seeing Nexus phone
  229. [Resolved] Recommend a Tablet?
  230. My take on the Nexus 7 (Apple fan)
  231. [phones] 4S still worth it ?
  232. Pls answer me
  233. [tablets] My take on people's takes on the Nexus 7.
  234. [mobile OSs] What would I miss if I switched to Android
  235. iOS vs Android is it going to be like beta vs VHS?
  236. [phones] Best android phone
  237. Broken Galaxy S3 Glass, not Display
  238. ARM's Mali-T604 makes official debut: it's the SAMSUNG Exynos 5
  239. Power input help?
  240. Physical vs Capacitive Home Buttons
  241. [phones] HTC One X (AT&T) 4.0.4 Update
  242. Will You look At the Windows 8 Phones?
  243. Htc one x vs gs3
  244. Looking to replace my 4S for a Verizon Android with great battery life
  245. Ok... I got the Galaxy S3
  246. got a nexus 7
  247. Android Home screens.
  248. Best phone on us cellular
  249. My Galaxy S3 Experience
  250. Another I got a GS3 thread ......