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  1. 'Ready For Sale' in iTunes Connect
  2. How long did it take Apple to Approve your APP?
  3. Promoting an App
  4. apple is violating contracts ? no $ after 45 days...
  5. Your iPhone App's First Quarter Earnings
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  7. Anyone Get Paid yet ? i have quetion ragarding this post
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  9. obtain a VAT number
  10. When will i get paid after getting my financial report
  11. UK developer tax question
  12. How to promote iPhone app
  13. How much revenue can I get from iAd?
  14. iAd fill rates, and iAd revenue for different ad types.
  15. iTunesconnect Earnings: How to withdraw?
  16. App Store Taxes, I have received a payment what now?
  17. How long does it take to get an App Developer account approved?
  18. Best way to advertise app on app store ?
  19. First app, how to promote it
  20. Only getting paid for app sales in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand?
  21. App Marketing
  22. Articles for App Store Developers
  23. How to promote my app?
  24. TAXES: How does it work on the App Store?
  25. Looking for feedback from developers who have used advertising
  26. Tax question
  27. iPhoneDevSDK gone?
  28. App submission wait thread
  29. Millennial Media - Insterstitial ads revenue going down
  30. Marketing methods
  31. [Request] HQ is developing our first iOS title
  32. App Review Site Contact List
  33. Latest app news feeds?
  34. Universal vs HD?
  35. $0.5 Billion per month for 325k apps
  36. Translate your apps
  37. Emerging Music
  38. iTunesConnect now requires 1024x1024 images
  39. How can I advertise/promote my app in the best way possible?
  40. The Importance of putting it all in en.lproj
  41. How much money you make?
  42. iDLA guide
  43. Best Practices: Incorporating for Apple Developer Program
  44. How to fill purchase form?
  45. Does update bring you back to the first page?
  46. Cool Book App: BookStaria
  47. Estimated App Store size?
  48. Dumping armv6 support
  49. 27 days after upload to mac app store review
  50. Blog posts with app download numbers?
  51. AppStore screenshots - iPhone5 only now?
  52. Did you make a company before launching your app?
  53. Is It Financially Worth It To Become An iOS Developer?
  54. Friends/coworkers tell me my app idea is huge. Now what?
  55. New iOS 6 App Store?
  56. Which country to launch my app in?
  57. App development costs...
  58. $1.5 Billion paid out in 3.5 months
  59. Fax purchase form
  60. Incorporation
  61. iOS Developer Portal Down ?
  62. $2500 fine for Privacy Policy violations!
  63. notice from Apple and Ravensburger
  64. How to sell an iPhone Game
  65. How many sold?
  66. Apple Publisher's Guidelines
  67. Submitted First App
  68. Game idea
  69. Can I submit this type of app?
  70. Bad news good news. 50% of 60B to just 25
  71. Use real companies in game?
  72. How much should a programmer charge?
  73. waiting App review time 5 days
  74. Investing In an Iphone APP
  75. How to know if a name of app is copyrighted?
  76. Time to Change Price?
  77. Good truthworthy developers for reasonable prices?
  78. Estimated Average Price Of iOS Apps/Development
  79. How to promote an iOS app?
  80. Adding Team members
  81. Copyright Infringement
  82. iTunes Connect account cancelation
  83. Distribution of App to Client of My Client
  84. Advice on Having a Sale?
  85. App rejected?
  86. Getting your app to show up in Google results
  87. Suddenly huge drop in rankings
  88. First app, couple of Qs
  89. Banking Information: Does Location Matter?
  90. Encryption in an App?
  91. Why am I getting this error message?
  92. Conflicting Sales Numbers in iTC app
  93. What's hot section: What's the criteria?
  94. Ad Based Apps?
  95. Legality of Game-Based Utility Apps?
  96. Do I need to Jailbreak my iPhone in order to develop what I want?
  97. Received a "Cease and Desist" type letter. What next?
  98. Profit share programmer?
  99. iTunes Connect Sales Data
  100. Need Help
  101. What business type to register Mobile App as?
  102. Frustrated App Developer...how to advertise?
  103. Magazine print ads?
  104. Freelancing iOS developer
  105. Anyone seen a sudden change in app rankings
  106. Submitted App Update - Lost (All Versions) ratings?
  107. App rejected and resubmit?
  108. English "keywords cannot be longer than 100 bytes."
  109. How many App Store reviewers are there?
  110. How much do you pay for customer support services?
  111. Do app reviewers overlook minor bugs?
  112. What do they do during the app review process?
  113. UK Dev Looking for....
  114. iOS In-app-purchases and online services
  115. 76% of revenue from IAP
  116. Can I upload to App store?
  117. So I send the app update or not?
  118. Business in your pockets. Dedicated to the owners of iPhone
  119. Outsourcing App Dev
  120. Would you recommend this website?
  121. Effective way to promote ipad apps?
  122. Developing an app for a client...
  123. Please help me to figure out why apple app store rejected my app
  124. Licencing options for developer libraries
  125. Xcode Library / Framework Sharing?
  126. Promo Art link
  127. Can I make my iPhone app available in all countries?
  128. Google Maps Javascript API approval on App Store
  129. Please Explain These Licenses...
  130. Multiple developers, one account
  131. Transfer of iOS developer account
  132. Which iOS development Program?
  133. How to find game publishers?
  134. is iOS 7 under NDA?
  135. Company and Individual iOS Dev Program on one apple ID
  136. Best place to look for app developer?
  137. iOS Developer Program Renewal: HELP
  138. Apple Developer Account
  139. Can you use app store reviews as marketing material?
  140. can you put other companies' music into your app if it's free and you make no profit?
  141. App Name Used (by me)
  142. Educational iPads
  143. A question about app with CoreBluetooth
  144. "Contacting Your Reference" for an individual apple developer account?
  145. [Resolved] Use of Computer Brand
  146. How does apps like "Heard" get background processing?
  147. [Resolved] App reviews missing/Deleted?
  148. Indian Scammer Nipin P selling MowglyRun - Endless Running Game
  149. Consequences of removing a feature from an app that is 4-years old.
  150. Text style in App Store description?
  151. Unable to upload new project version to app store
  152. How much revenue can I get from iAd?
  153. Annoyance for European iTunes Users: Some App Prices Translate $0.99 > 0.99
  154. GPL code debacle
  155. Differnent approach for selling Apps in general
  156. What type of a UK company is best choice to sell on the AppStore?
  157. CONFIRMED: Apple Developer Enrolment is STILL on the Blink
  158. iOS 7 Application Submission Date
  159. Scam on dev account e-mail
  160. [Resolved] app rejected, require a video. [update: unrejected]
  161. Having a website for your apps?
  162. Marketing Your App
  163. What strategy to change bundle ID/App name
  164. [Help]Apple Developer Program Enrollment Warning!
  165. Question about iAd fill rates
  166. Weary of Backend-as-a-service
  167. Two questions about my app: reviews, earnings
  168. Promo downloads included in iTunesConnect?
  169. iOS Developer Sign Up Email?
  170. iAd income - real life milestones for developers
  171. app publish from 10.6.8 possible ?
  172. Purchased iOS Dev Account - No Email?
  173. App availability after Dev program
  174. iOS Developer with Different Name
  175. How much you earn with iAD?
  176. App Marketing - What is your opinion on landing pages?
  177. Brand New To Programming-Idea
  178. Forced to use MDM solution now to deploy free apps
  179. iOS 6 Music App
  180. London Tech Talks - How to prepare?
  181. APP Advice Needed
  182. Work purchase?
  183. Looking for iOS/OS X Icon Designer
  184. Sandbox Compliant?
  185. sales vs updates doesn't match..
  186. Google Forms
  187. Using YouTube Music video in paid for App?
  188. paid app? or????
  189. Candy Crush Saga Has Trademarked Candy
  190. apple store app question
  191. App Marketing Scam
  192. Changing developer name?
  193. Please help me come up with a good contract.
  194. How would you promote/market your app upon release?
  195. I've been offered a segment for my app on AppWatch by NewsWatch. Is it a scam?
  196. amazing sales drop!
  197. iAd numbers seem off
  198. buying [developer account separate from mac owner]
  199. How can you promote your app in China
  200. Can you go from full features on a trial period to a lighter version when it expires?
  201. Help: Publishing an App on behalf of a client
  202. Iphone Developer from Shanghai
  203. Sudden spike in downloads as soon as app becomes "Ready for Sale"
  204. Best ad network for iOS apps?
  205. Cannot access some sections in iTunes Connect!
  206. Are Apple developer accounts easy to configure and use for anyone from any country?
  207. How does Apple send payments for developer account owners?
  208. Advertising Networks
  209. iAd and Admob mediation help.
  210. App [has been rejected]
  211. About Developer Account
  212. Apple ID and Programming
  213. Can't Access iTunes Connect
  214. Losing downloads after update
  215. Enrolling as iOS dev - why Step 2?
  216. Enrol in Dev Program Now Or Later?
  217. Receive earnings to Skrill?
  218. Enrollment Pending - Over a week now!
  219. Control over app development
  220. Developer App Store Question
  221. How to get a DUNS number?
  222. Another iAD thread
  223. Selling app to businesses.
  224. apple IT question
  225. App Store search webapp results
  226. Is app creation a profitable hobby?
  227. Can I market my app before I submit it to the App Store?
  228. Apple dev question
  229. App Store Submission Question
  230. How are apps found in the app store?
  231. do I need 20 albums in order to start selling music on itunes?
  232. Admob stops serving Ads to my iOS app
  233. Submitted My First App - Quick Question
  234. Teen wants to release app...several questions
  235. Update app = no reviews = all work to get reviews for no good?
  236. Movie disappeared from App Store..
  237. App Devs Stand Up To Cancer Promotion