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  1. [iPad] Exchange folders keep unticking for push email
  2. iMac corrupted, can't restore, still on Beta, please help.
  3. Mailboxes order keeps changing
  4. Multitasking reloads virtually every app
  5. Help
  6. Did videos used to auto play?
  7. Iphone 5/Music
  8. Deleted messages reappear after rebbot (iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.2)
  9. Music app alternatives?
  10. Group Messages iMessage
  11. Turning off Activation Lock via Find my iPhone app?
  12. iOS 7 Safari not saving password
  13. Since updating to iOS 7, my iPad 4 loads web content VERY slowly, if at all.
  14. iOS7 WIFI Available networks bug?
  15. SERIOUS iOS7 Security Issues Outlined in this Video
  16. Video Scrubbing not at all accurate
  17. iPad Wallpaper, which iOS?
  18. Safari Autofills Facebook.com email?/ FB email is listed as "Email" in contact entry?
  19. Sluggish temple run on ios 7
  20. iOS 7 Linked Contact Cards
  21. iOS7 not saving downloaded music to Purchased playlist
  22. For those of you complaining about poor battery life in ios 7, please read:
  23. [iPhone] Can I downgrade my iphone 4 if I update OTA to7.0.2 ?
  24. Any date for the iMessage fix?
  25. iOS 7 Email text size bug?
  26. For iPhone 5 users with battery drainage issues
  27. [iPhone] Switch Control Camera Source Disabled?
  28. [iPod Touch] How to get old Camera Roll back?
  29. [iPhone] iOS6 tri tone on iOS 7
  30. iOS 7 Contacts App
  31. iMessage Screwing up
  32. Google maps issue
  33. Calendar Quirks
  34. Idiosyncrasies of iOS 7 are starting to add up...
  35. iPad no longer authorized error
  36. IOS 7.02 - Can't connect to Personal hotspot
  37. Difficult to Cancel Calls Made from Siri
  38. Incorrect time zone
  39. So how many of you aren't using core apps?
  40. [iPhone] Super annoying iPhone bug! Grrr
  41. Streaming videos from iCloud
  42. I feel this very quick statement needs to be said
  43. Shared Photo Stream: Videos won't play
  44. Tapatalk Ad at the top of every Safari page
  45. Safari the worst part of IOS7
  46. iOS 7 big bug. It's impossible to completely zoom out Pictures
  47. [Resolved] iOS 7 waiting blank grid icon
  48. iOS7 privacy settings have reseted
  49. Messages (iOS) vs. Messages (OS X)
  50. I don't get why people are nauseous iOS7
  51. Text on emails continue on one continuous line.
  52. Tilted Friday on Calendar
  53. Weather app not up to date
  54. I can't send a text to my email
  55. Photos app question in iOS 7
  56. iTunes Radio & iTunes Match
  57. Calendar in IOS 7.. LETS FLOOD Apple's with complaints
  58. iPhone with iOS 7 Activation Error
  59. iOS7 Activation Error? Read this.
  60. iOS Mail -> All Inboxes (Have multiple accounts) -> Bulk Move
  61. Get maps to use streets instead of freeways?
  62. iTunes Match & iTunes Radio
  63. Lighting cable charges iPhone from 9% to 30% in one second
  64. iOS 7 Home Button and Virtual Keyboard
  65. iTunes Store not loading
  66. [iPad] Do you like the animations when closing apps with 5 fingers ?
  67. Google voice recognition on iOS 7?
  68. Force Install Custom Carrier Bundle
  69. [iPhone] Going back to iOS 6.x.x
  70. [iPhone] No Flagging options in iOS 7 Mail?
  71. Bluetooth on only on charging?
  72. I want to receive Junk mail
  73. Emails aren't grouped together in Mail
  74. 3G (not LTE) default coming off Wifi?
  75. updated to ios7 and now pics are resized bigger
  76. How To Stop Automatically Downloading Music (itunes Match)?
  77. [iPhone] Music App
  78. HELP!!! Is there a way...(urgent)
  79. SAFARI stuck on iPad and iPhone
  80. Is ios7 data usage accurate?
  81. Workaround to watch Non-Mobile Youtube videos?
  82. iOS7-Safari always logging me out of web apps!
  83. Siri not working
  84. MacRumors iOS 7 Guide
  85. Cell data vs house data
  86. ITunes App crashing
  87. Videos app: some videos stream, others don't
  88. Video in camera app vs video in messages - interesting find
  89. Why do iMessages not send sometimes? Very annoying.
  90. Possible bug when using Calculator?
  91. Brehs let's be honest [iOS 7 on 4S]
  92. Multitask gesture?
  93. locking sound hiss
  94. iOS 7 update taking up space on my unupdated iPhone
  95. Why can't take video in 640*480?
  96. If I block someone, will they know it? ..And are their iMessages still retrievable?
  97. [iPhone] More spam?
  98. Don't understand iCloud backups
  99. Apple really needs to fix the BSOD on the 5s
  100. [iPhone] iTunes Radio Unavailable :(
  101. iTunes won't recognize my iPhone 5 when plugged in
  102. io7 and deleting app data
  103. 4S only shows a few songs of the library even though Match is turned on
  104. Autobrightness on iOS 7
  105. Facebook Badge Icon
  106. iOS7: Struggling to see the point.
  107. OK...a record breaking battery life on iPad
  108. Reminders app lag
  109. Photostream showing on ATV but not on new 5s?
  110. Screen unresponsive when receiving texts
  111. [iPhone] live video app without screen controls?
  112. Sounds are still messed up in iOS 7
  113. Why can't we still kill all apps in one swoop?
  114. Apple's original Map app was the best ever
  115. I want landscape for my icons!
  116. Can't Connect Instagram to Twitter
  117. Let's talk about notification centre
  118. Love iOS 7 on my 4s and the battery life is out of this world.
  119. Chromecast
  120. Facebook app iOS 7 update is weird
  121. [General] Hiding or Deleting Purchases...
  122. [iPhone] missing icons or apps iOS7 iPhone 5
  123. We, as consumers, are owed another "One more thing..."
  124. Call failed and message sending error
  125. My Photo Stream not working?
  126. Non iCloud Videos Not Appearing After Sync
  127. [iPhone] iOS 7 Control Center Problem
  128. Clear cache for Global Address List in Mail.app?
  129. [iPhone] Photo App bug
  130. App Store wish list
  131. iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID
  132. Notification sounds whilst music is playing
  133. [iPhone] Iphone 5 in IOS 7.0.2
  134. iOS7 Safari mixing up Bookmark icons...
  135. iOS 7 Travel Time
  136. [Please Close - was a glitch] Automatic Downloads - Option Missing / Removed
  137. Importing .mov files to ios device
  138. What's wrong with Calendar and Music?
  139. turn menu bar text black instead of white
  140. Video Zoom: Digital or Uses Sensor?
  141. iOS7 Screen jumble
  142. Spotlight search
  143. Frequent Locations
  144. iOS 7 darkening background?
  145. iTunes Store - Unusable!
  146. Reading List up next
  147. Questions regarding with activation lock
  148. Google (Chrome) on iPhone not working correctly
  149. Coin Arduino-Based Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit With iBeacons Potential
  150. Funny Siri accent.
  151. 4S shutting down at ~12% battery
  152. Kik for iOS 7 is... atrocious
  153. The animation after unlock blocks page swipe... how to disable?
  154. [iPhone] 4S losing WiFi after 7.0.2 update
  155. iOS Flaw
  156. Apple ID & Appstore problem
  157. People Are Never Happy!
  158. Is this a IOS 7 skipped fix
  159. Weird Repositioning on the home screen
  160. [iPhone] IOS7 message-sound on bluetooth carkit and radio
  161. iOS7 multiple calls
  162. Touch not responding properly when connected to laptop
  163. Major bug on iPhone 5S (blank phone page)
  164. [iPhone] New iPhone 5s - bluetooth comes on automatically!
  165. Apps crashing on iOS 7
  166. No more email notifications on 5S
  167. 68.7% updated to IOS7 but many discontented
  168. iOS7 iBooks
  169. 7.0.3 When Should we expect it?
  170. Gmail Question???
  171. Should They Kill Find my Friends?
  172. [iPhone] Emojis keep crashing my apps?
  173. Warning for those of you who don't want IOS 7!
  174. IOS 7 on 4s random reboots
  175. Texts not going since iOS7
  176. What do you think apple will show at the 22nd event?
  177. Israeli intelligence officers helped inspire the look of iOS 7
  178. Icons Stockholm syndrome?
  179. A little help with background uploading of photos
  180. Still on IOS 6...Safe to Update "IOS 7-ready" Apps?
  181. Weather and stocks background refresh
  182. Compass calibration
  183. iOS 7 Bugs
  184. Family of 5 , keeping it separate but logical?
  185. Change color of subscribed ICS calendar?
  186. Open twitter links from Twitter app in Safari BACKGROUND or READING LIST
  187. Mail App and GMail App - Limited vibrate and lock screen notifications
  188. App store and Apple ID problem
  189. Double mail count?
  190. [iPhone] Double notifications/alerts - once on lock screen and once i unlock a banner
  191. iOS7: No gusto pdfs?
  192. [iPhone] shift key iOS 7 (no color) ? why ??
  193. What am I missing with IOS7?
  194. Safari knows history even after deleting history
  195. Built-In Apps Able to Update Now?
  196. Turn off the echo/reverb on the sounds?
  197. iPhone consumes more data after ios7
  198. iOS 7 is good
  199. [iPad] Help! App Store didn't ask for my password!
  200. Just bought a 5c a few days ago
  201. iOS7 Today's view
  202. Backup/restore from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5c
  203. Podcast Playlists? Reverting to Music player for podcasts?
  204. Frequent Locations Not Working Correctly
  205. Order of or Filtering Open In Apps List
  206. Mail app not able to connect to server?
  207. Gmail on iOS 7 Mail app suddenly stopped working this morning
  208. 4s IOS 7 TV Out Not Scaling
  209. Activation Lock should make used iphone market interesting
  210. Phantom Notification Vibrations
  211. how to sync ibooks?
  212. OK Guru's, what did I do to my phone?
  213. Backspace on lockscreen passcode.... Annoying?
  214. Improvement on update
  215. App Store - how to sync and recognize purchased apps
  216. Phone bug in ioS 7
  217. iO7 bug I think?
  218. Task killer bug?
  219. Ever since iOS 7 I want to do webOS's Quick Launch
  220. How do you delete individual tv eps
  221. Twitter Verification Issue
  222. Mysterious App
  223. Invert Colors
  224. Numerical signal strength gone?
  225. Reminders Colour Problem
  226. [iPad] How is ios 7.0.4 on ipad3?
  227. VPN Setting stays ON!!
  228. BSOD comes to iOS7
  229. [iPhone] Can't change text vibrations?
  230. Duplicate email notifications in iOS7 only
  231. Did Steve Jobs work on iOS 7 ?
  232. Some Love For Siri
  233. calendar events issue, help!
  234. how long does iphone will stay disabled ??
  235. App Store issue
  236. [iPhone] iOS 7.0.2 iTunes Bug
  237. IOS7 Email Issue Will not send on Iphone 5
  238. [iPhone] Duplicate Notifications - Lock Screen AND Banner
  239. [iPhone] Conditional Table/DB - Narrow Down
  240. [iPad] Emptying Gmail App Trash
  241. Music Artist grouping?
  242. Cook should issue and excuse letter for IOS7 many flaws
  243. Things from previous IOS versions you wish Apple would bring back
  244. App Updating Bug
  245. iPhone 5S gets stuck in Maps
  246. [iPad] A Question Concerning Autocorrect, Pages, iOS 7, and an iPad
  247. Safari lags on 5S swipe back
  248. Maps and walking directions
  249. Require Password is set to "immediately" and cannot be changed
  250. I miss my iOS 6 dictionary and overall look...