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  1. Apple's U.S. Carrier Arrangements for iPhone and Tablet Remain Muddled
  2. The Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup
  3. McGraw-Hill CEO Confirms Apple Tablet, iPhone OS Based, Going to Be "Terrific"
  4. Last Minute Leaked Photos of Apple Tablet?
  5. Apple's Focus on Content and Possible eBook Pricing
  6. Photos of Apple Tablet Back Shell Leaked?
  7. Apple Tablet Media Event Today: "Come See Our Latest Creation"
  8. Apple Releases iPad Tablet, New SDK, iBooks and iWork Apps
  9. Hands-On Impressions of Apple's New iPad
  10. iPad SDK 3.2 Details: External Display, File Sharing System, No Multitasking
  11. Apple Posts January 2010 Media Event QuickTime Stream
  12. SDK Changes Open Door to VOIP Over 3G Networks... iPad Phone Calls Possible?
  13. iPad Simulator in New SDK Hints at Possible But Unlikely Camera Support
  14. AT&T Reports 3.1 Million iPhone Activations in 4Q 2009
  15. McGraw-Hill Tossed From iPad Media Event After Premature Confirmation?
  16. Fujitsu Possibly Gearing Up For Fight Over 'iPad' Trademark in U.S.
  17. Details on Apple's ARM-based 'A4' Chip Begin to Surface
  18. Possible Details on Apple's ARM-based 'A4' Chip?
  19. iPad: Music Playtime 140 Hours, eBooks Priced Same as Amazon
  20. Cosmetic Differences in iPad 3G vs iPad Wi-Fi
  21. iPad Promotional Video and Images Show Properly-Displayed Flash Content
  22. Display of Flash Content in iPad Promo Materials Likely Not Indicative of Actual Flash Compatibility
  23. Tablet Manufacturers Reevaluating Pricing Options in Light of iPad Announcement?
  24. Apple Was Working on Video Conferencing in iPad?
  25. 3G VOIP Phone Calls Allowed on iPad Too, Skype Imminent
  26. Excitement about iPad: A Large Screen Multi-Touch Platform
  27. Apple Corrects iPad Promo Video to Show No Flash Capability
  28. Omnigroup Commits to Bring Five Productivity Apps to iPad
  29. Steve Jobs at Apple Town Hall Meeting, Google, Adobe, Next iPhone, 2010 Macs and More
  30. Amazon Reluctantly Agrees to Higher eBook Pricing
  31. iPad Rumor Wrap Up and Likelihood of 22-Inch TouchScreen iMac
  32. Netbook Market Leader Acer Not Planning to Compete With iPad
  33. 27-Inch iMac Production Halted Pending Fix For Display Issues?
  34. NPD: 90% of $1,000+ PCs Sold in Fourth Quarter 2009 Were Macs
  35. iPad Still Coming to Verizon?
  36. iPad Enclosure Has Empty Space for Camera?
  37. And... Tablet Rumors Revived: Larger Mac-Like Tablet in the Works?
  38. Mac Pro Update With 6-Core Xeon Gulftown Processors Due Soon?
  39. Last-Minute iPad Photo Leak Reportedly Included Image of Prototype Next-Generation iPhone
  40. Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.1.3: Addresses iPhone 3GS Battery Level Accuracy, App Launching Issues
  41. Apple Refutes Claim Regarding Halted Production of 27-Inch iMac Models
  42. Internal Model Numbers for Next-Generation iPhone and iPod Touch Reportedly Surface
  43. Textbook Publishers Strike Deals to Bring Content to iPad
  44. Taiwanese Industry Sources: Next-Generation iPhone Manufacturing Deal, USB 3.0, iPad Suppliers
  45. Apple Receives Patent for Touch-Sensitive Bezel for Portable Devices
  46. Google Nexus One Software Updated to Offer 'Pinch-to-Zoom' Multi-Touch Capabilities
  47. More Details on Verizon's iPad and iPhone Negotiations Reportedly Surface
  48. Audio Processing Causing Heat and Performance Issues for Nehalem Mac Pros
  49. Amazon has Acquired Touchco - A Multi-Touch Company
  50. Apple Expands Browser-Based 'iTunes Preview' Functionality to Include App Store
  51. AT&T Approves 'SlingPlayer Mobile' Television Streaming Over 3G
  52. Apple's iPhone Continues to Outpace Smartphone Industry Growth
  53. Apple Reportedly Offering 15% Refunds to Purchasers of Troubled 27-Inch iMacs
  54. Steve Jobs Rumored to Have Recently Traveled to New York for iPad Media Talks
  55. iPad Helping Book Publishers Gain More Control Over eBook Pricing
  56. Sling Media Denies Collaboration With AT&T on 3G Streaming
  57. FCC Pointing to iPad as Harbinger of Increased Wireless Spectrum Needs
  58. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.3 (Build 10D548)
  59. iPad Sighting at NYC Starbucks and Make Your Own (Paper) iPad
  60. Intrinsity (Formerly Exponential Technology) Now Speeding Up ARM CPUs
  61. Macworld San Francisco 2010 Kicks Off This Week
  62. Austrian Wireless Carrier Preparing to Offer Subsidized iPad
  63. Apple Open to iPad Price Cuts if Demand Lags?
  64. Claimed Fourth-Generation iPhone Parts Surface Revealing Taller Form Factor
  65. Current MacBook Pro Models Deleted From Best Buy's Inventory System? Updates Imminent?
  66. Apple Job Posting Suggests Video Recording Coming to Future iPad Models
  67. Apple Releases Aperture 3 With Faces and Places Tagging Features
  68. Music Labels See Slower iTunes Sales Growth in Wake of Price Increases
  69. Apple's Research Into Social Aspects of Online Shopping Gaining Renewed Attention
  70. Not All Major Publishers Reportedly On Board With Agency Model for eBook Pricing
  71. Apple Releases iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2 (for iPad)
  72. Opera Set to Preview 'Opera Mini' Browser for iPhone
  73. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.3 Build 10D552 to Developers
  74. Disney CEO Bullish on 'Game Changer' iPad
  75. AT&T Continuing to Move Forward on Plans for 4G Cellular Network
  76. iPad Component Costs Estimated to Begin at $219.35
  77. Hulu Developing Non-Flash Player for Deployment on iPad?
  78. Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0.2 Update
  79. Apple Reportedly Set to Test Lowering Prices for Some Television Downloads to $1
  80. Bill Gates on iPad: "It's a Nice Reader, But..."
  81. New Beta of Google Chrome for Mac Now Available
  82. Office for Mac 2011 Previewed Ahead of Launch Scheduled for Later This Year
  83. E-mails From 2003 Reveal Microsoft Caught 'Flat Footed' by iTunes Music Store Launch
  84. Microsoft Reportedly Considering iPad Version of Office
  85. Apple's Deal With Google for iPhone Search Pegged at Over $100 Million Per Year
  86. Apple Releases Software Update Addressing Audio-Related Mac Pro Heat and Performance
  87. Apple Rolls Out 'Countdown to 10 Billion Songs' Promotion
  88. Macworld San Francisco 2010 Best of Show and Day One Impressions
  89. iPad Cited in Huge Spike in New App Store Application Development
  90. Microsoft Set to Demonstrate Windows Mobile 7 Next Week
  91. Average iPhone Consumer Data Usage Pegged at Five Times That of BlackBerry
  92. MWSF 2010 Mac: Tales of Monkey Island, iPlayback, Wireless USB Audio/Video
  93. MWSF 2010 iPhone: FloTV, Square, iV Plus, Mobile Navigator
  94. MWSF 2010 Odds and Ends: Gloves, Xserve Rack, Speaker Helmet, USB Power
  95. Microsoft, Samsung Take on Apple With New Smartphone Announcements
  96. Apple Set to Deploy FairPlay Digital Rights Management on iPad eBooks?
  97. AT&T to Carry 3G-Capable iPad in Stores?
  98. Steve Jobs to Participate in Authorized Biography
  99. Subscriber Information and Revenue Sharing Seen as Hurdles to iPad Newspaper and Magazine Deals
  100. Aperture 3 Reportedly Causing Hangs and Memory Leak Issues for Some Users
  101. Google and Microsoft Vie for iPhone Search Presence
  102. Apple Launches Extended Repair Program for Hard Drives on Early MacBook Models
  103. NPD: Strong Mac and iPod Sales in March Quarter So Far
  104. New York Times' Print and Digital Units Reportedly Disagreeing Over iPad Content Pricing
  105. Opera Mini Browser for iPhone Being Demoed at Mobile World Congress
  106. The Wait for New MacBook Pros Continues, More Best Buy SKUs Found
  107. Adobe Executive Kevin Lynch Discusses Flash on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  108. Report Profiles Secrecy at Apple's Asian Manufacturing Partners' Facilities
  109. U.S. International Trade Commission Opens Inquiry Into Apple, RIM After Kodak Complaint
  110. HP Looking to Undercut iPad Pricing With 3G-Capable Slate Device
  111. Apple Reportedly Looking to Offer More Flexible iBookstore Pricing Than Previously Thought
  112. Apple Increases iPhone's Cellular Download Cap to 20 MB in Advance of iPad Launch
  113. 27-Inch iMac Shipping Times Continue to Improve
  114. Apple Patent Applications: Front-Facing Camera Depicted on Handheld Device, Rotatable Mouse
  115. Steve Jobs' Wall Street Journal Visit Reportedly Included Arguments Against Flash
  116. Apple Blocks iPad Shipping Records from Public Access
  117. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.3 (Build 10D558) to Developers
  118. U.S. Trade Agency to Review Apple's Patent Complaints Against Nokia
  119. Apple Now Blocking 'Overtly Sexual' Apps from App Store
  120. Apple Planning Smoother Transitions Between Graphics Processors in Upcoming MacBook Pros?
  121. Hulu for iPad Likely to Be a Paid Subscription Service
  122. Mac Pro Audio Update Seen as Fixing Performance Issues
  123. Apple iPad Pre-Orders to Begin February 25th? Speculation about Other Features?
  124. Over 5000 'Overtly Sexual' Apps Pulled from App Store (And Counting)
  125. Apple's iPad NYTimes Promo Video Shows Flash Again
  126. Apple Ranks Third in BusinessWeek Customer Service Rankings
  127. TV Networks Continuing to Resist Apple's Effort to Slash iTunes Pricing
  128. Apple's iPad Chip Development Cost Estimated in $1 Billion Range
  129. Apple Job Posting Suggests Future iPhone OS Devices
  130. Phil Schiller Acknowledges New App Store Sexual Content Ban and Exceptions
  131. Survey Sees Pent-Up iPad Demand, Some Cannibalization of Other Apple Products
  132. Gartner: iPhone Sales Double in 2009 as Apple Claims Third Place in Smartphone Sales
  133. AT&T Tops 3G Wireless Performance Study
  134. Apple Releases iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 3 for iPad
  135. Apple Confirms: iPad Uses PowerVR SGX Graphics Hardware
  136. Apple COO Tim Cook Speaks at Goldman Sachs Conference
  137. iPad SDK Support for Front Facing Camera, Camera Flash, Zoom and Video Conferencing
  138. MacRumors Turns 10 Years Old Today
  139. Apple Adds 'Explicit' Category for New App Store Submissions
  140. Apple Publishes Annual Progress Report on Supplier Responsibility
  141. iTunes Store Reaches 10 Billion Downloads
  142. Another Week, Another Mac OS X 10.6.3 (10D561) Seed For Developers
  143. Shape Recognition on a Touch Sensitive iMac Screen?
  144. Apple Announces Winner of 10 Billion Song Contest
  145. Apple Patent Application Details iPhone Control Via Finger Swipes Over Camera
  146. Intuit Debuts Rebuilt Quicken Essentials for Mac
  147. Survey Reveals Application Usage and Demographic Data on iPhone and iPod Touch Users
  148. Apple Planning to Open 25 Retail Stores in China
  149. Apple Building Cash Reserves for 'Big, Bold' Moves
  150. Opera 10.50 Beta for Mac Released, Performs Well in JavaScript Benchmarks
  151. A Multi-Touch iPhone OS Layer On Top of Mac OS X?
  152. Apple Files Trademark Application for 'Magic Trackpad'
  153. Analyst Predicts Next-Generation iPhone Will Offer Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  154. Accessory Makers Gear Up for iPad Launch
  155. Apple Claims Display Issues on 27-Inch iMac Have Been Addressed
  156. Associated Press Announces Plans for iPad Application
  157. Apple's A4 Processor is Based on Cortex A8, Not A9?
  158. Condé Nast Firming Up Plans for iPad Applications
  159. iPad Supplies to Be Constrained at Launch Due to Production Issues?
  160. Apple Preparing to Add HDMI to Macs?
  161. Thumbplay Poaches Apple Executive, Launches Subscription Music Service
  162. Netflix Surveying Users Regarding Interest in iPhone Streaming via Wi-Fi
  163. Apple Files Lawsuit Against HTC Over Alleged iPhone Patent Infringement
  164. Shipping Times for 27-Inch iMacs Finally Return to Normal in U.S. and Canada
  165. Apple Building Up Team for Mobile Advertising
  166. Apple Making Plans to Extend iBookstore Internationally
  167. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Speaks About iPhone and iPad
  168. Apple to Stream Video As Well as Music and TV?
  169. Apple iPad to Go on Sale Friday March 26th?
  170. iPad Suppliers Dispute Claims of Shortages at Launch
  171. Google Stands Behind HTC in Patent Dispute With Apple
  172. Apple Pressuring Music Labels Over Participation in Amazon's 'Daily Deal' Program
  173. Rupert Murdoch Confirms Plans for Wall Street Journal iPad Application
  174. Valve Teases Upcoming Mac Game Announcement
  175. The Significance of Steam and Valve's Games for Mac
  176. Penguin Looking to Reinvent eBooks on iPad With Interactive Media
  177. More Analyst Claims of iPad Production Delays Surface
  178. Fortune Again Names Apple World's Most Admired Company
  179. Sony Preparing New Handheld Devices to Take On Apple
  180. Apple Seeking to Stimulate Mac Development With $99 Mac Dev Program
  181. Apple Announces April 3rd Launch Date for Wi-Fi iPad in the U.S.
  182. Apple Patent Application Reveals Flexible Integration of Advertising Viewing in Video Files
  183. Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.3 Build 10D567 to Developers
  184. Slight iPad Shipping Delay Due to Software, Not Hardware?
  185. iPad Poised to Grab Significant Portion of e-Reader Market
  186. Valve's Portal 2 Confirmed for Mac
  187. Apple Cracking Down on "Cookie Cutter" App Store Applications?
  188. Valve Officially Announces Steam and Game Library Coming to Mac in April
  189. Gruber: No 'Widget Mode' for Minor Applications on iPad
  190. FileMaker Pro 11 Brings Streamlined Database Creation With New Reporting and Collaboration Features
  191. MacHeist nanoBundle: 8 Mac Apps for $19.95
  192. Apple Releases iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 for iPad
  193. iPhone Developer Agreement Revealed by Electronic Frontier Foundation
  194. Apple Reportedly Disrupting iPhone Competitors With Legal Threats Backed Up by HTC Suit
  195. Verizon Viewing iPad as Opportunity to Push MiFi Service
  196. Six Months Later: 'iTunes LP' Format Performance Remains Lackluster
  197. New iPad SDK Adds Gesture Tools, Removes Video Chat Icons
  198. Steve Jobs Ranked World's 136th Richest Person
  199. More Claims of Multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0
  200. Pink Floyd Wins Legal Battle Over Digital Sale of Individual Songs
  201. Apple Building Out eBook Categories Ahead of iPad Launch as Developers Update Apps
  202. Barnes & Noble Officially Acknowledges Plans for iPad eReader Application
  203. Apple Dominates Consumer Reports' Tech Support Ratings
  204. Apple Releases Safari 4.0.5
  205. U.S. iPad Pre-Orders Set to Begin at 5:30 AM Pacific Time Tomorrow
  206. Apple Begins iPad Pre-Orders in U.S.
  207. Apple Details iPad 3G Service Sign-Up and Management
  208. iPad's 'Mute' Switch Replaced With Screen Rotation Lock
  209. Apple Rolls Out iBooks Feature Page
  210. Apple Features iWork Applications for iPad
  211. Apple Estimated to Have Taken 50,000 iPad Orders in First Two Hours
  212. Apple Already Running Low on iPad Supplies for Launch Day In-Store Pickup Reservations?
  213. iPad Submitted to Federal Communications Commission for Approval
  214. Tim Cook Receives Bonus of $5 Million and Stock for Performance During Jobs' Absence
  215. Apple's iPad Battery Replacement Program Forgoes New Battery, Replaces iPad
  216. Apple's Rivalry With Google Gets Personal
  217. iPad Opening Weekend Pre-Orders Pegged at Roughly 150,000 Units
  218. Apple Hires Expert in Wearable Computing
  219. 10% of Microsoft Employees Using iPhones
  220. Initial Sales of Original iPhone, Droid, and Nexus One Compared
  221. Shipping Windows on iPad Accessories Slipping as Pre-Orders Mount
  222. Amid Weakened NAND Flash Demand, Apple Reportedly Looking to Negotiate Long-Term Deals
  223. NPR and Wall Street Journal Preparing to Launch iPad-Optimized Sites
  224. Intel Debuts Xeon 5600 Series Processors Appropriate for Mac Pro
  225. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.3 Build 10D571 to Developers
  226. Apple Advertising Snafu in Australia and New Zealand Leads to Confusion Over Possible Price Increases
  227. Apple Enhances iWork.com Beta With Sharing, Mobile Interface Features
  228. Apple Banning Screen Protectors in Retail Stores?
  229. Apple Director Jerome York Hospitalized in Critical Condition
  230. Apple Releases Fifth Beta of iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad
  231. Amazon Releases Kindle for Mac Application
  232. HTC Responds to Apple Patent Lawsuit
  233. Apple Files for Patent on 'iGroups' Proximity-Based Social Networking
  234. Apple Director Jerome York Passes Away After Stroke
  235. Apple Reportedly Tempering Expectations as iPad Content Deals Remain Unfinalized
  236. Apple Preparing to Launch 27-Inch LED Cinema Display, Mac Pro Update by June?
  237. One More Build of Mac OS X 10.6.3 Seeded to Developers
  238. Intel Experiencing Shortages of Notebook Chips?
  239. Apple Keeping Tight Wraps on iPad as Lucky Developers Gain Restricted Access
  240. China Mobile Still Pushing Apple to Adopt TD-SCDMA for iPhone
  241. Researcher Set to Announce 20 Zero-Day Holes in Mac OS X
  242. Report Blames Screen Supplier Wintek for iPad Delays
  243. Apple Officially Invites Developers to Submit iPad Applications to App Store
  244. Steve Jobs Backs Organ Donor Registry Bill in California
  245. Amazon Preparing Kindle App for iPad
  246. Sprint Advertises 4G Overdrive Hotspot Device Using iPhone
  247. Apple Adds Ability to Gift App Store Applications
  248. Apple Signs Up Independent Publisher and Distributor Perseus Books for iBookstore
  249. MacBook Pro Supplies Constrained, Steve Jobs Says 'Not to Worry'
  250. Apple Once Again Selling Contract-Free iPhones in U.S. Without Proof of AT&T Service