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  1. Opera Software Offers Thoughts on Future of Flash
  2. Scribd Abandoning Flash for HTML5
  3. Yahoo Examines iPad User Demographics and Trends, Finds 10% International Usage
  4. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.4 Build 10F46 to Developers
  5. WWDC 2010 Sells Out In 8 Days
  6. Apple Announces International iPad Availability for May 28th
  7. Apple Maintains Third-Place Ranking Among Smartphone Vendors
  8. Nokia Broadens Attack on Apple With New Lawsuit Targeting iPhone and iPad 3G
  9. Apple to Begin International Roll Out of iBooks and iBookstore Alongside iPad Launch
  10. Orange Announces UK Data Pricing for iPad
  11. Nintendo Takes Aim at Apple as 'Enemy of the Future'
  12. Apple Retail Stores Run Dry of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Models
  13. CBS Confirms Plans for Full HTML5-Based Video Offerings
  14. Steve Jobs Weighs in on iPad International Pricing and Taxes
  15. Next Generation iPhone Approaching Production? Case + LCD Parts Circulating
  16. First Impressions of Steam for Mac Including Portal and Team Fortress 2
  17. Steve Jobs Says Printing "Will Come" for iPad
  18. MacBook Air to Update This Week?
  19. Apple Now Taking International iPad Pre-Orders
  20. International Carriers Releasing iPad 3G Data Plan Pricing
  21. Android Smartphone Sales Exceed iPhone in the U.S. for First Time
  22. Next-Generation Wireless Wi-Gig Specification Published
  23. AT&T iPhone Exclusivity Originally Scheduled Through 2012
  24. iPad Wi-Fi Issues to be Addressed in Software Update
  25. Square Mobile Payments Now Available for iPhone
  26. Verizon iPhone Ad Campaign in Works?
  27. 'Portal' and 'Torchlight' Amongst Mac Steam Launch Titles
  28. AT&T Upgrade Eligibility Questions Raised Ahead of Next iPhone
  29. Verizon and Google Working on Android Based Tablet
  30. Apple Lost Another 4th Generation iPhone? New Photos of Prototype iPhone
  31. Prototype iPhone Video, A4 Processor, High Resolution Screen?
  32. iPad Users Interested in Productivity Apps, iPhone and iPod Users in Games
  33. Steam for Mac Client Available for Download, Service Not Yet Active
  34. Apple Mobile Payment System 'Transaction' - an iPhone-based eWallet
  35. HTC Files Complaint Against Apple for Patent Infringement
  36. Next iPhone: A4 Processor, 256MB RAM, N90 PRO2, Translated Impressions
  37. Steam for Mac Now Live, Portal is Free Until May 24th
  38. Confirmation of the Verizon (CDMA) iPhone Manufacturer?
  39. Apple Introduces Beta of Next MobileMe Mail
  40. Adobe Responds to Apple's Anti-Flash Stance With Comments on Openness, Ad Campaign
  41. Apple Extending Facebook Integration to iPhone OS?
  42. Few Details Emerge About Leaked iPhone in Vietnam
  43. Wal-Mart Planning to Carry iPad 'Later This Year'
  44. Prototype iPhone Running OS 4? And Yet Another Set of Photos
  45. Hulu Sticking With Flash For Now, Says HTML5 Not Ready Yet
  46. French iPhone Photos Actually from Vietnamese Leak
  47. Apple Patent Application Details Temporary Location-Specific iPhone Applications
  48. Historic Apple Prototypes: Apple Mouse, Cube, Mac Tablet
  49. Wi-Fi Sync App Rejected by Apple
  50. Apple Pushes Out Third Build of Mac OS X 10.6.4 (10F50) to Developers
  51. Apple Patent Litigation Updates: Kodak and MONKEYmedia
  52. Workers Suing iPhone Manufacturing Partner Over Chemical Poisoning
  53. Search Warrant For Lost Next-Generation iPhone Ordered Unsealed
  54. Details of Lost Next-Generation iPhone Saga Revealed in Search Warrant Affidavit
  55. New 13-inch MacBook to be Bumped to 2.4GHz, NVIDIA 320M
  56. Apple Japan Reveals a May 25th Launch of 2010's Back-to-School Promo
  57. DigiTimes Claims Display Improvements in Next-Generation iPhone
  58. Beatles on iTunes Still Hung Up on 'Business Hassles'
  59. NPD Data: Strong Mac Sales in April, Some iPod Cannibalization by iPad?
  60. Visa and DeviceFidelity Rolling Out iPhone Case for Contactless Payments
  61. Nike+ Heart Rate Monitor Due for Launch June 1st
  62. A Look Back at Steve Jobs' 2003 Stock Options Swap Reveals $10 Billion Opportunity Lost
  63. Another New Build of Mac OS X 10.6.4 (10F54) Seeded to Developers
  64. Updated MacBook Supports Both Audio and Video Output via Mini DisplayPort
  65. Apple Releases iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 and SDK to Developers
  66. Apple Refocusing Final Cut Pro? Jobs says "Next Release Will Be Awesome"
  67. Internet Tethering for AT&T Customers to Finally Arrive with iPhone OS 4.0?
  68. Accessory Manufacturers Ramp Up 4th Generation iPhone Cases
  69. Photos and Video of iPod Touch With Camera Surface in Vietnam
  70. Next-Generation iPhone to Offer Option of White Front Panel?
  71. AT&T Executive Downplays Effect of Eventual Loss of iPhone Exclusivity on Business
  72. Verizon to Support Simultaneous Voice and Data Transmission?
  73. Google Announces 'WebM' Open-Source Video Format, Plans for Android Television Integration
  74. Twitter for iPhone Now Available in App Store
  75. Gartner Pegs Apple as World's Seventh Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer
  76. Apple Responds to Reports of Final Cut Pro Refocusing
  77. Apple Axes 'No Cash' Policy for iPad Sales
  78. iPad App Store Goes Live Internationally
  79. Analyst Raises 2010 iPad Sales Estimate to 8 Million
  80. Adobe Releases HTML5 Extension for Dreamweaver CS5
  81. Apple Adds 'Rotten Tomatoes' Movie Ratings and Reviews to iTunes Store
  82. Google Developing Web-Based iTunes Competitor, Acquires Simplify Media for Android Me
  83. Google Announces Google TV for Fall 2010 Launch
  84. Apple's Lead in U.S. Music Sales Continues to Increase as iTunes Gains and Wal-Mart Falls
  85. International iBookstores Begin to Go Live With Free Project Gutenberg Books
  86. Apple Officially Ends 'Get a Mac' Campaign, Revamps 'Why You'll Love a Mac' Feature
  87. Jobs Responds to Google's WebM Video Standard Announcement as Patent Questions Begin to Surface
  88. U.S. Apple Retail Stores Continue to Experience iPad Shortages
  89. FTC Won't Block Google-AdMob Merger, Cites Apple's iAd as Competitive Factor
  90. More White Next-Generation iPhone Parts Surface as Renderings Gain Publicity
  91. AT&T to Raise Early Termination Fee for iPhone and Other Smartphones to $325
  92. Google Sets Its Sights on Apple
  93. AutoCAD Coming to Mac, First Beta Screenshots
  94. Photo of Partially Assembled White 4th Generation iPhone
  95. Steve Jobs on WWDC Announcements: 'You Won't Be Disappointed'
  96. Sprint to Also Get iPhone This Year?
  97. Steve Jobs to Give June 7th Keynote at WWDC
  98. Analyst: 17% of Verizon Customers Waiting for iPhone
  99. Elgato's EyeTV HD Brings High-Definition TV to Mac, Streams to iPhone and iPad
  100. Web Browsing Performance on Android 2.2 Hampered by Flash Compatibility
  101. iPhone 3G Supplies Begin to Run Dry Ahead of WWDC
  102. Walmart Cuts iPhone 3GS Price in Half Ahead of WWDC
  103. Apple's Back to School Promo to Start Tuesday
  104. Apple Launches 'Back to School' Promo: Free iPod With Mac Purchase for Students
  105. Google TV Utilizes Same SGX535 Graphics Processor Found in iPad and iPhone 3GS
  106. Third Office for Mac 2011 Beta Reveals New Icons, Splash Screens, and More
  107. Google Releases First 'Stable' Version of Chrome for Mac
  108. Possible Introduction of Safari Extensions at WWDC
  109. iPad Competitors: Kindle to Remain Focused on Reading While Dell Announces Streak Mini-Tablet
  110. International iPad Launch Details: Apple Stores Opening Early, UK Third-Party Retailers, UK 3G Service From 3
  111. Apple Seeds Build 10F58 of Mac OS X 10.6.4 to Developers
  112. Apple Again Facing Antitrust Inquiry Over Digital Music
  113. VMWare Releases 3.1 Fusion Update - 35% Faster App Performance, 5X Faster 3D Graphics
  114. Apple 'Independently Evaluating' Foxconn's Response to Suicides at Manufacturing Plant
  115. Wired Launches iPad Magazine App with Help from Adobe
  116. Half-Life 2 Coming to Mac OS X Today
  117. AT&T Reportedly Confirms June iPhone Launch to Employees
  118. Apple Holding Second, 3GS-Like Next-Generation iPhone in Reserve?
  119. Apple Passes Microsoft to Become Second-Largest U.S. Company by Market Capitalization
  120. iTunes Store Reaches 28% Overall Share, 70% Download Share of U.S. Music Sales
  121. iPad App Highlights: Air Display, CoPilot Live HD, and BeejiveIM
  122. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer to Present During WWDC 2010 Keynote?
  123. Barnes & Noble Releases 'BN eReader' Application for iPad
  124. NBC and Time Warner Continue to Back Flash Over HTML5
  125. International iBookstore Offerings to Be Limited to Free Project Gutenberg Titles at Launch?
  126. International iPad Orders Arriving Early in Droves
  127. No Steve Ballmer Appearance at WWDC Keynote
  128. Apple Increases Support for Self-Publishing in iBookstore
  129. AT&T Claims 40% of iPhone Sales Made to Business Customers
  130. iPad Launches Internationally to Long Lines
  131. Verizon iPhone Possibly Available as Soon as November?
  132. Apple Reportedly Prepping Revamped Apple TV: iPhone OS, Cloud-Based Storage, $99 Price Point?
  133. Analyst Speculates on Mac Pro and MacBook Air Updates, iTunes.com at WWDC
  134. AT&T to Begin Offering iPhone Insurance on June 6th? $13.99 Per Month Plus Deductible
  135. Next iPhone Screen Resolution Confirmed at 960x640
  136. MacRumors Reaches Ten Million Forum Posts
  137. MacBook Pro Targeted 2.8GHz Core i7 Processors Due Later This Year
  138. Apple Announces Two Million iPads Sold
  139. Apple to Offer Subsidies to Foxconn Workers?
  140. Steve Jobs to Take Stage at 8th 'D: All Things Digital' Tuesday Night
  141. Google Switches Away from Windows (Mostly to Mac) Due to Security Concerns
  142. 'iPhone 4GS' Case and Detailed Parts Video
  143. Apple-Owned Lala Media Shuts Down on Schedule
  144. Adobe Announces iPad-Focused Digital Publishing Platform
  145. Ten Million Post Avatar Contest
  146. Antivirus Firm Warns of New Mac OS X Spyware Application
  147. Next-Generation iPhone Battery Joins List of Surfacing Parts
  148. A Chinese Clone of the Unreleased 4th Generation iPhone
  149. Steve Jobs in Opening Interview Session at D8 Conference
  150. Steve Jobs on Siri: Acquired for Artificial Intelligence Technology, Not Search
  151. Steve Jobs on Stolen Prototype iPhone: Not Going to Let It Slide.
  152. Flurry Blamed for Change in iPhone SDK Analytics Terms of Service
  153. Steve Jobs on AT&T Service Improvements and Possibilities of Multiple U.S. Carriers
  154. Steve Jobs on Syncing Media Content to the Cloud: 'We're Working on It'
  155. Steve Jobs Confirms iPad-Like Tablet Concept Preceded iPhone
  156. AT&T Announces iPhone Tethering and New Smartphone Data Plans
  157. AT&T Replaces iPad Unlimited Data Plan with 2GB Capped Plan for New Customers
  158. AT&T iPhone Customers Can Keep Unlimited Data Plan for Next iPhone
  159. Video Clips of Last Night's D8 Interview With Steve Jobs
  160. Checking AT&T iPhone Data Usage History
  161. Verizon Testing CDMA-Compatible iPads? Possibly LTE 4G?
  162. AdMob Launches Support for iPad Apps in Updated Advertising SDK
  163. New Images Show White Back Panel on Next-Generation iPhone
  164. More Details on AT&T's Data Plan Changes for iPhone and iPad
  165. Verizon Spokesman: No iPhone Plans in 'Immediate Future'
  166. App Store Listings Added to Google Mobile Search Results
  167. Authorities Begin Evidence Examination in Gizmodo iPhone Case
  168. Supply Shortages Hint at Possible Mac Mini Refresh
  169. Apple Promotes HTML5, First iPhone Game Demo in HTML5, and More
  170. Apple Prepares Moscone for WWDC 2010
  171. Other WWDC Possibilities: iPhone OS 4, Mac Pro, Apple TV, Cloud-Based Services
  172. AT&T Officially Out of Stock of iPhone 3G
  173. AT&T Considering Modifications to Deadline for iPad Unlimited 3G Service Activations
  174. SquareTrade Rolls Out New iPhone Warranty Program
  175. Adobe Audition Coming to Mac OS X?
  176. Safari 5 and Xcode 4 Coming at WWDC
  177. MacRumors Twitter Accounts, WWDC Live Coverage and Spoiler Free
  178. AT&T Moves Up iPhone Upgrade Eligibility On Eve of WWDC Keynote
  179. Apple's 'Magic Trackpad' or 'Magic Slate' Revealed?
  180. Final 'Get a Mac' Spot to Kick Off WWDC?
  181. WWDC 2010 Pre-Keynote Roundup and Coverage Details
  182. iBooks Update to Include Notes, PDF Compatibility
  183. Netflix, Farmville, and Guitar Hero Coming to iPhone
  184. Apple's iAds Going Live on July 1
  185. iPhone OS 4 Becomes iOS 4, Available June 21 for Free
  186. Apple Announces iMovie for iPhone 4
  187. Apple Announces FaceTime for iPhone 4 Video Calls
  188. Apple Announces iPhone 4 with Retina Display, HD Video Recording, More
  189. Keynote and Other iWork Apps Coming to iPhone?
  190. iPhone 4 Hands-On Reviews and First Impressions
  191. Apple Posts iPhone 4 Feature Video
  192. Apple Announces Release of Safari 5 with Extensions - But Where Is It?
  193. Panic Demos 'Coda Notes' Extension for Safari 5
  194. Apple Posts WWDC 2010 Keynote Video
  195. Apple Modifies iOS Developer Terms to Allow Limited Analytics Data Collection
  196. 'Pulse News Reader' for iPad Pulled From App Store After New York Times Complaint
  197. A Look at iPhone 4's Camera Quality
  198. WWDC Software Notes: Safari 5, Xcode 4, iTunes 9.2
  199. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.4 Build 10F566 to Developers
  200. Inventor of webOS Banner Notification System Returns to Apple
  201. Apple Design Awards for iOS Devices Announced
  202. AdMob Chief Responds to Apple's New Developer Terms for Analytics Data Collection
  203. Office for Mac 2011 to Be 32-Bit Only
  204. Tweetie for Mac and iPad Still in the Works
  205. Email Addresses and SIM Identifiers of 114,000 AT&T iPad 3G Users Exposed
  206. Valve Teases Team Fortress 2 Release for Mac Tomorrow, Delays Portal 2 to 2011
  207. U.S. Government Still Considering Antitrust Investigation of Apple's iAd
  208. UK iPhone 4 Updates: O2 Axes Unlimited Data and Announces Upgrade Offer, T-Mobile and 3 On Board
  209. AT&T: Rebate or Upgrade for Recent iPhone 3GS Purchasers, 7 AM Launch Day Opening
  210. Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1, But Hardware Acceleration on OS X Not Supported
  211. Apple Releases 'iTunes Connect Mobile' App for Developers
  212. Apple Accepting iOS 4 Apps for Approval
  213. FBI Investigating AT&T iPad 3G Security Breach
  214. Apple Considering Separate WWDC Conferences for Mac and iOS?
  215. Wal-Mart to Carry iPhone 4 at June 24th Launch
  216. Apple Eases Up on Restrictions on Interpreted Code in iPhone Developer Agreement
  217. Post WWDC Notes: iPhone 4 Display, Faster Upload Speed
  218. AT&T Apologizes to iPad 3G Customers for Data Leak
  219. Apple Set to Launch Official Retail Store Application for iOS?
  220. Best Buy and AT&T Prep for U.S. iPhone 4 Launch
  221. More UK iPhone 4 Details: Vodafone Pricing Leaked, Virgin Looking to Come On Board?
  222. Build 10F569 of Mac OS X 10.6.4 Seeded to Developers
  223. AT&T Says iPhone 4 to Be Initially Available Only in Black?
  224. Starbucks to Offer Free Wi-Fi at All U.S. Stores
  225. Radio Shack Offering iPhone 3GS (and other) Trade-Ins for iPhone 4
  226. Apple Store Down Ahead of iPhone 4 Pre-Orders
  227. New Mac Mini Announced! [MERGED]
  228. iPhone 4 Available for Pre-Order from Apple
  229. 'Apple Store' iOS Application Goes Live in App Store
  230. Apple, ATI, NVIDIA Actively Working on Improving Mac Gaming Performance
  231. iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Bring Down Servers and Generate Long Lines
  232. Apple Working on 'Next Generation' Media Applications
  233. AT&T's Server Problems Continue to Cause Problems for iPhone 4 Pre-Orders
  234. AT&T CEO on Enterprise iPad Adoption and Wireless Voice Quality Improvements
  235. Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.4
  236. iPhone 4 Sold Out for Launch Day at AT&T and At Least Parts of Europe
  237. Apple Sells Out of Initial iPhone 4 Shipment
  238. E3 2010: Portal 2 for Mac, iPhone Games from Square Enix, SEGA and Capcom
  239. AT&T Temporarily Suspends New iPhone Pre-Orders
  240. iPhone 4 Launch Generating Ten Times the Interest of iPhone 3GS Launch
  241. Apple Claims Largest Ever First-Day iPhone Pre-Orders of 600,000
  242. U.S. Shipping Estimates for iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Through Apple Slip Again to July 14th
  243. First iOS 4 Multitasking Aware Apps Appearing in App Store
  244. Apple Releases iTunes 9.2 With iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Support
  245. Mac Mini Mid 2010 Teardown Photos
  246. OnLive's Gaming-on-Demand Service Demoed on an iPad
  247. Pegatron to Deliver CDMA iPhone 4s to Apple in Q4?
  248. CBS Testing iPad-Friendly HTML5 Video Delivery Methods
  249. Adobe: Mac OS X 10.6.4 Carries Outdated Flash Player
  250. Motorola 'Droid X' to Challenge iPhone 4's Retina Display?