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  1. iOS4 Jailbreak Method Brings Security Concerns
  2. iPad Drives Apple to Third Place Among Global Portable Computer Manufacturers
  3. Apple Scaling Back Near-Term Plans for Cloud-Based iTunes?
  4. Apple's Flexible Engineering Teams Said to Operate Like a Startup
  5. Research in Motion Launches 'Torch' Smartphone and BlackBerry 6 OS
  6. Apple Releases iOS 4.1 Beta 3 and Updated SDK to Developers
  7. Apple Investigating iOS Vulnerability Allowing Web-Based Jailbreak
  8. Game Center Drops Support for iPhone 3G and 2nd Gen iPod Touch in iOS 4.1 Beta 3
  9. iPhone 4 Unlocking Tool Now Available
  10. First Photos of Apple's New Covent Garden Retail Store in London
  11. Next-Generation iOS Device Rumors: New iPods Soon, Smaller iPad and iPhone 5 in Early 2011?
  12. Survey Claims Fewer Dropped Calls for iPhone 4 Than iPhone 3GS
  13. 'MobileMe iDisk' Music Streaming Functionality Gaining Renewed Attention
  14. Apple Seeds 'Snow Leopard Graphics Update' to Developers
  15. Software Fix for iOS PDF-Handling Vulnerability Awaiting Release
  16. Case Manufacturer Shows Off Claimed Next-Generation iPod Touch Design Mockup
  17. Apple to Purchase Chinese Game Developer Handseeing?
  18. Inside Apple's New Covent Garden Retail Store
  19. European Commission Set to Adopt Universal Micro-USB Smartphone Charging Standard in January
  20. Apple Researching Methods to Turn iPhone Into Feature-Rich Bike Computer
  21. Controversy Over Apple Travel Patent Application
  22. The Beatles and Apple Still Unable to Reach iTunes Distribution Deal
  23. Analyst Claims September Launch for New iPod Touch, Smaller iPod Nano, Two New MacBook Air Models
  24. Apple Adds 'Genius' Tab to iPad App Store
  25. Apple Adds Email-Based FaceTime Support in iOS 4.1 Beta 3
  26. iPod Touch and iOS Media Event Scheduled for Mid-August?
  27. iPhone Hardware Engineering Chief Mark Papermaster Leaves Apple
  28. Apple Reportedly Orders CDMA Chips for December Production Run of Verizon iPhone
  29. Papermaster's Departure Linked to 'Cultural Incompatibility' Rather Than Antenna Issues
  30. New 12-Core Mac Pros Now Available for Order
  31. Cortex A9-Based iPads, Verizon iPhone, iOS-Based Apple TV Set for 1Q 2011 Launch?
  32. Apple Acquires Rights to Liquidmetal Technologies' Advanced Metal Alloys
  33. Survey Finds Apple Most Popular Notebook Brand Among U.S. College Students
  34. Microsoft Posts 'PC vs. Mac' Section to Windows 7 Website
  35. European Commission Joins Investigation of Apple's Flash Exclusion Policies
  36. Larry Ellison Compares HP CEO's Forced Resignation to Jobs' Ouster at Apple
  37. Apple Debuts App Store Volume Purchase Program for Educational Institutions
  38. Next iPod Touch with Retina Display and Two Cameras?
  39. Adobe Enables Mac Hardware-Accelerated Decoding in Updated Flash Player 10.1
  40. Apple Agrees to Replace Overheating First-Generation iPod Nanos in Japan
  41. UK Carrier Claims No White iPhone 4s Until 'End of the Year'
  42. UK Retailer Offering Deep Discounts on Current iPod Nano and Shuffle Models
  43. Apple Fixes iOS PDF Security Hole With iOS 4.0.2 and 3.2.2
  44. Apple and FutureTap Resolve Questions Over Travel Patent Application
  45. Apple's iPod Media Event Rumored for Mid-September Date
  46. Next-Generation Apple TV Renamed 'iTV', Utilizes Apps, Lacks 1080p?
  47. CDMA-Based iPhone 4 at 'Engineering Verification Test' Stage?
  48. Apple's New Rechargeable AA Batteries Actually Sanyo Eneloops?
  49. Apple Sneaks Up on Motorola in Mobile Phone Sales, Android Surges Past iOS
  50. Advertisers and App Developers Happy With Early Results of Apple's iAd Program
  51. Apple Patent Application Looks at Converting Video Game Play Into Comic Books
  52. id Shows Off 'Rage' Running on iPhone 4 at 60 Frames Per Second
  53. ITV Executives Reportedly 'Furious' Over Rumored Apple TV Name Change
  54. Apple Targeted in New Patent Suit Over VPN on iOS
  55. Apple's Ron Johnson on the Retail Store Experience
  56. Axon Logic Debuts $750 Mac OS X-Capable Tablet
  57. Apple Seeds First Developer Build of Mac OS X 10.6.5
  58. Apple Supply Manager Arrested in Kickback Scheme Involving Accessories Manufacturers
  59. Apple Hires Near Field Communications Expert
  60. iAd Rollout Slowed by Apple's Control of Ad Creation Process
  61. Surveys Show Pent-Up Demand for Verizon iPhone, Would-Be AT&T Defectors Waiting to Upgrade
  62. New iPhone and iPad Models Set to Begin Field Testing?
  63. Apple to Roll Out Revamped Support Discussion Forums
  64. Adobe Has 'Moved On' in Dispute With Apple Over Flash on iOS Devices
  65. Manufacturing Partner Confirms Kickbacks Paid to Secure Apple Orders
  66. Sony Takes on iPhone's Growing Mobile Gaming Popularity in New Ad
  67. China Unicom to Sell iPhone 4 and iPad
  68. 7-Inch iPad to Launch By Christmas?
  69. Liquid Metal Used in iPhone 3G SIM Tool, Next iPhone Too?
  70. Apple Releases Snow Leopard Graphics Update
  71. HBO to Deliver Streaming Video to iPad
  72. Apple Releases New 'iPad is Delicious' Commercial
  73. HTML5 Continuing to Gain Ground With Yahoo! Mail for iPad, Vimeo Embedding
  74. Valve Claims Frame Rate Improvements of Up to 120% With Snow Leopard Graphics Update
  75. Microsoft Highlights Compatibility, Graphing and Photo Editing in Office for Mac 2011
  76. Verizon to Offer Live TV Streaming to iPad, Limited to Local Wi-Fi Networks
  77. App Store Director Revealed to Be Former Fart App Developer
  78. Google to Launch Chrome OS Tablet in Late November?
  79. iPad Supply Constraints Begin to Ease, iPhone 4 Expected to Follow
  80. Apple Tweaks Online Store With 'Compare Macs' Feature, Collapsible Configuration Sections
  81. Apple Winding Down Quattro Wireless Operations in Favor of iAds
  82. Apple Opens Door to Free iPad Content for Print Magazine Subscribers
  83. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.5 Build 10H529 to Developers
  84. Jobs: Software Update to Address iOS 4 Performance Issues on iPhone 3G 'Coming Soon'
  85. Another Next-Generation iPod Touch LCD and Front Panel Assembly Surfaces
  86. Flash Player Performance on Droid 2 Found to Be Hit-or-Miss at Best
  87. Apple's iTV Set for September Launch With iAd-Supported Channels, iPad as Remote?
  88. Mac Government and Enterprise Sales Leap in 2Q 2010
  89. Apple Patent Application on Detecting 'Unauthorized' iOS Device Usage Causes Controversy
  90. Apple Discloses Methods for Transitioning Between Mouse-Based and Touch Interfaces
  91. AT&T and 'The Switch' Join the iAd Rotation
  92. PayPal Charges Result in Renewed Publicity Surrounding iTunes Account Phishing Attacks
  93. MacRumors Reaches One Million Forum Threads
  94. Mac Pro Unboxing Photos, Early Benchmarks and Notes
  95. iTunes U Downloads Top 300 Million
  96. Apple's ATI Radeon HD 5870 Works in 2008 Mac Pro
  97. Apple to Offer 99-Cent TV Show Rentals?
  98. Fastest Texting in the World Actually on an iPhone?
  99. Apple Media Event September 7th? iPod Touch, Apple TV, Show Rentals
  100. Apple With Modest Expectations for 'iTV' and TV Show Rentals?
  101. Liquidmetal's Manufacturing Process Promises Rapid, Low-Cost Fabrication
  102. Apple Media Event Scheduled for September 1st
  103. iPad Expected to Maintain Position as Tablet Market Leader
  104. Netflix App Now Supports iPhone and iPod Touch
  105. iTunes Store to Move to Web, Gain Increased Social Features?
  106. Apple's 'iAd for Developers' May Not Be Cost-Effective
  107. Apple's Updated iPod Nano to Lose Click Wheel?
  108. Leaked Case Design Suggests iPod Nano May Gain Smaller Square Form Factor
  109. Mac OS X 10.6.5 Build 10H531 Seeded to Developers
  110. Apple Brings ePub Export to Pages With iWork 9.0.4
  111. MPEG LA Declares H.264 Standard Permanently Royalty-Free
  112. Apple Preps Yerba Buena for September 1st Media Event
  113. More Details on Next iPod Touch and Nano
  114. Apple Parts Ways With Engineering Consulting Firm Over Tablet Prototype
  115. Federal Trade Commission Settles Charges Over Fake App Store Reviews
  116. Microsoft Co-Founder's Firm Sues Apple and Others in Patent Dispute
  117. More Claims of Smaller, Square iPod Nano Next Week, Along With Possible 3G iPod Touch and iLife
  118. Intel to Acquire iPhone Supplier Infineon's Wireless Chip Unit
  119. iPad Shipping Estimates Improve to 'Within 24 Hours'
  120. Claimed Next-Generation iPod Nano Cases Offer Hints at Device's Physical Features
  121. Exclusive Preview: Courier for Mac by Realmac Software
  122. Apple to Double iTunes Preview Song Lengths?
  123. Autodesk to Release AutoCAD for Mac, iPad and iPhone
  124. Apple's Media Event on Wednesday - iPod and Apple TV Rumors and Speculation
  125. Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. to Be Swing Vote for 99-Cent iTunes TV Show Rentals?
  126. Mexican Carrier Executive Claims iPhone 4 Hardware Revision Coming by End of September
  127. Apple Survey References Ability to 'Instantly' Watch iTunes Store Video Content on iPad
  128. Next-Generation iPod Nano to Maintain Price Range, Ship Later?
  129. Video of Next-Generation iPod Nano Touch Screen Surfaces
  130. Revamped Apple TV to Offer Netflix Streaming?
  131. Apple to livestream its fall event
  132. Apple Set to Debut 99-Cent iTunes TV Show Rentals From Fox and ABC
  133. Can You Watch Apple's Keynote Stream? Requirements and Workarounds
  134. Apple TV Reported to Retain Name, Updated Products Not Shipping Immediately?
  135. Intel CEO: Jobs 'Very Happy' With Intel-Infineon Deal
  136. Next-Generation iPod Touch to Be 'Slightly Thinner' Than Current Models?
  137. Coverage of Apple's 2010 Fall Media Event
  138. Apple Announces Pending Release of iOS 4.1, 4.2 Coming in November
  139. Apple Releases iTunes 10 With 'Ping' Social Networking for Music
  140. Apple Introduces Updated Apple TV with Netflix Integration, TV Show Rentals
  141. Apple Announces All-New iPod Models: Shuffle, Nano and Touch
  142. Notes and Observations about Apple's iPod and Apple TV Announcements
  143. Apple's New iPod Touch and iPod Nano Commercials
  144. iTunes 10 Now Available to Download
  145. Apple Posts September Media Event Video Stream in Multiple Formats
  146. Confusion Over Facebook's Brief Appearance in Ping for iTunes
  147. Fourth-Generation iPod Touch Teardown Photos Posted by FCC
  148. Spammers Already Taking Aim at Apple's Ping
  149. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.6.5 Build 10H535 to Developers
  150. Apple Confirms No Software Update for Original Apple TV
  151. Apple-Facebook Controversy Over Ping Rooted in API Usage, Feature May Return
  152. Apple Details Features in iOS 4.2 for iPad
  153. iOS Passes Linux to Become Third-Most Popular Internet Browsing Platform
  154. Apple Reportedly Looking to Push Monthly iPad Production to 3 Million
  155. Apple Removes Custom Ringtone Creation in iTunes 10
  156. Apple Adds Showtimes to Movie Trailer Site
  157. Steve Jobs Defends New iTunes 10 Icon Against Criticism
  158. Apple Announces One Million Ping Users in First Two Days
  159. Parallels 6 Prematurely Appears on Store Shelves
  160. New iPod Touch Adds Vibration
  161. Informal Testing Suggests Minor Performance Increase for iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1
  162. Total iPod Touch Sales Estimated at Over 45 Million
  163. Fourth-Generation iPod Touch Orders Begin Shipping
  164. Apple Spent Nearly $1 Million on Google Search Advertising in June
  165. iHomeAudio and Others to Offer AirPlay Peripherals
  166. Official AppShopper App Now Available
  167. Fourth-Generation iPod Shuffle Unboxing and Comparison Photos
  168. 'Macworld Mobile' Coming to Mobile World Congress 2011
  169. Apple Confirms Game Center Compatibility: Yes on 2nd-Generation iPod Touch, No on iPhone 3G
  170. QuickBooks 2011 for Mac to Bring Multi-User Options, Time-Saving Features, Enhanced Customization
  171. Fourth-Generation iPod Shuffle Teardown Unsurprisingly Reveals Tiny Components
  172. iPod Nano and Touch In Stores Tomorrow, Early Reviews
  173. Extended iTunes Store Song Samples Held Up Over Licensing Issues
  174. App Store's Meteoric Growth Compared to iTunes Song Downloads
  175. Unboxing Photos of Apple's New iPod Nano and iPod Touch
  176. Apple Releases iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch
  177. Microsoft Touts Co-Authoring, Scheduling Assistant, and Broadcast Slideshow in Office for Mac 2011
  178. BridgeCo to Bring AirPlay Streaming Technology to Home Audio Equipment
  179. Fourth-Generation iPod Touch Teardown in Progress
  180. iMovie 1.1 for iOS Adds 4th-Generation iPod Touch Compatibility, Video Clip Splitting, and More
  181. Fourth-Generation iPod Touch Offers Only 256 MB of RAM
  182. Fourth-Generation iPod Touch Does NOT Have Vibration
  183. iOS 4.1 Restores Field Test Mode
  184. Game Center Games Starting to Appear in App Store
  185. Apple Releases New 'iPad is Musical' Commercial
  186. VLC Video Player Coming to iPad
  187. Apple Opens App Store to Third-Party Development Tools, Publishes Review Guidelines
  188. Apple's App Store Review Guidelines Offer Remarkably Candid View of App Store Philosophy
  189. Notes on Sixth-Generation iPod Nano: Teardown, Video Playback Hints, Photo Slideshows, Voice Memos
  190. Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac to Debut on September 14th
  191. MacUpdate Fall Bundle: 12 Mac Apps for $49.99
  192. Denon Set to Roll Out AirPlay on Existing Home Stereo Equipment
  193. Adobe to Resume Work on Flash-to-iPhone Compiler
  194. FaceTime Set to Come to Mac OS X and Windows?
  195. Video Preview of VLC for iPad
  196. Apple Moving From Intel's Infineon to Qualcomm for Next-Generation iPhone Cellular Chip?
  197. Apple to Allow Google Voice-Compatible Apps Back Into App Store?
  198. Apple's Free iPhone 4 Case Program to End September 30th
  199. Profile of Foxconn's Founder Addresses Relationship With Apple
  200. Apple Readying New FaceTime Equipped iPads?
  201. Apple to Launch Wi-Fi iPad in China on September 17th
  202. Apple Taking Steps to Address App Store Name Squatting?
  203. Did Apple Acquire Imsense Ltd for HDR Capabilities in iOS 4.1?
  204. Select Developers Apparently Already Testing iOS 4.x for iPad
  205. Amazon Takes on iPad in New Commercial
  206. Steve Jobs Reportedly Barred From Bringing Ninja Stars on Private Plane in Japan
  207. Apple Rolls Out 'Express Lane' for Customized Product Support
  208. Best Buy to Expand iPad Distribution to All U.S. Stores
  209. Apple Hiring Engineers to Work With Liquidmetal Alloys
  210. Mac OS X 10.6.5 Build 10H542 Seeded to Select Developers
  211. Parallels Desktop 6 Now Available With Remote Access for iOS Devices, VMware Offers Discount
  212. iPhone 4 vs iPod Touch 4 Comparison Videos
  213. Apple Reportedly Bringing On Another Touch Panel Supplier to Boost iPad Production
  214. Apple Preparing to Launch Newspaper Subscription Plans for iPad?
  215. Apple Releases First iOS 4.2 Beta for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
  216. Apple Announces 'AirPrint' Wireless Printing for iOS Devices Coming in November
  217. Brief Video Preview of iOS 4.2 for iPad: Multitasking, Unified Inbox, and More
  218. iPad's Orientation Lock Switch Becomes Mute Switch With iOS 4.2
  219. Hints Increasingly Point to Impending Launch of Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display
  220. Yahoo CEO Claims Apple's Demand for Control Will Be iAd's Downfall
  221. Adobe Releases Beta of 64-Bit Flash Player for Mac OS X
  222. 'iProd2,1' Confirmed to Be New Apple TV, Not Next-Generation iPad
  223. Best Buy CEO Claims iPad Cannibalizing Notebook Sales By 'As Much As 50%'
  224. App Store Developers See Long-Stalled Submissions Approved in Wake of Guideline Changes
  225. AT&T Looking To Launch LTE (4G) Network by Mid-2011
  226. Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display Now On Sale
  227. Suppliers Preparing for 1st Quarter 2011 Launch of 2nd Generation iPad
  228. Will AirPlay Stream Hulu or Other Video Apps to Apple TV?
  229. New Apple TV to Get Apps?
  230. Apple, Google, and Others in Negotiations With Regulators Over Anti-Poaching Agreements
  231. Warner Bros. Opted Out of iTunes TV Show Rentals Over Pricing, Impact on Full-Season Sales
  232. Analyst Suggests 'Tablet Cannibalization' Responsible for Shrinking U.S. Notebook Retail Sales
  233. ABC Rolls Out iPad App for Interacting With 'My Generation' TV Episodes
  234. AirPlay Opens Door to Almost Any Web Video on Apple TV
  235. Jobs Says Apple TV App Store Could Launch When the Time is Right
  236. More on Apple's Plans for a 'Digital Newsstand' for Newspaper Content
  237. Apple Approves Google Voice Apps and BASIC Interpreter in C64
  238. iPhone 4 Available in China on September 25th
  239. Apple Reportedly Purchases Face Recognition Company Polar Rose
  240. Apple to License Unspecified Intellectual Property From Rovi
  241. Google Docs Editing on iPad Coming Soon, Google Earth for iOS Updated
  242. VLC for iPad Rolling Out to App Stores Around the World, iPhone Version Under Development
  243. Speculation That Apple's Rovi Deal Could Signal Shift Into Live TV and DVR
  244. Adobe Launches Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9
  245. Investigation Into Lost iPhone 4 Prototype Wrapping Up, Jobs Interviewed
  246. Survey Looks at Customer Carrier Preferences Once AT&T Loses iPhone Exclusivity
  247. Apple's Share of Mobile Phone Industry Profits Reportedly Rises to 39%
  248. iPad Drives Apple to New Highs in U.S. Customer Satisfaction Survey for Personal Computers
  249. Netflix Set to Launch Streaming Service in Canada as Revamped Apple TV Nears Debut
  250. Apple and Facebook Reportedly Negotiated Over Ping for At Least 18 Months