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  1. Amazon Responds to Apple's iCloud With Music Storage Upgrades, iPad Player
  2. Judge Denies Apple Injunction Against Amazon's Appstore
  3. Bungie's Classic 'Marathon' Game Now Available on iPad
  4. Apple Experimenting With 'New Way of Charging' for 2012 iPhone
  5. Apple to Allow Additional FCP 7 Enterprise Licenses and More on FCP X
  6. Apple's App Store Hits 15 Billion Downloads
  7. Apple to Patch Latest Jailbreak Hole in Upcoming Software Update
  8. Apple Continues to Shave iAd Buy-In Fees Amid Increasing Competition
  9. Apple to Launch 'iPad HD' This Fall Alongside Pro Apps?
  10. Alleged China Mobile iPhone 4 Prototype Spotted
  11. Apple Retail Stores Making Preparations for OS X Lion Launch Next Week?
  12. Apple Researching 'Physics Metaphor' Gestures for Inter-Device Communication
  13. Final Space Shuttle Lifts Off With Two iPhones Aboard
  14. MiniDisplay Port to HDMI Cables "Unlicensed" and Cannot Be Sold
  15. New Print Ad Touts iPhone's Business Savvy
  16. Apple to Debut 'HD+' 1080p iTunes Movie Services Later This Year?
  17. Antitrust Investigation of Apple Led Nortel Patent Purchase
  18. Apple Airs New AirPlay and FaceTime iPhone Ads
  19. Apple's Interest in WiTricity Wireless Charging
  20. Apple Adding Second Manufacturer for Forthcoming iPad Update?
  21. iOS App Store Booming: Per-Device Downloads and Average Sales Price Increasing
  22. Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3 to Developers
  23. iOS 5 Beta 3 Brings Enhanced Location Controls and Other Tweaks
  24. Apple to Release Updated MacBook Air and Mac Pro Models This Week?
  25. Apple Activates Assistive Touch in iOS 5 Beta 3
  26. Apple Asks Developers for OS X Lion Mac App Store Submissions
  27. Backlit Keyboard to Return in New MacBook Air?
  28. Apple's Patent Portfolio Manager Exiting as HTC and Samsung Disputes Simmer
  29. AT&T Announces Summer Launch of New LTE Modem and Hotspot Devices
  30. iOS 5 to Unlock Bluetooth Capabilities of Apple TV?
  31. One-Third of iPhone Users Mistakenly Think They Have 4G
  32. iTunes Connect to Go Down for Maintenance as App Store Problems Persist
  33. Those Were Mac Mini and White MacBook Part Numbers, Not Mac Pros
  34. Analysts Increasing Estimates Ahead of Apple Earnings Release
  35. Apple Cutting International Pricing to Rebalance Currency Conversion Rates?
  36. Microsoft Planning 75 New Retail Stores to Take on Apple
  37. Amazon to Introduce a 9" Android Tablet this Fall
  38. Apple Adjusts International App Store Prices
  39. Apple Introduces Volume App Purchasing for Business
  40. Apple Increasing iPhone Retail Staffing From August Through October
  41. Apple Soars to Third Place in U.S. PC Market With 10.7% Share
  42. OS X Lion Not Going to Launch This Week?
  43. Spotify Makes U.S. Debut With Paid Plans and Invite-Only Free Service
  44. Photos of Claimed 'iPad 3' Dock Connector in White Surface
  45. Apple Pays $946 in Korean Lawsuit Over Location Data Collection, New Class Action Suit Coming
  46. Updated MacBook Air to Offer Minimum of 128 GB SSD and 4 GB RAM?
  47. Apple Approving Mac App Store Apps for OS X Lion
  48. MacBook Airs Coming 'Late Next Week'
  49. TSMC Begins Trial Manufacturing of Apple A6 Processors
  50. Apple Set to Release Q3 2011 Financial Results on July 19th
  51. Apple Tweaks Taiwanese App Store Terms to Formalize 7-Day Return Policy
  52. Apple Ranked as Fastest-Growing Major Retailer in U.S.
  53. Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4 to Address Latest Jailbreaking Vulnerability
  54. Apple's Upcoming Hardware Refresh to Include Thunderbolt LED Display, Not MacBook
  55. ITC Rules For Apple in HTC Patent Case
  56. Apple Finally Catches Up with iPad 2 Demand
  57. 'iPhone 4GS' Test Device Photos?
  58. Samsung and LG Reportedly Quality Testing 'Retina' iPad Display Production for Apple
  59. Apple to Launch Next-Generation iPhone in Late August, Offer Unsubsidized 3GS for $350?
  60. OS X Lion and New MacBook Airs Coming on Wednesday?
  61. Apple Retail Stores Receive Golden Master Copies of OS X Lion
  62. Apple Set to Open 33 New Retail Stores Over Next Two Months
  63. Lion Promo Materials Begin Appearing in Third-Party Stores as Apple Plans Overnights
  64. Google Chairman 'Not Too Worried' About Apple Lawsuits Over Android
  65. Apple Phasing Out White MacBook in Favor of Entry-Level MacBook Air?
  66. Apple Directors Informally Exploring CEO Succession Possibilities
  67. Apple Reports Record-Breaking Q3 2011: $7.31 Billion Profit on $28.57 Billion in Revenue
  68. Lion Launches Tomorrow On Mac App Store
  69. Adobe Enters the Mac App Store With 'Photoshop Elements 9 Editor'
  70. Apple Launches OS X Lion Via Mac App Store
  71. Apple Updates MacBook Air Line With Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and Backlit Keyboards
  72. Apple Releases New Sandy Bridge Mac Minis and Thunderbolt Display
  73. 'Internet Recovery' Lets New Macs Install OS X from Blank Hard Drive
  74. Notes of Interest on OS X Lion, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Display Announcements
  75. Apple Releases iTunes 10.4 As 64-Bit Cocoa App For Lion
  76. Apple's Linen-Lined Proposal for Grand Central Terminal Store Set for Approval
  77. Lion Reviews Are Out: 'Great Value', 'Shakes Things Up', 'Very Few Bugs'
  78. Early Benchmarks Reveal New MacBook Air Rivaling High-End 2010 MacBook Pro
  79. Apple Leases Major New Office Campus in Cupertino to Support Continued Growth
  80. Apple Tops Nokia to Become World's Top Smartphone Vendor
  81. Adobe Suggests Disabled Hardware Acceleration for Flash Player in OS X Lion
  82. Teardown Confirms Apple Still Using Modular Solid-State Drive on New MacBook Air
  83. Fake Apple Store Employee: We Just Want To Do A Good Job
  84. One Million Copies of Lion Bought From Mac App Store
  85. New Mac Mini Benchmarks Show Significant Performance Gains
  86. Apple Considering a Bid For Hulu?
  87. Adobe Retracts Claim Suggesting Lion May Lack Support for Flash Hardware Acceleration
  88. Lodsys Takes On Gaming Heavyweights Including Rovio, EA, and Atari in Patent Dispute
  89. Apple Planning to Introduce White iPod Touch Later This Year?
  90. Mac Mini Teardown Reveals Potential for User-Installable Second Hard Drive
  91. T-Mobile USA Begins Offering Micro-SIMs, Targets iPhone Owners
  92. Verizon CEO: We Expected iPhone 5 in Early Summer, Now Planning For Fall
  93. Apple Seeds iOS 5 Beta 4 to Developers
  94. iOS 5 Over-the-Air Update Video, Documents on iCloud, and Other Notes
  95. OS X Lion Raises Bar on Security, But Battery Firmware Vulnerability Surfaces
  96. Apple's Voice-Powered Virtual "Assistant" Coming to iOS
  97. Apple Retail Increasing Staffing in U.S. for August-September Too
  98. New Apple iPad Ad: We'll Always
  99. Apple's Adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy Paves Way for New Possibilities
  100. Facebook's Native iPad App Leaked
  101. OS X Lion's HiDPI Modes Lay Groundwork for Retina Monitors
  102. Wall Street Journal and Kobo Pull Direct Content Sales From iOS Apps
  103. AT&T Reportedly Prepping for iPhone Launch in 'Early to Mid-September'
  104. Chinese Authorities Close Two Fake Apple Stores Over Permit Issues
  105. Amazon's 'Kindle' App Updated to Remove Direct Kindle Store Links
  106. Apple Releases iOS 4.3.5 to Address Security Issue With Certificate Validation
  107. Apple Releases Revised Mac OS X 10.6.8 With Patch for Existing Users
  108. Apple Lining Up iPad 3 Suppliers in Face of Increasing Number of Competitors
  109. Apple Still Using SSDs With Varying Speeds on New MacBook Air
  110. HTC Looking to Strike Deal, Google and Apple Likely to Drive Up Price of Patent Acquisitions
  111. New Case Designs Revive Unlikely iPhone 5 Design
  112. Apple Finishing Up Work on an Ultra-Thin 15" Notebook
  113. Apple 'Evaluating' Solar Cell Vendors for Future Products?
  114. Survey: 35% of U.S. Consumers Planning to Purchase Next-Generation iPhone
  115. Apple Charges Customer 122 Times for Lion
  116. Photos of Purported iPhone 5 Case Based on Latest Design Claims Surface
  117. Qualcomm Releases Augmented Reality SDK for iOS
  118. iPhone 5 Launching in Second Week of September? iPad 3 Later?
  119. Leaked Photos of Low Cost iPhone 4 Prototype
  120. Apple's Existing Mac Lines Tweaked for OS X Lion
  121. Logitech Slashes Google TV-Based Revue to $99 as Returns Exceed Sales
  122. Apple Considering Barnes & Noble Acquisition?
  123. Apple Closing on LG for Title of Third Largest Mobile Phone Vendor With 142% Growth
  124. Apple Passes Nokia and Holds Off Samsung to Become World's Top Smartphone Vendor
  125. New MacBook Air Using Scaled-Down Thunderbolt Chip
  126. New Mac Purchases Bring iLife '11 to Users' Older Computers
  127. Apple TV Seeing Moderate Success, But No Hardware Update Imminent?
  128. Apple's Profit Share Among Top Mobile Phone Vendors Rises to 66%
  129. Rumor: Apple Redesigning iTunes 11 With New Layout, iCloud Support
  130. AT&T to Throttle Unlimited Data Plan Customers Starting in October
  131. New iPhone 5 Cases Suggest Longer and Wider Form Factor
  132. iPhone 5 Cases are 'Everywhere' In China
  133. Apple Extends iTunes Previews to 90 Seconds Internationally
  134. Apple Begins Refunding Lion Overcharges
  135. Foxconn to Replace a Portion of its Workers with 1 Million Robots
  136. Apple to Launch 3 HDTV Models by March 2012?
  137. External Thunderbolt PCI Expansion Chassis and Hub in Development
  138. iPhone 5 Knockoffs Showing Up in China Already
  139. iPhone 5 Actually Launching in October, Not September?
  140. Samsung Delays Australian Launch of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Due to Apple Patent Lawsuit
  141. Adobe Debuts Preview Version of 'Adobe Edge' for Creating HTML5 Web Animations
  142. Apple TV Software Update Adds Streaming of Purchased TV Shows, Vimeo Support, and More
  143. Apple Brings TV to iCloud With Downloads of Previously-Purchased Episodes
  144. iPad Edition of The New Yorker Has 100,000 Readers
  145. 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies Acquired by... Someone
  146. Apple Launches iCloud.com Beta
  147. Skype for iPad Launches in U.S. and Internationally
  148. First Look Video of iCloud.com Beta
  149. Apple's iPad 2 Shipping Estimates Drop to 'Within 24 Hours' in U.S. and Canada
  150. iPhone 5 Update 'Bigger Than Expected', Coming to Canada October 1st?
  151. Carriers Currently Testing iPhone 5 in Sealed Boxes?
  152. iWork Details, Video Walkthrough and Document Uploading
  153. 'iTunes Replay' to Allow Movie Redownloads and Streaming?
  154. Deals Already in Place for Apple to Launch Netflix Competitor?
  155. Intel Ultrabooks Unable to Undercut MacBook Air Prices
  156. Apple's Search for New Retail Chief Extending Internationally
  157. Google Claims a 'Hostile, Organized Campaign Against Android'
  158. Find My Mac Goes Live For Developers
  159. iPhone 5 and Budget iPhone 4 to Launch in China in October?
  160. Omnivision Announces 20% Thinner 8-MegaPixel Camera Sensor for Use in Smartphones
  161. WiTricity Demos Apple's Wireless iMac Charging Station Concept
  162. More iPhone 5 Parts Leak Ahead of Official Launch
  163. Raid on Russian Firm May Have Taken Down MacDefender Malware
  164. Apple Phasing Out Magic Mouse in Favor of Magic Trackpad?
  165. Apple Requiring an 'Innovative, Category-Killer Experience' for Potential Low-End iPhone
  166. Why Did Apple Register ApplePico.com?
  167. Apple and China Mobile Reportedly Strike Deal to Bring iPhone to World's Largest Carrier
  168. Apple Disabling iOS 5 Beta Installs and Developer Accounts Over Sales of Device Slots?
  169. Apple Enables MobileMe to iCloud Migration for Developers
  170. Apple Went to Great Lengths to Obscure its Speech Recognition Interface in iOS 5
  171. MobileMe to iCloud Transition Gives You 25GB Storage Until June 30th, 2012
  172. Apple Launches $999 iMac for Educational Institutions
  173. Apple's 'iTunes Replay' Service Not Coming Soon, and No Netflix Competitor Either
  174. Apple Sued Over 'Fast Booting' Patent Linked to LG
  175. Skype 5.3 for Mac Adds HD Video Calling and Full OS X Lion Support
  176. 'Touchgrind' Brings Multi-Touch Trackpad Gaming to OS X
  177. London Police Vans Parked Outside Apple Store Regent Street
  178. Latest AirPort Extremes and Time Capsules Offer Improved Wi-Fi Range and Performance
  179. Apple Reveals Fifth Avenue Cube Plans: Larger, Seamless Glass Panes
  180. Apple Set to Open Five New Retail Stores on Saturday
  181. Apple Expands Recycling Options for Old Computers and Mobile Devices
  182. Apple Granted Injunction Barring Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in European Union
  183. Apple Briefly Ranked as Most Valuable Company in the World
  184. Facebook Launches Standalone Messenger App for iPhone and iPad
  185. Class-action Suit Filed Against Apple and 5 Book Publishers Over E-book Pricing
  186. Apple Sending Confirmation Emails To Combat App Purchase Fraud
  187. Amazon Launches a Web-Based iPad Kindle Reader
  188. This Could Be What Apple's iPhone 5 Looks Like
  189. Apple Shifts iPad 2 Display Orders from LG to Samsung Due to Quality Issues
  190. Apple Suing Motorola Over Design of Xoom Tablet
  191. Wal-Mart Debuts VUDU Movie Service on iPad as Web App, Shutting Down MP3 Store
  192. Gizmodo Cleared as Charges Finally Brought in Lost Prototype iPhone 4 Case
  193. Before and After Pictures of Apple's Fifth Avenue Cube Redesign
  194. Apple Closes As The Most Valuable Company In the World
  195. Nintendo Faces Investor Pressure to Bring Games to iPhone
  196. Apple Patent Watch: Pico Projectors and 'Schematic Maps'
  197. Gartner: Nokia Held Off Apple in Smartphone Sales in 2Q 2011
  198. Apple's Low-Cost iPhone to be an 'iCloud' iPhone?
  199. Apple Threatened to Abandon Intel Chips over Power Consumption
  200. Still Waiting for Mac Pro Updates, Suitable Intel Processors Due in Q4
  201. Apple to Hold Media Event on September 7th, 2011?
  202. More Reports of TSMC Beginning Trial Production of A6 Chip for 2012 Launch
  203. Apple Updates Anti-Malware Definitions to Address Fake Flash Player Trojan
  204. 'iPhone 4S' and iPad 3 Coming in Late October?
  205. No Apple Media Event on September 7th
  206. Apple Seeds OS X 10.7.2 Build 11C37 and iCloud Beta 7 to Developers
  207. Cupertino.org Posts More Details about Apple's New Spaceship Campus
  208. Five New Apple Retail Stores Opening Around the World
  209. Photos of a Prototype MacBook Pro with Integrated 3G Cellular Data
  210. Apple Increasing iPhone Production with iPhone 5 Ramp-Up
  211. Google 'Supercharging Android' With Acquisition of Motorola Mobility
  212. Carriers Testing LTE-Enabled iPhone?
  213. Adobe Introduces 'Muse' Subscription-Based Website Creation Tools
  214. Release of Authorized Steve Jobs Biography Bumped Up to November 21st
  215. Apple's Evidence in Samsung Tablet Case Reportedly Flawed
  216. Work Begins on Grand Central Terminal Apple Store, Opening Mid-November?
  217. Apple Pushes iPad 3 to 2012 due to Retina Display
  218. Apple Starts Selling $69 OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive
  219. Prototype 3G MacBook Pro Actually had a 'MagSafe' Antenna
  220. White and Black iPhone 5 Parts Leak
  221. Photo of Steve Jobs' Biography Cover, Back, and Some Details
  222. HTC Hits Apple with Patent Lawsuit Targeting Mac and iOS Devices
  223. HBO Shows Now Available in HD on iTunes
  224. Three More Apple Retail Stores Set to Open This Week
  225. AT&T Installing 4G LTE Network Equipment in Apple Retail Stores?
  226. Autodesk Releases AutoCAD LT on Mac App Store
  227. Apple Shooting for iPhone 5 Pre-Orders on September 30th with October 7th Launch?
  228. Apple Releases OS X 10.7.1
  229. Apple Proposing a Massive Glass-Roofed Retail Store on the Third Street Promenade
  230. $25 Million Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple in South Korea Over Location Data Collection
  231. Claims of Apple Investing Billions in Sharp and Toshiba LCD Factories Revived
  232. Apple's Online Stores Mysteriously Offline
  233. Apple's iAd Chief Leaving for Venture Capital Firm
  234. Best Buy Seeing HP TouchPad Sell-Through Rate of Under 10%
  235. Apple's Online Store Gets More Social With Twitter and Facebook Links
  236. Microsoft's Windows 8 to Include an App Store Too
  237. Apple Exploring Enhancing Maps with Augmented Reality
  238. Apple's Glass Roofed Retail Store Approved Without Even Discussion
  239. AT&T Eliminating $10 Text Messaging Plan for New Customers
  240. China Mobile's iPhone Talks Have Included Steve Jobs
  241. Apple Tops Worldwide Mobile PC Shipments in Q2 2011 with iPad Included
  242. HP to Spin Off PC Business as Sales Stagnate
  243. Apple Expanding New York City Office Space Targeting iAd and Business Projects
  244. Production of iPad 3 Retina Display Remains a Challenge
  245. Wall Street Journal Confirms Early 2012 iPad 3 with Retina Display
  246. HP's webOS Reportedly Runs Significantly Faster on iPad 2 Than on TouchPad
  247. Early October Launch of iPhone 5 Confirmed by AT&T Vice President to Employees?
  248. Apple Seeking Complete Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Phones in EU
  249. Apple Targets New York City Stores Selling Counterfeit Apple Products
  250. iOS 5 Beta 6 Seeded to Developers