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  1. Steve Jobs' Vision to Extend to Next iPhone
  2. Isaacson Shares a Touching Preview of the Steve Jobs Biography
  3. Stephen Wolfram on 25 Years of Steve Jobs' Influence
  4. Comparison of iPhone 4S Service Plans for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon
  5. Steve Jobs' Legacy to Live On in 'Apple University'
  6. Apple Now Accepting Pre-Orders for iPhone 4S
  7. New International iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Through Apple Slip to 1-2 Week Shipping
  8. Sprint Aiming to Launch LTE Network in Mid-2012, Full Buildout by End of 2013
  9. Samsung and Google Delay Android Handset Launch in Wake of Steve Jobs' Death
  10. Steve Jobs Leaves Apple's Pipeline with Four Years of Products
  11. AT&T Looking to Add '4G' Network Indicator to iPhone 4S Status Bar
  12. Steve Jobs' Funeral Today, No Public Memorial Event Planned
  13. Sony Pictures Acquiring Rights to Movie About Steve Jobs
  14. AT&T Alone Sees 200,000 iPhone 4S Preorders in First 12 Hours, Their Most Successful
  15. Apple Sells Out of iPhone 4S Pre-Order Stocks for Launch Day in U.S.
  16. Next Generation AppleTV References Found in iOS 5, But When?
  17. Early iPhone 4S Shipment Notices, Delivery Still Likely on 14th
  18. First Hands On Video of iPhone 4S with Benchmarks
  19. Apple Announces Over One Million iPhone 4S Pre-Orders in First 24 Hours
  20. The iPhone 4S Appears to Have 512MB RAM
  21. An 8-Megapixel Photo from the iPhone 4S
  22. Apple to Hold Private Celebration of Steve Jobs' Life on October 19th
  23. iPad Surpasses iPhone in U.S. Internet Traffic, Nabs 97% Share of Tablet Traffic
  24. Steve Jobs' Official Cause of Death Listed as Respiratory Arrest and Pancreatic Tumor
  25. Facebook for iPad Going Live with Updated Universal App for iOS
  26. iPhone 4S Geekbench Benchmarks ~68% Faster than iPhone 4
  27. First iPhone 4S Deliveries Made to German Customers Ahead of Official Launch
  28. Sam's Club Begins Taking iPhone 4S Reservations for Friday Launch
  29. AppleCare+ to End Informal Free Replacement Policy for Damaged iPhones
  30. Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 Ahead of iOS and iCloud Launch
  31. Apple Continues iTunes Match Developer Testing with iTunes 10.5.1 Beta
  32. Hands On iPhone 4S Video or What Happens If You Tell Siri "I Love You"
  33. Steve Jobs on Mock Turtlenecks and Jeans
  34. Magazine Apps Appearing In Newsstand for iOS 5 Beta Users
  35. iPhone 4S Reviews: "Best iPhone Yet", Great Camera, Siri Straight Out of Sci Fi
  36. iCloud.com Website Updated, No Longer in "Beta"
  37. 'Find My Friends' Debuts in App Store Ahead of iOS 5 Release
  38. 'AirPort Utility' for iOS 5 Hits the App Store
  39. 'iTunes in the Cloud' Rolling Out Internationally
  40. White iPod Touch Now Available in Apple Retail Stores
  41. Early iPhone 4S Deliveries from Verizon Reach the U.S.
  42. Sprint Denies Report of Unlocked Micro-SIM in iPhone 4S
  43. Apple Releases iOS 5 with Notification Center, iMessage, Twitter, and More
  44. Apple Releases OS X 10.7.2 with iCloud Support
  45. iCloud and Migration from MobileMe Services Now Live
  46. Apple TV Software Update Adds Photo Stream, NHL Games, Wall Street Journal
  47. Wrap-Up of Apple's iOS 5 and iCloud Launch Day
  48. Apple's Share of U.S. PC Market Leaps to 12.9% in 3Q 2011
  49. Apple Wins Injunction Blocking Sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia
  50. Apple Working to Add Movies to iCloud
  51. Scott Forstall's Personality, Origins of iOS, and Lost iPhone 4 Prototype
  52. Apple Continuing to Deal with iCloud Startup Issues
  53. iPhone 4S Teardown Underway
  54. Apple Taking Extra Time Off at Thanksgiving in Recognition of Year's Success
  55. Lines Begin Forming at Apple Retail Stores Ahead of iPhone 4S Launch
  56. New MacBook Pro Part Numbers Suggest Updated Models Coming Soon
  57. Sprint Offers Clarification on iPhone 4S International Micro-SIM Unlocking
  58. Apple Sets Q4 2011 Earnings Release For October 18th
  59. U.S. Apple Stores Opening at 8 a.m. for iPhone 4S Launch
  60. iPhone 4S Launches in the U.S. with A5, Better Camera, and Siri
  61. Behind the Scenes of the 'iPhone 5' Case Gamble
  62. Siri: Maps and Local Search for International Customers Coming in 2012
  63. Survey of Regent Street iPhone 4S Line Reveals Record Crowd and Other Tidbits
  64. AT&T Activations Servers Overloaded with iPhone 4S Launch
  65. iPhone 4S Seems to Fix 'Death Grip' Antenna Issue
  66. Siri Allows Transcription Corrections by Keyboard
  67. Speed Comparison Video of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4
  68. A Variety of iPhone 4S High Definition Sample Videos
  69. First iPhone 4S Image Sensor to Be Identified Comes from Sony
  70. iPhone 4S Photos Begin Appearing on Flickr, Comparisons with iPhone 4
  71. iPhone 4S Launch Breaks Sprint's One Day Sales Record
  72. iPhone 4S Launch to Double AT&T's Record for Activations
  73. iPhone 4S Launch Sends Apple Stock to Its Highest Close Ever
  74. How Apple Approached Developing Siri's Personality
  75. Sprint iPhone Users Complaining of Slow 3G Data Speeds
  76. So, It's the Next iPhone That Will Be a Complete Redesign...
  77. "Off Contract" AT&T iPhone 4Ss Already Come Unlocked
  78. Samsung Also Seeking to Ban iPhone 4S Sales in Japan and Australia
  79. iPhone 4S Sales Top 4 Million as 25 Million Users Move to iOS 5
  80. iPhone 4S Battery Life Worse for 3G Data and Media as Compared to iPhone 4
  81. Apple to Stick with Samsung for A6 Chip Production After All?
  82. Some AT&T Users Seeing Much Improved 3G Speeds with iPhone 4S
  83. iPhone 4S Sales Now Reservation-Only at Apple Retail Stores in U.S. and Canada
  84. Memorial Service for Steve Jobs Brings Tributes from Family and Friends
  85. Chinese Factory Shutdown May Affect Apple Notebook Supplies
  86. Dropbox Indeed Balked at Major Acquisition Offer from Apple
  87. 'iPad Mini' Rumors Revived with Claims of 7.85-Inch Screen
  88. Sprint Denies Widespread Issues with Slow iPhone Data Speeds
  89. Roundup of Analyst Expectations Ahead of Apple Q411 Earnings Call
  90. Apple Records Q4 2011 Earnings of $6.6B on $28.3B in Revenue, Tops $100 Billion in Sales for Fiscal 2011
  91. Apple Confident in All-Time Record iPhone Sales for Holiday Quarter
  92. Apple's Record Mac Quarter 'Almost Unbelievable' in Face of iPad Cannibalization
  93. Tim Cook "Not Religious" About Holding Cash; 66% of Apple's $81B in Cash is Held Overseas
  94. Apple Posts "Remembering Steve" Tributes
  95. Samsung and Apple Executives Discuss Long-Term Component Supply Relationships
  96. iPhone 4S Coming to U.S. Regional Carrier C Spire Wireless
  97. Apple Expands iPhone 4S GPS Capabilities with GLONASS Support
  98. Tweaked Trojan Disables Automatic Updating of OS X Anti-Malware Tools
  99. Steve Jobs Continued Working on Apple's 'Next Product' Until Day Before He Died
  100. Apple Activates iTunes Match Setting in iOS 5, Suggesting Imminent Launch
  101. Norah Jones and Coldplay Help Apple Celebrate Steve Jobs' Life [Aerial Video of Event]
  102. AT&T Announces One Million iPhone 4S Activations
  103. iPhone 4S Component Costs Once Again Begin at About $188
  104. Samsung Reportedly Dethrones Apple as Top Smartphone Vendor in Q3 2011
  105. Intel's Ivy Bridge Platform Enters Volume Manufacturing Ahead of Spring 2012 Product Launches
  106. Nearly All Apple Hardware Costs More Than the Average PC
  107. Steve Jobs Regretted Early Decision to Delay Cancer Surgery
  108. Toshiba Introduces New 6.1-Inch Display at 498 PPI
  109. AT&T Seeing "Tremendous Demand" for Free iPhone 3GS
  110. Apple Airs First iPhone 4S TV Ad Featuring Siri
  111. New Faster Sandy Bridge MacBook Pros Next Week?
  112. From Steve Jobs' Biography: "I'm going to destroy Android"
  113. Apple Opens Up Pre-Orders for Next Round of iPhone 4S Launches
  114. Steve Jobs Organized Apple to Give Jony Ive Complete Operational Freedom
  115. Intel Chip Delays Suggest No New Mac Pro Until at Least Early 2012
  116. No MacBook Pro Refresh Until Early Next Month?
  117. Steve Jobs on an Apple Television Set: 'I Finally Cracked It'
  118. iPod Turns 10 Years Old Today
  119. Steve Jobs Biography Reviewed and Other Tidbits From the Book
  120. The Full Walter Isaacson/Steve Jobs Interview From 60 Minutes
  121. Apple Posts Steve Jobs Celebration Video from October 19th
  122. Steve Jobs Biography Released Early on Kindle, Coming to iBooks at Midnight
  123. Steve Jobs Biography Now Available in U.S. On iBooks
  124. Apple Bumps MacBook Pro with Processor, Graphics, Storage Upgrades
  125. Apple Retail Stores to Offer In-Store Pickup of Online Orders
  126. Apple Updates iPad 2 Smart Cover Offerings with Color Tweaks
  127. Apple Television Set Prototypes Reportedly 'In the Works'
  128. 'Steve Jobs' Poised to Become Amazon's Top-Selling Book for 2011
  129. Bluetooth 4.0 Becomes 'Bluetooth Smart' as iPhone 4S Creates New Opportunities
  130. Sprint and Apple Working On "Issue" With iPhone Data Speeds
  131. iTunes Creator Jeff Robbin Heading Apple Television Effort?
  132. Sony Courting Aaron Sorkin to Write Screenplay for Steve Jobs Movie?
  133. Steve Jobs Biography: On the Development and Launch of iPad
  134. Macworld Expo Rebranded as 'Macworld|iWorld' for 2012
  135. Apple Building Solar Farm at North Carolina Data Center
  136. Apple Online Store Begins Offering In-Store Pickup in San Francisco
  137. Nokia Unveils First 'Lumia' Phones Based on Windows Phone 7.5
  138. PBS to Air 'Steve Jobs - One Last Thing' Documentary on November 2nd
  139. Apple's 2011 Annual Report: More Hiring, More Sales, No Dividends Coming
  140. Apple Wiping iTunes Match Libraries Again on Thursday, October 27th
  141. 'Codify' Brings Touch Based Programming to iPad
  142. Lion Internet Recovery Comes to Current-Generation iMacs
  143. LG and Samsung Still Struggling with 'Retina' iPad 3 Display?
  144. Adobe Launches Carousel App and Photo Service for Mac and iOS
  145. Samsung's Appeal of Australian Galaxy Tab Ban Fast-Tracked as Apple Targets Resellers
  146. Apple Launching iTunes Movie Offerings in Over a Dozen New Countries
  147. Bloomberg TV and DirecTV Debut New Live Streaming Services for iPad
  148. Apple Looking to Launch Siri-Enabled Television Set by 2013
  149. Sprint CEO Says iPhone Extends Ability to Offer Unlimited Data
  150. HP Reverses Course, Will Keep PC Unit
  151. Apple's Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) Now Open Source
  152. Samsung Easily Tops Apple to Become World's Top Smartphone Manufacturer
  153. Google TV Take Two Launches Next Week with Streamlined Interface, Android Apps
  154. iPhone 4S Launches in 22 New Countries with 1-2 Week Estimates for Online Orders
  155. Apple Working with iPhone 4S Owners to Address Battery Life Issues
  156. Apple's Processor Options for Early 2012 Mac Pro Begin to Firm Up
  157. Apple Did Acquire 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies
  158. Siri Hacked to Run on an iPod Touch and iPhone 4
  159. Ultra-Thin 15" Mac Notebook Getting Closer to Production
  160. Apple Ramps Up iPhone 4S Advertising with 3 New Ads featuring iCloud, Siri, and Camera
  161. Apple Retail Stores to Allow Self-Checkout via iOS App for Accessory Purchases
  162. AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage Coming to Mac OS X Lion
  163. Apple Has Already Started Work on Mac OS X 10.8
  164. Apple Planning Surge in Retail and Cloud Spending in 2012
  165. In-Store Pickup for Apple Online Store Orders Expanded to New York City
  166. Apple 'Questioning' the Future of its Mac Pro Line?
  167. Apple Announces Next Round of International iPhone 4S Launches for November 11th
  168. iOS Surges Past 60% Share of Mobile Web Traffic
  169. Retail Chief Ron Johnson Departs Apple for J.C. Penney, No Successor Named
  170. Apple Misses iTunes Match Launch Target as iTunes 10.5.1 Developer Beta Expires
  171. Apple Updates GarageBand for iOS with iPhone and iPod Touch Support
  172. C Spire Launching iPhone on November 11th, 'Unlimited' Non-Streaming Data and 500 Minutes for $50
  173. Tim Cook Putting His Stamp on Apple
  174. Temporary SoHo Retail Store Showcases Rustic Look
  175. Details on Apple Retail's New In-Store Pick Up and Self Check Out Process
  176. New Steve Jobs Documentary to Air Tonight on PBS and UK's Channel 4
  177. Former Retail Store Manager Steve Cano to Succeed Ron Johnson as Apple Retail Chief? [Updated]
  178. Samsung to Depose Jony Ive and Other Apple Designers, Seeks iPhone 4S Source Code
  179. Czech Carrier Dumps iPhone Over Apple's 'Business Terms'
  180. 'Steve Jobs' Easily Tops Best Seller Lists in Debut Week
  181. Siri's Impact on Data Usage Examined
  182. Apple Confirms Battery Life Issues With iOS 5, Software Update Coming
  183. Apple Seeds iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 2 for Continued iTunes Match Testing
  184. Next iPad Coming March, But "Real iPad 3" Not Until Q3 2012?
  185. Mac App Store Sandboxing Requirement Pushed to March as Uncertainty Looms
  186. Apple to "Completely Overhaul" the iPad, iMac, iPhone and MacBook Air in 2012?
  187. Apple's 'Ship to Store' Expands Again, Then Goes Offline Ahead of Retail Enhancements
  188. Apple Files Claim to Seize iPhone4S.com and Related Domains from Porn Operators
  189. Apple Welcomes Kindle Fire Tablet and More Android Fragmentation
  190. Avid Launches Media Composer 6, Symphony 6, NewsCutter 10
  191. iPhone 4S Users Complaining of Audio Issues: No Audio on Outgoing Calls, Echoes, Static
  192. Siri Experiencing Significant Outage
  193. Apple to Unveil New 5th Avenue Apple Store at 10am Friday
  194. CBS Turned Down Apple TV Subscription Service Deal
  195. How Apple Uses its Supply Chain as a Strategic Weapon
  196. Apple's New Fifth Avenue Store Cube Fully Revealed [Update: Video]
  197. European Commission Opens Investigation into Samsung's Patent Threats Against Apple
  198. Apple Continues to Take More Than Half of Mobile Phone Industry Profits
  199. Global Security Chief John Theriault Reportedly Leaves Apple
  200. U.S. Cellular Turned Down iPhone over 'Unacceptable' Terms from Apple
  201. Apple Seeds iOS 5.0.1 Beta 2 to Developers
  202. Over 10% of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Now on an iPhone
  203. Apple Awards Executives 1,000,000 Shares of Stock to Stay Until 2016
  204. C3 Technologies' 3D Maps Also Offer Street Views and Interior Views
  205. Adobe Brings Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 Editors to Mac App Store
  206. Motorola Wins Legal Victory Over Apple in Germany, Impact Disputed
  207. iPhone 4S Demand Remains Strong as International Rollouts Continue
  208. Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Steve Jobs' Influence on Facebook
  209. Security Researcher Reveals iOS Security Flaw, Gets Developer License Revoked
  210. Hidden iOS 5 Panorama Mode Revealed
  211. 'Apple Store' App for iOS Updated to Support New Self-Checkout System for Retail Stores
  212. 'Consumer Reports' Satisfied that iPhone 4S Fixes Antenna Issues
  213. Australian Retailer Ready for 'Cat and Mouse' Game with Apple over Galaxy Tab Sales
  214. Settlement Reached in Lawsuit over Frayed MagSafe Connectors
  215. Work on iOS 5 Battery Issues Continues with Customer Testing, Internal Support Notices
  216. Apple Has No Plans to Support Siri on Older Devices
  217. New Case Adds Unlocked SIM Slot to Jailbroken iPhones
  218. Adobe Discontinues Development of Flash Player on Mobile Devices
  219. Apple Cutting Fourth Quarter iPhone Component Orders?
  220. Kindle Fire Seen Slowing Some Previously-Planned iPad Purchases
  221. Apple Jumps to Fourth in Greenpeace's Environmental Rankings of Electronics Companies
  222. Amazon Preparing to Take on Apple's Siri with Acquisition of Speech Recognition Firm?
  223. iPhone 4S Incorporates Revamped IR Sensor for Siri's 'Raise to Speak' Feature
  224. iOS and Android Grab 58% of U.S. Portable Gaming Revenue
  225. Steve Jobs Nominated for Time Magazine "Person of the Year"
  226. Apple Researching Integrated Speaker for iPod Nano and Shuffle
  227. Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1 to Address Battery Life Issues [Updated]
  228. Apple Store Employees Made This Music Video to Teach Customer Service Skills [Updated]
  229. Apple and Employees Give $2.6 Million to Charity Through Donation Matching Program
  230. Apple Releases MacBook Pro Firmware Update to Fix Unexpected Shutdown Issue
  231. Sprint to Lock iPhone 4S SIMs Starting November 11th
  232. iPhone 4S Launches to Long Lines in Hong Kong and South Korea
  233. Apple Begins Offering Unlocked iPhone 4S in U.S. Online Store
  234. Sony Seeking to Beat Apple in Revolutionizing Television
  235. Logitech Acknowledges Google TV Set-Top Box a 'Big Mistake'
  236. Smaller SIM Card Standard Could Be Ready Next Year
  237. Apple Continuing to Investigate iOS 5 Battery Issues
  238. Apple Once Again Deleting Developers' iTunes Match Libraries on November 12th
  239. Apple Tweaks Phil Schiller's Title: Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing
  240. Source Claims Hands-On Experience with iPhone 5 Prototype
  241. Apple Launches Worldwide Replacement Program for First-Generation iPod Nano
  242. Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3 for More iTunes Match Testing
  243. Samsung Declines to Seek iPhone 4S Ban in Korea, Wins Source Code Access
  244. iPhone 4 and 3GS Continued to Lead U.S. Smartphone Sales in Q3
  245. Apple Becomes Top Five PC Vendor in Western Europe
  246. Apple Launches iTunes Match with Release of iTunes 10.5.1 [Updated]
  247. Apple's October Mac Sales Lining Up for Record 5 Million+ Units in Quarter
  248. Siri Protocol Cracked, But Unique iPhone 4S ID Requirement Hampers Distribution
  249. A Clear Explanation of iTunes Match
  250. Apple's 15" Ultra-Thin Notebook Due in March 2012