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  1. Apple and Proview Face Off in Shanghai Court Over iPad Trademark
  2. Japanese iTunes Store Enhancements: iTunes Plus, 3G Downloads, Ringtones, Complete My Album
  3. Foxconn Accused of Hiding Underage Workers During Audits
  4. Apple and Other Mobile App Distributors Agree to New Privacy Policy Notification Standards
  5. OnLive Launches Premium 'Desktop Plus' with Flash and PDF-Enabled Web Browser
  6. Apple Seriously Considered Switching to AMD in 2011 MacBook Air
  7. Shanghai Court Denies Injunction Against iPad Sales in Proview Trademark Dispute
  8. T-Mobile USA Blames Lack of iPhone for Customer Loss in 4Q 2011
  9. iFixit Takes a Closer Look at the 'iPad 3 Retina Display'
  10. Apple Shareholder Meeting: No Dividend or Stock Split, Majority Vote Requirement for Directors
  11. Apple Acquires Chomp to Recreate App Store Search and Discovery [Update: Paid About $50 Million]
  12. Apple Readying Miniaturized Dock Connector for Future iPhones?
  13. Proview Sues Apple in U.S. Over Alleged Deception in iPad Trademark Purchase
  14. Apple Suspends iCloud/MobileMe Push Email in Germany Due to Lawsuit
  15. Flashback Trojan Returns With a Multi-Pronged Infection Strategy
  16. Apple Now Selling Brazilian-Made iPhone 4, But Pricing Remains High
  17. Apple Fans Celebrating Steve Jobs' 57th Birthday with Party at Fifth Avenue Retail Store
  18. iPhone User Awarded $850 in Judgment Against AT&T Over Throttling
  19. To Beat the Law of Large Numbers, Apple Must Expand Its Product Line
  20. Apple iBooks Copy Protection Cracked for First Time
  21. Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 Accidentally Launched, Officially Coming Monday
  22. Apple Airs New 'iCloud Harmony' Commercial
  23. Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 Now Officially Available
  24. Apple Wins Long-Term Protection from Ban on Sales of 3G-Enabled Devices in Germany
  25. More on Intel's Ivy Bridge Notebook Chip Delays [Updated]
  26. Unverified iPad 3 Rumors: Price List Suggests Price Hike Over iPad 2, Shipments to U.S. En Route?
  27. iOS 5.1 Beta Reveals Evidence of Simultaneous Development on A5X and A6 Chips
  28. AT&T Working on System to Allow App Devs to Pay for Customers' Data Usage
  29. Apple 'Working With' True Knowledge to Address Concerns Over Evi's Similarities to Siri
  30. Best Buy Preparing for iPad Updates with $50 Price Cut, Inventory Cuts
  31. Apple Reportedly Developing High-Definition Audio Format with 'Adaptive Streaming'
  32. iPad 3 Rear Shell Measures in at 9.5 mm Thick, 0.8 mm Thicker Than iPad 2
  33. Part Numbers Suggest Imminent Availability of iPad 3 and New Apple TV
  34. CNBC Claims LTE Quad-Core iPad 3 Coming at New York Media Event Next Week [Updated]
  35. Apple Issues Invitations for iPad 3 Media Event on March 7
  36. iOS Photo and Video Privacy Issues Highlighted with New Test Application
  37. Apple Considering 14-Inch MacBook Air to Focus on Asian Markets?
  38. Apple's Market Capitalization Hits $500 Billion, Stock Up 34% in 2012
  39. Thinner MacBook Pro Models in 13-Inch and 15-Inch Sizes Coming in April?
  40. Apple 'Stalling' in Replenishing Reseller Stocks of Apple TV as Shortages Hit Apple Retail
  41. MLB At Bat Goes Live for 2012 With Improved Pricing Scheme
  42. 'Apple Store' App for iOS Updated with Account Management Features
  43. 8 GB iPad 2 Coming Alongside 16 GB and 32 GB iPad 3 Next Week?
  44. Production of 7.85-Inch iPad Rumored for 3Q 2012 at the Earliest
  45. Inside Apple's New Amsterdam Retail Store
  46. iPad 3 Display Supply Constraints to Result in Early Shortages?
  47. New iPad 3 Front Glass Photos Show Black and White Options, Home Button
  48. AT&T Revamps Throttling Policy, Only Slows Unlimited Users above 3GB/Month
  49. Rumored Houston Retail Store Grand Opening Sparks Speculation of iPad 3 Launch on March 16
  50. Mac Pro Update Now Possible with New Xeon E5 Chips Next Week
  51. Apple Pushing Ahead with Plans for Subscription TV Service by Christmas?
  52. Apple's Options for North Carolina Fuel Cell Installation Point to Bloom Energy
  53. Rumors of Massive Apple Retail Store for Paris as Virgin Vacates Prime Location
  54. iPads Running iOS 6.0 at Apple's Campus Showing Up in Web Logs
  55. Apple Touts U.S. Job Creation with Claims of 514,000 Jobs Tied to its Products
  56. Banners Begin Going Up at Yerba Buena for iPad 3 Media Event
  57. iPad 3 to be Same Price and Same 16GB/32GB/64GB Sizes as iPad 2
  58. Apple's App Store Reaches 25 Billion Downloads, Now on Pace for 15 Billion Apps Per Year
  59. iPad 3 Parts Put Together on Video, iPad 2 Smart Cover Still Works
  60. App Store's 25 Billionth Download Comes From China with 'Where's My Water? Free'
  61. Production of 7.85-Inch iPad Reportedly Moving Closer as More Suppliers Named
  62. China Mobile Hits 15 Million Unofficial iPhone Users as Apple Fixes iPhone 4S Signal Issues
  63. Enhanced Smart Cover with Rear Protection for iPad 3? Glass-Backed iPhone 5 in the Works?
  64. U.S. Senator Asks FTC to Investigate Apple and Google Over Photo Uploads to Appmakers [Updated]
  65. Apple's iPad 3 Launch Putting Squeeze on Freight Shipments from China
  66. Clauses in AT&T Contracts Have Always Provided for Limits on 'Unlimited' Data Plans
  67. More Claims of 4G LTE Compatibility for iPad 3
  68. New iPad to be Called 'iPad HD' and Not 'iPad 3'?
  69. 98% of U.S. Apple Retail Stores Out of Stock of Apple TV [Updated]
  70. Adobe Releases Photoshop Lightroom 4, Slashes Price in Half to $149
  71. Apple Wins Access to Information on Android Development History and Motorola Acquisition Talks
  72. LTE Claims for iPad 3 Continue to Roll In Amid Rumors of March 16 Launch
  73. 'iTV Entertainment' Trademark Holder Seeking to Rouse Apple's Attention with Warnings over Unreleased TV Set
  74. Apple Proposing Settlements in Android Device Patent Disputes, Would Reap $5-15 Per Android Device
  75. Steve Jobs' Biographer Left Out Details on Vision for 'Next Apple TV'
  76. Testing on iOS 5.1 Golden Master Reportedly Complete Ahead of iPad 3 Launch
  77. Dual-Core A5X iPad 3 Coming Tomorrow with Multiple LTE and 3G Variants?
  78. Apple's NC Solar Farm to Utilize High-Efficiency SunPower Panels, Online as Soon as October
  79. Apple Creates a New App Store Category Called 'Catalogs' on Eve of Media Event
  80. $99 AppleCare+ for iPad Coming Alongside iPad 3?
  81. Updated Apple TV with 1080p Video Support to Maintain $99 Price Tag
  82. iPad 3 to Include Haptic Display Technology to Provide On-Screen Textures?
  83. Live Coverage of Apple's iPad 3 Media Event
  84. Video of Apple's iPad Media Event Now Available
  85. Netflix Now Offering 1080p Streaming on New Apple TV with Direct iTunes Store Account Billing
  86. Apple Boosts Over-the-Air App Store Download Limits to 50 MB
  87. iOS 5.1 Now Available with Japanese Siri, Camera Enhancements, and More
  88. First Hands-On Impressions of 'The New iPad'
  89. Apple Releases Television Commercial for 'The New iPad'
  90. Shipping Dates for New iPad Orders Begin to Slip, White AT&T Models First Hit in U.S.
  91. U.S. Government Warns Apple and Publishers of Antitrust Lawsuit over e-Book Pricing
  92. Apple Using OpenStreetMap Data in iPhoto for iOS
  93. Verizon Including Mobile Hotspot in iPad Data Plans at No Additional Charge
  94. Microsoft Targeting OnLive over Windows Remote Virtualization Licensing
  95. Intuit Releases Lion-Compatible Quicken 2007 for Mac
  96. iPhone 4S Launches on China Telecom with 200,000 Pre-Orders
  97. Apple Pushing Back Initial iPad Orders in UK as Shipments to US Customers Begin
  98. Apple Investing $300 Million in Austin, Texas to Add 3,600 More Workers
  99. Improved H.264 Compression Holds Down File Sizes on 1080p iTunes Store Content
  100. iTunes in the Cloud for Movies Matches Digital Copies Included with Disc Purchases
  101. Intel Working to Boost Thunderbolt Speeds with Move to PCI-Express 3.0
  102. Apple Sells Out of iPad Launch Day Supplies in U.S. Online Store, Now Quoting March 19 Shipping
  103. International 4G iPad Models Will Work on AT&T, Not on LTE in Home Countries
  104. Apple Shutting Down iWork.com on July 31 Amid Transition to iCloud
  105. Tether Launches HTML5-Based iPhone Tethering Solution
  106. New iPad Demand is 'Off the Charts' with Initial Pre-Order Batch Sold Out
  107. Steve Jobs Discussed Potential Television Deal with CBS CEO Les Moonves
  108. Jony Ive Discusses Apple's Creative Design Processes
  109. HBO Confirms Negotiations to Allow Fox and Universal to Participate in iCloud for Movies
  110. Houston Retail Store Grand Opening Hints at 8:00 AM iPad Launch on Friday
  111. Apple Releases Safari 5.1.4 with JavaScript Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  112. U.S. Mac Customers Continue to Wait for Updated Models as New iPad Launches
  113. Apple Sued over 'Misleading' Advertising in Siri Depictions
  114. Intel Says Fiber Optic Thunderbolt Cables Coming Later This Year
  115. First Unboxing Video of 3rd Generation Retina iPad
  116. Benchmarks on Third-Generation iPad Reveal 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM
  117. Components for Apple Television Set Reportedly 'Starting to Move in Small Quantities'
  118. AT&T Announces Plans to Offer iPad Wi-Fi + 4G Beginning on March 16 [Updated: Verizon]
  119. Apple Retail Store Signage Confirms 8:00 AM Launch for New iPad on Friday
  120. Samsung Sole Supplier for Retina Display in New iPad?
  121. Anonymous Samsung Executive Claims Apple Planning to Launch Smaller iPad by End of 2012
  122. NVIDIA Issues Leading Apple to Pursue Integrated Intel Graphics for Mid-Range Notebooks?
  123. Apple Subpoenaed for Details on iOS Search Deal in Google Antitrust Investigation
  124. Sample Photos and Screenshots from 3rd Generation iPad
  125. MacUpdate Bundle: 11 Mac Apps for $49.99, Including VMWare Fusion 4
  126. Apple Officially Announces 8:00 AM Local Time Launch for New iPad on Friday, March 16
  127. Accessory Manufacturer Claims 15-Inch MacBook Air Coming in April
  128. iTunes 1080p Content Comes Close to Blu-ray Quality, But Can't Quite Match
  129. New iPads Begin Showing Up in Third-Party Retailers' Stockrooms Ahead of Friday's Launch
  130. Another New iPad Surfaces in Hong Kong with Sample Video and Graphics Benchmarks
  131. 3rd Generation iPad Reviews: Retina Display "Stunning", LTE Speeds Impressive
  132. Some U.S. Pre-Orders of New Apple TV Arriving a Day Early
  133. Apple Retail Stores Begin Prepping for iPad Launch as First Third-Party Retailers Open
  134. Apple Share Price Hits $600, Just One Month After Hitting $500
  135. FaceTime Video Calls Still Limited to Wi-Fi as LTE iPad Rolls Out
  136. Teardown of New iPad Reveals Samsung Retina Display, Qualcomm MDM9600 Wireless Chip
  137. Walmart to Offer New iPad Beginning at 12:01 AM Local Time
  138. Apple Lists Retina-Enabled Apps for New iPad
  139. 3rd Generation iPad Launches Around the World
  140. Slimmer 13-Inch and 15-Inch MacBook Pros Reportedly in Production
  141. New Verizon iPad Runs on AT&T 3G Networks with AT&T Micro-SIM
  142. 'This American Life' Retracts Show on Foxconn Working Conditions over Fabricated Claims
  143. New iPad Using Same Camera Sensors Found in Older Products
  144. A5X Chip Floorplan Reveals Significant Space Required for Quad-Core Graphics
  145. OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 Seeded to Developers
  146. Apple Adds iCloud Safari Tab Syncing to OS X Mountain Lion Preview 2
  147. OS X Mountain Lion Apps Now Ask Permission to Access Contacts
  148. Teardown of New Apple TV Reveals Same 8 GB Flash Storage, Bump to 512 MB RAM
  149. Apple to Host Conference Call Monday Concerning its Near $100 Billion Cash Balance
  150. Apple Announces Plans to Initiate Dividend and Share Repurchase Program
  151. New iPad Launches to 'Record Weekend' in Sales
  152. Sharp to Begin Retina Display Shipments for New iPad
  153. AT&T Announces Single-Day Record for iPad Sales and Activations
  154. FAA Taking a 'Fresh Look' at Digital Device Use During Takeoff and Landing
  155. DisplayMate Praises New iPad Screen Sharpness and Color
  156. New iPad Graphics and Processor Benchmarks: iPad 2, NVIDIA Tegra 3
  157. New iPad Sales Top 3 Million in Under 4 Days
  158. New iPad Runs About 10 Degrees (F) Hotter than iPad 2 [Updated]
  159. WDC My Book Thunderbolt Duo Drive Pricing and Shipping Announced
  160. 'iTunes Producer 2.6' Appears in OS X Software Update
  161. Apple Responds to Heat Complaints on New iPad
  162. New iPad Uses Retina Graphics When Running iPhone Apps
  163. Consumer Reports Finds New iPad Gets Warm, Can't Charge Under Heavy Loads
  164. Microsoft Barring Many of its Employees from Buying Apple Products with Company Funds?
  165. Apple Still Fighting for Smaller SIM Card Standard for Future iPhones
  166. Content Providers and App Developers to Subsidize LTE/3G Bandwidth Costs?
  167. China Surpasses U.S. iOS and Android Activations For First Time
  168. 'Air Display' to Let You Use the New iPad as a HiDPI 'Retina' Display for Your Mac
  169. iPhoto for iOS Hits 1 Million Users in 10 Days
  170. Zynga Buys 'Draw Something' Maker OMGPOP for $200 Million
  171. Netflix App Updated With Retina Artwork, HD Streaming to Come
  172. Questionable Claims of a 4.6" Screen on Next iPhone, But 4" Screen Still Seems Very Possible
  173. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Available for Free Public Beta
  174. Apple Patent Shows Self Configuring iPhone as a Universal TV Remote
  175. RIM's BlackBerry Loses Top Spot to iPhone in its Home Canadian Market
  176. New iPad Notes: Battery Charging at 100%, Safari Scaling Images
  177. Sony's 'Music Unlimited' On Demand Music Service Coming to iOS
  178. Congressmen Send Inquiries to 34 App Developers Over Privacy Practices
  179. Address Bar Security Issue Found in iOS 5.1 Safari
  180. New iPad Launching in 25 More Countries on Friday
  181. 'Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition' Coming to iPad
  182. Best Buy Sells Almost as Many iPhones as Apple Retail
  183. Samsung's VP for Design Offended by Apple's Allegations of Copying
  184. Apple Stock Trading Halted Briefly on Sudden 9% Drop
  185. HiDPI Retina Images in Mountain Lion, Already Functional in OS X Lion
  186. Next iPhone Coming Fall 2012 with LTE, 3.5-Inch Screen
  187. Dutch Committee Proposes to Build Steve Jobs' iPad-Equipped Classroom
  188. Developer Sees Quick Adoption of iOS 5.1 Amongst Users
  189. Former Apple TV Engineer Claims New Apple TV Interface Discarded 5 Years Ago [Updatedx2]
  190. Apple Begins Rejecting Apps for Using the Unique Device Identifier (UDID)
  191. Reselling Apple Products on Launch Day: "This whole game is over"
  192. 83-Year Old Suing Apple After Walking into Glass Doors at Retail Store
  193. Tim Cook Shows Up in Beijing, Reportedly Meeting with Carrier Partners
  194. Apple Offers Royalty-Free Patent Licenses to Push Proposed Nano-SIM Standard
  195. More iPad Battery Notes: 25-Hour Hotspot Life, 2-Amp Current Draw from Discharged State
  196. Apple's 25 Billion App Download Contest Winner Flown to Beijing for Award Ceremony
  197. 87% of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri Each Month
  198. Australian Regulators Targeting Apple Over '4G' Marketing Claims on New iPad
  199. Foxconn and Sharp Enter Partnership to Advance LCD Technology
  200. Sprint's Deal with Apple Allows Carrier to Offer LTE iPhone Should One Debut
  201. Apple Explains New iPad's Continued Charging Beyond 100% Battery Level
  202. Apple Offers iPad Refunds to Australian Customers Misled about 4G
  203. Why a 7.85" Screen for the Rumored 'iPad Mini' Makes Sense
  204. Official Complaints Over '4G' Marketing of New iPad Taking Hold in Europe
  205. Ivy Bridge Quad-Core Desktop and Mobile Processors Reportedly Launching on April 29
  206. Apple CEO Tim Cook Meets with Beijing Mayor, Chinese Vice Premier During Visit
  207. Steve Jobs Contacted Siri Just Three Weeks After App's Initial Launch, Disliked the Name
  208. Analyst Speculation Points to 2013 for Launch of Apple Television Set
  209. 51% of US Households Own An Apple Product
  210. Apple Releases iTunes 10.6.1 Update
  211. Apple Ramping Up Production of 13" and 15" Next Gen MacBook Pros
  212. $15 iPhone 4 Antenna Settlement Claims Now Being Accepted
  213. Apple CEO Tim Cook Tours Foxconn iPhone Production Facility in China
  214. Apple's Largest Retail Store Yet Coming to Dalian, China?
  215. Android and iPhone Own Nearly The Entire U.S. Smartphone Market
  216. Apple's Patent War Against Android May Lead to Settlements Under Tim Cook's Influence
  217. Fair Labor Association Reaches Agreement with Foxconn on Working Hours and Pay
  218. 'Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition' Also Coming to Mac
  219. Apple Clarifies Warranty Coverage Options for Customers in European Union
  220. Foxconn Workers Express Concern Over Reduced Overtime
  221. Vote on Nano-SIM Standard Delayed Amid Continued Disagreements
  222. Apple Complies with iPad '4G' Marketing Ruling in Australia, Faces New Complaint in Norway
  223. Settlement over e-Book Pricing to Undo Apple's Agency Model for Pricing?
  224. iPad Hungry Hungry Hippos and Other April Fools for 2012
  225. Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Indie Film "Jobs"
  226. Apple Increases iAd Payout to Developers to 70%
  227. Apple Increases Work Scheduling Commitments for Retail Store Employees
  228. New iPad Garners 98% Satisfaction Rating, Tops 'Consumer Reports' Rankings
  229. Apple to Utilize Anti-Reflective Glass in Next-Generation iMac?
  230. Apple Has Worked on a Physical Game Controller for iPhone
  231. 'Air Display' Updated to Support HiDPI OS X Mode on New iPad
  232. Foxconn Recruiter Claims Hiring Spree Boosting Production for June iPhone 5 Launch
  233. Apple to Announce 2Q 2012 Earnings on April 24
  234. Analysts Look Toward $1000 Share Price, $1 Trillion Market Cap for Apple
  235. Android Tops 50%, iOS Hits 30% in U.S. Smartphone Installed User Base
  236. One-Third of U.S. High School Students Now Own an iPhone
  237. Ashton Kutcher Believes Steve Jobs Role Meant for Him
  238. nTelos Wireless to Launch iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with $50 Discounts on April 20 [Updated: Other Carriers]
  239. Sprint's Existing Unlimited Data Plans to Include LTE
  240. FileMaker Pro 12 Adds New 'Starter Solutions' and Broadens iOS Integration
  241. Broad Rollout of iPhone to Small U.S. Carriers Coming on April 20
  242. Google's Larry Page Claims Steve Jobs' War on Android Was 'For Show'
  243. Apple Sends Out Refund Information to Australian iPad Customers
  244. Apple Replacing and Investigating New iPads with Wi-Fi Problems
  245. Apple Does Have a 7.85″ iPad in their Labs
  246. 600,000 Macs Worldwide Reportedly Infected by Flashback Trojan
  247. Apple Gains Certification to Sell Brazilian-Assembled iPad 2, New iPad Certification Pending
  248. Apple Apparently Reached Settlement over Search for Lost Prototype iPhone 4S
  249. Walter Isaacson Says Jobs' Rage Over Android Was Real
  250. LaCie Hub Now Shipping, Connects eSATA Drives via Thunderbolt