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  1. Apple Sends Emailed Apologies for iCloud Outage
  2. Apple 'Blown Away' by iPhone 5 Pre-Orders
  3. Apple's New iPhone 5 Has 1GB of RAM
  4. iPhone 5 Benchmarks Appear in Geekbench Showing a Dual Core, 1GHz A6 CPU
  5. First iPhone 5 Orders Have Begun Shipping, Line Begins at 5th Avenue Apple Store
  6. iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Set New Sales Record for AT&T
  7. Apple Announces Over Two Million iPhone 5 Pre-Orders in First Day of Sales
  8. Retina MacBook Pro Users Still Complaining of Image Persistence
  9. iPhone 5 Sales Predicted to Hit 8 Million Units in Launch Weekend
  10. Some Experiencing Delays and Failures When Sending iMessages [Update: Fixed]
  11. Apple's Stock Price Breaks Through $700, Sets New All-Time Records for Price and Market Cap
  12. Five New Apple Retail Stores Opening for iPhone 5 Launch Week
  13. AT&T to Face Net Neutrality Complaint Regarding FaceTime Over Cellular Limitation
  14. Overview of Apple's A6 Chip Development and Future Plans
  15. First iPhone 5 Unboxing Photos Reveal Packaging Layout and EarPods Travel Case
  16. Apple's EarPods Receive the Teardown Treatment
  17. First iPhone 5 Reviews: Thinner, Lighter, LTE "Stunningly Fast"
  18. Shipping Estimates for New iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Through Apple Slip to 3-4 Weeks
  19. iPhone 5 Javascript Benchmarks Over Twice as Fast
  20. Apple's Entire Design Team Travels to London for Award Acceptance
  21. iPhone 5 Component Costs Estimated to Begin at $199
  22. Hands-On Video with 'iPad Mini' Physical Mockup
  23. Time Warner Willing to Cede Control of User Interface in Potential Deals for Apple TV Products
  24. First iPhone 5 Unboxing Videos Posted as Reports of Premature Deliveries Begin
  25. Apple Releases iOS 6 with New Maps App, Facebook Integration, Siri Improvements, and More
  26. Apple Releases OS X 10.8.2 with Facebook Integration and Game Center
  27. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Updated for MacBook Pro Retina Display
  28. iPhone 5 Hits Grey Market in Hong Kong Starting at $1100
  29. Roundup of iOS 6 Launch Day News and Reviews
  30. Samsung Preparing to Add iPhone 5 to U.S. Patent Lawsuit
  31. Apple's New iOS 6 Maps App Drawing Significant Criticism
  32. Apple Purchases 200 Acres for Second Solar Farm Near North Carolina Data Center
  33. First iPhone 5 Teardown Surfaces Ahead of Official Launch
  34. Swiss Federal Railways Says Apple Copied Its Iconic Railway Clock
  35. French Union Calls for Apple Retail Store Employee Strike Coinciding with iPhone 5 Launch
  36. iPhone 5 Lines Lengthening as First Launches Approach
  37. Google Said to Have Already Submitted Native iOS Maps App to Apple [Updated]
  38. Apple Issues Statement Over Day 1 'Maps' Glitches, Maps Team Reportedly Under Lockdown to Fix Issues
  39. iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 5 As It Goes On Sale in Australia
  40. iPhone 5 Goes on Sale Around the World, First Impressions
  41. iPhone 5 Now on Sale in the U.S.
  42. Black iPhone 5 Anodized Aluminum Susceptible to Scratching?
  43. Hundreds of iPhone 5 Units Stolen on Eve of Launch
  44. iPhone 5 (vs Samsung Galaxy S3) Drop Tests Show Very Durable Device and Screen
  45. Best Buy Delays iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Up to 28 Days, Walmart and Sam's Club Also Seeing Delays
  46. East Coast Sprint iPhone Inventories are "Seriously Constrained"
  47. Early iPhone 5 Purchases Trend Toward iPhone 4S Upgraders and Black Models Amid Long Lines
  48. Verizon iPhone 5 Confirmed to Be Unlocked on GSM 3G Networks
  49. Apple's A6 Chip Confirmed to Carry Triple-Core Graphics
  50. Apple Introduces Four Television Spots for the iPhone 5
  51. 'Late' iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Being Delivered Early
  52. Apple Actively Recruiting Ex-Google Maps Employees
  53. Reports of Slow and Inconsistent Wi-Fi Connections on Some iPhone 5 Devices
  54. iPhone 5 Sales Top Five Million in Launch Weekend
  55. Apple Notifies Former MobileMe Customers of Impending iCloud Storage Downgrade
  56. Analyst Says Perhaps Millions of iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Still in Transit, Not Included in Announced Sales
  57. Riot Shuts Down Foxconn Plant, Impact on iPhone 5 Production Unclear
  58. Apple Releases 5.1 Update for 2nd and 3rd Generation Apple TV
  59. Verizon Leaving iPhone 5 SIM Slots Unlocked as Required by FCC Network Access Regulations
  60. Apple to Launch Personal Pickup for iPhone 5 Tonight
  61. AuthenTec Said to Cut Off Non-Apple Fingerprint Sensor Customers in 2013
  62. How To Report a Problem With iOS 6 Maps Data
  63. Apple Flooded with iCloud Password Reset Requests Amid Tightened Account Security Controls
  64. DisplayMate Rates iPhone 5 Screen as "Best Smartphone Display" They've Seen
  65. Google Has Not Yet Submitted a Google Maps App to Apple [Update]
  66. Tight iPhone 5 Supplies Linked to In-Cell Display Technology
  67. Phil Schiller Says iPhone 5 Scratching 'Normal' for Any Aluminum Product
  68. Teardown of Apple's A6 Chip Reveals Manual Layout of Custom Dual-Core CPU
  69. Apple's Lightning Connector Uses Adaptive Technology to Dynamically Assign Pin Functions
  70. Apple Reportedly Had Over a Year Left on Maps Contract with Google
  71. Apple Sourcing Carbon Fiber Components for Upcoming Product?
  72. Google's Work Toward Standalone iOS Maps App Complicated by Integration with Google Earth
  73. Apple Reportedly Sourcing Thinner Components for 2013 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
  74. Apple's Split with Google Over iOS Maps Driven by Turn-by-Turn Navigation Dispute
  75. iPhone 5 Battery Life May Be Impacted Greatly by Cellular Signal Strength
  76. Apple Researching Flexible iPhone Displays with Under-Surface Speakers, Tactile Feedback, Laser Microphones
  77. iPhone 5 Costs Roughly $0.41 Per Year to Charge
  78. iPhone 5 Launches in 22 Countries and a Number of Rural Carriers Friday
  79. Mac Game Store Launches Steam-Like Digital Download App
  80. Netflix for iOS Updated to Support the iPhone 5's Widescreen
  81. Tim Cook Publishes Open Letter on Maps for iOS 6
  82. Sharp Now Producing 'Adequate Volumes' of iPhone 5 Display
  83. Apple's Pandora-Killer Delayed Over Song Licensing Negotiations
  84. Apple Launches New App Store Feature Section for Alternative Maps
  85. Another iPad Mini Physical Mockup on Video
  86. Apple Releases Carrier Update for Verizon iPhone 5 to Reduce Inadvertent Cellular Data Usage
  87. Widespread iTunes and App Store Terms and Conditions Bug Preventing New Purchases and Downloads [Update: Resolved]
  88. Verizon iPhone 5 Customers Will Not Be Charged for Inadvertent Cellular Data Usage Issue
  89. European Union Requesting Examinations of Apple's Warranty Advertising Practices
  90. European Union Requesting Examinations of Apple's Warranty Advertising Practices
  91. Tim Cook Thanks Apple Employees for Outstanding 2012 with Extended Thanksgiving Vacation Time
  92. Apple's iPad Mini Media Event Invitations Going Out October 10?
  93. Apple's Ping Social Network Officially Closes
  94. Apple's iOS Developer Guidelines Now Targeting Third-Party App Discovery and Promotion Tools
  95. 'iPad Mini' Production Reportedly Underway in Brazil
  96. Apple and Virgin Mobile USA Planning to Launch iPhone 5, But Timeframe Unknown
  97. Apple Removes Chomp Website and App, Shuts Down Existing App Installs
  98. Apple to Announce 4Q 2012 Earnings on October 25
  99. Samsung Requests to Add iPhone 5 to U.S. Patent Lawsuit
  100. Previously Untold Recollections of Steve Jobs: 'Scuffgate' 2004, 'Hide the Porsches', and More
  101. Photos of Purported 'iPad Mini' Parts Include Rear Shell and Front Panel
  102. Steve Jobs Envisioned the iPad in 1983
  103. Apple Reportedly Working with Australian Firm Microlatch on Fingerprint Recognition
  104. Wall Street Journal: Apple Has Begun Mass Production of the iPad Mini
  105. Apple Turning to Select Retail Store Employees to Help Improve Maps for iOS 6
  106. Apple Keeping Tight Control Over Lightning Connector, Requiring Approval of Third-Party Factories
  107. Tim Cook Faced an 'Insurrection' Following Announcement of Bob Mansfield's Retirement
  108. Insiders Detail Steve Jobs' Role in Apple's Mapping Effort, Desire to Replace Google as iOS Search Engine
  109. Fortune 500 Company Urging Employees Not to Upgrade to iOS 6 Over Exchange Bug
  110. Third-Party Thunderbolt Docking Stations Remain Vaporware as Shipping Dates Pushed Back
  111. Starbucks Adds Passbook Support to Its iPhone App
  112. Google Adds Street View to Web-Based Google Maps for Mobile Devices
  113. 'iPad Mini' Launch Supplies Reportedly Challenged by Component Yield Issues
  114. Apple Releases OS X 10.8.2 Supplemental Update with Japanese Character, Safari and Other Bug Fixes
  115. Apple Marks One-Year Anniversary of Steve Jobs' Death
  116. Apple Preparing to Begin Shipping Fifth-Generation iPod Touch to Customers
  117. Apple's 3D Maps and Imagery See Incremental Improvements
  118. Foxconn Workers Reportedly Strike over iPhone 5 Quality Control Demands
  119. New iPad Shows Up in App Analytics Running A6-Based Chip
  120. Apple Gives Additional Year of Increased iCloud Storage to Former MobileMe Members
  121. Apple Publicly Responds to Complaints of Purple Lens Flare on iPhone 5 Photos
  122. Apple's Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter Begins Shipping
  123. Component Suppliers Say Apple Has Ordered Parts for 10 Million 'iPad Minis' in 4Q 2012
  124. Average Wait Time for Mac App Store App Reviews Rising Significantly
  125. An Inside Look at Apple's Role in the Patent Industry
  126. Lodsys Offers Update on In App Purchase Patent Dispute, Claims Licensing Momentum
  127. New iPod Touch and iPod Nano Begin Shipping, Photos and Benchmarks Posted
  128. Next Round of iPhone 5 Launches Coming October 26 with India and Malaysia?
  129. Apple's Lightning Authentication Reportedly Cracked, Unauthorized Third-Party Cables Coming
  130. 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Reportedly Still on Track for 4Q 2012 Launch
  131. 'iPad Mini' Design Change Halts Production by Case Manufacturers?
  132. Apple's Rumored Carbon Fiber Part Shipments Said to Be Result of Multi-Year Partnership
  133. iPhone Usage Among U.S. Teens Hits 40% as iPad Continues to Gain Traction
  134. iPad to Be Updated with UK 4G LTE Support, iPad Mini to Be Wi-Fi Only?
  135. Increased iPhone 5 Quality Control Standards to Address Scratches Slowing Production
  136. Microsoft's Czech Unit Reportedly Confirms Office for iOS Coming in March 2013 [Updated]
  137. Reviews of the Fifth-Generation iPod Touch and Seventh-Generation iPod Nano
  138. Apple Hits New High with 13.6% Share of U.S. PC Shipments in 3Q 2012, Lenovo Captures Worldwide Title
  139. Apple Posts New iPod Television Ad: 'Bounce'
  140. Japanese Carrier SoftBank Close to Acquiring Sprint?
  141. iFixit Tears Down Apple's Fifth-Generation iPod Touch
  142. Appeals Court Overturns Sales Ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  143. Apple's Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter Torn Apart, Reveals Several Chips and Copious Glue
  144. Apple Hires Key Chip Designer from Samsung
  145. Apple's 'iPad Mini' Media Event Reportedly Scheduled for October 23
  146. Apple Licenses Swiss Railway Clock Design for iPad's iOS 6 Clock App
  147. Apple Reportedly Tapping TSMC for 20-nm Quad-Core Chips with Late 2013 Production
  148. Chitika: iPhone 5 Passes Samsung Galaxy S III in Web Usage
  149. iPad Mini Event Said to Focus on iBooks
  150. Apple Expands Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Program for 2009-2011 iMacs
  151. Photos of 'iPad Mini' Battery Reveal 16.7 Watt-Hour Capacity
  152. 2012 iMac Said to Carry Thinner Design, Alleged Internals Photo Surfaces
  153. Japanese Carrier Softbank Buys Controlling Interest in Sprint
  154. Google Maps for iOS in Alpha Testing, Partial Screenshots and Details
  155. 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro to Launch Alongside iPad Mini in October
  156. Apple and Samsung Moving into 'Hate-Hate' Relationship
  157. AU Optronics Reportedly Making up Ground on 'iPad Mini' Display Production
  158. More Claims of 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Coming at Next Week's Media Event
  159. 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Said to Carry 'Unprecedented' Battery Design, Same Port Layout as 15-Inch Model
  160. Apple to Launch New Mac Mini at Next Week's Media Event?
  161. Apple Retail Store to Embrace Passbook for In-Store Payments
  162. Apple Hires Former AltaVista and Amazon Search Exec to Run Siri Unit
  163. Apple's Lightning Cable Contains TI Chip 'Likely' to Have Security Features
  164. Part Numbers Reveal Apple's Plan for 24 Different 'iPad Mini' Models [Updated x2]
  165. iMac Reportedly Set to Receive Updates Next Week [Updated]
  166. EPEAT Verifies Retina MacBook Pro Eligibility for Environmental Registry
  167. Apple Issues Invitations for October 23 Media Event
  168. iFixit Tears Down the New Seventh-Generation iPod Nano
  169. Size of the Average iOS App Increased 16% in Six Months
  170. Photos of 4:3 Display from Apple's 'iPad Mini' Surface
  171. Foxconn Executive Speaks to Difficulty of iPhone 5 Assembly
  172. Rumors and Speculation of November 2 'iPad Mini' Launch Building
  173. Apple Acquires HTML5 Web Firm Particle
  174. Apple Meeting With Accessory Makers to Promote Lightning Integration
  175. Apple Reportedly Acquiring Streaming Video Firm Color Labs
  176. iPhone 5 Represented 21% of Verizon's 3.1 Million iPhone Activations in 3Q 2012
  177. Apple Loses Appeal on UK Ruling Requiring Ads Acknowledging Samsung Did Not Infringe iPad Design
  178. Apple Opening Massive New Beijing Retail Store This Weekend
  179. New iMac and Mac Mini Models to Retain Current Pricing, Add 8 GB RAM Module Options
  180. Apple's Color Labs Acquisition Involves Only Color's Engineering Team
  181. EPEAT Defends Verification of Ultrathin Notebooks for Environmental Registry
  182. Apple Begins Construction on First Phase of Oregon Data Center
  183. 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Pricing to Start at Roughly $1699
  184. Rumors Continue to Point to November 2 Launch Date for 'iPad Mini'
  185. MacRumors Roundups for iPad Mini, 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini
  186. New Photos of 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Show Battery Layout, Ports, and More [Updated]
  187. Tweaked Full-Size iPad with Lightning Connector Coming Next Week
  188. 'iPad Mini' Pricing to Begin at Approximately $329
  189. California Theatre Decorated In Anticipation of Apple's Media Event
  190. Samsung to Cease Providing LCD Panels to Apple in 2013
  191. Apple's 'iPad Mini' to Strengthen Education Presence Alongside iBooks 3.0
  192. Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1 with Fixes for Keyboard Screen Glitch, Camera Flash Issues, and More
  193. Paid iBookstore Content Going Live in New Zealand and 17 Latin American Countries
  194. Apple's Focus on Product Secrecy Thwarted by its Massive Supply Chain
  195. New Full-Sized iPad to Have Upgraded FaceTime Camera?
  196. Apple to Stream Live Video of 'iPad Mini' Media Event to Apple TV
  197. Apple's 'Rubber Banding' Patent Key to Samsung Lawsuit Preliminarily Invalidated
  198. Four New Lightning Adapters, Higher-Power iPad Power Adapter Coming Today
  199. 'iPad Mini' Media Event Also Streaming via Apple's Website
  200. 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Starts at 128 GB Flash Storage, Mac Mini Goes Quad-Core
  201. 'iPad Mini' Name Confirmed by Smart Cover Part Descriptions
  202. Live Coverage of Apple's iPad Mini Media Event [Event Ended]
  203. Apple Introduces 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  204. Apple Introduces New Mac Mini With Faster Processors and Quad-Core Option
  205. Apple Announces Lighter, Thinner iMac Models with Fusion Drive
  206. First Impressions and Hands On with iPad Mini
  207. Hands On with Apple's New 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro
  208. Some Apple Retail Stores Offering 30-Day Window to Exchange iPads for New Model
  209. Apple's New 'Fusion Drive' Not a Typical Hybrid Drive
  210. Apple Releases Major Final Cut Pro X Update with Dual Viewers, Multichannel Audio Tools, RED Camera Support and More
  211. Apple Posts iPad Mini Intro, TV Ad, and Keynote Video
  212. iPhone Accounts for 77% of Smartphone Sales, 62% of All Postpaid Phone Sales at AT&T in 3Q 2012
  213. Phil Schiller Defends iPad Mini Pricing Decision
  214. Unofficial Lightning USB Cables and Adapters Launching Soon at Significant Discounts
  215. iPad Resales Jump 700-1000% Alongside Apple's Media Event
  216. Early Impressions and Benchmarks on Apple's 2012 Mac Mini
  217. Apple Posts New 'Colors' TV Ad for 13" MacBook Pro With Retina Display
  218. 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Minor Improvements in Accessibility
  219. Low Touchscreen Yields Reportedly Contributing to iPad Mini Pricing
  220. Roundup of Analyst Expectations Ahead of Q4 2012 Earnings Call
  221. Apple Targeting First Quarter 2013 Launch for Online Music Service
  222. Apple Records Q4 2012 Earnings of $8.2B on $36B in Revenue, Tops $150B in Sales for Fiscal 2012 [Call Ended]
  223. Tim Cook: iPad Mini Priced 'Aggressively'
  224. Apple Increases European App Store Pricing, Changes Some Countries to Local Currencies
  225. Music Labels Downplay Imminent Launch of New Apple Music Service
  226. Apple Store Down Ahead of iPad Mini Pre-Orders
  227. iPad Mini and 4th Generation iPad Now Available for Pre-Order
  228. Apple Posts Notice to UK Site Acknowledging that Samsung Galaxy Tab Did Not Infringe on iPad Design Because "They are not as cool"
  229. Apple Already Sold Out of Initial White iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock
  230. iPhone 5 Launch Props Up Apple's Share of Smartphone Market as Samsung Keeps Rolling
  231. iPhone 5 Launching in India and Other Countries on November 2
  232. Phil Schiller Claims Customers Aren't Asking for Built-In Blu-Ray Anymore
  233. Apple Already Preparing Some Early iPad Mini Pre-Orders for Shipment
  234. Steve Jobs' Yacht 'Venus' Launched in the Netherlands
  235. Apple Sells Out of Remaining Launch Day iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock
  236. Apple Retail Roundup: Palo Alto Store, Hurricane Sandy Preparations, Shenzhen Store
  237. Philips to Sell iOS-Controlled LED Light Bulbs Exclusively Through Apple Stores
  238. Apple Announces Management Changes: Scott Forstall and John Browett Out, Ive and Others Add Responsibilities
  239. Scott Forstall Reportedly Forced Out of Apple
  240. 4th Generation iPad Benchmarks Show 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor, 1GB of RAM
  241. 4th Generation iPad Launch Day Pre-Orders Sold Out, First iPad and iPad Mini Pre-Orders En Route
  242. Apple's Reorganization Goes Deeper Than Just Who's In Charge
  243. iTunes 11 Delayed, Will Arrive By End of November
  244. Resellers Receiving iPad Mini and iPad Shipments Ahead of Friday's Launch
  245. First iPad Mini Reviews: "Shockingly Nice to Hold", Non-Retina Display, Pricier than Rivals
  246. 4th Generation iPad Reviews: Faster, Better Camera, Lightning Port
  247. Unboxing Photos from Early iPad Mini Delivery Surface in France
  248. Apple's New Fusion Drive Works on Older Macs
  249. Apple's 'Master Negotiator and Product Resuscitator' Eddy Cue Profiled
  250. Apple Sending Out iTunes Match Renewal Notices to U.S. Users