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  1. iPad Mini Confirmed to Carry Stereo Speakers
  2. Apple's 2012 Annual Report: More Employees, More Office Space, More Sales
  3. iTunes Store Now Accepting Donations for Superstorm Sandy Relief
  4. Apple Ordered to Alter Website Statement Acknowledging Samsung Galaxy Tab Did Not Infringe on iPad Design
  5. iPad Mini Teardown Reveals Samsung Display Driver, A5 Chip, Stereo Speakers
  6. Bob Mansfield's Return to Apple Reportedly Influenced by Scott Forstall's Departure
  7. Apple Releases iOS 6.0.1 with Fixes for Keyboard Screen Glitch, Camera Flash Issues, and More
  8. iPad Mini Ships with Same 5-Watt Power Adapter Bundled with iPhones
  9. Apple Seeds First iOS 6.1 Beta to Developers
  10. iPad Mini Confirmed to Run 32-Nanometer A5 Chip from Samsung
  11. Official iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad Sales Begin in New Zealand
  12. Teardown of Fourth-Generation iPad Reveals LG Display, A6X Chip, Lightning Connector
  13. iPad Mini Launch Attracting Shorter Lines on Launch Day
  14. iPad Mini Survives Dunk Test, Cracks in Drop Tests but Still Functions
  15. Emoji Apps No Longer Welcome in App Store Following Native iOS 6 Support
  16. Apple Removes UK Website Statement Regarding Galaxy Tab Design, Publishes Newspaper Acknowledgement
  17. Apple Loses 'iPhone' Name Rights in Mexico over Phonetic Similarity [Updated]
  18. Nexus 10 Reviews Hit the Web as Fourth-Generation iPad Sales Begin
  19. iPad Mini Sells Out in Two Hours at Apple's Flagship Fifth Avenue Retail Store
  20. Apple's New A6X iPad Chip Adopts PowerVR SGX 554MP4 Graphics
  21. Apple Begins Running iPad Mini 'Piano' TV Ad
  22. Apple Sells Three Million iPads and iPad Minis in Opening Weekend
  23. iOS 6.1 to Add Siri-Based Movie Ticket Purchases via Fandango
  24. iPad Mini Component Costs Estimated to Begin at $188
  25. Apple Posts Revised Samsung Apology on UK Website, Hides It Below the Fold
  26. Belkin Announces First Official Third-Party Lightning Accessories
  27. Google Employees Suggest Apple Approval of Google Maps App 'Unlikely'
  28. iPad Mini Display Judged 'Very Capable', But Falls Short of iPad and Android Competitors
  29. iPad's Share of Tablet Shipments Falls to 50% in 3Q 2012
  30. Apple Considering Switch From Intel Chips in Future Macs
  31. Apple's Potential Shift from Intel to ARM for Macs Not Implausible, But Faces Hurdles
  32. European Regulators Reportedly Set to Approve Apple E-Book Settlement Proposal
  33. Fourth-Generation iPad Models Now 'In Stock' at Many Online Apple Stores
  34. Microsoft Working on Gaming-Focused 'Xbox Surface' 7-Inch Tablet
  35. Early Signs of OS X 10.9 Unsurprisingly Showing Up in Web Logs
  36. Apple Accuses Samsung's Version of Android and the Galaxy Note 10.1 of Infringing Patents
  37. AU Optronics Developing Retina Display for Second-Generation iPad Mini?
  38. Microsoft Office for iOS Said to Launch in Early 2013, Offer Only Basic Functionality
  39. Apple Notifying Former MobileMe Members of New iCloud.com Email Address Options
  40. Pixar Names Main Building in Honor of Steve Jobs
  41. Apple Hit with $368 Million Judgment in VPN Patent Lawsuit from VirnetX
  42. Foxconn Chairman Admits to 'Falling Short' of iPhone 5 Demand
  43. Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue Joins Ferrari's Board of Directors
  44. Did Apple Spend $2 Billion to Bail Out Sharp?
  45. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Make Moves to Improve Coverage
  46. DC Puts All Its Comics on the iBookstore
  47. Apple Store App Updated With Siri and Gift Card Passbook Support (Theoretically)
  48. 'Nightline' Looks at Apple's Woes as Stock Declines 20% from All-Time High
  49. Apple Removes Code Hiding Samsung Court Order on UK Website
  50. Samsung Galaxy S III Estimated to Top iPhone 4S in 3Q 2012 Worldwide Shipments
  51. Modbook Pro Gains Pen, SSD, and RAM Upgrades Ahead of Launch
  52. Apple to Require 'Made for iPhone' Program Accessory Manufacturers to Meet Supplier Responsibility Code
  53. AT&T Expands FaceTime Over Cellular Access to More Customers
  54. Cellular iPad Mini and iPad Models Arriving in U.S. Thanksgiving Week, AT&T Launching November 16?
  55. Apple Posts iOS 6.0.1 Downloads for Cellular-Capable iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad
  56. Apple Donates $2.5 Million to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief
  57. iPhone 5 Coming to China in Late November or Early December
  58. Touch Recognition Issue on iPhone 5, 5th Generation iPod Touch with Rapid Diagonal Swipes
  59. Apple's Fusion Drive: Faster Performance in a Simple Consumer-Focused Package
  60. Judge Will "Consider" Questions on Jury Foreman in Samsung v. Apple Trial
  61. Apple and HTC Settle Patent Dispute, Agree to Ten Year License
  62. Apple Reportedly Paid $21 Million for Rights to Swiss Railways Clock Design
  63. Apple Airs Two New iPad Mini Television Ads, 'Photos' and 'Books'
  64. Apple to Begin Trial Production of iPhone 5S for Earlier Than Expected Launch?
  65. Samsung Reportedly Hits Apple with 20% Price Increase for iOS Device Chips
  66. Cellular-Capable iPad Pre-Orders En Route to U.S. Customers with Friday, November 16 Delivery
  67. Apple Ordered to Pay All of Samsung's Court Costs in UK Tablet Design Dispute
  68. Apple Hiring for Future Retail Stores in Brazil and Turkey
  69. Apple Seeds Second iOS 6.1 Beta to Developers
  70. Shipping Estimates for New iPhone 5 Orders Begin to Improve
  71. Apple Allowing Select Employees to Devote Time to Special Projects [Updated]
  72. Apple Features iPad Mini in New 2012 Holiday Gift Guide
  73. Cellular-Capable iPad Mini Pre-Orders Arriving in U.S. as Early as Thursday, November 15
  74. Apple Again Tops U.S. Retail Chains in Sales at $6000 per Square Foot
  75. Nokia to Launch Free Maps App with Offline Mode and Transit Directions for iOS
  76. Microsoft Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky Out Following Windows 8 and Surface Launches
  77. Scosche Announces Lineup of Lightning Charging Accessories
  78. Samsung Not Interested in Settlement with Apple over Patent Issues
  79. Samsung Denies Claims of Price Hikes for iOS Device Chip Production
  80. 4th Gen iPads With LTE Now Arriving at Apple Retail Stores
  81. Bug in iOS 6 Causes Multiple Downloads of Podcasts, Is Fixed in 6.0.1
  82. New iMac Deliveries to Be Delayed Until Early Next Year?
  83. First Pre-Orders of LTE iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad Models Arriving in U.S.
  84. JBL Launches First Lightning-Compatible Speaker Docks
  85. Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Biopic: Three 30-Minute Scenes Taking Place Before Three Product Launches
  86. U.S. Cable Companies Reportedly Assessing Potential Infrastructure Impact of 'Imminent' Apple TV Product
  87. Google Moving Closer to Submitting Maps App for iOS as Eddy Cue Works to Improve Apple's Maps
  88. Apple's Major U.S. Carrier Partners Officially Launch LTE iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad
  89. Apple Indeed Talking with Cable Operators About New TV Product, But Launch Not Imminent
  90. Apple and Google's Motorola Unit Seeking Arbitration to Resolve Patent Dispute
  91. MacLegion Bundle: 10 Mac Apps for $49.99, Including Djay, Fantastical, and Capo
  92. OS X 10.9 to Include Siri and Maps Integration
  93. AuthenTec Sells Off Embedded Security Systems, Leaving FingerPrint Technology for Apple
  94. New iMacs Still Expected to Ship in November-December
  95. Apple Posts Black Friday 'One-Day Shopping Event' Teaser
  96. Next iPad and iPhone Due in "Middle of 2013"?
  97. AAPL Surging Following Extremely Positive Analyst Comments
  98. iPad Mini Keyboard Cases Hitting the Market
  99. Facebook Rolling Out New iOS Photo Sync Feature
  100. Google to Take on Apple with Open AirPlay Alternative
  101. Nokia Launches Free Mapping Alternative for iOS: 'HERE Maps'
  102. Apple Television, iPad Mini, MacBook Air Speculation for 2013
  103. Apple Job Listing Suggests Siri Coming in 9 More Languages
  104. Kids and Adults Want iPads More Than Anything Else This Holiday Season
  105. iOS 6 Fixes iMessage "Bug" that Sends Texts to Stolen iPhones
  106. Apple Posts Two New iPhone 5 Television Ads, 'Orchestra' and 'Turkey'
  107. AT&T Seems to Be Extending FaceTime-Over-Cellular to All Customers
  108. Apple Beginning to Catch Up on iPhone 5 Demand in U.S.
  109. Artists Being Asked to Prepare for iTunes 11 Launch in "Next Days"
  110. MacMall Kicks off Black Friday 2012 Sale on Macs, iPods and iPads
  111. Best Buy Posts Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2012 Sales for iPads, Macs and iPods
  112. Apple Launches International Black Friday Sales
  113. iOS App Store and Mac Software Sales for Black Friday 2012
  114. Apple Launches Black Friday Sale in U.S. with Discounts on iPads, MacBook Pros, Airs and More
  115. Black Friday 2012: A List of Discounts on Apple Products and More
  116. Polaroid Snapshots of the First Apple Computers Ever Made
  117. Black Friday 2012: Steeper Discounts on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air
  118. Will.i.am to Launch 14 Megapixel Camera Add-on for iPhone
  119. Apple and Samsung Seek to Extend Infringement Claims in Second U.S. Patent Lawsuit
  120. Cyber Monday 2012: Zagg, Belkin, Hex3, BestBuy, Macs and More
  121. Apple Acquired 'Lightning' Trademark from Harley-Davidson
  122. iTunes Digital Gift Cards Now Available Through Facebook
  123. New iMacs to Go On Sale as Early as Tuesday?
  124. New iMacs Go on Sale Friday, November 30
  125. Siri 'Eyes Free' Mode Coming to Chevrolet Spark and Sonic in Early 2013
  126. Apple Reportedly Retakes U.S. Smartphone Sales Lead from Android on iPhone 5 Strength
  127. Apple Fires Manager Responsible for Maps as Eddy Cue Turns to Outsiders for Help
  128. Build-to-Order Pricing for New iMac Models Revealed
  129. OS X 10.8.3 Beta Contains Drivers for AMD Radeon 7000-Series Graphics Cards
  130. New Apple Print Ads Feature iPad Mini and Newsstand
  131. New iMac and iPad Mini to Be in Short Supply Until 2013
  132. Photoshop CS6 Retina Display Support Coming on December 11?
  133. Will.i.am Introduces iPhone Camera Accessory with Slide-Out Keyboard
  134. Intel Reports Fix Coming for Flickering on Monitors Connected to 2012 Mac Mini via HDMI
  135. Apple Plans New Santa Clara Campus
  136. iTunes 11 to Launch as Soon as Thursday?
  137. Scott Forstall Deserved to be Ousted from Apple Says Former Apple Exec
  138. iPhone 5 Receives Final Regulatory Certification in China
  139. 'Speculation is Heightening' for Potential T-Mobile USA iPhone Announcement Next Week
  140. Inside an Unofficial Third-Party Lightning Connector Production Facility
  141. AppleCare Representatives Receiving Prerelease Builds of iTunes 11 Ahead of Public Launch
  142. Apple Releases iTunes 11 with Simplified Player, Redesigned Store, and More
  143. Apple to Begin Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 Models in U.S. as Soon as Later Today
  144. Roundup of Changes in iTunes 11: 'Expanded View', No Cover Flow, 'Up Next' and More
  145. Microsoft Details Surface Pro Pricing Amidst Reports of Poor Sales of RT Version
  146. Griffin Launching Official Lightning Connector Cables Next Week
  147. Apple and Starbucks Partner for (Product) Red Gift Cards
  148. Apple Now Selling Unlocked GSM iPhones in the U.S.
  149. New iMac Unboxing Video and Teardown Photos
  150. New iMac Now Available to Order in the U.S.
  151. Apple Announces December Launches for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and Fourth-Generation iPad in China
  152. Apple Must Approve Carrier LTE Networks Before Allowing iPhone 5 to Connect to Them
  153. New iMac Benchmarks Show 10-25% Improvement Over Previous Generation
  154. Early iMac Reviews Praise Design and Display Enhancements
  155. Tim Cook to Be Profiled on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams Next Week
  156. Apple Again Recognizes World AIDS Day Online and In-Store
  157. Apple Overtakes LG to Become No. 2 Mobile Phone Maker in U.S.
  158. Teardown of New 21.5-inch iMac Reveals Glued Down LCD and Dual Microphones
  159. iPhone 5 Coming to More Than 50 New Countries in December
  160. News Corporation Shutting Down Digital Newspaper 'The Daily'
  161. Intel Looking to Cut Power Consumption on Future Ivy Bridge Chips
  162. Apple Seeds Third iOS 6.1 Beta to Developers
  163. Apple 'Hard at Work' on Next Version of Logic Pro
  164. iTunes Music Store Going Live in Russia and Turkey
  165. Apple Hiring Former Texas Instruments Engineers in Israel
  166. First Official Press Shot of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Released, 'jOBS' to Premiere at Sundance
  167. iTunes Music Store Launches in 56 New Countries, Movies Arrive in Four
  168. Qualcomm Investing in Sharp to Push IGZO Display Technology Forward
  169. Latest WebKit Builds Address Browser Scrolling Performance on Retina MacBook Pro Models
  170. Apple Lifts Two-Per-Customer Order Limit on iPhone 5
  171. Apple Doubling Size of Fuel Cell Facility at North Carolina Data Center
  172. Apple Updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and iOS
  173. Google Updates YouTube for iOS App, Adds iPad, AirPlay, iPhone 5 Support
  174. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Says Apple and Google Will Resolve Issues 'the Adult Way'
  175. First Claimed Images of iPhone 5S Rear Shell Surface
  176. Upcoming iTunes 11 Update to Restore Duplicate Search, Fix Album Art and Movie Streaming Bugs
  177. Deals for Apple Custom Radio Service 'Nowhere Near to Being Completed'
  178. Casio Announces 'Bluetooth Low Energy' Enabled G-Shock Smart Watch
  179. Record AT&T Smartphone Sales Bode Well for iPhone in 4Q 2012
  180. Apple Bringing Some Mac Production Back to U.S. in 2013
  181. Tim Cook: 'Intense Interest' in Redefining the Television Experience
  182. Tim Cook: Management Shakeup Indeed Driven by Desire for Increased Collaboration
  183. Foxconn Planning U.S. Expansion Alongside Apple's Push for Domestic Mac Production
  184. T-Mobile USA to Begin Selling Apple Products in 2013
  185. Apple's Free 12 Days of Christmas App Now Live for International Customers
  186. T-Mobile USA to Cease Offering Subsidized Device Pricing Options in 2013
  187. Tim Cook: I've Given Up Physical Keyboards, Use iPad "80% of the Time"
  188. Tim Cook Speaks About Apple Maps, Samsung, and Apple's Future in TV Interview with Brian Williams
  189. Aerial Photos of Apple's Oregon Data Center Site
  190. Apple Now Quoting 'January' Shipping Estimates for 27-Inch iMac
  191. U.S. Patent Office Preliminarily Invalidates Apple's 'Steve Jobs Patent' on the iPhone
  192. iPhone 5 Now 'In Stock' in Apple's Online Stores for Several Countries
  193. Apple and Google Teaming Up on $500 Million Bid for Kodak Patents
  194. Apple's Initial Investment in U.S. Mac Production Estimated to Create 200 Jobs
  195. Upcoming Apple TV iOS Update to Unlock Bluetooth Keyboard Support
  196. Bose SoundDock III with Lightning Support Shipping Later This Month for $250
  197. Square Adds Passbook Integration and Gift Cards
  198. Speculation Targets Mac Pro as First "Made in USA" Mac Product
  199. Australian Police Warn Against Use of Apple Maps Due to Safety Concerns
  200. Apple's Massive New Hong Kong Store with 30-Foot Tall Glass Windows Leads Next Weekend's Grand Openings
  201. Apple Begins Preparing First 27-Inch iMac Orders for Shipment [Update: Shipping]
  202. Listings for Holiday Games and Apps Appear on Apple TV, Undoubtedly in Error
  203. Analyst Suggests iPhone 5S Could Launch in Mid-2013 with NFC, 128 GB Storage, 6-8 Colors
  204. Microsoft Leaks References to 'Office Mobile for iPhone', 'Excel for iPad' and 'PowerPoint for iPad'
  205. FTC Investigating Kids Apps Over Privacy Concerns
  206. Apple Releases Mac Mini EFI Firmware Update 1.7 to Fix Flickering on HDMI External Displays
  207. Adobe Updates Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 with Retina Display Support
  208. Apple Fixes Australian Map Error That Caused Police Warning, Issue Traced to Official Gazetteer
  209. Adobe Updates Creative Cloud with New Photoshop Features, Team Version, Digital Publishing Tools
  210. Apple and Microsoft Reportedly Facing Off Over SkyDrive In-App Subscription Revenues
  211. Apple Could Sell 13 Million Televisions According to Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty
  212. Microsoft and Apple Facing Off Over Office for iOS Subscription Revenues, Not SkyDrive
  213. Apple Testing Television Set Prototypes, 'Isn't a Formal Project Yet'
  214. First 27-Inch iMac Deliveries Now Arriving
  215. iTunes Store Movie Content Goes Live in 42 New Countries
  216. Intel's 'Haswell' Desktop Processors Detailed for Spring 2013 Launch
  217. Samsung Targets Apple Maps with New Promotional Display in Australia
  218. Matrox Launches DS1 Thunderbolt Docking Station for $249
  219. U.S. Senator Promising Legislative Action Allowing In-Air Use of Electronic Devices if FAA Doesn't Act
  220. Google to Release iOS Maps App Tonight
  221. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Says Android is 'Pretty Clearly' Winning the Mobile War with Apple
  222. Google Maps for iOS Now Live in App Store
  223. Roundup of Features in Google Maps for iOS: Better Design than Android Version, iPad Version Coming
  224. Apple Quickly Updates Malware Definitions to Detect New SMS Scam Trojan
  225. Samsung's New Strategy Chief an Apple User, Cites Ecosystem Benefits and 'Stickiness'
  226. Consumers Most Interested in Apple Products Because of Existing Ecosystem, Ease of Use
  227. Jury Rules Apple's iPhone Infringes Three Patents in MobileMedia Trial
  228. Apple's Best of the iTunes Store 2012: 'Action Movie FX' and 'Paper' Win Top App Honors
  229. Apple Expands iCloud System Status Page After Repeated Outages
  230. Apple Updates iTunes to Version 11.0.1 to Fix iTunes Match, AirPlay Bugs, Speed Up Searching
  231. Next iPad Mini to Have Retina Display?
  232. iPhone 5 Launches in 33 New Countries Including China
  233. Apple's New Causeway Bay Retail Store in Hong Kong Unveiled
  234. Walmart Offering iPhone 5 for $127, Third-Generation iPad for $399
  235. Redesigned and Expanded Third Street Promenade Apple Store Opens in Santa Monica, CA
  236. iPhone 5's First Weekend Sales in China Top Two Million
  237. Brightcove CEO Envisions His Dream Apple Television and Set-Top Box
  238. Apple Seeds Fourth iOS 6.1 Beta to Developers
  239. YouTube Launches 'Capture' App to Easily Film and Share Videos
  240. Google Maps for iOS Downloaded More than 10 Million Times
  241. Apple Reportedly in Talks for Data-Sharing Deal with Foursquare
  242. Samsung Drops Injunction Requests Against Apple in Europe
  243. Apple Now Tracking Working Hours for Over One Million Supply Chain Employees
  244. Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 Software Update for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Fixes Wi-Fi Bug
  245. Firm Launches 'IPHONE' Brand of Android Phones, Touts Trademark Ownership in Brazil
  246. Tim Cook Makes Shortlist for TIME's 2012 Person of the Year
  247. Google Launches Free Scan and Match Music Service to Compete With Apple and Amazon
  248. 'Project Azalea' - A TSMC Chip Factory Dedicated to Building Processors for iDevices?
  249. Foxconn Reportedly Testing Designs for 46-55 Inch Apple Television Sets
  250. FTC Expands COPPA to Cover Apps, Exempts 'Platforms' Like App Store and Google Play