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  1. Foxconn Says Current Hiring Freeze Due to Strong Returning Workforce, Not Waning iPhone 5 Demand
  2. Spotify's Free Streaming Music Service May Be Coming to iPhone and iPad
  3. Apple Chairman Art Levinson Speaks About Life Without Steve Jobs
  4. iPhoneDevSDK Details What Led to Apple, Facebook Hacking
  5. White House Petition Lobbies to Make Cell Phone Unlocking Legal
  6. Sony Announces PlayStation 4, Second-Screen Experience PlayStation App for iOS
  7. New Apple 'iWatch' Patent Application Reveals Slap Bracelet with Wraparound Touch-Sensitive Display
  8. Apple Hit with 'Planned Obsolescence' Lawsuit in Brazil over Fourth-Generation iPad
  9. Possible Photos of Second-Generation iPad Mini Rear Shell Surface
  10. Apple Seeds iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2 to Developers with Fix for Passcode Lock Bug
  11. MLB At Bat Updated for the 2013 Season, Local Game Video Still Blacked Out
  12. Google Introduces the Chromebook Pixel to Compete With the MacBook Air
  13. 'Post-PC Era' Predicted By Steve Jobs Taking Hold as Samsung Tops Apple in Connected Device Market
  14. New Retina MacBook Pro Processor Bumps Offer Minor 3-5% Performance Improvements
  15. Apple Working With NYPD to Track Stolen iPhones
  16. Google Glass Can Use iPhone's Data Connection Via Bluetooth
  17. FixYa Study Finds Apple Smartphones to be the Most Reliable
  18. Judge Blocks Vote on Proposal 2 at Next Week's Apple Shareholder Meeting
  19. After Meeting With Apple CFO, Analyst Believes Lower-Cost iPhone Makes Good Sense
  20. Apple Hiring 'Maps Ground Truth Data Specialist' in Australia
  21. New iPad 5 Case Consistent with Rumored Mini-Style Redesign
  22. Google Working on Subscription-Based Streaming Music Service
  23. Apple Runs New 'Hollywood' iPad Spot During the Oscars
  24. MYO Armband to Bring Gesture and Muscle-Recognition Control to Macs
  25. HP Reenters Tablet Market With $169 Android-Based 'Slate 7' as LG Acquires WebOS for TVs
  26. iPad 5 Cases with Mini-Inspired Designs Begin Hitting Chinese Marketplaces
  27. U.S. Mac Sales Surge in January as iMac Orders Pick up Steam
  28. iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2 Fixes Exploits Used for Evasi0n Jailbreak
  29. Apple Now 'More Flexible', 'Less Arrogant' Reports France Telecom CEO
  30. Apple Settles In-App Purchase Lawsuit, Offers iTunes Credits and Refunds to Parents
  31. Staples Begins Selling Apple Accessories in U.S. Online Store
  32. 'Think Different' Campaign Creator Suggests Apple Needs to Step up its Advertising Game to Counter Samsung
  33. Digital Strength Drives First Growth in Music Sales Since 1999 as File Sharing Declines
  34. Apple Stock Jumps on Rumors of Stock Split at Tomorrow's Shareholder Meeting
  35. Apple Making Moves to Sell More iPhones in India
  36. Pentagon to Open Communications Networks to Apple Devices in 2014
  37. Major League Baseball Triples Passbook Acceptance as Samsung Launches Look-alike Wallet App
  38. iTunes in the Cloud for Movies Goes Live in 11 New European Countries, Also for TV Shows in France
  39. Apple 2013 Shareholder's Meeting: Directors Reelected, Company Working on 'New Categories'
  40. Cricket/Leap Wireless Reports iPhone Sales Weaker Than Expected
  41. Pandora Limits Free Mobile Listening to 40 Hours Per Month
  42. iTunes U Hits One Billion Downloads of Free Educational Content
  43. UK Judge Who Chastised Apple Over Samsung 'Apology' Now Consulting as Patent Expert for Samsung
  44. Apple Tops Fortune's 'Most Admired Companies' List For Sixth Year Running
  45. Corning Says Devices With Flexible 'Willow Glass' Displays Unlikely to Appear for at Least Three Years
  46. iPad Mini Sales Overtaking iPad Sales Faster Than Apple Expected
  47. Apple's Polycarbonate iPhone with 4.5-Inch Display Arriving for $330 in 2014?
  48. Apple Executives and Directors Required to Hold 3x - 10x Base Salary in AAPL Stock
  49. Apple Offers Refund After British Boy Spends $2500 on In-App Purchases in 15 Minutes
  50. Analyst Says iPhone 5S and Cheaper iPhone Coming in August/September With China Mobile Support
  51. League of Legends Open Beta Lands on the Mac
  52. FCC Will Investigate U.S. Mobile Phone Unlocking Ban
  53. Apple Updates Anti-Malware Software to Block Older Versions of Adobe Flash Player Plug-in
  54. Judge Voids Nearly Half of Apple's $1 Billion Judgment Against Samsung, Calls for New Trial to Settle Revised Damages
  55. T-Mobile Attacked by AT&T in Newspaper Ad Ahead of Potential Rebranding
  56. Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter is a Full-Fledged Computer
  57. Shipping Estimates for 21.5-Inch and 27-Inch iMac Drop to 1-3 Days in US and Canada
  58. Apple's 'iWatch' Planned to Launch 'As Soon As This Year', Could Include Biosensors and Mapping Features
  59. Apple's 'iWatch' Said to Run Full iOS, but Battery Life an Issue in Prototypes
  60. Warren Buffett Says Apple Should Buy Back Stock, Ignore Einhorn's Calls for Preferred Stock
  61. Steve Jobs' 4,000-Latte Prank Order Lives On at San Francisco Starbucks
  62. Jony Ive Ordered Boxes Full of Nike Watches in the Mid-2000s
  63. Apple Building 2TB Solid State Drives for Next Mac Pro Release?
  64. New iPhones Still Expected to Launch in June/July, Fingerprint Sensor for iPhone 5S?
  65. Next-Generation iPads Due in April, iPhone 5S in August?
  66. Apple Wins Patent for Pressure-Sensitive Device Casings
  67. Google Maps for iOS Receives First Update Since Launch with Google Contacts Integration, Local Business Search
  68. iMac Shipping Estimates Improve to 'Within 24 Hours' in Apple's North American Online Stores
  69. Ferrari and Apple in Talks to Expand Relationship, iPad Mini Now Standard in FF Coupe
  70. Apple Launches $1099 21.5-Inch iMac With 3.3 GHz Dual-Core i3 Processor for Educational Institutions
  71. iPhone 5S Production Rumored to Have Begun
  72. Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine Recently Met With Apple Executives About His Subscription Music Service
  73. Mac App Bundle Sales: Parallels Desktop 8, Toast and More
  74. Samsung Takes 3% Stake in Sharp, Key Supplier of iPhone and iPad Screens
  75. Citi Analysts Suggest Apple Will Miss Its Own 2Q 2013 Revenue Forecast
  76. Apple Asks Judge to Dismiss App Store Monopoly Lawsuit
  77. Swatch CEO Says iWatch Isn't the Next Revolution
  78. Apple's Suppliers Set New High in January With 99% Compliance Rate for Working Hour Limits
  79. T-Mobile Retaliates Against AT&T's Negative Ad Campaign With New Anti-AT&T Ads
  80. Apple Makes Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share
  81. Apple and Intel Have Reportedly Discussed Deal for Production of Future iPhone and iPad Chips
  82. Apple Patent Applications Address User-to-User Resale and Lending of iTunes Store Content
  83. Phil Schiller Tweets Link to Mobile Malware Report That Slams Android
  84. Apple Reportedly Offering Half of Pandora's Royalty Rate for Streaming Music Service
  85. Facebook Updates News Feed With Inspiration from Mobile Devices, Rolling Out Over Several Weeks
  86. Apple Exploring Wireless Charging for iPhone as Early as 2013?
  87. More Claims of Apple Using Qualcomm's Snapdragon Chips for Lower-Cost iPhone
  88. Alleged Apple eBay Store Offers Better Deals than Apple Refurb Store
  89. 15-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Users Experiencing Fan Issues Related to SanDisk SSDs?
  90. Apple CEO Tim Cook 'May Testify' in E-Books Antitrust Lawsuit
  91. Tweaked Apple TV Contains Die-Shrunk A5 Chip, Not A5X
  92. Brazilian 'iPhone' Trademark Lawsuit Ends With Apple and IGB 'Close To Settlement'
  93. Early 2005 iPhone Prototype Looked More Like a Thick iPad Mini
  94. Supply Chain Indicators Point to Poor February for Apple
  95. iPhone 5S to Include Both Fingerprint Sensor and NFC?
  96. 'HiddenApps' Hides Stock Apps, iAds and More on Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices [Update: Removed]
  97. Apple Extends New TV Ad Campaign to iPhone With 'Brilliant' and 'Discover' Spots
  98. A5 Chip in Tweaked Apple TV Still Manufactured by Samsung at 32nm
  99. IDC Predicts Android Tablet Shipments Will Overtake iPad Shipments in 2013
  100. Apple Reportedly Preparing to Announce Larger Dividend or Stock Buyback
  101. 'Google Now' for iOS Promotional Video Leaks on YouTube
  102. Samsung Marketing Blitz Outpaced Apple in 2012
  103. Regional U.S. Carriers Back Efforts to Ease Mobile Phone Unlocking in Bid to Draw iPhone Users
  104. Staples Associates Training to Support iPhone, iPad, and Mac Notebook Sales by Late March
  105. Apple CEO Tim Cook Ordered to Testify in E-Books Antitrust Lawsuit
  106. Smaller A5 Chip From Tweaked Apple TV Contains Only One CPU Core, Revamped Analog Circuitry
  107. Phil Schiller Goes on Offensive Against Android and Samsung
  108. Apple Now Offering iMacs Equipped With VESA Mount Adapters as $40 Upgrade
  109. Apple and TSMC Reportedly Completing Designs for 20-nm A7 Chip With Early 2014 Availability
  110. Apple Applies for Patent on Wireless iPad Charging via Smart Cover
  111. China Mobile Announces Big LTE Push, No Progress on iPhone Negotiations
  112. Apple Offers Refurbished iPad Mini and 4th-Generation iPad for First Time
  113. Apple Releases Retina MacBook Pro SMC Update to Address Gaming Frame Rates and Fan Issues
  114. Apple Releases OS X 10.8.3 With Mac App Store Gift Card Camera Redemption and Boot Camp Enhancements
  115. Samsung Announces New Flagship Galaxy S 4 Competitor to Apple's iPhone
  116. Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Screen Ghosting on Retina MacBook Pros
  117. John Browett Reflects on Lessons From Brief Stint as Apple Retail Chief
  118. Lower-Cost iPhone Said to Use 'Super-Thin' Plastic and Fiberglass Shell in 4-6 Colors
  119. Tweaked Apple TV Offers 'Significant' but Nearly Invisible Power Savings With More Efficient Chip Designs
  120. Apple Loses Appeal in 'iPhone' Naming Rights Case in Mexico
  121. Release of Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' Delayed
  122. Supply Chain Hints Suggest Retina iPad Mini Could Debut in Second Half of 2013
  123. Apple Launches New 'Why You'll Love an iPhone' Web Campaign
  124. THX Sues Apple Over Alleged 'Narrow Profile Speaker' Patent Infringement
  125. BlackBerry CEO Says Despite a 'Fantastic Job' With iOS Design, Apple Now Lacks Innovation
  126. Geocentric App Developers Compare Apple's MapKit and Google Maps SDK
  127. Apple Adjusts Warranty Coverage in Australia to Comply With Consumer Protections Law
  128. Funny or Die Releasing 'Very Silly' Steve Jobs Movie Starring Justin Long on April 15
  129. Apple Still Seeing Strong Mac Sales Growth Amid Easing iMac Constraints
  130. Samsung Confirms Work on Smart Watch Project
  131. Apple Still Facing Criticism Over Warranty Issues in Europe as Lawsuits Spread to More Countries
  132. Los Gatos Home Built by Steve Wozniak in 1986 Hits Market for $4.5 Million
  133. Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3 With Passcode Bug Fix and Japanese Maps Enhancements, Kills Evasi0n Jailbreak
  134. Apple TV Software Updated to Version 5.2.1 with Bug Fixes, Hulu Redesign
  135. Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch Joining Apple as VP of Technologies
  136. Apple's Hiring of Kevin Lynch Questioned Amid Concerns Over His Staunch Defense of Flash
  137. Walmart Expanding 'Scan & Go' iPhone Self-Checkout to Over 200 Stores
  138. DRM Software Development Company Intertrust Files Lawsuit Against Apple for Patent Infringement
  139. iPhone 5S to Get Upgraded Camera and Processor, Could Ship to Retailers in the 3rd Quarter
  140. New 'Yontoo' Adware Trojan Targets Major Browsers on OS X
  141. Future Smartphone Displays May Use Sapphire Instead of Glass
  142. Eric Schmidt on Google Now for iOS: 'You'll Need to Discuss That With Apple' [Updated]
  143. Apple's Data Centers Now Running on 100% Renewable Energy, Corporate Facilities at 75%
  144. Apple's iCloud and iTunes Match Are Top Cloud Media Services in U.S.
  145. Apple Increases Account Security With Optional Two-Step Verification System for Apple IDs
  146. Apple Updates Podcasts iOS App With Custom Stations, Playlists, and iCloud Syncing
  147. Jony Ive Pushing for 'Flat Design' in iOS 7 Amid Greater Hardware-Software Design Collaboration
  148. Apple Will No Longer Approve Apps Using Unique Device Identifier (UDID) Beginning May 1, Must Also Support iPhone 5 and Retina Display
  149. Google Reportedly Working on Its Own Android Smart Watch
  150. Apple Blames High Australian Markups for Digital Content on Media Rights Holders
  151. Apple's Lower-Cost iPhone to Lack Retina Display?
  152. Apple's Contracts With European iPhone Carriers Examined for Potential Antitrust Issues
  153. Alleged iPhone 5S Home Button, Vibrator and Volume/Mute Flex Cable Parts Surface
  154. Apple Updates OS X Anti-Malware Definitions to Block 'Yontoo' Adware
  155. Apple Adds 'Offers In-App Purchases' Disclosure for App Store Apps [Update: Now on iOS Stores]
  156. Apple ID Security Hole Allows Password Reset With Email Address and Date of Birth
  157. Apple Acquires Indoor Mobile Location Positioning Firm WifiSLAM for $20 Million
  158. First Volume of Manga Adaptation of Steve Jobs' Biography Launches in Japan
  159. FAA Still Looking at Digital Device Use During Takeoff and Landing
  160. Chevrolet Promoting Siri 'Eyes Free' Integration for 2013 Sonic in New TV Ad
  161. Apple Launches U.S. iPhone Promotion Offering Free Next Day Shipping On All Models
  162. Tomorrow's T-Mobile 'Uncarrier' Event to Include iPhone Announcement
  163. Apple to Triple Reseller Network in India to 200 Stores by 2015
  164. T-Mobile USA to Carry iPhone Beginning April 12th, Using New 'Uncarrier' Payment Plan
  165. Analyst Predicts New iPhone 5S in June, Low-Cost iPhone in September
  166. T-Mobile's iPhone 5 Reviews: LTE Speeds Are Impressive, HD Voice Difference Notable
  167. T-Mobile's iPhone 5 is a Tweaked Model A1428 Phone with AWS Support
  168. Apple Working on 4K 'Ultra HD' Television Set for Late 2013 or Early 2014 Launch?
  169. Apple Faces Patent Lawsuit Over Siri in China
  170. First Phase of Apple's New Reno, Nevada Data Center Ready to Open
  171. Apple Expands 'Maps Ground Truth' Hiring to Rest of the World
  172. Apple Cutting iPad Mini Shipments in Q2 2013 to Prepare for Next Generation?
  173. Apple Researching iPhone Designs With Flexible Wraparound Displays
  174. Apple Launching New Final Cut Pro X Marketing Push to Win Back Professionals
  175. Callet Sues Hex and Apple Over 'Slavish Copy' of iPhone Case/Wallet Design
  176. Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor Alongside New Pro Marketing Push
  177. Apple Launches New 'Why You'll Love an iPad' Web Campaign
  178. Facebook Appears Set to Debut iPhone Competitor Built on Android on April 4
  179. Apple Hit With $530,000 Chinese Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Sales of Animated Films
  180. Best Buy Reportedly Rolling Out Dedicated Samsung Store-Within-a-Store Concept
  181. Apple Working on Dedicated iOS Game Controller? [Updated]
  182. Music Executive: 'iRadio is Coming', Apple Pushing for Summer Launch
  183. Apple Has No Plans for Dedicated iOS Gaming Controller
  184. Apple's 'iPad Mini' Trademark Application Initially Denied, but Resolution Should Be Simple
  185. Tim Cook Posts Letter to Chinese Apple Customers Announcing Changes to iPhone 4/4S Warranty Policies
  186. Happy April Fools' Day 2013: RunKeeper for iPad, iPlay Game Console, and More
  187. Court Rules Users Can't Resell Songs Bought on iTunes
  188. San Francisco DA: Apple Told Me The Next Two iPhone Models Preceded Tim Cook
  189. AT&T Will Roll Out 'HD Voice' Support Later This Year
  190. Funny or Die Releases Teaser Trailer for 'iSteve'
  191. Samsung's Exclusive Contract for iOS Device Chips Expiring in June as A7 for iPhone 6 Heads to TSMC?
  192. Apple to Announce Q2 2013 Earnings on April 23
  193. Key Claim of Apple's 'Rubber Banding' Patent Once Again Found Invalid by U.S. Patent Office
  194. T-Mobile to Release Software Update With LTE and Visual Voicemail Support for Unlocked iPhones on April 5
  195. Apple to Begin Production of Next iPhone This Quarter, Summer Launch Possible
  196. Are iTunes Links Being Downranked by Google?
  197. Facebook's iPhone Competitor Rumored to Be HTC First, Here's What It Looks Like
  198. iOS 7 Running Behind, Rumored to Have Significant Visual Makeover
  199. Analyst Claims 60-Inch 'iTV' Could Launch in Late 2013 With 'iRing' Motion Control and iPad-Like Auxiliary Screens
  200. Lodsys Targets Disney's 'Where's My Water?' and Others in New Round of Lawsuits Over In-App Purchasing
  201. SkyDrive 3.0 Appears in App Store Following Apple-Microsoft Conflict Over Subscription Options
  202. French Carrier Executive Claims Frugal Customers Hurting iPhone Sales
  203. Google Forking WebKit to Create New Web Rendering Engine for Chrome
  204. Steve Jobs' Requirements for 'Fit and Finish' Leading to Massive Cost Overruns for Apple's New Campus
  205. U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Says It's Impossible to Wiretap iMessage Conversations
  206. 'Samsung Experience Shops' Coming to 1,400 Best Buy Locations
  207. Facebook Introduces New 'Home' Screen for Android Devices, Arrives April 12th
  208. Apple Continues to Gain Smartphone Market Share in U.S.
  209. Zuckerberg: Android's Openness Offers Opportunity for 'Way Better' Experience Than iPhone
  210. Apple Close to Striking Deal with Record Labels for iRadio
  211. T-Mobile USA Begins Taking Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 Ahead of April 12 Launch
  212. Apple Updates Online Store With Touch-Friendly Navigation and Search Result Tweaks
  213. Apple to Alter VPN On Demand Behavior in iOS 6.1 and Later Due to VirnetX Lawsuit
  214. iOS 7 Concept Features Widgets, New Lock Screen, Mission Control and More
  215. T-Mobile USA Rolling Out Software Update for Existing Unlocked iPhone Customers
  216. U.S. Patent Office Withdraws Primary Objections to Apple's 'iPad Mini' Trademark Application
  217. Google Close to Acquiring WhatsApp for $1 Billion?
  218. Avid Announces Media Composer 7 and Pro Tools 11, iOS Compatible Recording Hardware
  219. Apple Hiring Software Engineer for AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor Team in Florida
  220. Intel Announces Next Version of Thunderbolt With 20Gbps Throughput Coming in 2014
  221. Rumor Suggests Replacement for Mac Pro Due in April or May
  222. Former Apple Retail Head Ron Johnson Fired as CEO of JC Penney
  223. Apple Online Store Now Offering Refurbished Current-Generation 27-Inch iMac Models
  224. Apple Notebook Refresh Expected Late This Quarter, But Only Modest Shipment Growth for 2013
  225. WhatsApp Denies Report of Talks Regarding Acquisition by Google
  226. 5th Generation iPad to Begin Production in July-August
  227. Apple Patent Watch: Offline iTunes Store Purchases, Proximity-Based Media Transfer Between Devices
  228. Google and Apple Losing Mobile Advertising Market to Publishers
  229. OS X Targeted 'OpenEmu' to Deliver Native Mac Interface to Console Emulators
  230. Nearly Half of Surveyed U.S. Teens Using iPhones, Over One-Third Using iPads
  231. iPhone 5S to Launch in August in Several Different Colors?
  232. Apple and Yahoo In Talks Over Deeper iPhone Partnership
  233. Facebook Home Reviews: For Facebook Fans Only, Addictive, Too Simple
  234. Code in OS X 10.8.4 Suggests Future Macs Will Offer 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi Support
  235. T-Mobile USA Announces Trade-In Offer for Existing iPhone Owners Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch
  236. Alleged iPad 5 Front Bezel Photos Show Narrower iPad Mini-Like Sides
  237. Apple's Removal of AppGratis From App Store Just the First Phase of Broader Crackdown
  238. More Claims of Samsung Being Cut Out of Apple's A7 Chip Development
  239. Amid Apple Campus 2 Cost Concerns, Foster + Partners Reportedly Taking on Apple Retail Store Projects
  240. SimCity Arrives On the Mac on June 11th With Cross-Platform Servers
  241. New Office for Mac to Come Next Spring, Office for iOS Not Arriving Until Fall 2014?
  242. Apple Hiring an Engineer to Investigate Advanced Display Technologies, Including Flexible Displays
  243. Apple's U.S. Mac Shipments Fall 7.5% as Overall PC Market Plunges 14% Year-Over-Year [Updated]
  244. Alleged Parts for Upcoming iPhone Leak Again, Mute Switch to Become Push Button?
  245. U.S. Judge Expresses Frustration at Apple's and Google's Use of Litigation as 'Business Strategy'
  246. Production Challenges to 'Delay' Launches of iPhone 5S, Lower-Cost iPhone and New iPad Mini?
  247. France Asks EU to Examine Apple's Removal of AppGratis From the App Store
  248. Apple Caves on Streaming Music Royalty Rates, First Deal to Be Signed Next Week
  249. Apple Offers $53 Million Settlement to Customers Accused of Water Damaging Their iOS Devices
  250. More Efficient LED Backlighting May Lead to Thinner, Lighter iPad 5