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  1. Apple's Developer Center Coming Back Online After 8 Day Outage
  2. Intel to Supply Apple with Special High-End Haswell Processors for MacBook Pro
  3. Photo of Plastic Packaging with 'iPhone 5C' Name Surfaces
  4. Apple Distributing Free iBooks to Employees Ahead of Mavericks and iOS 7 Launch
  5. Apple SVP Bob Mansfield Leaving Exec Team; Will Work on 'Special Projects' Reporting to Tim Cook [Updated]
  6. Chinese Labor Group Alleges Poor Working Conditions at Apple Supplier Pegatron
  7. Companies Lining Up in Support of Apple Ahead of Potential Older Model iPhone/iPad Ban in U.S.
  8. Pegatron Employee Describes Role in Producing Apple's Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone
  9. Apple to Release iOS 7 Beta 4 Today, Two More Betas Coming?
  10. Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 4 to Developers
  11. iOS 7 Beta 4 Tidbits: Lockscreen Redesign, Notification Center Improvements and New Search Options
  12. iOS 7 Beta 4 Code Points to Home Button Fingerprint Sensor for iPhone 5S
  13. Apple Retail Employees File Class Action Lawsuit Over 'Bag Check' Lost Wages
  14. Tim Cook Visits China to Discuss Market Growth, Low-Cost iPhone with Carriers?
  15. Apple and Motorola Agree to Drop 14 Patents From Impending Trial
  16. Extended Developer Center Outage May Be Causing App Review Delays [Updated]
  17. 11" MacBook Air Owner Connects High-End Graphics Card With Complex Thunderbolt Setup
  18. Apple Support Document Unveils iMessage Spam Reporting Tool
  19. Microsoft Surface Estimated to Have Sold Only 1.7 Million Units Since Launch
  20. China Mobile Confirms Another Recent Meeting Between Chairman and Apple CEO Tim Cook
  21. Apple Filling Out its 'Ground Truth' Mapping Team with New Regional and Local Job Listings
  22. Apple Drops the Price on Refurbished Apple TV to $75
  23. Google Play Downloads Passed App Store Downloads For the First Time in Q2
  24. iOS 7 Beta Suggests Non-Retina A6-Powered iPad Mini in Development
  25. Open Road Films Launches New 'JOBS' Featurette, Live YouTube Event Coming Friday
  26. Code in iOS 7 Suggests Upcoming A7 iPhone Chip Will Include Samsung Components
  27. iOS 7 Beta 4 Contains Fix For Malicious Charger Hack
  28. Next iPad Mini Likely to Have Retina Display, Possibly Multiple Colors of Back Covers
  29. Silver iPad 5 Rear Shell Appears in New Photos with iPad Mini Styling
  30. BlackBerry Messenger Beta Starts Rolling Out for iOS and Android Devices
  31. Apple Notifying Former MobileMe Customers of Impending iCloud Storage Downgrade
  32. Low-Cost iPhone '5C' May Include 8-Megapixel Camera
  33. Apple Acquires Low-Power Wireless Chip Developer Passif Semiconductor
  34. Apple Only Considering Outside Candidates for Senior VP of Retail Position
  35. Motorola Unveils 4.7-Inch Moto X Smartphone with 24-Hour Battery and Touchless Controls
  36. Next-Generation iPad Mini's Silver Rear Shell with Embedded Black Apple Logo Appears in New Photos
  37. Apple Begins Offering Free Content in 'Apple Store' iOS App with 'Color Zen'
  38. Apple E-Book Price Fixing Decision Could See Return of Direct Links from Kindle and Other Apps to Their Stores
  39. Apple Files Brief Calling Department of Justice Remedy 'Draconian' and 'Punitive'
  40. Bob Mansfield to Focus on New Products, Other Execs Take Over Management Duties
  41. Apple Revises iTunes Terms and Conditions to Allow Educational iTunes Accounts for Children Under 13
  42. Partially Assembled iPad 5 and 'iPhone 5C' Appear in New Videos
  43. Samsung Loses $1 Billion in Market Value After U.S. Veto on Apple Ban, Files Appeal Against Patent Ruling
  44. Apple's Share of Tablet Market Sinks on Lack of Product Launches in Early 2013
  45. Apple Plans to Restore Majority of Developer Center Functionality This Week
  46. Nokia Launches Lumia 925 Advertisement Bashing iPhone Camera
  47. Apple Asking Internet Radio Providers to Submit Cover Art for Future Use
  48. Apple Launches Third-Party USB Charger 'Takeback Program'
  49. Apple Releases New 'FaceTime Every Day' Ad
  50. Apple Seeks Patent on Fused Glass Enclosures for Use on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Displays, and Televisions
  51. Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 5 to Developers
  52. iOS 7 Beta 5 Tidbits: Icon Settings Redesign, New Control Center Options
  53. New High-Resolution Photos of Low-Cost iPhone Rear Shell Surface, Pricing Similar to iPhone 4?
  54. iTunes Store Ranks First in Streaming Video Satisifaction
  55. Samsung Reportedly Becomes Primary iPad Display Supplier as Next-Generation iPad Mini Grows Closer
  56. Apple Preparing to Upgrade AppleCare with 24/7 Chat Support, Revamped Website
  57. Android Dominates Nearly 80% of Smartphone Market, iOS Drops to 13% Share
  58. Photo Depicting iPhone 5S Camera Module Hints at Separate Dual-LED Flash Component
  59. Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 with iBooks App
  60. Microsoft Launches New Surface RT vs. iPad Ad Highlighting iPad Shortcomings
  61. Publishers in E-Book Antitrust Case File Objection to DOJ's Proposed Punishment for Apple
  62. iTunes in the Cloud for Movies Goes Live in Japan and 7 New European Countries
  63. Apple Applies for Patent on 'Audio Hyperlinking' to Facilitate Accessing Supplementary Podcast Content
  64. Lodsys Agrees to Dismiss Patent Case Against Small Developer for a Charitable Donation
  65. T-Mobile USA Looking to Expand Apple Product Offerings Beyond the iPhone
  66. Apple Planning New R&D Facility in Taiwan?
  67. Vevo Working on Apple TV App for 24/7 Music Video Channel [Update: Coming This Month]
  68. Apple's iPhone Activation Servers Again Experiencing Outage
  69. Apple Board of Directors 'Concerned' About the Speed of Innovation?
  70. New Photos of the Black iPad 5 Front Panel and Digitizer Assembly
  71. DOJ Says Publishers Are Again Colluding in Objecting to Proposed Apple Penalty in E-Book Case
  72. Size Comparison of a 12.9-Inch iPad with Smaller iPad Models and 13-Inch MacBook Air
  73. ITC Rules in Favor of Apple, Older Samsung Products Facing Ban
  74. Steve Jobs Once Considered Killing Apple's Pro Products
  75. All Apple Developer Services Back Online after Hack, Apple Offers Free Month Extension
  76. Apple to Unveil Next Generation iPhone on September 10
  77. iPhone 5S to Include Sapphire-Covered Convex Home Button with Fingerprint Sensor?
  78. More Claims of 'iPhone 5C' Name, iPhone 5S with 'Gold' Color Option and Home Button Changes
  79. iPad 5 to Use Same Touch Panel Technology as iPad Mini to Reduce Size
  80. Photos of Top Strip of iPhone 5S Rear Shell Again Point to Dual-LED Flash
  81. iPhone Media Event All But Confirmed for September 10
  82. Apple Updates Apple Store App with Free iBookstore Offering
  83. Apple's App Store Still Number One in Revenue Despite Google Play Growth
  84. Photos of Potential 'iPhone 5C' Volume Buttons Surface
  85. Apple to Release Thinner Fifth-Generation iPad and Retina iPad Mini in Last Three Months of 2013
  86. Analyst Predicts No Siri on iPhone 5C, Fingerprint Scanner Solely for Device Unlocking on iPhone 5S
  87. Carl Icahn Discloses 'Large Position' in Apple, Believes Company is 'Extremely Undervalued'
  88. Foxconn Profit Rises 41% on Strong iPhone Sales, Low-Cost iPhone to Drive Similar Gains at Pegatron
  89. Apple Acquires Video Discovery and Recommendation Startup Matcha.tv
  90. iPhone 5S Changes Highlighted in New Rear Shell Comparison Photos
  91. Yellow iPhone 5C Rear Shell Shown in High-Quality Video
  92. Hedge Funder Lee Cooperman Takes 'Modest Position' in Apple, Drives Stock Price Over $500
  93. iCloud.com Beta Gets iOS 7-Inspired Makeover
  94. Upcoming 12-Core Xeon CPU Destined for Apple's New Mac Pro Posts Impressive Benchmark Scores
  95. Apple Releases New App Store Review Guidelines with Updated Rules for Kids Apps, Gambling Apps
  96. Apple Begins Recruiting Engineers in Taiwan for Various Positions
  97. China Mobile Chairman 'Positive' About Reaching iPhone Deal with Apple as iPhone 5S/5C Launch Nears
  98. iOS 7 Beta 6 Arriving Next Week as Final Seed Before Golden Master?
  99. Apple Bought Matcha for Its Content Recommendation Algorithms
  100. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging App Store Monopoly
  101. Apple Unexpectedly Seeds iOS 7 Beta 6 to Developers, Update Fixes Issue With iTunes in the Cloud [Updated]
  102. iPhone 5S to Be Available in Gold with 128 GB Option?
  103. Apple Could Still Be Planning Television-Related Announcement for Late This Year
  104. Apple Ramps Up Hiring in China with Over 250 Open Positions
  105. 'JOBS' Biography Starring Ashton Kutcher Hits Theaters to Mixed Reviews
  106. New Photos of Gold/Champagne iPhone 5S Parts Leak
  107. Researchers Show How Apple's App Approval Process Can Be Beaten by Malicious Apps
  108. Raj Aggarwal Details Jobs' Tenacity in AT&T/Apple Revenue Sharing Deal
  109. Apple Releases iTunes 11.0.5 to fix iTunes in the Cloud Issue
  110. Apple Initiates Graphic Card Replacement Program for Mid-2011 27-inch iMac
  111. Apple Begins Showing Mac Pro Teaser in Movie Theaters with 'Fall 2013' Announcement
  112. Apple Officially Launches Third-Party USB Charger Takeback Program in 30 Countries
  113. Former Nike FuelBand Consultant Jay Blahnik Confirms Apple Hiring [Update: Confirmed by AllThingsD]
  114. 'Jobs' Makes $6.7 Million in Opening Weekend, Below Distributor Projections
  115. Rear Shell of Silver iPad 5 Appears in New Photos
  116. Claims of 'Champagne' Color Option for iPhone 5S Continue to Mount
  117. iPhone 5C Predicted to Replace iPhone 5, iPhone 4S Sales to Continue
  118. iOS 7 Beta 7 Reportedly Launching for Developers Today [Updated]
  119. AllThingsD Confirms Apple Will Release a Gold iPhone
  120. iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanning Home Button to Look Nearly Identical, iOS 7 for iPad to Debut Later with New Hardware?
  121. Apple Asks Foxconn to Ship High and Low-End iPhones in Early September
  122. Mac Sales Remain Flat in July, 5% Year Over Year Drop Expected for September Quarter
  123. 'iPhone 5C' Projected to Give Apple Huge Boost in China
  124. Apple Receives Patent for 3D Gesture Control on Touchscreen Devices
  125. Apple Developer Center Outage Fixed 'Remote Code Execution' Flaw
  126. iTunes Radio to Debut in September with Multiple High-Profile Advertising Partners
  127. Apple TV Updated with New Live Streaming Channel for September's iTunes Festival
  128. Vevo Music Video Channel Coming to Apple TV as Soon as This Week
  129. iPhone 5S and 5C Expected to Launch in Japan on September 20
  130. First Seven iPad-Only 'Steve Jobs Schools' Open in the Netherlands
  131. iPhone 5C Rear Shell Subjected to Scratch Tests, Caliper Measurements
  132. Apple Hires Former Levi's Senior VP for Retail Team
  133. Spending on iOS and Google Play Games Now 4X Handheld Console Games
  134. Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6
  135. Reuters Also Confirms Gold iPhone, Speculates on Potential China Popularity
  136. Users Experiencing Extended iMessage, iCloud Service Outages [Update: Restored]
  137. High-Quality Photos of 'Champagne' iPhone 5S Rear Shell Surface
  138. Tim Cook's Leadership Style Profiled After Two Years as Apple CEO
  139. Apple in Negotiations With Content Providers for Internet-Based Subscription Television Service
  140. Find My iPhone Updated for iOS 7, Breaks App for Non-Developers [Update: Fixed]
  141. Investor Carl Icahn to Have Dinner With Tim Cook, 'Magnitude' of Share Buyback to Be Discussed
  142. Apple Revamps and Expands its Education Page Ahead of iOS 7 Launch
  143. Apple Acquires Embark to Further Improve Mass Transit Navigation
  144. Pandora to Remove 40-Hour Free Listening Limit Ahead of iTunes Radio Launch
  145. Apple Opens iWork for iCloud Beta to All Users
  146. iMac Discounts and Stock Shortages at Third-Party Retailers Hint at Approaching Haswell Update
  147. DoJ Claims Apple Implemented In-App Purchase Rules to 'Retaliate Against Amazon'
  148. Apple Implementing Changes to App Store Rankings to Promote Better App Discovery
  149. Leaked Photo Shows Dozens of iPhone 5C Devices Being Tested at iPhone Manufacturer Pegatron
  150. A7 Processor to Be 31% Faster and 64-Bit, iPhone 5S to Support Motion Tracking?
  151. Photos of Alleged 'Graphite' iPhone 5S Rear Shell and Parts Surface
  152. NTT DoCoMo CEO Cites 'Compelling Reasons' to Reach Long-Elusive iPhone Deal with Apple in Japan
  153. Apple Limits Access to iWork for iCloud Following 'Overwhelming Response' to Public Beta
  154. Apple Begins Training U.S. Retail Store Employees for Upcoming iPhone Trade-In Program
  155. Newly Released Video Offers Detailed Look at Upcoming 'Champagne' iPhone 5S and Low-Cost iPhone
  156. Apple Launches Redesigned AppleCare Website With 24/7 Live Chat Support
  157. Apple Accuses DOJ of Wanting Amazon to Have 'Significant Competitive Advantage'
  158. Nuance Developer Email Claims iOS 7 Will Launch September 10
  159. Apple's Revised Plans for New Flagship San Francisco Store Will Keep Fountain, Tweak Facades
  160. Apple TV Adds Apps for Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney, and Smithsonian Channel
  161. E-Books Judge Pledges to Avoid Unnecessary Intrusion Into Apple's Business
  162. Apple Acquires Swedish Mobile Device Data Compression Startup AlgoTrim
  163. Apple to Open New Retail Store in Tokyo's Omotesando District in March 2014
  164. Apple's September 10 iPhone Media Event Said to Also Include New iPads [Updated]
  165. Apple Number One Target for Patent Trolls With 171 Cases in Five Years
  166. Disney Working on 'Star Wars' App for Apple TV?
  167. Apple Still Searching for Engineers with Plastics Expertise
  168. T-Mobile Employee Blackout Dates Support September 20 iPhone Release Date
  169. OS X Vulnerability Can Allow Superuser Access to Unauthorized Users
  170. Parallels Desktop 9 with OS X Mavericks and Cloud Services Support Launches for Existing Customers
  171. AppleCare Support Employees Begin Training on iOS 7
  172. SimCity Finally Launches on the Mac With Native Version and Cross-Platform Servers
  173. New Videos Depict 'Champagne' and 'Graphite' iPhone 5S Casings
  174. Apple Confirms iPhone Trade-In Program Launching Today at U.S. Retail Stores [Updated]
  175. Proposed E-Book Publisher Settlement Could See Customers Receiving Up to $3 Per Book Purchased
  176. Apple Restricting Vacation Time for AppleCare Employees From September 15 to 28
  177. MacRumors Roundups: What We Expect for the iPhone 5S, 5C and iWatch
  178. New Photos of Alleged iPhone 5C Packaging and Manual
  179. Packaged iPhone 5C Surfaces Again in Multiple Colors, Video Shows Powered-On Unit
  180. Microsoft Purchases Nokia's Device and Services Division to Unite Windows Phone Hardware and Software
  181. New Photo of Alleged iPhone 5S Home Button Flex Cable Could Point to Fingerprint Sensor Support
  182. Apple Issues Invitations for September 10 Media Event: 'This Should Brighten Everyone's Day'
  183. Shipments of New iPhone Models Begin Arriving in the U.S. Ahead of Next Week's Media Event
  184. Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 7
  185. Mysterious 'Set Top Box' Shipment Records Hint at Refreshed Apple TV Coming Soon
  186. Apple Issues Invitations for September 11 Beijing Media Event as China Mobile Speculation Heightens [Updated]
  187. New Video of Assembled iPad 5 Enclosure Shows Smaller iPad Mini-Inspired Design
  188. VMware Fusion 6 Brings Updated Virtualization Support for OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1
  189. Apple Beefing Up iAd Team Ahead of iTunes Radio Launch
  190. Samsung Unveils $299 Galaxy Gear Smart Watch With One-Day Battery Life
  191. Video Compares Second-Generation iPad Mini Shell to iPad 5, Current Mini
  192. Apple Prevents Omni Group From Offering Discounted Mac App Store Upgrades
  193. A7X-Based iPad and iPad Mini Expected to Launch in 4Q 2013, Lower-Cost A6 iPad Mini to Follow in 2014
  194. Chinese Labor Group Alleges Major Labor Violations at Apple iPhone 5C Supplier Jabil Circuit [Update: Apple to Investigate]
  195. Deutsche Telekom Announcement Fuels Renewed Talk of Possible LTE-Advanced Support for iPhone 5S
  196. Support for Interactive E-Books Made with iBooks Author May Be Coming Soon to iPhone [Updated]
  197. Vodafone Germany to Discontinue 32/64GB iPhone 5, 16GB iPhone 4S
  198. Apple Testing Prototype iPhones With Six-Inch Screens, Not Expected This Year
  199. Apple Targeting Late October for OS X Mavericks Launch
  200. China Unicom and China Telecom to Start Pre-Orders for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Next Week
  201. Apple Ordered to Stagger E-Book Contract Negotiations, Refrain From 'Most Favored Nation' Clauses
  202. Questionable Photos Depict iPhone 5S Packaging With Redesigned Home Button
  203. Apple Shipping Low-Cost iPhone to China Mobile
  204. No New Apple TV Coming Next Week, But Apple Will Upgrade Software
  205. Apple Patent Application for Combination Fingerprint Scanner and NFC Circuitry Surfaces
  206. Photos of Alleged iPhone 5C Logic Board Surface, Appears Very Similar to iPhone 5S Board
  207. New Video Clip Allegedly Shows Powered-On Blue iPhone 5C
  208. Apple Looking to Nearly Double Headcount of In-House Creative Design Team
  209. Apple's Campus Decorated for Tomorrow's Media Event with New Banners
  210. Wall Street Journal Confirms Fingerprint Sensor in New iPhone Coming Tomorrow
  211. Alleged iPhone 5S User Guide Photo Highlights Fingerprint Sensor As 'Touch ID'
  212. Photos of Alleged Packaging for Official Apple iPhone 5S Leather Case Surface
  213. Live Coverage of Apple's 2013 iPhone Media Event
  214. Apple Seeds iOS 7 Golden Master Build to Developers Ahead of September 18 Public Launch
  215. Video of Apple's Special iPhone 5s and 5c Media Event Now Avaliable
  216. Hands-On Impressions of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Touch ID
  217. iPhone 5s Camera Improvements: Slo-Mo Mode, 'True Tone' Flash and Better Low-Light Performance
  218. Tim Cook Sends Email Highlighting iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 to Employees
  219. Apple Posts First iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Product Videos
  220. Chinese Officials License iPhone to Run on China Mobile's Wireless Standard
  221. Apple TV Software Update to Arrive Alongside iOS 7 on September 18
  222. iCloud Keychain Removed in iOS 7 GM
  223. How Apple Ships Millions of iPhones for Simultaneous Delivery
  224. Early Graphics Benchmarks Show Significant Boost for iPhone 5s
  225. Apple Could Be Planning to Release Updated Apple TV Box Next Month
  226. Apple Offers Additional Details on Touch ID, iPhone 5s Won't Store Fingerprint Images
  227. iPhone 5c Pre-Orders to Begin at 12:01 AM Pacific Time on Friday, September 13
  228. Apple Boosts iPhone 5s Battery Capacity by 10%, iPhone 5c by 5% Over iPhone 5
  229. Apple Working to Leverage New 'M7' Motion-Sensing Chip for Mapping Improvements
  230. Apple Releases OS X 10.8.5 With Mail Fix, Improvements to AFP File Transfer Performance
  231. Microsoft Retail Stores Offering at Least $200 for iPad Trade-In
  232. Burberry to Shoot Runway Show with Apple's iPhone 5s
  233. iPhone 5c Pre-Orders Begin in 10 Countries
  234. iPhone 5c Launch Day Supplies Generally Holding Up Well as Pre-Orders Begin
  235. Online Orders for iPhone 5s Begin at 12:01 AM Pacific Time on Friday, September 20
  236. Microsoft Posts Anti-Apple Windows Phone Videos of Questionable Taste [Update: Removed]
  237. Launch-Day Availability of Unlocked iPhone 5c Models Continues to Slip
  238. Sprint to Roll Out 'One Up' Frequent Device Upgrade Program on September 20
  239. Signs of Apple's Work on iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.1, and iOS 8 Showing Up in Web Logs
  240. Developers Now Permitted to Submit 64-Bit Apps for iPhone 5s
  241. iPhone 5c Cases Begin Arriving to Pre-Order Customers
  242. Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 8
  243. Apple Releases New iPhone 5c 'Plastic Perfected' Ad
  244. Apple Begins Offering 'Last Compatible' Version of Apps for Users Running Legacy Versions of iOS
  245. First iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Unboxing Photos and Video Surface
  246. Apple Hiring Genre Experts to Program iTunes Match Stations
  247. Burberry Releases Full Fashion Show Shot with iPhone 5s
  248. iPhone 5s Inventory Said to Be 'Severely Constrained' at Launch
  249. iCloud Website Gets iOS 7-Inspired Makeover
  250. White House Files Petition Asking FCC to Require Carriers to Unlock All Mobile Devices