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  1. Samsung and TSMC to Share Production of Apple's 14-nm A9 Chips in 2015
  2. All-New Mac Pro Launches Thursday, December 19 Starting at $2999
  3. Apple, China Mobile Have Yet to Reach iPhone Deal
  4. Software Allows Hackers to Activate MacBook Webcams Without Green Warning Light
  5. Best Holiday 2013 Deals on iPhones, iPads, and Macs
  6. Apple's Redesigned Mac Pro Now Available for Online Orders
  7. Shipping Estimates for Mac Pro Online Orders Slip to February 2014
  8. Apple Maps App with Interactive Data Layers Detailed in New Patent
  9. First Mac Pro Review Units Out in the Wild
  10. Apple Seeds First OS X 10.9.2 Build to Developers [Update: Includes FaceTime Audio]
  11. FaceTime Audio Coming to Macs With Next OS X Update
  12. An Inside Look at Google's Reaction to the Original iPhone Introduction
  13. Popular iOS Apps Now Free or Discounted for the Holidays
  14. New Mac Pro: Simultaneous Real-Time 4K Effect Rendering, +900MB/s Read/Write
  15. 'Evasi0n' Untethered Jailbreak Updated for Newer iPhones, iPads and iOS 7.x [Updated]
  16. China Mobile to Officially Begin iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Sales on January 17
  17. 'Evasi0n' iOS 7 Jailbreak Controversy Surrounding Piracy and Chinese Partnership
  18. Tim Cook Sends Email to Apple Employees Reflecting on 2013, 'Big Plans' for 2014
  19. Apple Reportedly Launching Larger iPad in October 2014, Larger iPhone in May 2014
  20. iOS 7.1 Launching in March Following Lengthy Testing Period?
  21. Apple Acquired Mapping Firm BroadMap, Note-Taking App Catch in 2013 [Updated]
  22. OS X Console Emulator 'OpenEmu 1.0' Launches
  23. Mac Pro Reviews Find Impressive Hardware, But Few Software Titles Take Advantage
  24. Catch: How Apple Could Integrate Note-Taking Capabilities into Reminders, Siri, Maps, and More
  25. Apple Begins Preparing First Mac Pro Orders for December 30 Delivery
  26. First Mac Pros Begin Arriving Ahead of Christmas
  27. Japanese Apple Stores Again Selling Annual 'Lucky Bags' on January 2
  28. Evad3rs Again Speak Out on 'Evasi0n' iOS 7 Jailbreak Controversy, Claim No Money Exchanged
  29. Siri Photo Search System Detailed in New Apple Patent
  30. iOS Remains More Popular Than Android for Holiday Shopping in the U.S.
  31. Apple Renews Motion Calling for U.S. Ban on Samsung Products
  32. Nokia Pulls 'HERE' Maps App for iOS, Citing iOS 7 Changes That 'Harm the User Experience'
  33. New Mac Pro Confirmed to Have Removable CPU
  34. Highlights from Apple's Preliminary Proxy Statement, 2014 Shareholders Meeting Proposals
  35. U.S. Tablet Sales Led by iPad in 2013 as Chromebooks Overtake MacBooks
  36. Purported Original iPhone Prototype Sells on eBay for $1499
  37. '12 Days of Gifts' Gives Oscar-Winning Scorsese Film 'Hugo' Today in U.S. and Canada, 'Home Alone' Internationally
  38. What's Next for Apple in 2014: iWatch, Larger iPhone 6, 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  39. External Compliance Monitor: Apple is Blocking Interviews, Disrupting E-Book Antitrust Investigation [Updated]
  40. Teardown of New Mac Pro Reveals Surprising Amount of Accessibility, Circular Daughterboard
  41. Entry-Level Mac Pro Offers Comparable Pricing Versus OEM PCs, DIY Systems More Affordable
  42. Mac Pro/OS X 4K Display Compatibility 'Like the Wild West', Some 4K Monitors Unsupported
  43. 'Lucky Bags' Go on Sale at Japanese Apple Stores, Big-Ticket Items Included
  44. Early 'iWatch' Production Seeing Poor Yields Due to Issues with Body Finish Treatments?
  45. iPhone and iPad Dominate Mobile Web Share Throughout Holidays
  46. New Mac Pro Uses 68% Less Energy, 74% Less Aluminum Than Previous Generation
  47. Apple's iBeacon Technology Featured in CES Scavenger Hunt
  48. AT&T Hits Back at T-Mobile with Up to $450 in Credits for Switchers
  49. Mac Pro Build-To-Order Units Start Shipping to Customers
  50. Wearable Technology at CES 2014: Smart Watches, Activity Trackers, Glasses, and More
  51. Corning Announces New '3D' Shaped Gorilla Glass
  52. Mac Pro CPU Upgradeability Confirmed With Processor Swap
  53. Apple Said to Be Targeting Fall 2014 Launch for 12-Inch iPad Focused on Enterprise
  54. Digital Music Sales Decline for First Time Since Opening of iTunes Music Store
  55. Apple Acquires SnappyLabs, Maker of SnappyCam Burst Photo App [Confirmed]
  56. SteelSeries 'Stratus' Wireless Gaming Controller Now Available for Pre-Order
  57. CES 2014: Corning Announces Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass to Fight Germs on Mobile Devices
  58. AT&T Introduces 'Sponsored Data' to Allow Businesses to Cover Cost of Mobile Data Downloads
  59. Pebble Announces Next-Generation $249 'Pebble Steel' Smart Watch
  60. Apple's U.S. Smartphone Usage Share Continues to Climb
  61. How Angela Ahrendts' Burberry Experience Could Drive the Future of Apple Retail
  62. Apple to Announce Q1 2014 Earnings on January 27
  63. Samsung Introduces 12.2" Galaxy Tablets Ahead of Rumored iPad Pro Introduction
  64. Apple's 'Red Friday' Lunar New Year Sale to Take Place on January 10 in Asia
  65. App Store Sales Top $10 Billion in 2013, Over $1 Billion in December
  66. CES 2014: WiTricity Announces New Wireless Charging System Design for iPhone 5/5s
  67. Imagination Technologies Announces PowerVR Series6XT Successor to Apple's A7 Chip Graphics
  68. Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Beta 3 to Developers
  69. More Affordable 4K Displays Introduced at CES 2014
  70. iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Tidbits: Revamped Keyboard, Darker Icons, New Phone Look, and More
  71. Battery, Screen and Manufacturing Issues Plaguing Apple's iWatch Development
  72. CES 2014: Air Conditioner Debuts as First Smart Appliance 'MFi Licensed' for iOS Compatibility
  73. 28-Inch '4K' Display from Dell Priced at $699, Launches January 23
  74. CES 2014: Apple's Competition in the Smart Watch Arena
  75. T-Mobile's 'Un-Carrier 4.0' Initiative Offers Up to $350 Per Line to Switch Carriers
  76. iPhone 6 Rear Camera to Retain 8-Megapixel Sensor, Offer Improved Image Stabilization?
  77. Seven Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Introduced the iPhone
  78. Half of iPhone 6 Orders Expected to Go to Pegatron
  79. iPhone 'Halo' Driving Corporate iPad/Mac Adoption, 25% of Cisco-Owned Laptops Are MacBooks
  80. U.S. Mac Sales Grow 28.5% in Holiday Quarter, PC Market Suffers Worst Decline Ever [Updated]
  81. Apple Taps UK Engineer for New Optical Image Stabilization System for iOS Device Cameras
  82. Apple Continues Hiring for Oregon Data Center as Solar Farm Plans Take Shape
  83. Apple's iBeacon Technology Brings New Possibilities for Location-Based Gaming
  84. New iOS Swiping Keyboard Capable of 120WPM Speeds
  85. Apple Debuts New Poetry-Themed 'Your Verse' iPad TV Ad
  86. Increased Theft of Apple Devices 'Driving Force' Behind Rise of Larcenies in New York City
  87. Mac Pro Deliveries Begin in Europe for First Time in Nearly a Year
  88. Apple Interested in Liquidmetal Alloys for Home Buttons, Touch Sensors, and Tamper-Resistant Screws
  89. Over-the-Air iOS 7.1 Download Files Deletable in Beta 3
  90. Google Acquiring Tony Fadell-Founded Nest for $3.2 Billion
  91. China Mobile Stocks 1.4 Million iPhone 5s Units Ahead of Friday's Launch
  92. iPhone 6 Fingerprint Sensor Production Set to Gear Up in Q2 with Increased Efficiency
  93. Apple Begins Hiring for Arizona Sapphire Plant with Focus on iPhone and iPod
  94. Apple Details iOS User Interface That Compensates for Device Motion
  95. New 'Umoove Experience' iOS Game Demos Face and Eye Tracking Technology
  96. First Images of Completed Brisbane, Australia Flagship Apple Retail Store Emerge
  97. Tim Cook 'Incredibly Optimistic' About New Partnership with China Mobile
  98. Larger iPhone 6, 'iPad Pro' and iWatch Could Tap New Display Sizes in Development
  99. Apple Agrees to FTC Terms Over In-App Purchases With $32 Million Settlement
  100. Google Launches 'Google Play Movies & TV' App, iOS Chromecast Users Gain Alternative to iTunes
  101. Apple Investigating iBeacon-Assisted Mobile Payment Methods
  102. Apple Widens Lead Over Samsung in U.S. Smartphone Race in 2013
  103. Poor Build Quality and High Price of iOS 7 Game Controllers Due to Strict Apple Guidelines
  104. Big Retailers Begin Rolling Out iBeacon Trials
  105. Sonnet Shipping First New Thunderbolt 2 PCIe Expansion Chassis
  106. T-Mobile to Expand 'Un-Carrier 4.0' Initiative, Offer Switch Incentives to U.S. Cellular, Regional Customers
  107. Apple to Begin iPhone 5c In-Store Screen Replacements Next Week
  108. Tim Cook Asked About Larger iPhone at China Mobile Launch
  109. Apple Reportedly Targeting Late Q3 2014 for 12.9-Inch 'iPad Pro' Launch
  110. Apple Opens the Doors at its MacArthur Chambers Store in Brisbane, Australia
  111. Some 2011 MacBook Pros Experiencing GPU Glitches, System Crashes
  112. Adobe Lightroom for iPad Likely Coming Soon With Cloud Syncing and $99 Subscription Fee
  113. New Hires Point to Apple's Continued Research on Next-Generation Health Sensors
  114. Nintendo Finally Considers Smartphone Move After Third Straight Annual Loss
  115. Analysts Estimate Apple Sold Record 55.3 Million iPhones in 2013 Holiday Quarter
  116. Samsung Said to Follow Apple's Lead with Fingerprint Sensor, No Iris Scanner in Galaxy S5
  117. Apple's Mac Pro Shipping Estimates Move to March in Many Countries
  118. Sketchy Report Claims LG to Provide Flexible OLED Displays for Apple's iWatch
  119. iOS 7.1 Beta 4 May Be Released to Developers Tomorrow
  120. Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Beta 4 to Developers
  121. iPad 2 Sales Drop Significantly as Holiday Shoppers Choose Pricier iPads
  122. iOS 7.1 Beta 4 Tidbits: New Slide to Unlock/Power Off Animation, Dialer Updates
  123. Apple Expands Availability of iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager to Over 50 Countries
  124. Apple Details Automatic Station Tuning Function for Audio and Video Content
  125. Future Mac Notebooks Could Feature 'Buttonless' Trackpad Design
  126. Apple Falls Behind Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony in New Consumer Experience Survey
  127. Phil Schiller Tweets Link to Another Security Report Criticizing Android
  128. Leaked 'iOS in the Car' Screenshots Show Possible Design Evolution
  129. Iris Scanning: The Newest Addition to Apple's Biometric Roadmap?
  130. Apple Partner GT Advanced Recruiting Local Residents for Jobs at Arizona Sapphire Plant
  131. Judge Invalidates Two Samsung Patent Claims Ahead of Second Patent Lawsuit with Apple
  132. Apple's Holiday Quarter iPad Sales Estimated to Hit Record 25 Million
  133. New Mac Mini Coming by End of February According to Belgian Retailer
  134. iPhone 6 Specs Seen by Analyst as 'Locked In' with 4.8-Inch Display and 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  135. Apple Planning Fix for iOS 7 Home Screen Crashes
  136. iPhone 5s Owners Using 20% More Cellular Data Than Last Year's iPhone 5 Owners
  137. Apple Details Uses for Sapphire Glass in New Patent Application
  138. Former Foxconn Employees Charged with Accepting Bribes from Supply Chain Partners
  139. Two New iPhones With Screens Larger Than 4.5" and 5" Coming This Year
  140. Apple TV to Gain Game Support With Bluetooth Controllers By March
  141. Apple Updates iWork for iCloud Apps With Flat iOS 7 Design, New Features
  142. Carl Icahn Posts Response to Apple On Proxy Proposal for Share Buyback, Buys $500 Million More in Stock
  143. HondaLink Offers Partial Car-iPhone Integration Ahead of Apple's 'iOS in the Car' Initiative
  144. Apple Executives Consider Thirty Years of Macintosh, Say iOS and OS X Convergence 'A Non-Goal'
  145. iWork for iOS and Mac Updated With Password-Protected Sharing, New Features [Updated]
  146. Tim Cook Speaks With ABC News About Thirtieth Anniversary of Macintosh, Interview Airs Tomorrow
  147. Samsung Misses Earnings Estimates as Apple and Others Pressure Mobile Sales
  148. Apple Celebrates Thirty Years of Macintosh with Homepage Tribute, Visual Timeline, 'Mac 30' Video
  149. Tim Cook Discusses Apple's Culture of Secrecy, Sapphire, and More in ABC News Interview
  150. iPhone with Sapphire Display Glass Reportedly in Trial Production
  151. Commemorative Posters at Apple Campus List All Former and Current Apple Employees
  152. Reports of iTunes Radio Working in the U.K. After iPhone Restore
  153. Apple Looking to Develop Mobile Payment Service
  154. The Argument for an 11.88-Inch Retina MacBook Air
  155. Steve Jobs' First Public Demonstration of the Macintosh, Hidden Since 1984
  156. iPhone Market Share Dips Slightly as Android Increases Lead in Global Smartphone Race
  157. Analysts Predict Apple Will Report Single-Digit Earnings Growth in 1Q 2014
  158. OS X 10.10 to Feature 'Flatter' Look, but Not as Stark as iOS 7
  159. iPhone Replaces Hotel Room Keys in New Pilot Program
  160. Nintendo's Mobile Push to Focus on Marketing Demos, Not Full Games
  161. Apple Reports Strongest Ever Quarterly Earnings: $13.1 Billion Profit on $57.6 Billion in Revenue in Q1 2014
  162. Tim Cook: Mobile Payments 'One of the Thoughts' Behind Touch ID
  163. iPhone 5s Demand Higher Than Expected, Took Time to 'Build the Mix' Customers Wanted
  164. Tim Cook: Innovation 'Deeply Embedded' In Apple, Company Has 'No Issue' Coming Up With New Ideas
  165. Solar-Powered Laptop with Dual-Sided Display Detailed in Apple Patent
  166. New Video Shows 'iOS in the Car' Functionality from iOS 7.0.3 in Action
  167. Apple Adds 'Red Bull TV' Action Sports Channel to Apple TV
  168. Nintendo Denies Report of Plans to Release Demo Games on iOS
  169. Apple TV Gains New Prominence in Apple Online Store with Valentine's Day Update [Updated]
  170. iOS in the Car Development Plagued by Organizational Issues
  171. Apple's Share of Tablet Market Sees Slight Holiday Quarter Boost
  172. AT&T Offering $200 Off Cellular iPads With 2-Year Commitment, $100 Off New Lines w/No Contract
  173. Apple Releases iOS 7.0.5 for iPhone 5s/5c With Fix for Network Provisioning in China
  174. iCloud Website Error Hints at Upcoming iCloud Bookmarks Feature
  175. Google Selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 Billion
  176. Nintendo Confirms No Games Coming to iOS, But Service App in the Works
  177. Apple Looking to Take Arizona Sapphire Plant Live in February for 'Critical' Component
  178. Apple Details Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreen in New Patent Application
  179. 'SwiftKey Note' Brings Contextual Word Suggestions and Autocorrect to iOS with Evernote Integration
  180. PayPal Angling for Mobile Payment Partnership with Apple
  181. Apple Snaps Up Several '.Guru' Domain Names on Launch Day
  182. Apple Hires Chief Medical Officer From Pulse Oximetry Company Masimo, Possibly for iWatch Team
  183. Major League Baseball Rolling Out Thousands of iBeacons for Opening Day
  184. Analyst Skeptical About Imminent Launch for 12.9-Inch 'iPad Pro'
  185. Apple CEO Tim Cook Heads to Ireland to Visit Government Officials, Company Facilities
  186. Protestors Rally Against 'Candy Crush Saga' Developer with Deluge of Candy-Themed Games
  187. Jobs Biographer Walter Isaacson: 'Execution is What Really Matters,' Apple is the Best
  188. Rumored 'Healthbook' App for iOS 8 Suggests Significant Health Component to iWatch
  189. New Renderings of Apple's New Flagship San Francisco Store Reveal Massive 2-Story Sliding Glass Panels
  190. Tim Cook Visits United Arab Emirates Amid Rumors of Apple Retail Store Plans
  191. Apple Testing Induction, Solar, and Motion Charging for Curved-Glass iWatch
  192. Apple Releases Mac 30th Anniversary Video '1.24.14': Filmed on iPhones, Edited on Macs
  193. Pebble Debuts New Appstore for Pebble Smart Watches
  194. Apple May Be Building Its Own Content Delivery Network
  195. World Wrestling Entertainment Channel Coming to Apple TV on February 24
  196. Apple Acknowledges Continuing Issues with OS X Mail, Offers Manual Workaround
  197. Apple Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Video for '1.24.14' Mac 30th Anniversary Ad
  198. Smart Dock with Orientation-Aware Functionality, Induction Charging Detailed in Apple Patent
  199. iPhone 6 Rumored to Include 10+-Megapixel Camera with f/1.8 Aperture and Improved Filter
  200. Satya Nadella Appointed Microsoft CEO as Bill Gates Shifts from Chairman to 'Technology Advisor'
  201. Apple and Samsung Continue to Dominate U.S. Smartphone Usage Share
  202. Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Beta 5 to Developers With Siri Language Improvements
  203. iOS 7.1 Beta 5 Tidbits: Redesigned Shift and Caps Lock, Public Launch Expected Soon
  204. Apple Hires Sleep Expert From Philips Research to Work on iWatch
  205. Apple and Samsung File List of Patent Claims and Accused Products Ahead of Second U.S. Patent Lawsuit
  206. Apple Captures 19.5% of Global PC and Tablet Market in Q4 2013
  207. Apple Asks Supreme Court to Curb Patent Abuse Amid New $2 Billion Patent Lawsuit
  208. Apple to Use 'Stepped Battery' Technology from LG Chem for iWatch
  209. Olympic Athletes Requested to Cover Apple Logos During Opening Ceremony Because of Samsung Sponsorship [Updated]
  210. Apple Posts New 'On The Runway' Video Showcasing Burberry Fashion Show Shot on iPhone 5s
  211. Apple to Open First Retail Store in Brazil on February 15
  212. Imagination Technologies Extends PowerVR Licensing Agreement With Apple
  213. Apple Fuels iWatch Rumors by Seeking Exercise Physiologist to Lead Fitness Tests
  214. Apple Picks Up Numerous '.Camera' and '.Photography' Domain Names
  215. Olympic Athletes May Use iPhones Without Restriction During Opening Ceremony Says IOC
  216. iOS 7 Bug Allows Disabling of 'Find My iPhone' Without Password
  217. Apple Preparing for Massive Production of Devices with Sapphire Displays
  218. Apple Repurchases $14 Billion in Shares in 2 Weeks, Company Open to Large Acquisitions
  219. Flagship San Francisco Apple Store Approved by Planning Commission
  220. Tim Cook Says Apple Working on 'Some Really Great Stuff' in New Product Categories
  221. Apple Lowers Licensing Costs for Lightning Cables and Other MFi Accessories
  222. Apple Again Rumored to Release iOS 7.1 in March
  223. CA Bill Requires Antitheft Technology in Smartphones
  224. Tim Cook: Apple 'Spending an Enormous Amount' on 'Macs of the Future'
  225. Snapchat Vulnerability Can Lead to iPhone Denial-of-Service Attacks
  226. 'Flappy Bird' Creator Promises to Remove Game From App Store Tomorrow
  227. 'Flappy Bird' Removed from App Store by Developer
  228. Apple Celebrates The Beatles' American Debut with New Apple TV Channel
  229. Carl Icahn Abandons Push for Apple to Boost Stock Buyback
  230. Apple's iTunes Radio Streaming Music Service Launches in Australia
  231. New Apple TV Hardware References Found in iOS 7 Software Builds
  232. New Report Tempers iWatch Expectations, Device May Have 'Simpler' Technological Capabilities
  233. TSMC to Use Current Fingerprint Sensor Processing Method for iPhone 6
  234. Apple's Mac Pro Shipping Estimates Slip to April in Many Countries
  235. Apple's Initial Sapphire Production to Target iWatch, Not iPhone 6?
  236. iPhone 6 Said to Adopt 'Bezel-Free' Display
  237. Sony Likely to Provide Front-Facing Camera Sensors for Future iPhone
  238. iOS 8 'Healthbook' App Depicted in New Mockups
  239. Apple Reportedly Launching Two New iPhones with Larger Flat Sapphire Displays in September
  240. Apple Likely to Slim Down iPhone and iPad with Thinner and Lighter Backlights
  241. Apple Introducing New Apple TV Box in April for Holiday Launch, Still Talking With Time Warner Cable
  242. Analyst Predicts 'iAnywhere' OS X and iOS Combo Platform Despite Apple's Public Dismissal
  243. Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Depicted in New Images
  244. Apple's New Vision for Apple TV 'Less Ambitious' Than Before
  245. Apple Confirms Suppliers Do Not Use Unethically Sourced Tantalum
  246. Apple Winding Down iPad 2 Production After Three-Year Run
  247. Apple's Biometrics Team Continues to Grow Amid iWatch Rumors
  248. Apple Describes Disposable Email Solution to Combat Spam in New Patent Application
  249. Apple Sold More Macs and iDevices Than All Windows PCs Sold in Holiday Quarter
  250. iBeacons Ready to Go at Major League Baseball Parks in Los Angeles and San Diego