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  1. Beats Acquisition Boosting Apple's 'Coolness' Factor Among Young Consumers
  2. iOS 8 Offers Quick Access to Apps Based on Location
  3. iOS 8 Ditches Yahoo Weather for Content From The Weather Channel
  4. iOS 8 Tidbits: Time-Lapse Mode, Request Desktop Site, and Grayscale Mode, and More
  5. A Closer Look at 'Handoff' and Other New iOS 8/Yosemite 'Continuity' Features
  6. Apple Introduces Lightning Cable MFi Specifications for Headphones
  7. Accessory Makers Ramping Up for 5.5-Inch iPhone 6, Sparking Speculation of September Launch
  8. Intel Demonstrates Cableless Computing Made Possible by Future Skylake Platform
  9. Fleksy Offers Beta Preview as Keyboard Makers Look Forward to iOS 8
  10. Evidence of Upcoming Retina iMacs Showing Up in OS X Yosemite Beta
  11. 'Swift' Programming Language in Development for Four Years, "Major Focus" Since 2013
  12. Apple Now Creating TV Ads Internally, Still Collaborating With Longtime Ad Agency
  13. Apple Begins Asking Developers to Turn On Family Sharing for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Apps
  14. Apple's New iPhone TV Ad 'Strength' Focuses on Fitness Accessories and Apps
  15. Jony Ive and Bono to Appear at Cannes Lions Festival to Discuss (RED) Partnership
  16. Apple Researching Solar Cell Ambient Light Sensors Embedded in Displays
  17. iWatch Component Production Said to Start Gearing Up This Month, September Launch Speculated
  18. PayPal 'Kicking the Tires' on Integrating Touch ID Into its Mobile Apps
  19. Apple Managers Didn't Know How Spotify Worked, Engineers Used Pandora Over iTunes Radio
  20. Tim Cook Visits Apple's New Austin Campus, Says 'Exciting' Products Coming
  21. HealthKit Includes Native Bluetooth Support for Some Accessories, Eliminating Need for Companion Apps
  22. iWatch Reportedly Launching in October with iOS 8 and Curved OLED Touchscreen
  23. Apple Making Big Push to Attract Chinese App Developers
  24. Tim Cook Visits Mac Pro Factory 'Loaded with American Manufacturing Expertise' in Austin [Updated]
  25. Apple Aiming to Introduce iWatch at October Event
  26. An In-Depth Look at App Extensions in iOS 8 and Yosemite
  27. Apple Acquires Social Recommendation Service Spotsetter
  28. Dr. Dre's Perfectionist Tendencies Spark Comparisons to Steve Jobs
  29. Alleged iPhone 6 Rear Shell Shown From Multiple Angles in New Photos
  30. Lack of Maps Updates in iOS 8 Said to Be Caused by 'Internal Politics', Developers Leaving
  31. Apple Stock Splits 7-for-1, Opens at $92 With All-Time High Just Over $100
  32. Transit Directions Icon for iOS Maps Briefly Shown in Apple WWDC Session Slides
  33. Hackers Involved in Locking and Ransoming Apple Devices in Australia Arrested
  34. Tim Cook Seeking 'Friendlier, More Approachable Face' for Apple with New PR Chief Hire
  35. Costco Preparing to Begin Selling iPhone and iPad as iTunes Store Gift Cards Return [Updated]
  36. Apple Cracking Down on Apps That Incentivize Ad Watching, Social Sharing
  37. Apple's December FDA Meeting Addressed 'Moral Obligation' for Health, Sensor Innovation, and Regulation
  38. iOS 8 Tidbits: Randomized MAC Addresses, Safari Credit Card Scanning, Indoor Mapping, and More
  39. iOS 8 Code Points to Multiple Options for Split-Screen Multitasking
  40. Apple Shares WWDC OS X Yosemite Video Highlighting Design Changes
  41. Apple Granted Patent for Weightlifting Tracker That Utilizes Watch-Like Device
  42. Apple Projected to Beat Wall Street Estimates with 39 Million Quarterly iPhones Shipped
  43. Apple's Advertising Revamp Include Plans for In-House Team of 1,000 Employees
  44. Apple Adds ESPN and Local NPR Stations to iTunes Radio
  45. Progress on Apple Campus 2 Continues as Walls Go Up
  46. Apple Reportedly Launching Updated iMacs with Faster Processors Next Week
  47. Taiwanese Star Jimmy Lin Gaining Attention for iPhone 6 Mockup Photos
  48. Next iPad Air May Include Upgraded A8 Processor, 8 Megapixel Camera
  49. TouchPal Demos Gesture Keyboard with Sliding Input for iOS 8
  50. Video Showing How Apple's Unfinished Split Screen iPad Multitasking Works
  51. Amazon Launches 'Prime Music' Streaming Service with Access to Over One Million Songs
  52. Redesigned Skype 5.0 for iPhone Launching Today
  53. App Store and iTunes Store Currently Down for Some Users [Updated]
  54. iPod Father Tony Fadell 'Would Have Loved' to Show Nest to Steve Jobs
  55. Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab S With Super AMOLED Display, Multi-User Fingerprint Sensor
  56. Surge of iOS Game Controllers at E3 as Speculation Looks Towards Apple TV Gaming
  57. Apple Launches Exchange Program for 5W European USB Power Adapter
  58. Google to Take on Apple in Health and Fitness Tracking with 'Google Fit'
  59. iOS 8 Simplifies App Login Process with Safari Password Sharing
  60. 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Cost an Extra $100, but Consumers Willing to Pay
  61. Apple Cracking Down on Fake App Store Reviews
  62. See Handoff on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 in Action
  63. Photos of 4.7-Inch and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Models
  64. New Profile on Apple CEO Tim Cook Details Influence on Product Development, iWatch Plans
  65. Apple Said to Have Enough Sapphire Glass for Production of Both iPhone 6 Models and iWatch in 2014
  66. Yosemite 'Hand Off' Feature Limited to Macs with Bluetooth LE
  67. 'Coin Pocket' Becomes First Bitcoin Wallet App on iOS After App Store Policy Change
  68. iTunes Match Users Experiencing Issues Uploading Tracks
  69. WebMD Launches 'Healthy Target' Biometric Data Collection Service
  70. OS X Yosemite Designed for Retina Screens?
  71. Samsung May Acquire Nuance, the Company That Powers Siri
  72. Skybox Can Predict iPhone Launch Using Satellite Imagery
  73. Jony Ive Speaks on Future Products, Working With New Materials
  74. 250 New Emoji Introduced Today, May See Inclusion in Future Versions of iOS
  75. Apple Retail Announces 2014 Summer Filmmaking, iBooks Author Camps for Kids
  76. iOS 8's Variable Touch Sizing Bringing 'Surface Pressure' to FiftyThree's 'Pencil' Stylus
  77. iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Limited to 5.5" Model as LG Struggles with iWatch Display Power Draw?
  78. Alleged 'Perfect Replica' of iPad Air 2 Shows Touch ID, Recessed Volume Buttons, New Speaker Grille
  79. Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 2 to Developers
  80. Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 2
  81. iOS 8 Beta 2 Tidbits: Permanent Podcasts App, QuickType Keyboard for iPad, and More
  82. Apple Offers Discounts on Hachette Pre-Orders Amid Publisher's Dispute With Amazon
  83. Yosemite 'Handoff' Feature Likely Limited to Macs with Bluetooth LE
  84. Video Compares 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Model to Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  85. Apple and Samsung Trying to Find 'Common Ground' in Efforts to End Patent War
  86. Apple Launches New Cheaper 21.5-Inch iMac Starting at $1,099
  87. Apple Cuts Prices on Mac Mini and Apple TV in Europe, iMac in UK
  88. Adobe Announces 'Ink' Stylus and 'Slide' Ruler Duo, New Mobile Apps
  89. New Low-Cost iMac Nearly 50% Slower in Multi-Core, 10% Slower in Single-Core Benchmarks
  90. Apple TV May Gain Deeper Integration With iOS and Macs via Continuity
  91. Evidence of iPhone 6 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Found in iOS 8
  92. Sharp's 'Free-Form Displays' with Ultra-Thin Bezels Make New Display Shapes Possible
  93. Amazon Announces 'Fire Phone' With 3D 'Dynamic Perspective' Interface, 'Firefly' Object Recognition Engine
  94. Bluetooth LE Adapters Don't Enable OS X Yosemite's 'Handoff' on Older Macs
  95. Memory in New $1099 iMac is Soldered and Not Upgradable
  96. T-Mobile Announces 'Test Drive', A One Week Network Trial With a Free iPhone 5s
  97. iOS 7's Activation Lock Feature Helping Reduce iPhone Theft in Three Major Cities
  98. Hidden 'City Tours' Flyover Feature for iOS 8 Maps Discovered in Beta 2
  99. Apple Looks at Using Wearable Sensors to Auto-Adjust iPhone Notifications and Alarms
  100. iOS 8 to Expand Manual Controls for iPhone Photographers
  101. Apple's Spaceship Campus Shown Off in Rendered Fly-Through
  102. 2.5-Inch iWatch with Wireless Charging and Pulse Sensor to Enter Mass Production in July
  103. iOS Interface Depicted on a Hypothetical 2.5-Inch iWatch Screen
  104. Unauthorized Third-Party Chargers May Damage iPhone 5 Charging Circuitry
  105. iWatch Coming in Multiple Sizes With More Than 10 Sensors
  106. Report Claims iWatch Awaiting FDA Approval, Will Feature Blood Glucose and Sweat Sensors
  107. Simplistic 'Yo' Messaging App Soars in App Store Charts, Proves Vulnerable to Hacking
  108. Yahoo's Missed Opportunity with iOS 8 Weather Hints at Uncertain Future in Stocks App
  109. Hands-On Installation and Usage of TouchPal's Gesture Keyboard for iOS 8
  110. Apple Recruiting Pro Athletes to Test iWatch's Fitness Capabilities
  111. iOS 7.1.2 to Address Mail, Lock Screen, iBeacon Issues in Coming Weeks
  112. First Leaked Display Part from the 5.5-Inch iPhone 6
  113. Users Noticing Significant Improvements in Apple Maps Data with Quick Corrections
  114. Foxconn Hiring Record 100,000 New Employees for iPhone 6 Production as Pegatron Also Staffs Up
  115. More Durable Touch ID Sensors for iPhone 6, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Coming From TSMC
  116. Microsoft Boosts OneDrive Cloud Storage to 1TB for Office 365 Subscribers, 15GB Free for All
  117. Apple Hiring Siri Engineers for Additional Language Support
  118. 4.7-Inch and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Launch Simultaneously
  119. 12-Inch MacBook Air to Begin Production in 3rd Quarter 2014
  120. ABC News Comes to Apple TV with Live and On-Demand Video, Local News, and Historical Footage [Updated]
  121. iPhone 6 Interest Remains Strong as Consumers Look to Larger Displays
  122. Apple Reverses Course on Ban for Apps Incentivizing Ad Watching, Social Sharing
  123. Optical Image Stabilization May Be Differentiating Factor for 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 [Updated]
  124. iPhone 6 Said to Launch on Friday, September 19 in 32 GB and 64 GB Variants
  125. EU Regulators Expected to Decide on Apple's Acquisition of Beats By July 30
  126. Google Launches First Android Wear Devices, Featuring Always-On Displays and Card-Based Interface
  127. Google Announces 'Android Auto' CarPlay Competitor
  128. (Product) RED Thanks Apple for Contributions Totaling $75 Million, Explains Recent Comments From Bono
  129. Only the 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Offer 128GB Models
  130. Apple Planning to Launch New $199 16GB iPod Touch With Rear Camera, Multiple Colors
  131. Apple Launches New 16GB iPod Touch for $199, Drops 32/64GB Models to $249/$299
  132. Claimed 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell Shown in Video With iPhone 6 Mockups, iPhone 5s
  133. iOS 8 Beta 3 Reportedly Not Launching Until Tuesday, July 8
  134. Apple Said to Be Developing Smart Home Products for HomeKit Integration
  135. Apple's 'Podcasts' App Crashing on Launch
  136. Teardown of New 16 GB iPod Touch Reveals Same Internals and Layout as Larger Capacity Models
  137. Apple Ending Development on Aperture as Upcoming Photos App for OS X Will Replace iPhoto
  138. Adobe 'Doubling Down' on Lightroom in Wake of Apple's Aperture Announcement
  139. Apple Debuts New iPhone 5s TV Ad 'Parenthood'
  140. iPhone 6 Mockups of Low Quality, Antenna Breaks Not in Final Design
  141. Apple Updating iTunes U With New Course Creation and Discussion Features for iPad
  142. New Backlight Enables iPhone 6's Thin Design, May Cause Production Challenges
  143. Apple Releases iOS 7.1.2 With Mail Fixes, iBeacon Improvements
  144. Apple Releases OS X 10.9.4 With Wi-Fi Fixes, Wake From Sleep Improvements, Safari 7.0.5
  145. Possible 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel Compared to iPhone 5s
  146. Apple to Launch Annual 'Back to School' Promotion Tomorrow
  147. Apple Expanding Two-Step Verification to iCloud.com
  148. Apple to Announce Q3 2014 Earnings on July 22
  149. Apple's In-House Advertisements Scoring Lower Than Its Outsourced Ads
  150. App Extensions, Third-Party Touch ID Access Demoed With iOS 8 1Password Beta
  151. Apple Building its Own Speech Recognition Team to Power Siri
  152. Apple Launches 2014 'Back to School' Promotion with Apple Store Gift Cards Up to $100
  153. Samsung and GlobalFoundries to Produce Apple's 14-nm A9 Chips in 2015
  154. Apple Rolls Out New 16 GB iPod Touch Internationally
  155. Apple Looks to Boost AppleCare+ Membership With New 60-Day Purchase Window
  156. Rumored iPhone 6 Parts Show Volume and Power Buttons on Separate Cables
  157. Apple Adds Several New CarPlay Partners, Including Fiat Chrysler Brands and Mazda
  158. FTC Accuses T-Mobile of Knowingly Charging Customers for Fraudulent Services
  159. Aperture Replacement 'Photos' to Offer Image Search, Editing, Effects and Plugins
  160. Google Following in Apple's Footsteps With Songza Purchase
  161. Analysts Eyeing Record Highs for Apple's Stock Price, Rushing to Raise Price Targets
  162. Apple Discontinues AIM Support for Many OS X Users With Legacy Mac.com/Me.com IDs
  163. Tim Cook Emphasizes Importance of Voice Messaging, Sparking iWatch Speculation
  164. Microsoft Working on Fitness Band Compatible With Windows, iOS
  165. Report Claims September 25 Launch for iPhone 6, 16GB 5.5-Inch 'iPhone Air'
  166. New Video Shows Closer Look at Purported 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel
  167. Apple Explores Auto-Adjusting Security and Other Settings Based on Device Location
  168. Apple Makes Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share
  169. Samsung Bashes iPhone Battery Life, Calls Users 'Wall Huggers' in New Galaxy S5 Ad
  170. Apple Expected to Announce iPhone 6 in Early September, With Launch Later in the Month
  171. TAG Heuer Sales Director Patrick Pruniaux Joins Apple in Run-Up to iWatch Launch [Updated]
  172. Apple Planning to Wipe CloudKit Data for iOS 8 and Yosemite on July 7 Ahead of Beta Updates
  173. Foxconn Set to Deploy Robots to Help Assemble the iPhone
  174. iPhone 6 May See Only Modest Battery Capacity Boost as Apple Pursues Ultra-Slim Designs
  175. iPhone 6 Front Panel Survives Limited Bending Test
  176. Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 3 to Developers
  177. Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 3
  178. iOS 8 Beta 3 Tidbits: iCloud Drive Access, New Handoff Setting, and More
  179. Tim Cook's Impact on Apple Detailed in New Profile Along With Plans for New Board Members
  180. Apple's 'Health' App Gains Ability to Track Steps With M7 Motion Coprocessor in New iOS 8 Beta
  181. Claimed iPhone 6 SIM Card Trays Point to Space Gray, Gold, and Silver Color Options
  182. Key Maps Engineer Chris Blumenberg Leaving Apple for Uber
  183. Apple's 'Find My iPhone' Web Maps for iCloud.com Beta Move from Google to Apple
  184. Third-Party Mac Icons Reimagined in OS X Yosemite Style
  185. Siri 'Just Thrilled' About iOS 8, but Sad About Lack of Stage Time at WWDC
  186. Apple Hires Two Former Nike FuelBand Engineers, Possibly for iWatch Team
  187. Foxconn's 'Foxbot' Robots to Play Supporting Role in Factories
  188. Intel's Broadwell Chips for Most Macs Not Shipping Until Early to Mid 2015
  189. OS X Yosemite Beta Usage Beats Mavericks' Pace by 4x as New Features and Look Draw Testers
  190. 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell Shown in High-Quality Photos and Video
  191. Apple Tattled on Google to Draw FTC Attention to Similar Kids In-App Purchasing Issue
  192. Lenovo Passes Apple in U.S. PC Shipments As Worldwide Market Flatlines
  193. Apple Environmental Report: Carbon Footprint Down 3%, 145 U.S. Stores Now Using 100% Renewable Energy
  194. Apple Sold 2 Million Apple TVs Last Year in US, Trailing Behind Chromecast and Roku
  195. Report Claims iPhone 6 Will Feature New Dynamic Haptic Feedback Technology
  196. Apple Placing Unprecedented Amount of iPhone 6 Orders, First Batch Estimated at 68 Million Units
  197. TSMC Now Shipping A-Series Processors to Apple for Future iOS Devices
  198. iTunes 11.3 Expands iTunes Extras as Apple TV Finally Adds Support and Apple Plans for iOS 8
  199. MLB Rolling Out Second iBeacon Phase At All-Star Game, At Bat Updated With Live Streams
  200. Apple's App Store Turns Six, Developers Discount Apps in Celebration
  201. Claimed iPhone 6 Front Frame with LCD Shielding and Home Button Bracket Shown in New Photo [Updated]
  202. Apple Cuts Some iTunes Song Previews From 90 Seconds to 30 Seconds
  203. iWatch Mass Production Might Start in November
  204. Expert Believes Alleged iPhone 6 Sapphire Front Panel Could Be 'Legitimate'
  205. Apple's Next-Generation A8 Chip Said to Top 2 GHz, Remain Dual-Core
  206. Smartphone Manufacturers 'Lukewarm' on Sapphire, Call Material Impractical Due to Cost and Supply
  207. Samsung Bashes iPad's Screen, Lack of Multitasking in New Galaxy Tab S Ads
  208. FCC Filings Reveal Apple's First-Party iBeacon Hardware
  209. Apple Facing Production Issues with iPhone 6 as 5.5-Inch Version May Be Delayed Until 2015
  210. iPad Implicated in Pediatric Rashes Diagnosed as Nickel Allergies [Updated]
  211. Apple Said to Be Working with Intelligent Energy on Fuel Cell Technology for Portable Devices
  212. Eddy Cue Auctions Lunch and a MacBook Air to Benefit Basketball Foundation
  213. Apple May Part Ways With Ad Agency TBWA, Plans to Tap Beats' Jimmy Iovine for Marketing Revamp
  214. Apple Searching for Retail Employees to Test Upcoming Photos App for OS X
  215. Apple Launches 'iTunes Pass' at Japanese Stores, Enabling Customers to Refill iTunes Credit With Passbook [Updated]
  216. Apple Said to Be Planning Three iWatch Models from 1.6 to 1.8 Inches, Sapphire on High End
  217. iPhone 6 Cases and Images Circulating on Amazon Based on Rumor, Don't Offer Insider Information
  218. Apple and IBM Team Up For Major Enterprise Mobility Partnership
  219. Alleged iPhone 6 Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Shown Off in New Photos
  220. iOS 8 Beta 4 Reportedly Coming Monday, July 21
  221. Wico and Goophone Beat Apple to Market with Android-Based iPhone 6 Clones
  222. Apple to Pay $450 Million to Settle E-Book Price Fixing Case
  223. Amazon Testing 'Kindle Unlimited' E-book Subscription Service
  224. DirecTV's 'NFL Sunday Ticket' Offered as Standalone Subscription, Available on Macs/iOS Devices [Updated]
  225. New Photos of Purported iPhone 6 Battery Show 1,810 mAh Capacity
  226. iPhone 6 Said to Feature Sony's 13-Megapixel Exmor IMX220 Camera Sensor
  227. Uncertainty Over Apple's Sapphire Plans for iPhone 6 Remains as Analyst Estimates Vary Widely
  228. Construction on Apple Campus 2 Progressing Rapidly, Walls Continue Taking Shape
  229. Amid Sapphire iPhone 6 Rumors, Kyocera Announces Plans for New Smartphone With Sapphire Display
  230. BlackRock's Susan Wagner Joins Apple's Board of Directors, Replacing Bill Campbell
  231. Bill Campbell Reflects on 17 Years on Apple's Board of Directors
  232. 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Set to Begin Mass Production This Month, 5.5-Inch in August
  233. Amazon Officially Announces 'Kindle Unlimited' E-book and Audiobook Subscription Service
  234. EU Finds Apple Lacking in Efforts to Address In-App Payment Issues
  235. Analysts Predict Flat iPad Sales for Q3 2014, Slight Increase in iPhone Sales
  236. Apple May Push Back Launch of Rumored 12-inch Retina MacBook Due to Broadwell Delays
  237. 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel Subjected to More Rigorous Scratch Tests, May Not Be Sapphire
  238. Apple Announces 8th Annual iTunes Festival in London Scheduled for September
  239. 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell with Embedded Apple Logo Shown in New Photos
  240. Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 4 to Developers
  241. Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 4, Public Beta Coming Later This Month
  242. iOS 8 Beta 4 Tidbits: Tips App, Control Center Redesign, New Display Options
  243. Samsung Launches New 'Screen Envy' Anti-iPhone Ad
  244. Intel Launches New Core i5, i7 Haswell Processors Possibly Slated for Retina MacBook Pro Refresh
  245. Apple Launches New 'The Notebook People Love' MacBook Air Ad
  246. Apple Preparing Between 70 and 80 Million 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Units to Meet High Consumer Demand
  247. Apple Outlines Smart Wristband with Phone Connectivity and Gesture Control in New Patent
  248. Questionable Claim of 30% Slimmer 'iPad Mini Air' Launching in Late 2014
  249. Images Depict Possible iPhone 6 Lightning/Headphone Flex Cable, Rear Shell
  250. Apple Reports Q3 2014 Results: $7.7 Billion Profit on June Quarter Record $37.4 Billion in Revenue [Call Complete]