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  1. ZFS (and Snow Leopard) to Speed up Solid State Drive Performance?
  2. NetShare Unlikely to Return to U.S. App Store
  3. T-Mobile to Launch App Store?
  4. IBM Previews Lotus iNotes For iPhone
  5. Intel Officially Brands Nehalem as 'Core i7' Processor
  6. $30 Million in App Store Sales in One Month, Confirms Kill Switch
  7. Apple to Add Dedicated Video Hardware to Macs?
  8. September Event to Introduce iPod Updates and More?
  9. Two Weeks Later: Mobile Me's Uptime Calculated (96%)
  10. iPod Touch and MacBook Updates for September?
  11. Some Customers with iPhone 3G Connection Issues
  12. Best Buy to Sell iPhone 3G Nationwide?
  13. Fire Contained at Apple Headquarters, R&D Building?
  14. Banking Firm HSBC Considering iPhone? More iPhone Sales Estimates
  15. Apple Now Worth More Than Google
  16. iPhone App Sales Numbers Continue to Impress
  17. Apple Premieres iTunes Movies in Australia and New Zealand
  18. Mac OS X 10.5.5 Build 9F13 Seeded
  19. iPhone 3G Connection Issues Related to Software or Hardware?
  20. Apple to Update MacBook Air to Penryn Soon?
  21. Former Apple General Counsel Settles Backdating Charges
  22. Turn by Turn GPS for iPhone Coming?
  23. T-Mobile To Offer Android-Based Phone By Christmas
  24. iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 Seeded, Removes Push Notification Service
  25. iPhone 3G Connectivity Affecting 2% of Customers? Software Fix Soon?
  26. Dell to Try to Take on Apple's Online Music Dominance?
  27. iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 Released
  28. Apple Provides 60 Day Extension to All MobileMe Subscribers
  29. Apple Tops Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  30. Apple Accelerates Mac OS X 10.5.5 Seeding (9F17)
  31. Screenshots for Upcoming Nike+ App for iPhone
  32. Overheating iPod Nano and Frayed MagSafe Replacements
  33. OpenClip.org Offers Copy and Paste for iPhone Across Apps
  34. Intel Discusses Mobile Nehalem. Quad Core Notebooks Coming Next Month.
  35. September Apple Event Rumor: "iTunes Unlimited", iPhone iDisk Access?
  36. Retail Supplies for iPods Dwindling Ahead of September Refresh?
  37. Microsoft Enlists Jerry Seinfeld in Ad War Against Apple
  38. Apple's September Quarter Mac Sales Projected to be "Massive"
  39. iPhone 3G Issues Persist Despite Latest Firmware
  40. Apple Planning to Make Over 40 Million iPhones in Next 12 Months?
  41. Silver-Zinc Batteries Coming in 2009
  42. Intel Unveils Update to MacBook Air's Custom Processor
  43. New iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iTunes 8.0, and Blu-Ray in 10.5.6?
  44. iPod Nano Case Leaks, iPod Touch to Have GPS?
  45. Mac OS X 10.5.5 9F23 and New Safari 4 Seeded to Developers
  46. ATI's 4870 HD and 4850 HD Graphics Cards Coming for Mac
  47. Apple Event for September 9th?
  48. Resellers Getting Signals for a Wide Range of Apple Updates?
  49. iPhone Passcode Flaw Already Addressed for Future Firmware Update?
  50. iPods, Notebooks, and... iMacs before the Holidays?
  51. Patent: Apple Details Multi-Touch Mac User Interface
  52. Apple Confirms September iPhone Update
  53. Apple Releases ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0
  54. Details of iPhone 2.0.2 Firmware 3G Connectivity Improvements?
  55. Apple and AT&T Discussing Official Tethering Option for iPhone?
  56. Solver Now Available for Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac
  57. Belkin JoyPod Game Controller for iPhone with App Support?
  58. Google to Launch Webkit Based Web Browser Called 'Chrome'
  59. Apple Event Confirmed for September 9th: 'Let's Rock'
  60. Adobe to Unveil Creative Suite 4 on September 23rd
  61. iTunes 8, Playlist Recommendations, Visualizations
  62. iPod Nano and iPod Touch Dimensions Revealed?
  63. Beyond Multi-Touch: Voice, Gaze, Facial Expression Recognition
  64. Photo of the 4th Generation iPod Nano?
  65. No Music Subscription Service Next Week
  66. Apple Licensing Imagination's PowerVR Graphics Cores for Future Products?
  67. Microsoft's First Seinfeld Ad Airs: Shoe Circus
  68. Apple Continues Mac OS X 10.5.5 Seeding (9F32)
  69. Is Magnetosphere Now an iTunes 8 Visualizer?
  70. Leaked Photo of 4th Generation iPod Nano in Packaging?
  71. Sept 9th: iTunes 8, iPhone Firmware 2.1... with Hidden Features?
  72. Banners Up for Apple's Let's Rock Media Event on September 9th
  73. iPhone 3G Now Available At Best Buy
  74. iTunes 8 Mockup with Grid View, Genius Playlist
  75. Let's Rock: Rumor Roundup and Expectations
  76. 16GB iPod Nanos, 32GB iPod Touches, Lots of Colors
  77. Let's Rock: Live Coverage Options and Discussion
  78. iTunes 8: HD TV Shows, Grid View, Genius Playlists, NBC
  79. 4th Generation iPod Nano: Accelerometer, Genius, Colors, Taller
  80. iPhone 2.1 Firmware Coming on Friday: Bug Fixes, Connectivity and Battery Life
  81. 2nd Generation iPod Touch: 2.1 Firmware, Speaker, Thinner
  82. Odds and Ends: New Shuffles, In-Ear Headphones, First Impressions, and More
  83. QuickTime Stream of Let's Rock Media event
  84. MacUpdate's Mac App Bundle: Stream iTunes, Edit Video, Photos, and More
  85. iPod Touch 2.1 Firmware Features and Availability
  86. iPod Touch Gets an External Microphone
  87. Apple Notebook Updates on October 14th? 120GB MacBook Air HDD?
  88. iPod Nano, Touch Disassembled. iPod Touch has a Bluetooth Chip.
  89. Macworld San Francisco 2009 Registration Opens
  90. Despite NBC's Return, Apple and NBC Still Disputing Claims
  91. Microsoft's Next Seinfeld Ad Airs: 'New Family'
  92. Apple's App Store Rejection Policies Raise Concerns
  93. iPhone 2.1 Reactions and Additional Features
  94. Apple Developing ARM Processors for iPhone
  95. MacBook Shipments Have Begun?
  96. Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.5.5
  97. U.K. 'Back to School' Promo Begins, Rebate on New iPods
  98. iFund, App Store Success, Future Apps
  99. EFiX Allows Mac OS X to Boot on a PC
  100. Limited Run of 4GB iPod Nanos?
  101. Apple's U.S. Notebook Marketshare up to 10.6%
  102. Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) Only a Minor Update?
  103. Microsoft Dropping Seinfeld, Directly Targeting 'Get a Mac' Ads
  104. VMware Fusion 2.0 and Parallels 4.0 Beta
  105. Apple Considering 'At a Glance' Notification Screen for iPhone
  106. Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ad Airs
  107. Blu-ray Support in Mac OS X 10.5.6?
  108. Over 1 Million NBC Downloads Since Return to iTunes
  109. SquirrelFish Extreme Accelerates JavaScript Even More
  110. Apple Recalls iPhone 3G USB Power Adapter
  111. X-Plane Story: Working 16-Hour Days At Apple Headquarters
  112. Apple-Expo 2008 Highlights
  113. Google's Android Arriving Tomorrow
  114. MacBook 'Brick' Codename Speculation
  115. Adobe Unveils Creative Suite CS4, GPU Accelerated Photoshop
  116. T-Mobile and Google Introduce First Android Phone
  117. Apple Streamlines iPhone 3G Sales with Online Signups
  118. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adds Multi-Touch Trackpad Support
  119. Official Apple iPhone Developer University Program, Stanford Participates
  120. New Mac Placeholder SKUs in Future Shop's Inventory?
  121. Inexpensive Atom-Powered 'Netbooks' Popular at Launch
  122. Aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pros Spotted?
  123. Apple Seeds iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 1
  124. Apple iPhone Battery Lawsuit Dismissed
  125. MacBook Pro Prototypes and Design Details?
  126. App Store Changes in Reviews and Listings
  127. Apple Stock Tanks: Biggest Drop in Seven Years
  128. Apple's Notebook Marketshare Growth and High Margins
  129. Call of Duty 4 for Mac Now Available
  130. Adobe Could Release Flash for iPhone if Apple Approves
  131. AOL Renews Interest in Mac with AIM Beta 1
  132. Apple Threatens to Close iTunes Store Over Possible Royalty Hikes
  133. Apple Drops iPhone Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  134. Boxee Offers Major New Features to Apple TV Owners
  135. Apple Denies Reports of Mac Pros Emitting Toxic Fumes
  136. Netflix to Offer Mac Video Streaming By End of Year
  137. MacBook Speculation Increases While we Wait
  138. Royalty Rate Unchanged, Apple's iTunes Safe For Now
  139. Apple's Plans: New Products or Establishing Existing Ones?
  140. Fake Rumors of Steve Jobs Heart Attack Circulate
  141. 'Brick' Refers to the MacBook Manufacturing Process
  142. NVIDIA Powered MacBooks on October 14th?
  143. iPhone 2.2 Hidden Features: Google Street View, Emoji, Auto-Correction Off
  144. Apple Has Already Reached 10 Million iPhone Sales in 2008?
  145. Apple Shifting Tactics on Suppressing Product Leaks?
  146. Feasibility of New Solid Aluminum Manufacturing Process?
  147. Are Apple Laptop Updates Still on Track for October?
  148. MacBook Pro 'Brick' Casing Photo?
  149. Apple to Launch an $800 Laptop?
  150. Apple Launches iPhone Developer Tech Talks
  151. Apple Invites Media to 'Notebook' Event October 14th
  152. 13" Aluminum MacBook Pictured on Invitation?
  153. Two-Tone MacBooks and a Questionable MacBook Video
  154. MacBook with Blu-Ray, Networked HDTV from Apple?
  155. Apple Migrating to NVIDIA Chipsets in new MacBooks
  156. Higher Quality MacBook Pro Case Photos
  157. Apple Document Confirms MacBook/MacBook Pro (Late 2008)
  158. MacBook and MacBook Pro Port Speculation
  159. Apple Notebook Event Rumor Roundup
  160. MacBook and MacBook Pro Part Numbers and Prices? $899 MacBook?
  161. MacBook Pro Photo, No Physical Trackpad Buttons
  162. Apple's New $899 Product is an LED Display and Not a MacBook?
  163. MacBook Pros with Hybrid SLI, Extra Long Battery? MacBook Announcement?
  164. More Apple Notebook Details: Clickable Glass Trackpad, GPUs, Pricing
  165. Apple October 2008 Notebook Media Event Coverage
  166. Apple Introduces 24" LED Cinema Display with Built-in iSight
  167. Apple Announces New Aluminum MacBooks
  168. Apple Announces New MacBook Pros, Updates MacBook Air
  169. October 2008 Notebook Event Keynote Stream Available
  170. Apple's U.S. Market Share Approaches 10%
  171. MacBook and MacBook Pro Unpacking, Disassembly and First Impressions
  172. Apple on Blu-Ray, Touch Screen Displays, Netbooks
  173. Intel Update: MacBook Airs Get Penryn, MacBooks and Pros Get Montevina Benefits
  174. 17" MacBook Pro to be Updated "In a Few Months"?
  175. Google Also Includes 'Kill Switch' for Apps in Android
  176. MacBook Pro Does Not Support Both GPUs Simultaneously
  177. iTunes Has Sold Over 200 Million TV Episodes
  178. MacBook and MacBook Pro Disassembly and Photos
  179. Steve Jobs on Lack of Firewire in MacBooks
  180. Early MacBook and MacBook Pro Benchmarks
  181. Apple to Release Q4 2008 Financial Results on October 21st
  182. Snow Leopard to Get Cocoa Finder and ImageBoot
  183. New iMacs Still Coming Before Holidays?
  184. Apple Enabled GPU Hardware Decoding of h.264 on New MacBooks, Pros and Airs?
  185. Notebook Event Rumor Wrapup: Winners and Losers
  186. Boxee Adds Hulu, CBS and Comedy Central Support to Apple TV
  187. NVIDIA Introduces Desktop Chipset for Intel Processors
  188. Mac Mini to be Discontinued?
  189. Apple Posts 4Q 2008 Earnings Results
  190. Apple Reaches 10 Million iPhone Sales Goal for 2008
  191. Jobs on Mac Netbooks: Not Yet, But...
  192. Apple Seeds QuickTime 7.6 to Developers, No H.264 Acceleration Yet
  193. iPhone Accounted for 39% of Apple Revenue in Q4 2008
  194. Unannounced Apple Product Found in Web Logs?
  195. MacBook Pro's NVIDIA Chipsets Can Support Dual GPU and 8GB RAM
  196. Intel Mobile Processors to be Refreshed in April? Nehalem Soon After
  197. Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.5.6 to Developers
  198. Apple Posts Revised iPhone NDA Agreement and Readying iPhone 2.2 Beta 2 Firmware
  199. Mac Mini Still Alive? New Model Coming?
  200. Apple Patent Provides Peek at Snow Leopard Technologies
  201. New MacBook Pro Does Not Support 8GB RAM (for now)
  202. iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2 Enables Street View
  203. Apple Seeds Snow Leopard 10A190 (Mac OX 10.6) to Developers
  204. Netflix Mac Video Streaming Begins Testing
  205. Apple Seeking to Increase Participation in App Store Ratings?
  206. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Cocoa Finder and 64-Bit Changes
  207. Apple Details Ongoing MobileMe Upgrades
  208. Buyers Guide Update: iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros
  209. iPhone with 2.3% Market Share and Even Attracting Lower Income Households
  210. New MacBooks and MacBook Pros Support Up to 6GB
  211. Opera Browser Not Allowed in iPhone App Store
  212. Apple Recruits IBM Chip Designer, IBM Files Lawsuit
  213. MacBook Airs Arrive, Unboxing Photos
  214. Whispers Suggest a Mid November iMac and Mac Mini Updates
  215. Opera Mini Not Rejected?
  216. Netflix Silverlight Streaming Beta Now Available for Mac Users
  217. Early Nehalem (Core i7) Benchmarks Show Off Performance Gains
  218. Apple Cutting Q4 iPhone Production?
  219. Apple: No New Products Before Holidays
  220. Tony Fadell ("Father of iPod") Leaves Apple
  221. Apple to Benefit Further from Dropping Flash Memory Pricing
  222. Software Fix for MacBook Pro Trackpad Issue "Coming Soon"
  223. Apple Acknowledges Mac Mini Update?
  224. Apple's Fiscal 2008 Results Show Significant Year-Over-Year Growth
  225. Apple Activates Podcast Downloads in 2.2 Firmware
  226. AT&T CEO Confirms iPhone Tethering Coming "Soon"
  227. New MacBook Air Improves H.264 Playback, Reduces Heat
  228. Apple Researching Virtual Reality Headsets
  229. Judge Orders Apple's New Hire to Stop Work
  230. Sony BMG to Offer DRM-Free Music on Apple's iTunes?
  231. Apple iPhone #1 Amongst U.S. Consumers in Q3 2008
  232. Apple COO Tim Cook as Possible Steve Jobs Replacement?
  233. Parallels 4.0 Promises Significant Performance Improvements
  234. iPhone 2.2 Firmware 10 Days Away?
  235. Apple to Adopt Carbon Fiber for Lighter MacBook Air?
  236. 24'' LED Cinema and In-Ear Headphones Shipping Soon?
  237. Apple Focusing on MobileMe Improvements in Latest 10.5.6 Builds
  238. Apple Affected by LCD Price Fixing by LG, Sharp, Chunghwa
  239. Apple Likely to Offer Black Friday Sales
  240. Apple Positioning iPhone and iPod Touch as Mobile Gaming Devices
  241. IBM's Lawsuit Against Papermaster Over 'Racetrack' Memory?
  242. Mac Pro Suitable Nehalem (Core i7) Processors Due in 1st Quarter 2009
  243. Apple Releases Safari 3.2 with Improved Security, Anti-Phishing
  244. Original MacBook Air Capable of 4 Finger Gestures Through Software Update
  245. Mac OS X 10.5.6 Development Wrapping Up?
  246. Adobe and ARM Partner to Bring Flash to ARM-based Mobiles (Like the iPhone?)
  247. Intel Not Taking Any Chances with Core i7
  248. Apple Issues Fix for Unrecognized Clicks on Glass Trackpads
  249. Apple 24'' LED Cinema Display Available for Order
  250. Apple Incorporates HDCP (Copy Protection) in New Laptops