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  1. The Salsa Spy
  2. Study clears cannabis of schizophrenia rap
  3. GM has 120 days to live, Ford 7 months.
  4. Flying Blind
  5. Pixar's next movie: "UP"
  6. DHL Shutting down U.S. Operations...
  7. GM Target Price Downgraded to $0.00/Worthless
  8. 'Super-microscope' opens at Isis
  9. Virgin Media will cut 2,200 jobs
  10. The Layoffs Thread
  11. Man's Coffin Kills Wife on Way to Cemetery
  12. Sun Microsystems in rapid downward spiral
  13. Pound Falls to All-Time Low vs. Euro
  14. Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell dies
  15. More airline consolidation: Lufthansa buys Austrian Airlines
  16. Clever jail escape
  17. Three shot and killed at SiPort in Santa Clara, CA
  18. Brown clouds over Asia pose new threat to planet: UN
  19. New World Domino Record
  20. Mark Cuban charged with insider trading.
  21. Jerry Yang = OUT as Yahoo CEO
  22. 25 years of Macintosh - the Apple report card
  23. New Proposed Canadian Driving Laws (Ontario)
  24. 50% of Primary Care Docs Looking to Quit, Retire, Cut Back Hours
  25. Royal Mail Cat Ad
  26. Main BBC channels [BBC1/2] to be broadcast live via web
  27. Pasta jar penis man chased by police
  28. "Spansion claims iPods violate flash patents in suit against Samsung"
  29. Supercomputers Break Petaflop Barrier, Transforming Science
  30. Business Week ipod screw-up
  31. Blind Woman Threatened With Suit Over 1 Cent
  32. PC Magazine Will Cease Printing a Paper Version
  33. Obese entitled to 2 airline seats- Canada
  34. Fiery spectacle opens Dubai hotel
  35. Formula 1 boss [Bernie Ecclestone] faces divorce case
  36. [UK] Train fares rise 6% in new year
  37. Spam production is up while stocks are down
  38. Congratulations New Zealand
  39. UTAH UTES BCS Bowl bound again
  40. The Doctor celebrates his 45th today (11/23)
  41. Police Think They've Nabbed The 'Butt Bandit'
  42. [UK] Father's rape abuse on daughters
  43. Noise Violators forced to listen to... Barry Manilow!
  44. Alien-like Squid with elbows
  45. drunk driver runs overself
  46. Dept. of Health: Don't drive behind flatbed chicken trucks
  47. [UK] Government to own majority of RBS [Royal Bank of Scotland]
  48. French say they need the biggest condoms
  49. walmart worker trampled to death on black friday
  50. Every senior student in New South Wales, Australia gets a laptop
  51. Britons 'saving money with sex'
  52. 2,700 year-old cannabis stash is 'oldest ever'
  53. The Simpsons get an Apple Store
  54. Nokia teases major new product launching tomorrow
  55. Somali pirates attack large cruise ship
  56. Nokia unveils flagship N97 phone
  57. Undead deer gains revenge on hunter
  58. Firm [Logitech] makes one billionth mouse
  59. 1967 perspective on kitchen of 1999
  60. Kogan intros world's second Android phone: Agora / Agora Pro
  61. BoE Drop UK Interest Rates to 2%
  62. Smartphone numbers are in: iPhone sales exceed Windows Mobile sales for first time
  63. Woman in Labor Issued Traffic Ticket
  64. Govt. Wants to Tax Cow Farts
  65. O.J. Simpson: Sentenced to at least 15 years in prison.
  66. Dept. of Robberies: French steal euro80mil while in drag
  67. Macworld 2009 Hotels/Things to Do
  68. Is stripped user agent data pointing to a Google OS?
  69. Hero Dog tries to save his friend.
  70. Dept. of Drink: The Alcoholic 'Cure'
  71. Dog freezes to sidewalk
  72. Jay Leno staying on NBC in prime time
  73. New Hovering Weapon
  74. Lush Behind Stansted Airport Protest
  75. Man Builds Female Robot- File Under Creepy
  76. Actor slits his own throat when stage knife switched
  77. Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 or 2010
  78. British Pound predicted to reach parity with Euro Q1 2009.
  79. Texas MP3 Technologies Continues iPod Infringement Case
  80. Macworld Expo Passes
  81. Bye Bye Bettie: Pinup legend Bettie Page dies.
  82. Radio Shack's $99 Netbook (w/AT&T contract)
  83. Sam Bradford: 2008 Heisman Winner
  84. US man uses pizza in self-defence
  85. Potential Software to Record Dreams
  86. Switzerland signs Schengen Treaty
  87. Virgin to launch fastest web connection in UK
  88. Ruddy Nora
  89. Shooting in Chicago. Pearson and Rush.
  90. Woods' Caddy says some unflattering things about Phil
  91. United Airlines records fastest flight to the North Pole
  92. New Apple Ads!!!
  93. Why would parents name their kid this?
  94. Facebook used to find defendants in court case
  95. First US face transplant procedure performed
  96. Smell Like Burger King With New Body Spray: "FLAME"
  97. Inflatable Sex Mattress At School
  98. Retired Space Shuttle - Yours for FREE...plus P&P
  99. Human-Sized Heart Left At Car Wash
  100. Why biology is so cool
  101. Mice upping the ante in the Cat vs Mice wars
  102. 2009 Honda Insight Hybrid (70 mpg). The Prius for the rest of us.
  103. Run for Life with Nike+
  104. Pigeon Poop Blamed For Awning Collapse
  105. Driver banned for having world's most untidy car
  106. Widow phones husband in casket
  107. Toyota slashes profit forecasts amid sales slump
  108. British physics professor perfects "tunable eyeglasses" -- no eye doctor required
  109. Man Sprays 'Toilet-Papering' Teens With Fox Pee
  110. Leave it to teenagers to find a new game with Red light Cameras
  111. The Definition of the Word "Plus": Coca Cola and the FDA
  112. Woman found alive, buried in snow for three days
  113. Merry Christmas, Search the <censored> Forums. (NYT Article)
  114. Zii: Stemcell Computing
  115. Senate Anti-Trust Inquiry Into SMS Pricing
  116. Passive Houses -- Engineering Homes for Nothern Climes That Do Not Require Heating
  117. Roman Abramovich loses $20 billion amid financial crisis
  118. UK Ponders Mandatory Rating Scheme And Systemic Access Control For The Internet
  119. MacWorld Conference & Expo Platinum Passes @ Deep Discount
  120. Microsoft outlines pay-per-use PC vision: Rejected!
  121. Best Buy at Macworld
  122. 600,000 Job Losses Predicted for Great Britain in '09
  123. Website SSL certificates spoofed by games consoles
  124. 'Huge year for natural disasters'
  125. Paintball attack on homeless man
  126. R.I.P. Woolworths
  127. Time Warner customers: ready to lose TV Land, Spike & Comedy Central?
  128. What is Your Best Blog of 2008!
  129. 2008 Full Year Sales Data on CDs vs. Online Music ... No Surprises
  130. New Routemaster (London Bus) Aston Martin Designed
  131. One way to burn calories...
  132. Burglar scared off by man dressed as Thor
  133. Commissioner Gordon dies...
  134. Update on the Zune "Z2K" fiasco
  135. German kids try to elope to Africa to get married.
  136. BART Police kill unarmed man [video]
  137. 'Penis fire' suspect is charged
  138. Doctors get to bottom of hairspray X -Ray
  139. Man left dangling upside down, pantsless (chairlift)
  140. All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy
  141. UK Interest rates cut to 1.5%
  142. BBC News "UFO claim over wind farm damage"
  143. Man wants donated kidney back from wife in divorce settlement
  144. Police Seek Blow-up Doll Sex Bandit
  145. Beijing panda bites third tourist (BBC)
  146. Microsoft Songsmith infomercial
  147. Nationwide Hands free Cell Phone Ban for Drivers Urged
  148. Coder whips up working multitouch demonstration on T-Mobile G1
  149. Australia Offers Best Job in the World
  150. Jedi Church Planned For Wales
  151. Sony said to be sitting on $1.1 billion annual loss, first in 14 years
  152. PowerMac 8500 running Leopard?!?!?
  153. Pro-Pot Cop gets his job back and an $815,000 settlement
  154. IBM team boosts MRI resolution - 100 million times finer than current MRI
  155. Crazy Financier Guy Who Staged His Own Death by Plane Crash?
  156. Patrick McGoohan Dies
  157. Khan Noonien Singh dies at 88
  158. Researchers Estimate the Environmental Impact of Googling
  159. The Pope starts a new crusade against demonic toast.
  160. Obama's 'Beast' of a car revealed
  161. Third Runway at Heathrow gets Go Ahead
  162. Plane Crashes into Hudson River
  163. Johnny Knoxville Detained at airport...
  164. Rumpole creator passes away
  165. Apple Store, We'll Be Back Soon up.
  166. Mobility Today Slingcatcher Giveaway
  167. UK: Performing Rights Society (PRS) fining shops
  168. Alone on a wide, wide sea, two men saved by an ice box
  169. Woman says she was told to use iPod to pay cab driver
  170. Supreme Court deals death blow to antiporn law
  171. Oscar Nominations announced
  172. Microsoft To Cut 5,000 Jobs
  173. Obama's Mac-savvy team lands in Microsoft hell at White House
  174. Former French President Jacques Chirac mauled by his clinincally depressed poodle
  175. IBM Beats Estimates, and Lays-Off Workers
  176. Zune sales plummet by 54%
  177. Bob May, robot on "Lost in Space", dies
  178. US Pharmaceutical Giants in $68bn Merger
  179. Sex drive link to prostate cancer
  180. 14-Year-Old Impersonates Cop in Chicago
  181. "Bloody Monday" - More Than 50,000 Layoffs in A Single Day
  182. Steve Jobs Reportedly Under the Knife @ Stanford Hospital Today
  183. High school football coach charged in player's death
  184. Digital TV transition wont be delayed
  185. USPS Mail May Be Cut to 5 Days - Price of stamps up 2 cents.
  186. Warning Zombies Ahead!
  187. The A-Team coming to the big screen
  188. Ford reports record yearly loss
  189. John Martyn Dies
  190. Too many friends on Facebook? Delete them and get a free burger!
  191. Octuplets’ mother wants Oprah to turn her into a $2m TV star
  192. IBM's Sequoia: 20x faster than the world's fastest supercomputer
  193. 50 years ago today, the day the music died.
  194. Man - 'Bailout Bill' - hands out cash in New York
  195. Help create safe, clean drinking water for those who need it.
  196. Bill Gates unleashes a swarm of mosquitoes on crowd
  197. Are Those Two Pigeons Shoved Into Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
  198. Largest snake 'as long as a bus' - 13m/42ft
  199. Boy born with 24 fingers and toes
  200. Woman Fails Driving Test for 771st Time
  201. BoE cuts interest rates to record-low 1.00%.
  202. Google Earth dives into ocean blue
  203. Sex and the City sequel announced
  204. Microsoft Commercial Made With A Macbook Pro
  205. Animals are attacking US Airways
  206. Alex Rodriguez TESTS POSITIVE - 2003
  207. Man asks his wife at brothel: "What are you doing here?"
  208. Chris Brown Arrested for Domestic Violence
  209. Australia Fires
  210. BLINK 182 reunites?
  211. £2 Million Horse To Tower Over Kent
  212. Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing. Update:Gets Lifeline From Liberty Media
  213. Man Calls 911 Because Burger King Didn't Have Lemonade
  214. When Humans Need a Nudge Toward Rationality
  215. If you hate elevator music you are in luck
  216. Salma Hayek Breast Feeds a Random African Child
  217. Syd Barrett Mosaic for sale
  218. Microsoft to copy Apple again...opening retail stores.
  219. Man cuts hand off for second time
  220. New York Plane Crash -- 50 Dead
  221. EXPO NJ drops price on best Iphone Dock to $122
  222. Suing Disney for heart-stopping ride
  223. Nokia Announce Ovi Mobile Store
  224. British & French Nuclear Subs collide.
  225. Customers protest due to peanut return
  226. Leaving Facebook? eh not so fast.
  227. NPR covers academic use of cluster "supercomputers" made from PS3s
  228. [Merged] Microsoft Miscalculates Severance, Asks Laid Off Employees To Return Funds
  229. Stock Market Plummets: Falls to levels not seen since 1997.
  230. Dept. of Science: Something else has been living on the Space Station
  231. Turkish Plane Crash at Amsterdam Schiphol
  232. Eclipse Aviation Closes Its Doors
  233. I Wonder How Many People Bond Accidentally Shot -- PPK Recalled
  234. Scientists claim Facebook, Twitter rot kids brains.
  235. RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland) Posts Record $34 billion Loss
  236. PSA: Objectified Film - London Screening (OT)
  237. EastEnders Pauline Dies
  238. Midway Games files Chapter 11
  239. Ryanair may charge for toilet use
  240. Manhattan Lawyer Sues Neighbor over ‘Squealing’ Chihuahuas
  241. He went out with a bang...
  242. AIG reports record $61.7bn loss
  243. Mass whale stranding in Tasmania
  244. iPhone Is Banned in Bill Gates, Refuses To Buy Kids Anything Apple
  245. Man tries to mellow cat by stuffing it into a bong
  246. Rumor has it Blockbuster may be closing down...
  247. "Bodies" expo closed in Caracas
  248. Toys R Us buys toys.com for $5.1m
  249. Man holds woman hostage for 10 hours... with a Sega light gun
  250. UK interest rates lowered to 0.5%, £75bn quantitative easing begins