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  1. Gangs Spreading In The Military
  2. Move over Optimus Prime, here comes Moses!!
  3. Industrial society destroys Mind and Environment?
  4. Americans: your impression of Gordon Brown?
  5. Rupert Murdoch to buy Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones
  6. Is Obesity Contagious Or More Media Hype?
  7. Senate Corruption Comes to Light
  8. Cheney: I was wrong about the insurgency
  9. It's still whites vs. blacks in the south
  10. You are Bush and now you have to replace a judge on the supreme court
  11. Obama: Fight terror in Pakistan
  12. Please tell me (criminalizing the antiwar movement)
  13. Abortion law would give fathers a say...
  14. CFP says terror attack imminent
  15. Chaos Follows Controversial House Vote
  16. Tancredo: Threaten to bomb Muslim holy sites in retaliation
  17. The sound bite every American should hear
  18. Disgraceful: America's child prisoners
  19. Blowing People's Cover: A BushCo Speciality?
  20. The Kingdom - another pro-America, anti-Muslim action gorefest
  21. Economics basics mp3?
  22. Microsoft to develop Windows 7 in India
  23. Petraeus "Loses" 190,000 Weapons in Iraq
  24. Gingrich: Bush Fighting "Phony" War on Terror
  25. Who's Protecting America? Not Congress
  26. China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
  27. Bloggers Consider Forming Labor Union
  28. Suicide bombers in Iraq are mostly foreigners
  29. Dems to spar, GOP no-show at landmark gay debate
  30. Young GOP leader accused in gay sex crime
  31. Church Cancels Memorial For Gay Navy Vet
  32. Arctic Ice Lowest in Recorded History
  33. Video of Cheney, in 1994, Warning That An Invasion of Iraq Would Lead to 'Quagmire'
  34. Karl Rove to Resign
  35. Man's signs protesting was vandalized in NH.
  36. Political Cartoons
  37. Made in China
  38. U.S. lags behind 41 nations in life span
  39. Petraeus Declares Success in Iraq...
  40. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  41. Do we need another 9/11?
  42. Catholic Church Converts to Islam, almost
  43. Army suicide rate highest in 26 years
  44. Chavez to eliminate presidential term limits
  45. Bush to Declare Iran's Army Terrorists
  46. Howard to "clean up the Internet" in Australia
  47. Closed Caucuses/Primaries
  48. "the internet is killing our culture"
  49. Tony Snow
  50. Poll: Majority mistrustful of upcoming Iraq report
  51. Proof the rich are getting richer
  52. 3 Pills - $US 350.00
  53. The Right Wing On Campus
  54. More Republicans quit as party faces election disaster
  55. "The real speech of George W Bush"
  56. Artificial Life Coming within 3 to 10 years
  57. Kucinich Moving up in Polls
  58. Larry King Poll
  59. Casino Gambling: Why is it being pushed so hard?
  60. The CIA did not do enough to stop Al Qaeda before 9/11
  61. FOX News - Caught editing Wikipedia Facts
  62. February 2008 is creation cinema month!
  63. Illegal immigration is America's fault
  64. Chuck Schumer's Follies
  65. Too "Hip" or Not "Hip" Enough? :(
  66. Least Religious Countries
  67. Child Killer sentenced to death
  68. Hell
  69. WH to make executions easier/faster
  70. The U.S. Infrastructure
  71. Sex Offender Let Off Because He is a 'Man of Faith'
  72. The government is to start "monitoring" blogs
  73. Mining Rove’s Katrina Legacy
  74. The american air force murders more of its allies
  75. who or what is the antichrist?
  76. Apologetics: Baha'i and Other
  77. Afghans refusing to kick U.S. balls
  78. UK Child Registry Concerns
  79. Gonzales to resign
  80. White House has book on stifling protest
  81. Poll: British wary of Muslims
  82. Tired of Michael Vick?
  83. The GOP's Bathroom Problem
  84. U.S. Reconstruction Money Going to Insurgents
  85. NG Troops Cheer Call For Iraq Withdrawal
  86. Why can't Americans get along?
  87. U.S. most armed country
  88. Mississippi=fattest state in the union
  89. 11th Hour Editorial
  90. not sure who to blame, but this is shameful...
  91. Pastor has sex with own daughters
  92. Karl Rove's car gets decorated
  93. Dangerous Iraq chemicals found stored at UN
  94. Latest state to OK gay marriage is..........Iowa?
  95. New Pentagon Weapon - Is It Torture?
  96. Congress Blocking Search of Mark Foley's Congressional Computer
  97. a question about religion + belief
  98. Tony Snow retires as press secretary
  99. Bush holding American servicemen hostages
  100. Kurdistan - The Northern Iraq Success Story
  101. Iran's 3000 Spinning Centrifuges
  102. Bush can't recall why Iraqi army disbanded
  103. U.S. Charitable Giving for 2006
  104. Most Democratic and Least Democratic Countries
  105. You want universal health care? You WILL get universal health care.
  106. Who shows more disdain for freedom of speech more - Republicans or Democrats?
  107. Jerry Lewis' anti-gay slur
  108. B-52 Bomber Accidentally Armed With 6 Nuclear Cruise Missiles
  109. Bush: "We're kicking [expletive deleted]" *NWS Language*
  110. new bin laden tape due out soon
  111. pseudobrit, zimv20
  112. Beirut Compensation: Does Not Compute
  113. An afternoon with Obama
  114. One-Sided Meddling in the Horn of Africa
  115. G.W. Bush - could he survive another major terrorist attack politically?
  116. General Strike 9/11/2007
  117. Brain type may dictate politics
  118. That was quick (Pakistan deports Sharif)
  119. Petraeus report
  120. Those with less education view the Iraq war negatively
  121. US surge has failed - Iraqi poll
  122. Terrible torture of woman in WV
  123. FAA to Airlines: Improve schedules or Feds will
  124. 9/11; Does anybody remember?
  125. Biggest threat to the American way of life
  126. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?
  127. Bully cops..
  128. Interesting "economic" analysis of the troop surge in Iraq
  129. Kicked out because of politics
  130. Another conservative supreme court justice?
  131. ..::abstinence::..
  132. Kathy Griffin's Jesus comments draw fire
  133. Yakety Sax
  134. Iraq War was NOT about Oil - Yeh, Right.
  135. This is extremely creepy!!!!!
  136. 2 of 7 Soldiers Who Wrote 'NYT' Op-Ed Die in Iraq
  137. France warning of war with Iran
  138. The Iraq War Cost: 452 Billion Dollars and Counting
  139. Blackwater loses license to operate in Iraq
  140. State Senator Ernie Chambers Sues God
  141. State Senator Ernie Chambers Sues God
  142. Pork your pork and eat it. Only in Japan.
  143. student tasered and arrested for asking questions
  144. Israel is at it again - This time they've attacked Syria
  145. College students struggle with History
  146. The Republicans have made their commitments
  147. The United States of Fascism???
  148. July blast in Syria linked to chemical arms
  149. Keith Olbermann hands Bush his head
  150. The US President is intelligent and articulate
  151. Black Republicans Divided Over GOP's Shunning Of Black Voter Forum
  152. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied visit to Ground Zero
  153. U.S. Military Cemetery Runs Out Of Space For Dead Soldiers
  154. Who would bring a bomb (real or fake) into an airport?
  155. A "Windshield Cowboy"
  156. They know what book I last read?
  157. Nova Scotia now allowing Mom and Mom on child's birth certificate
  158. The Telecoms Secret Lobbying Campaign
  159. Ahmadinejad - The 60 Minutes Interview
  160. Locals Dispute Growing Story of Jena 6
  161. UAW calls for national strike against GM
  162. Iranian President visits Columbia University
  163. Ahmadinejad: no homosexuals in Iran
  164. Burma: End in sight?
  165. Germs sent to space come back meaner, scientist reports
  166. Wainwright could go on singing Garland tunes
  167. $9.11 for Rudy
  168. Colin Powell Interview
  169. Iran: The Next War
  170. Donald Trump should just shut his friggin' pie-hole already
  171. Archbishop claims condoms and drugs infected with HIV
  172. Republican San Diego mayor pledges support for gay marriage
  173. Al Gore in 2008?
  174. Billions over Baghdad
  175. Barack Obama in NYC
  176. So how much as the "war" in Iraq cost us?
  177. Mouse Clicks Away from Cyber-Terror?
  178. V for Veto
  179. "The Kingdom" a form of propaganda...
  180. Freedom of Speech?
  181. Google Earth reveals "offensive" buildings
  182. Good Business or Discrimination?
  183. Just Curious---Why do People complain
  184. Why do people hate the United States because of only a few people?
  185. Saudi divorces wife for watching male TV host: report
  186. In New Book, Justice Thomas Weighs In on Former Accuser
  187. "9/11 9/11, 9/11" says Mr. 9/11
  188. Contacting Congress and Others
  189. The Seymour Hersh Report
  190. Disgracing the military
  191. Why are social services attacked?
  192. McCain: "...the Constitution established the U.S....as a Christian nation"
  193. 3rd party if Mr. 9/11 wins repub nomination?
  194. WTF?? Now the COUNCIL can see who I'm texting???
  195. "Money is talking. You might want to listen."
  196. Operation System Crash
  197. The Boot Is On The Other Foot
  198. War Tax
  199. Proof that conservatives and liberals can get along
  200. Bush veto of kids' health bill puts pressure on House GOP
  201. Alberto Gonzales Secretly Authorized Torture
  202. Millions Wasted on Gov Travel
  203. Rudy finances attempt to split California's electoral votes
  204. Kentucky Residents --- Beshear or Fletcher?
  205. What is the difference between universal health care and socialized medicine?
  206. Contractor involved in Iraq shooting got job in Kuwait
  207. It's official -- we've gone insane
  208. US attack on Iran would be "criminally ignorant and murderous folly"
  209. Skinned goat hung from Harry Carey statue
  210. New Hampshire Tax evaders arrested..
  211. The subversion of the media
  212. US official tells of more Blackwater horrors
  213. "I can be an instrument of God...we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth."
  214. General Petraeus -verses- Hassan Kazemi-Qomi
  215. National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War
  216. The economic realities of US foreign policy
  217. Iraqis give up on surge policy goal
  218. Pres. Bush against the death penalty?
  219. Administration blows another Intel source
  220. New UK law means anti-gay comments could lead to seven years in jail
  221. Does Anyone have any GOOD Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage?
  222. Bush: Armenian Massacre not Genocide
  223. WTF is wrong with people version 394323459235320574205455
  224. Is it "censorship" if done by a private entity as opposed to the government.
  225. Armenian Genocide compared to Holocaust?
  226. Christian Holloween propaganda
  227. Coulter: America would be better if we were all Christian
  228. To conservatives WITH a conscience
  229. Al Gore wins 07 Nobel Peace Prize
  230. "I'm gay" doesn't help man convicted of hate crime manslaughter
  231. Immunity for the Telco Industry?
  232. The Power of the Web
  233. Al Gore and Global Warming, from the News thread
  234. Ricardo Sanchez Speaks Out
  235. Hannah Montana, meet the Free Market
  236. What is the difference between "fair trade" and "free trade?"
  237. Bush and corporations plant fake stories on TV
  238. Homosexuality is genetic?
  239. $87 for a barrel of oil
  240. 2000 Florida Election Redux
  241. Steven Colbert running for President. LOL
  242. Putting Some Names to Those really Running The Country
  243. What Will China Look Like in 2035?
  244. The Real Iraq We Knew
  245. Uk: Obesity 'not individuals' fault'
  246. What Staph needs is a good PR machine
  247. James Watson - Africans are less intelligent than Westerners
  248. Bush Quips He Might Stay in Power
  249. Bush wishes for Nuclear war...
  250. Bush Approval Rating Hits Another Record Low