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  1. Bernanke: Economy needs help fast. (Good luck with that.)
  2. Bush exempts US Navy from Whale protection order
  3. Former Congressman Indicted Over Ties to Islamic Charity
  4. Ailing GIs deployed to war zones
  5. Nevada Caucus Today
  6. Canada Includes US, Israel Among Torturers
  7. Apple affected by USA financial collapse?
  8. One more year!
  9. A potentially explosive story
  10. Who thinks Obama can still pull it off?
  11. Fredrick of Hollywood Drops Out of Presidential Race
  12. Bush: the movie
  13. Glad to see freedom and democracy is working in Afghanistan!
  14. Study: False Statements Preceded War
  15. Three Little Pigs 'too offensive'
  16. The Clintons...
  17. What does "right" mean?
  18. Another "WTF is wrong with people?" thread....
  19. So, the next U.S. recession starts this week?
  20. The internet war on Scientology.....
  21. US government gives Americans $$ to buy Macs!!
  22. Kucinich drops out
  23. You can make fun of someone as long as it isn't jesus.
  24. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  25. Pot Vending Machines
  26. Christian author has problem with conservatives
  27. Anthrax - was it an inside job?
  28. Obama Wins South Carolina!!!
  29. South Carolina: Did Hillary Win?
  30. Is Obama the right choice?
  31. What happened to HeadlineNews?
  32. Senator Ted Kennedy To Endorse Obama
  33. Why do we have to take responsibility for all the other animals in the world?
  34. 2008 State of the Union
  35. LDS Prophet passes away
  36. Joh Edwards as Attorney General?
  37. ABC to air fictional show about vaccines and autism
  38. Who will the Communist Party endorse for 2008?
  39. florida primary
  40. War Votes
  41. Neat little tool for those following the U.S. presidential primaries.
  42. Hillary / Obama - IRAQ Vote - How do you read it?
  43. Edwards is out
  44. Proposal to change the Primaries
  45. Nader forms exploratory committee
  46. Survey : More than 1 Million Iraqis killed
  47. Jesse Jackson attacks MLB again
  48. HEADLINE: McCain Defeats Clinton - Nov. 5th, 2008...?
  49. The Reason I Do Not Like George Bush
  50. Objective Election Website?
  51. Dog gives birth to mutant creature that resembles human being
  52. New method for election recount management
  53. Hillary is the New Nader
  54. Colorado Democrat resigns after lobbyist claims he "exposed" himself
  55. Does anyone smoke Cigarettes ?
  56. We who are about to eat salute you (MS Bill Would Outlaw Serving Food to the Obese)
  57. Why the writers’ strike never came up in the Democrats’ Los Angeles debate
  58. What do you hate about Hillary?
  59. Who's Doing The Terrorizing?
  60. Yes We Can
  61. Who Can Beat the Republicans?
  62. Obama's Letterman Top 10: Apple gets a mention!
  63. I love Rush Limbaugh
  64. Bush lied at least 935 times in the 2 years following 911
  65. CIA Admits Waterboarding
  66. Super Tuesday results, developing story....lol, McCain won major, Dems split
  67. Election Results
  68. LOL Hillary
  69. Florida voters at it again
  70. How much Adult content do you have?
  71. More Hillary dirty tricks?
  72. Clinton Loans her campaign $5mil; Obama Beats Ron Paul $6mil Record
  73. Sex Assault Suit Vs. Halliburton Killed
  74. Obama Girl didn't vote, surprised?
  75. Apple: Al's Gorey Mess
  76. And then there were 4
  77. Ann Coulter voting for Hilary?
  78. Bush Will Endorse GOP Nod!
  79. US Stimulus Package: Advance or Gift?
  80. Limbaugh raising money for Clinton - Welcome to the Height of Insanity
  81. Things to Hate About Ron Paul
  82. Sex-trade-free Amsterdam
  83. Future leader of the US?
  84. Hillary Clinton borrows page from Rudy Guliani, will it work?
  85. Obama wins 2nd Grammy Award
  86. 'Pimping" Chelsea Clinton
  87. Remember Iraq?
  88. Chernobyl
  89. Possible McCain-Bush Ticket?!
  90. Australia to say "Sorry"
  91. Questioning Airplane Regulations on Wireless Devices
  92. Whites to Become Minority in US by 2050
  93. Bush one step ahead of Europe on border security
  94. George W. Bush thinks Obama isn't "worthy"
  95. Prez Candidates and Telecom Immunity
  96. Bushisms
  97. Politics - I'm the Mac, and I'm PC
  98. U.S. Trade Deficit Drops in 2007 After Setting Records for 5 Straight Years
  99. So what if it comes down to "super delegates"?
  100. McNamee's Lawyer Predicts Clemens Pardon
  101. Shots fired @ NIU
  102. Will McCain choose Romney?
  103. Will John McCain get us into a war with Iran?
  104. UK Goverment might cut off internet connection if you pirate!
  105. I would understand if the father killed him
  106. Democrats rock. Republicans...not so much.
  107. Does Anyone Smoke Hookah?
  108. The problems with Congress
  109. Obama meets with John Edwards
  110. With two weeks to go, Poll puts Obama ahead in Texas
  111. What is driving English youth to hooliganism?
  112. Obama "robbed" in New York Primary?
  113. Castro Retires as President of Cuba
  114. castro resigns!
  115. If you are what Rush calls a liberal, read this...
  116. NZ schoolchildren,out of control?
  117. Yes we will! (Hillary Clinton speech)
  118. Florida: You can now say "Evolution"
  119. Will al-Sadr End Cease Fire?
  120. The BBC should be ashamed.
  121. Gay's 'cause earthquakes' says Israeli MP
  122. Non USA users - What do you think of America/Americans?
  123. Religion + Politics = Disaster(?)
  124. Hillary is Not Out!
  125. Should newspapers endorse a candidate
  126. Heaven and Hell
  127. Ahead of the Texas debate, Obama cranks primary wins to 11
  128. Lying About Rendition Again
  129. The McCain affair
  130. The Future of Justice Stevens...
  131. Kosovo Independence? And refugees?
  132. "We Owe It To Ourselves" Oh, Really?
  133. Change We Can Xerox?
  134. AP: Superdelegates Jumping to Obama
  135. Shame on Hillary...
  136. Forget Bushisms, Remember Dan Quaylisms?
  137. McCain: I hope Castro dies soon
  138. "Shame On You Barack Obama"
  139. Stealth bomber crashes; pilots safe
  140. Red State just can't handle the truth!
  141. what do you think of India and Indians..
  142. Nader running for President. Again.
  143. What did Hillary say about Rove tactics?
  144. Would Obama still be ahead if he were a SHE?
  145. "Holy '1984' Batman!!"
  146. Guantánamo guards suffer psychological trauma
  147. Gun violence in America: Propose reasonable solutions
  148. Nbc = Fox
  149. Say it in English. Say it with pride.
  150. Turkey leading an Islamic Reformation?
  151. Christian fundamentalists infiltrating US military
  152. What Would You Do for Your Candidate? Stab someone, maybe?
  153. Did Adolf Hitler draw Disney characters?
  154. Bloomberg Disappoints
  155. William F. Buckley, Jr. (1925-2008)
  156. Is John McCain eligible to run for President?
  157. $4 gasoline? It's news to Bush
  158. Hillary's Fundraising back on track
  159. Republican makes himself look like an idiot
  160. FEAR vs. HOPE - General Election Preview Courtesy of the Clintons
  161. 15 year-old shot for being gay
  162. Another use for the 2004 Bush campaign gas tax calculator
  163. Best Cartoons
  164. Response to Hillary Clinton's latest campaign spot
  165. On Rejections and Denounciations...
  166. McCain, NAFTA, and the stupidest argument ever
  167. Which politicians use Macs?
  168. an all black school? for real?
  169. If we hadn't invaded Iraq...
  170. Conspiracy theories?
  171. The Subprime Housing Crisis Explained by Stick Figures
  172. Venezuela/Ecuador vs. Columbia - Posturing (conflict?)
  173. US Soldier throws a puppy off a cliff
  174. Addfaith.net (My capstone project)
  175. China raises military spending by 18%
  176. Sorry Everybody
  177. So Moses didn't have tablets after all, it was.....
  178. Ca Supreme Court Considers Same Sex Marriage [Updated:Rules in Favor Of]
  179. Clinton Wins OH, TX and RI - Obama Wins VT
  180. Moses was high...
  181. bush dig at dick
  182. First Ladies (and Gents...)
  183. Obama: Is He Muslim? (Uhhhh...NO!!!)
  184. Count Florida and Michigan's delegates? No way.
  185. Who Has More To Lose...Pious or Atheist?
  186. John McCain is an Overachiever
  187. Gunmen Kill Seven in Israel Raid
  188. Geaorge W. Bush Presidential Library contest
  189. Tony Blair to teach about faith and globalisation at Yale University
  190. Obama Wins Wyoming
  191. When in Wyoming, visit Jennings & Rall
  192. how would you prevent terrorist attacks?
  193. The Repubican Attack Machine starts its engines....
  194. Fired U.S. attorney says firing was political
  195. Dispelling a few myths
  196. Hillary Clinton, Fratricidal Maniac
  197. Pharmaceuticals in YOUR drinking water
  198. Oklahoma State Representative on anti-gay rant
  199. Democrat Bill Foster wins Hastert's seat
  200. The Beijing Death Camps
  201. NSA's Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data
  202. It's official, folks. It's the water!
  203. More GlobWorms
  204. NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer Involved In Prostitution Ring
  205. Ready on Day One applies to the VP...
  206. How long will the United States last?
  207. Allegiance to the Queen?!
  208. The Chinese Torture Dogs and Cats
  209. What is it with politicians, business/union execs and prostitution?
  210. CentCom Commander quits
  211. Electability
  212. Oliver Stone is making a GWB biopic
  213. The Canadian Seal Hunt
  214. Obama only a candidate because he is a black man.(Ferraro)
  215. Obama Wins Mississippi
  216. Saddam Hussein had no direct ties to al-Qaida, says Pentagon study
  217. New information about domestic spying
  218. Former Sen. Howard Metzenbaum dies at 90
  219. SC Reporter Attacked by 4 people: possible racial motives
  220. Ex-Liberian president ordered troops to eat enenies
  221. 60 - EARTH HOUR Join the Movement!
  222. UK: All MPs' claims may be published
  223. The cult of the suicide bomber
  224. President weakens espionage oversight?
  225. Minnesota 20 year old molests 2-year-old
  226. Could Dick Cheney's Heart Be Hacked?
  227. Obama's Pastor
  228. The House Grows a Pair (Finally)
  229. Venezuela dares U.S. to put it on terror list
  230. worried about future
  231. More men taking wives' last names?
  232. "American Drug War" Documentary
  233. Have you read the Bible?
  234. Libertarianism
  235. NRCC Says Ex-Treasurer Diverted Up to $1 Million
  236. Crazy Oklahoma lady at it again
  237. Awareness of the Iraq War
  238. The disgrace that is Bush’s Housing Department
  239. Dollar
  240. Oblinton or Clintama?
  241. DNC '08 - Worst Case Scenarios?
  242. On the Economy and Bear Stearns
  243. Obama's Speech on Race: A More Perfect Union
  244. Jeremiah Wright's "Audacity To Hope" sermon in 1990
  245. I came out of the closet today!
  246. Hillary Says "Only I Can End War"
  247. Teens have sex in department store
  248. Eurozone now world's largest economy
  249. Bush speech hails Iraq 'victory'
  250. Libby Looses ability for Law Practice