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  1. Abortion caused Australian Bushfires (religion thread)
  2. US unveils new $1.5 trillion plan
  3. MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism
  4. Republicans: Follow the party or else...
  5. UK: Council advises ecstasy downgrade
  6. Feinstein Tries Killing Net Neutrality in Stimulus Bill
  7. "Confirmed" - Barack Obama uses a PC.
  8. America's first black president... or not?
  9. Gregg withdraws as Commerce nominee
  10. Average person's take on the stimulus...
  11. Socialism/Obama/Supporters
  12. Man accidentally shoots self while paying for lunch
  13. Zimbabwe: How did it come to this.
  14. Stuff White People Like--Apple Products
  15. Dad at 13, but he looks 8.
  16. Students at Catholic College Offended by Hanging Crucifixes
  17. TIME: 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis
  18. Scapegoating
  19. Abortion
  20. Obama Takes First Vacation Already?
  21. US Judges Imprison Kids for Money
  22. Are there 1 million people that don't care if Michael Phelps smoked weed?
  23. Republicans are they Just being?...
  24. Iraq: The Biggest Fraud of All Time?
  25. Stem cell funding
  26. PirateBay founders finally in court
  27. Obama Gear: DVDs, Books
  28. UK: Former MI5 head says Ministers 'exploit terrorism fears'
  29. Man beheads wife
  30. A Nullification of the Constitution
  31. Bahá'í Persecution in Iran
  32. Willow Creek branch pastor resigns, admits to 'sexual impurity'
  33. Canada is opening up its UFO files 1947 to 80s
  34. Obama's HOPE
  35. Bristol Palin says abstinence education not realistic!
  36. Yahoo's big Oops yesterday.
  37. Roland Burris, resign
  38. Obama against reviving "Fairness Doctrine"
  39. NY Post Cartoon Draws Ire
  40. America Forever Anti-Gay Advertisment
  41. North Dakota Legislature: A fertilized egg has rights of a human
  42. 16 illegals sue rancher
  43. Fred Phelps and daughter banned from entering UK
  44. Traders call for a Tea Party
  45. RNC chair plans 'off the hook' campaign.
  46. Workers scrape by on $24,000 bonuses; shop for bargains, hold off on Ferraris.
  47. Mandatory Wi-Fi Logs for Citizens?
  48. The price of adultery in Spain? €200,000
  49. Do you approve of Obama?
  50. We have an unwelcome member in the macbook community, Madoff.
  51. Obama and Bush - Where are they the same; where are they different?
  52. 100 mile constitution free zone around U.S.
  53. Current & Previous Bear Markets
  54. Poor Obama
  55. Obama Bans Gimmicks, and Deficit Will Rise
  56. California Law on Video Games Struck Down
  57. A take on Manufacturing in the US.
  58. Is it stealing to "Borrow" something?
  59. Clinton Urges China to Keep Buying Treasuries
  60. America's Most Abandoned Cities
  61. Sarah Palin: The "Poor Me" Tour
  62. U.S. Pledge $900m in Gaza Rebuild Aid
  63. Iraq to Spend $5 Billion on U.S. Weapons: Deals
  64. Economy increasing the online shopping rate
  65. Your attention needed please
  66. Obama knows how to deliver a speech.
  67. The GOP response to Obama's Speech
  68. Content of Obama's un-State of the Union
  69. Bernake: We need to bailout all the morons who knowingly got in over their heads.
  70. Dittoheads: Don't Start Thinking For Yourselves Now
  71. slumdog kids exploitation by movie
  72. Biden asks for website's "number"
  73. Obama's Transparency In Jeopardy ?
  74. Victory Against Australian Internet Censorship
  75. NBA getting bailed out (edit: just a loan...nothin to see here)
  76. Government could own up to 36 pct. of Citigroup
  77. Obama doing his part to stimulate the economy...
  78. Geez, you think WE'RE hostile to Republicans...
  79. New Pepsi Logo Created to Echo Obama's Rising Sun Logo
  80. PRC Police Shoot Burning Monk
  81. Wind-powered Generators
  82. How Is That Auto Bailout Working Out?
  83. Obama, reaching outside the bubble
  84. File-sharing company discovers blueprints of Obama's helicopter...IN IRAN
  85. Prop 8 in the CA Supreme Court: A Round Up
  86. Girl Throwns iPhone At Police, Then Gets attacked
  87. Excited Delirium: Real Syndrome or Contrived Explanation?
  88. Median home price in Detroit now 750,000 pennies.
  89. Smoking Ban
  90. Secret Bush administration legal memos released to public
  91. 100,000 Superbowl fans die in house fire.
  92. Looks like Ill wants to ban private gun sales...
  93. When describing a crime suspect, is mentioning his race being "racist"
  94. Why Apple Is Living In Denial
  95. Caffeine addiction
  96. Limbaugh dares Obama: 'Debate me'
  97. Same-sex Spouses Sue Federal Government
  98. What Do You Think Hell Is?
  99. Help End the Mistreatment of Chimps in Research (undercover video)
  100. Do any references to Jesus exist outside of the Bible?
  101. UK: The Freedom Bill
  102. Sheriff's lawsuit says Craigslist 'largest source' of prostitution
  103. Democrats vote down special election for Roland Burris Senate seat
  104. Brazilian Church Upholds God's Law
  105. No cursing woman drivers in Saudi Arabia ...
  106. Senate passes bill mandating 'fetal pain' abortion warnings
  107. Why Do Women Turn Their Backs On Science?
  108. Move Over Jesus Christ, President Obama Is Rapidly Becoming America's TOP HERO.
  109. The PRSI documentaries, speeches, lectures, podcasts learning thread
  110. 15 percent of Americans say they have no religion
  111. When does it become Obama's economy?
  112. Shocker--Dems wanted Bush to fail.
  113. The Esoteric Agenda
  114. Texas police seize black motorists' cash, cars
  115. Brilliant US government didn't collect FDIC insurance for 10 years. Shortfall...
  116. Why are you guys scared of becoming France?
  117. Porn: Conservatives are the biggest consumers
  118. Congress at work: '$1 billion an hour'
  119. America's "Toughest Sheriff" Under Investigation
  120. Muntazer al-Zaidi (Bush Shoe Thrower) Gets Three Years
  121. Taliban leader iPhone fan
  122. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...("National Security" argument redux)
  123. Obama may still hold terror prisoners without charge
  124. Jon Stewart Hammers Cramer :)
  125. Girl sues for right to wear tux to prom
  126. The economy in pictures
  127. AIG comes clean and helps the worlds economies
  128. Don't Ask, Don't Tell challenged
  129. Credit Crisis Explained Graphically
  130. Russia announces rearmament plan
  131. Obama mulls making vets foot bill for service injuries
  132. Too Fat To Work? £22k in Benefits
  133. Pope rejects condom use in Africa
  134. Subtopic (Drugs) split from - [Pope rejects condom use in Africa]
  135. Is leveling a charge of hypocrisy an "ad hominem" attack?
  136. Judicial fillibuster threat -- where's my up or down vote?
  137. Dodd: Administration pushed for language protecting bonuses
  138. Fed pumps $1.2tn into US economy
  139. Iraq Anniversary; Your opinions on the war?
  140. Australian Internet Censorship: Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and more
  141. President Obama: Nowruz Message
  142. War In General
  143. Idaho Pharmacists Can Deny Medicine
  144. A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments
  145. What could have/should be done about the Wars?
  146. President Obama appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Controversy ensues...
  147. Arizona legislature passes restrictive abortion bill
  148. Anthony Blair: Politicians "have to 'do God'."
  149. Triad of CEOs Offer "Third Way" Proposal As Alternative to EFCA
  150. House passes 90% tax on AIG et. al. bonuses
  151. An interview with an American Socialist
  152. Fox News Mocks CDN war effort - real or joke?
  153. Gay Bars to Female Patrons: Bachelorette Parties Not Welcome
  154. Well not all "Executive Trips" are being stifled
  155. Canada Bars George Galloway
  156. Guardian: More Israeli War Crimes. This can't be ignored.
  157. Fox News: FCC says its ok to lie...its just policy not to!
  158. President Obama: Primetime Press Conference (2)
  159. Flammable Tap Water Ignites Concern In Hudson Colorado
  160. Those who are Pro-Choice... is it possible to discuss the regulation of abortion?
  161. UK govt. to monitor social networking sites?
  162. EU President: Obama's Stimulus "Way to Hell"
  163. Same Sex Kiss Day - 15 April 2009
  164. Most US Jews Open To Palestinian Unity Gov't That Includes Hamas: Poll
  165. The ethics of organ donation legislation.
  166. Gay ‘cure’ still sought by some therapists
  167. Who are foreigners thinking of/referring to when they address or reference the US?
  168. NH House approves gay marriage; sends to Senate
  169. G20 Protests
  170. U.S. signs U.N. gay rights document
  171. wow...this is just sickening
  172. In these tough economic times, have you considered other types of work?
  173. U.N.'s Participation in Earth Hour Is Full of Hot Air, Critics Say
  174. Is Obama fear mongering?
  175. NYT Article -- Lay-offs and pregnant workers
  176. Chicago model for emergency extended childcare services
  177. 1957 vs 2007
  178. U.N. body adopts resolution on religious defamation
  179. Legal Advice
  180. It Has A Name Now -- The Quiverfull Movement To Be Fruitful And Multiply
  181. The CRP: Paying Farmers Not to Farm
  182. ABC: General Motors Chief Rick Wagoner Ousted!
  183. Show NBC America Still Believes in God
  184. GM: Government Motors
  185. What's the worst that can happen?
  186. For something to be racist, does it have to be intentional?
  187. Senior politician claims expenses for PPV porn and gets away with it
  188. Dont Tread on Me
  189. Any former Hillary for prez supporters out there?
  190. "To Big to Fail" or "30 Days to Merge" Can it really be both?
  191. Russians Back a New Gold Standard
  192. Having "nationalized" cable TV, telcos want to "nationalize" phone service next
  193. GM/Crysler bankruptcy
  194. Penn Jillette Commentary
  195. G20 leaders seal $1tn global deal
  196. Style Over Substance, America
  197. Keira Knightley in violent charity ad highlighting domestic violence
  198. Iowa court strikes down ban on same sex marriages.
  199. This man sure can give a speech.
  200. Robo-scientist makes gene discovery--on its own
  201. Obama's new offensive against nuclear weapons
  202. on a scale of 1-10
  203. North Korea Fires Rocket Over Japan.
  204. Six By Twelve: Same-Sex Marriage in New England by 2012
  205. Six gay men shot to death in Iraq by tribe members
  206. Three officers dead because of lack of proper gun control
  207. Social Question from "I Love You, Man"
  208. Your Thoughts on Daniel Hannan Speech?
  209. Net firms store emails and calls in uk
  210. Lost Generation
  211. Obesity High in Toddlers?
  212. Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet
  213. Congrats, Vermont!
  214. GM could declare bankruptcy, split up as early as this week.
  215. New Zealand "Gas tax"
  216. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
  217. I think we've got a serial killer on the loose here in Utah!
  218. You may NOT use iTunes to develop Nukes!
  219. Ship pirated: "All Americans"
  220. Police chief [Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer] quits over blunder
  221. Antigay Ad Says a "Storm Is Gathering"
  222. Justice and the Rule of Law
  223. Spanish judge to investigate Bush lawyers on torture allegations
  224. The Next Battlefield for Same-sex Marriage: Wisconsin?
  225. I am giving you an envelope containing evidence that God does not exist...
  226. Alabama Rep. Bachus Says 17 House Members Are Socialists
  227. Just admit it! It was a bow!
  228. Rape and Violence in Congo results in a "promise"
  229. California State Budget Propositions
  230. Happy Easter everyone!!
  231. Navy operation frees U.S. ship captain, kills three pirates
  232. Secret societies ... good, bad, both?
  233. Obama now defends Bush wiretaps.
  234. Another conservative getting divorced...
  235. Cuba travel restriction lifted, ahh... eased.
  236. Should the Internet Be Regulated...??
  237. Maryland Legislature Approves Statewide, Freeway Speed Cameras
  238. South (USA) now home to half of HIV+ population
  239. Are Zeitgeist movies an informercial for 3rd parties?
  240. Just got a threatening phone call. Advise please.
  241. New York Gov. Patterson To Introduce Gay Marriage Legislation
  242. What to ask a Senator?
  243. The federal budget, visualized
  244. April 15th Tea Parties
  245. VT moves to reduce sexting charges
  246. The PIG book, where does your state rank?
  247. Rod Blagojevich on a Reality Show?
  248. [UK] What could be in the 2009 Budget
  249. Taxation w/out Representation? MAYBE!
  250. Cctv