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  1. Race based discipline in public schools
  2. Faux News tries to scare viewers with U.N. seating chart
  3. Police Pursuits / Citizens Pursuits
  4. National Equality March Oct. 10-11 - Who's going?
  5. What do you think - more FUD or is there some truth in this?
  6. Less peril for Afghan civilians, more for troops
  7. Provable Conspiracy or Theory? What do YOU think?
  8. UK 'blocking tough finance rules'
  9. Michael Moore's new movie
  10. Wonder if PETA will be All over Fox tommorw ?
  11. Kirk Cameron proves there's a God
  12. Mike Huckabee Wanted/Wants AIDS Patients to be Quarantined
  13. Census Worker Hung in KY -- "FED" Written on Chest
  14. Palin Keynotes buisness meeting in Hong Kong
  15. Palin Keynotes buisness meeting in Hong Kong
  16. HIV vaccine
  17. Can a vote be wasted?
  18. Olbermans Worst person in the world 9/24/09 this is priceless
  19. MP's Expenses mole 'fury over Army kit'
  20. Man of the People Rides the Train
  21. Iran has secret nuclear site...
  22. Buy Obamacare or go to jail
  23. Why is Foxnews considerd a news Station?
  24. Pleased to Meat You - Would You Eat Synthesized Meat Product?
  25. The Taliban in Their Own Words: interesting stories of individual Afghans
  26. Obama's School Plan
  27. What do you think of Roman Polanski's arrest?
  28. Leavitt in the WSJ -- "Health 'Reform' Is Income Redistribution"
  29. Should we teach kids to "brag"?
  30. Is Obama following Marxist theory?
  31. Facebook poll asking whether or not Obama should be assassinated found and pulled
  32. Europe’s Socialists Suffering Even in Downturn
  33. Kelo decision 4 years later
  34. Obama's Olympic pitch draws GOP complaint
  35. Senate Finance Committee shoots down the public option
  36. RELIGION: Christians, serious question.
  37. Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’
  38. "You're a nut job." "Oh yeah? Well why don't you die quickly?"
  39. Supreme Court to hear Chicago gun case
  40. Illegal Immigration
  41. limbaugh "No one dies from lack of Health Care."
  42. Congress Bill Acronyms
  43. Florida Same-Sex Hospital Visitation Rights Update...
  44. Bank of america Ceo to pocket in 53 Million Retirment Payday
  45. UK: TV firms propose election debates
  46. I wonder if this will impact the 50% creationist believers in the US...
  47. Have a problem with your iPhone? Do NOT show a Genius your gun....
  48. Is it Okay for a Straight Guy to go to a Gay Dance Club?
  49. Pope warns of 'new colonialism'
  50. Birthers, Persian Edition (Daily Telegraph Claims Ahmadinejad is Jewish by Ancestry)
  51. Obama's Record So Far:
  52. A big sense of Irony coming from Glen Beck
  53. Apple Resigns from U.S. Chamber of Commerce [political discussion]
  54. Limbaugh Might Purchase Rams
  55. Same-Sex Marriage bill introduced in D.C.
  56. Are Religion and Science Mutually Exclusive?
  57. Giant new ring detected around Saturn
  58. Jail terms for faith healing pair
  59. "Here's two light bulbs you didn't order. You owe us 21 bucks."
  60. Berlusconi immunity law overruled
  61. One in four is Muslim, study says
  62. Gay man lied when giving blood.
  63. The subtlties of homophobia
  64. Be Like a FOX Commentator- There's an App for That
  65. Why do we even have the Democratic party?
  66. House of Representatives Votes To Extend Hate Crimes Law To Gays
  67. Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize
  68. Kids not allowed in public park duing school hours
  69. France arrests CERN nuclear researcher suspected of al-Qaeda links, officials say
  70. Laser warfare is just over the horizon
  71. Levi Johnston, 19, to pose NAKED for PlayGirl Magazine.
  72. Obama: I will end Dont ask Dont tell.
  73. Blair Equates Atheists to Religious Extremists
  74. London Underground threaten to strike (yet again)
  75. Schwarzenegger signs gay rights bills
  76. Fixed News top story- Whitehouse declares war on us
  77. Welcome to the New GOP.COM!
  78. Pepsi gets hosed with negative feedback for "Sexist" iPhone app
  79. Do you think the economy is better?
  80. Healthcare Reform: Now What?
  81. Schwarzenegger signs new anti-paparazzi law
  82. Gloves are off in Nuclear Pakistan: The new battleground (well…old…but next stage!)
  83. Illinois teacher reprimanded for gay slur
  84. Sen. Joe Lieberman targeted by suburban ninja
  85. $250 paymests to seniors
  86. Fox News...not so biased?
  87. Lesbian wants to wear a tuxedo??
  88. Interracial Couple in Louisiana denied Marriage License
  89. Fox News Looking more Right winged Agenda, Fires Liberal anyilst
  90. How long will interracial last?
  91. Bank of America (BoA) loses $2.24b
  92. The Conservative Bible
  93. Why there are fewer blacks in the Republican party?
  94. Iran: The new battleground!
  95. Do you think Michael Moore is a hypocrite?
  96. New (Federal) Medical Marijuana Policy Issued
  97. What is your view on arranged marriage in America?
  98. Suicide bomber hides bomb in anal cavity
  99. Smoking ban urged for Peel condos and apartments
  100. Another one of Obama's administration nailed by Beck
  101. CO2 intensity reduction of emissions, a good idea?
  102. Another close aide turns on Blagojevich
  103. U.S. Poverty rate at 15.8%?
  104. Photos with a warning?
  105. So much for getting rid of Democratic or Republican parties
  106. any anglicans out there?
  107. 90% paycuts for top execs of bailed out companies.
  108. 86 WWII vet on Gay Marriage: What do you think our boys fought for?
  109. The Republican Shrinkage Problem
  110. Tonight's the night: BNP on Question Time
  111. Hate Crime bill passes
  112. Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years
  113. Change you can believe in, Defense budget up to 680 BILLION now
  114. Doctor "fires" patient...
  115. Rich Germans Demand Higher Taxes
  116. Sarah Palin's new book is already on clearance. But wait, there's more....
  117. How can God and Evil Co-exist?
  118. Do people know this? (internet, TV, radio, etc. censored)
  119. Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ
  120. Persistent Surveillance Aircraft Coming to Fruition from War Research
  121. Obama to Cede US Sovereignty - Part I.
  122. McCain On Wrong Side of Net Neutrality - Introduces "Internet Freedom Act"
  123. Supreme Court case on property rights
  124. Sensationalist journalism at its finest
  125. Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names
  126. Scientologists convicted of fraud
  127. Offensive not to Pledge Alegiance?
  128. Do you help homeless, or other people on the street?
  129. Where have we heard this before?
  130. Bomb in Peshewar - should I feel guilty? Is it anything to do with me?
  131. H1N1 Flu Shot Poll
  132. Cannabis evidence 'was devalued'
  133. Demonic Halloween Candy
  134. Obama not helping small businesses
  135. Jon is Gold! Jon Stewart Rips up fox news
  136. Last Mac "Made in USA?"
  137. Free Market Vs. Socialism (Ron Paul Vs. Michael Moore)
  138. He called me "Gay"
  139. Why do people think the NWO is BS - or do they?
  140. Vatican condemns Halloween as anti-Christian
  141. Argentine Congress Considers Same-Sex Marriage
  142. What does this quote by Adolf Hitler mean?
  143. Troops Haven't Fought "For Our Freedom" For a Long Time
  144. Heath Care, it isn't about helping you and me
  145. Warrantless Wiretapping: Obama, same as Bush.
  146. Cta Commuter Robbed At Gunpoint
  147. Racism at VA university
  148. Set afire, teen now struggles for survival.
  149. Confucianism and the "Golden Rule"
  150. I bet it works
  151. Politicians and twitter/facebook.
  152. I know, let him out again in 15 years
  153. 800lb Gorilla in the forum
  154. Here we go again: Voters say Yes on Q1 in Maine
  155. China shows that more people with degrees is not always good thing
  156. Similarities between the "V's" and Obama
  157. The new HumVee has dawned upon us?
  158. Fighting for the crucifix
  159. 22 CIA agents convicted of kidnapping
  160. Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart
  161. What happens if they cannot pay us back?
  162. Tea Party Pledge Of Allegiance Fail
  163. Army: 12 dead, 31 wounded in Ft. Hood shooting
  164. Unemployment rate hits 10 (10.2) %
  165. The Church of Climate Change
  166. Are the moderates really to blame or are they the smart ones?
  167. Financially Induced Sterilization
  168. Suspect: God Made Me Hate Gay People
  169. Why do some people like to preach?
  170. Jon Stewart fears for Glenn Beck's digestive system
  171. Small Government
  172. Neanderthal genome nearly done
  173. Free Tibet (from what?)
  174. Islamo-terrorist getting the death penalty (Update: Justice Done)
  175. "Hello, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a kiddie porn collector."
  176. African-American Issues.
  177. NYT - Who's a Jew? Interesting UK SC Case
  178. Obama's Afghan Plan: About 40K More Troops
  179. Republican who voted for health bill gets dose of racism
  180. why do people do things like this?
  181. Mormon Church backs housing and employment protection for gays
  182. Alabama high school threatens to cancel prom if lesbian attends
  183. UK: 'Six-year limit' on innocent DNA
  184. Fox News busted by The Daily Show
  185. Question gay marriage in MA and lose your job
  186. WSJ Analysis of Problems in Practice of Charitable Giving
  187. VOEL (Victory over Enemies List) Day: Obama yields to FoxNEWS
  188. LIFG Publishes "New Jihad Code"
  189. Lou Dobbs leaving CNN
  190. Obama won't take any current Afghanistan war options
  191. How the US Funds the Taliban
  192. Key 9/11 Suspect to Be Tried in New York
  193. *~♥~~PRSI HarMonY FriEndS ThReaD~~♥~*
  194. For Fox Sake or What the Fox?
  195. Why the hell do people still think vaccines cause autism?
  196. Vote YES for Chocolate Milk in Schools
  197. White House to Begin Push on Immigration Overhaul in 2010
  198. 14-year-old suicide bomber captured
  199. Add Rupert Murdoch to the List who think Obama is a Racist
  200. Ex-Soldier jailed in UK for turning in shotgun
  201. White supremacists use deception to run ad in a student newspaper
  202. Apple rejects app because it "ridicules public figures""
  203. What's Your Opinion of Hunting?
  204. Sarah Palin: Going Rogue
  205. US supplying 20 major aircraft to Afghanistan
  206. Inside Britain's Israel Lobby - Channel 4 documentary
  207. Would you be upset........
  208. Atheist iPhone App: BibleThumper
  209. Glenn Beck - Racist?!?!?
  210. SouthPark/ Eric Cartman digs at Glen Beck
  211. Union opposes Eagle Scout volunteerism
  212. Administration Creates Phony Districts/Lies About Jobs
  213. Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby
  214. Record numbers go hungry in the US
  215. New mammogram guidelines raise questions
  216. US Now 12 Trillion in the hole...and its just starting
  217. Salem pair accused of abuse to use God as attorney
  218. Fox blaintly Lies again about Sarah palin book crowd Signings
  219. Fox news does an interview with Obama without spin.
  220. Science says (male) Homophobes are more likely to be turned on by Gay Sex.
  221. Analysis of Canadian Tar Sands Oil
  222. California outlaws large, power-hungry TVs
  223. The Iranian Nuke Lie....
  224. wtf is wrong with people 984023803
  225. MSNBC Pulls a FOX
  226. Uninsured patients twice as likely to die in the ER (study)
  227. It's official: Doug Hoffman (Tea Party-NY) loses NY-23 Race
  228. More Obama Fail: Another Week, Another Half a Million Out of Work
  229. PRSI Book Club
  230. Climategate. Huge scandal unfolding
  231. Different languages/cultures
  232. UK national identity register is 'up and running'
  233. They're making a list, and checking it twice (Conservatives mull "Purity" test)
  234. The Right and Left Join to Oppose Government in Criminal Cases
  235. US viewers complain over gay kiss.
  236. Young black male unemployment rate nearing 35%
  237. Three strikes system in UK looking more unlikely
  238. To Pro-Life People: Put the Woman in Jail or Shut Up!
  239. Seasame Street Takes a jab on Oriely on his own show
  240. Lincoln University BMI Graduation Requirement
  241. New York, New York, got to love those liberals.
  242. Obama won't sign international land mine ban.
  243. Happy Thanksgiving to All
  244. UK Adds Domestic Violence to PSHE Curriculum
  245. Dana Perino needs a history lesson...
  246. Barack Obama's Approval Ratings Are Plunging!
  247. France bans "psychological violence within the couple"
  248. The UK 'accepted' in 2002 that the US would invade Iraq
  249. Crisis in Dubai
  250. Canada vs. U.S, what's in it for the citizens?