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  1. The Myth of the Founding Fathers
  2. Cancer
  3. Neighbors Defend Gay Couple Against Church Group
  4. Funniest and most devastating DShow evar!
  5. My 3 cents
  6. Tea Party clout on the line in Tuesday Primaries
  7. Medal of Honor: You're the Taliban
  8. America's crumbling infrastructure
  9. It's true -- Ken Mehlman is gay
  10. The Tea-Party's Oil Billionaires Grass-Roots....
  11. OK, so, now what
  12. End marriage?
  13. Another failed Reichstag
  14. Economic recovery through 1 week without news, politics and stock market
  15. London University study - religious beliefs affects how doctors treat patients
  16. Thoughts on hiring
  17. Ninth Circus Court of Appeals says its okay to track you without warrant.
  18. LOL. NOM get seriously desperate in new radio ad
  19. Glenn Beck - Restoring Honor - 8/28
  20. Who needs a GPS, lets just drive down the street and see what we see
  21. Puppet Masters Behind the New Right Wing
  22. Perhaps their empathy is broken...
  23. Thoughts on Chomsky...
  24. Do you believe that evil exists in the world?
  25. Drink up.You'll live longer !!
  26. Beck has totaly gone of the deep end
  27. Texas Gov. Takes Gay Marriage Jab
  28. Is anyone paying attention at the polls?
  29. Catholic Archbishop calls Britain 'a selfish hedonistic wasteland'
  30. Fidel Castro admits persecution of gays during the Cuban revolution
  31. Academia moves to silence opposition
  32. Last gasp of birthers, smothered by judge
  33. Obama Promises New Economic Proposals Next Week
  34. AZ Gov. Jan Brewer repeatedly refuses to recant false "beheading" story
  35. These are the people I get to vote for?
  36. vote for me
  37. How to deal with this?
  38. Theists: How Do You Explain This?
  39. Your Opinion on Recycling, worth it or a waste?
  40. Focus on the Family, China forge unlikely alliance on abstinence
  41. Should the mortgage interest deduction be discontinued?
  42. Daley says he will not run for re-election
  43. Mansions in Kabul
  44. Postal Service employees demanding more money/benefits
  45. NJ Governor Christie Lays The Smackdown On A Teacher
  46. Federal Judge Declares Military's gay ban is unconstitutional
  47. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules
  48. Court Won't Force Prop. 8 Appeal
  49. Jon Stewart Points out another fixed Story on Fox News
  50. News from Afghanistan
  51. Are People Way Too Obsessed With Religion?
  52. ecstasy
  53. Thoughts on Mosque near ground 0?
  54. Do you acknowledge that you have failed to live compassionately?
  55. How Legal Is It to Leak Parts of a TV Episode?
  56. First Chicken Nugget lady, now Egg man goes on a killing spree.
  57. ACLU sues to represent suspected terrorist in Yemen
  58. Pa. students shown X-rated photos in assembly
  59. Obama - the Anticolonialist?
  60. My Anti-Abortion Rant
  61. Rand Paul Agrees w/ Dems - "The Republicans doubled the debt"
  62. Communism Fail
  63. want to limit your infromation? use http://seekfind.org/
  64. Bullying Drives Student to Suicide
  65. Stay Classy France: France ban muslim veils
  66. Has America Lost the War in Afghanistan?
  67. Republicans are domestic terrorists
  68. Teen banned from US for life over Obama email
  69. Just like the rest of us, NJ Teacher's Union head makes 550k PER YEAR
  70. Tea Party = Rebranded Republican Party
  71. Karl Rove => Tea Party candidate is nuts!
  72. In contrast to the TEA Party, Gay Pols Nearly Sweep Primaries
  73. South Car Rep hold Mock Slave auction.
  74. Well this is what the tea party elected.
  75. How many people here would have committed suicide at age 15 if you were bullied?
  76. Worker fired for burning Koran
  77. The Pope on Nazis and Atheism
  78. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Questions Right to Burn Quran
  79. Cheating the families of fallen servicemen
  80. Should a sitting president campaign for the party
  81. Thanks to Democrats and his highness, Wall Street bonuses jump 25%
  82. Stewart & Colbert announce marches on Washington
  83. Fox - The Official Tea Party Network
  84. The Holocaust
  85. Who is "ahead" in the human race?
  86. Income Growth Rate Democrats vs. Republicans
  87. Wow gingrinch wow
  88. Way not to earn friends, renegade US death squads in Afghanistan
  89. Controlled Extinction
  90. Efficient Valuation of Societal Contribution
  91. Montana GOP: Make Homosexuality Illegal
  92. The Illusion of Obama is at an end. America no longer blind sees their mistake.
  93. I don't feel very masculine...
  94. The Recession is OVER!
  95. UK proposal , all payroll checks go to government first
  96. DADT Repeal Up in the Air
  97. Harmful to be in the "religious" closet?
  98. Any Hindu's on the forum?
  99. The 100k club
  100. Florida Supreme Court rules against law preventing adoption by gay couples.
  101. Bill Clinton: I Regret DADT
  102. What does it mean to be Jewish?
  103. The PRSI Constitution
  104. Welcome to the age of Electromagnetic Warfare
  105. Texas Board of Education at it again
  106. Fixing Politics - How?
  107. 7.5m spent on little Einsteins vs 11.5B on disabled school-aged children
  108. 44% of gay, bisexual men with HIV don't know it
  109. Marathons for women only, problem is men win them
  110. House Passes Small Buisness Job bill
  111. The IRS is Evil
  112. Discussion of Theism, Atheism, Evolution, and Other Interesting Topics.
  113. Katy Perry Gets pulled from Sesame Street
  114. O'Donnell's Choice for first interview is?
  115. GoP: "Elect us, we're just like Bush!"
  116. Friend just passed, lots of questions
  117. Ahmadinejad: Most blame U.S. government for 9/11
  118. Another plank of the "Pledge to America" breaks down
  119. Anderson Cooper great Job
  120. Fourth Man Sues Pastor in Growing Sex Scandal
  121. To Protect State Secrets,
  122. Water for Illegal Immigrants Controversy
  123. Why Are Black Bikers More Likely to Die in Crashes than Whites?
  124. Hollywood comes out for PETA
  125. US want's to put a backdoor in all security software for wiretapping
  126. Finally, a true conservative contender emerges
  127. GoP Pres. Candidates almost all work for Fox News
  128. White House Transition: Rahm Emanuel Out, Pete Rouse In
  129. Coulter: Gays Have No Right to Marriage "Because [They're] Not Black."
  130. Another so soon? Bullying Drives Teen to Suicide
  131. Taibbi meets the Tea Party
  132. James O'Keefe tries to "punk" CNN reporter
  133. Atheists, agnostics more knowledgeable about religion
  134. 9/11 Healthcare Bill
  135. Amazing, Open Bigotry from Michigan Assistant Attorney General
  136. House passes Tariff bill
  137. LDS and Utah and Fun!
  138. The Hat Trick: Student Kills Himself After Being Secretly Taped Having Sex
  139. Apple Has An App For Calling In Air Strikes
  140. Labels, Logos, and Self-Identification
  141. Don't understand it...why?
  142. Calif. Gubernatorial Candidate Employed Illegal Immigrant for Nine Years
  143. The Power of Nightmares
  144. Granny Shoots 12yo, Kids Criminally Charged
  145. Argument
  146. What are the bounds of freedom-of- ?
  147. Decriminalizing Drugs in Portugal a Success, Says Report
  148. "If I Could Change One Thing about Our Government..."
  149. Should Bush tax cuts be extended?
  150. Is the new Bin Laden message related to the rise of the Tea Party?
  151. Beck: Slavery started with Innocent Ideas ended with because of regulation.
  152. CNN Fires Rick Sanchez over Racist Rant twards Jon Stewart/CNN
  153. Shirley Phelps Roper, ever heard of her? You will....
  154. ABC's 20/20 Islam: Questions and Answers
  155. Fox News yet again Donates $1M to GOP group
  156. Only N. Korea runs state crated news, right?
  157. Prop 19
  158. "One Nation" Rally a Complete Success!
  159. How much does the Pope make?
  160. Is there something wrong with me in the fact that I dont...
  161. Christine O'Donnell is such a fruitflake
  162. Problems....real severe problems
  163. Fox News Sues Democratic Senate Candidate
  164. Chicago's death rate amongst black children
  165. Anyone think Rahm Emanuel has a chance in Chicago?
  166. Nanny State.
  167. WHY? - Obama Approval 91% w/ Blacks, 36% w/ Whites
  168. Firefighters watch as home burns to the ground
  169. Apple TV Blocks Netflix's "Gay & Lesbian" Category
  170. Proof that the GOP has no gaydar...
  171. Canada is the new Philippines.
  172. "Good mothers", would put a pillow over the head of her baby...
  173. "Go green or we'll kill your kids"
  174. Vatican official criticizes award of Nobel Prize to Robert Edwards
  175. Teachers and their Degrees
  176. Limit Welfare debit cards to spending in state issued?
  177. Abortion - from a different perspective.
  178. Donald Trump "seriously considering" run for Presidency under Republican Banner
  179. Preparing for the Worst.
  180. Autistic Presidential Appointee compares autism with homosexuality
  181. KKK to Rally for Antigay Student
  182. Indiana Commissioner Arrested for Public Indecency
  183. Mr hypocr I mean Dobbs Hired Illegal Immigrants
  184. The Best 15 or so Minutes of TV I Have Ever Seen
  185. Does Shirley Phelps have the right to protest at soldier's funerals?
  186. Another "Controversial" Nobel Peace Prize WinneróCHINA IS FURIOUS
  187. FBI secretly tracks US citizen not wanted for any crimes...oh goody.
  188. MTV, BET and CMT are casting the audience for town hall meeting with President Obama.
  189. Fox News Wonders if NBA Jam is a Bipartisan Game
  190. New Jersey Democrats Put Tea Party Spoiler In House Race
  191. Politicians in action!
  192. Glenn Beck Mocks Fire Victims
  193. Beyond bullying: man lured into trap, tortured for being gay
  194. Movie trailer is edited due to the use of the word "Gay"
  195. What if...the Dot Com Bust never happened?
  196. Republican Party candidate dresses as a Nazi
  197. So....what are Serbian Nationalists up to now?
  198. GOP Canadiate Carl Paladino NY homosexuality isn't equally valid with heterosexualiy
  199. What's wrong with the Tea Party Movement
  200. "Democrats' attack ad sets new low for midterm mud"
  201. White Men With Guns
  202. Half-baked Alaskans
  203. With all this bias...
  204. Americans Estimate Our Wealth Distribution and Fail
  205. Where'd all the righties go?
  206. Interesting dont ask dont tell
  207. Top ten signs there's trouble at Fox News
  208. interesting listen- MN Governor debate
  209. Bill O'Reilly thinks that only left loons think fox caters to GOP
  210. UK Tuition Fees/end of the world as we know it
  211. If this is the best California can do you guys are in trouble
  212. Bill O and the View
  213. Obama: keep DADT for now(!)
  214. Yankees Stop Antigay "YMCA" Mob
  215. Gay Marriage Gaining Acceptance Among Mainstream Religious in US
  216. Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns on Homophobic Bullying
  217. Fox News New low All terrorist are muslims
  218. There's no place like home
  219. Obama's "broadband stimulus"...what the heck was that about?
  220. Insurance insanity
  221. Palin, Republican or Tea Party?
  222. Why do people care?
  223. Angela Merkel on Muslim immigrants
  224. Why is it that it seems that all super religious people are the...
  225. FCKH8 video, I had to get this shirt!!
  226. Should the NCAA do something about unacceptable low graduation rates
  227. And we thought Christine O'Donnell could not get worse
  228. Pentagon ends DADT!
  229. Sharron Angle tells Hispanic Students they look Asian
  230. Hate is good food
  231. NPR fires Juan Williams - Huckabee calls for ending NPR funding
  232. NPR's Juan Williams fired over Muslim comments
  233. Google only pays 2.4% in taxes, skipped out on 60 billion in taxes.
  234. Barack Obama and Steve Jobs Meeting Today to Discuss Economy and Technology
  235. The rent is too damn high!
  236. GOP gearing up for White House investigations
  237. As I am too lazy to read hundreds of pages on this study...
  238. Violent Overthrow of Government is 'On The Table'
  239. How come none of the tea-party can refute this picture?
  240. The Obama/Jobs meeting spin-off thread
  241. Stunning...8 point swing in Gallup poll in ONE DAY for Obama
  242. Flordia Immagration Bill allows police to skip over europ and canadians
  243. The Miracle of Wealth Creation
  244. Florida Gay Adoption Ban No More! :)
  245. If You Could, Would you Split the US into 2?
  246. Eight False Things the Public "Knows" Prior to Election Day
  247. What has Obama Really accomplished?
  248. The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
  249. Ohio Judge Lets Pregnant Teen Marry Without Consent...
  250. American Foreign Aid to islam 9.2B vs Israel 3.1B