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  1. It's 2010 and the wage gap still exists! i demand equal pay for both sexes!
  2. Tea Party climate change deniers funded by BP and other major polluters
  3. Glenn Beck and the cult of paranoia
  4. Legally Beat Your Wife
  5. Stay classy Rand Paul supporters
  6. Is it going to get worse...
  7. Apple.. How about assembly here???
  8. Shirvell Threatens to Sue University of Michigan
  9. School Official Wants Gays Dead
  10. US Residents -- Have you voted yet?
  11. Can't the money be better spent?
  12. Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law
  13. How to keep a poker face and where not to go to renew your wedding vows.
  14. Is America becoming more like Fivepoint?
  15. Will Gays Bring American Downfall?
  16. Crazy political mailings
  17. Where do Libertarians draw the line?
  18. The Liberal Gene?
  19. Liberal Gene Discovered
  20. Alaska Supreme Court reverses ban on write-in candidate lists
  21. Explosives found in US bound packages
  22. The Bromance Gets Physical: Men more comfortable kissing friends
  23. Mudslinging by the Founding Fathers
  24. The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear thread
  25. How Much Is Enough
  26. What career would you have liked to have gone into besides the one you are in?
  27. Rethinking Economic Incentives
  28. Galileo Was Wrong the earth does not move.
  29. So how do we feel about polygamy?
  30. Megachurch Pastor Comes Out
  31. I remember
  32. Teen shot dead in Atlanta after egging Mercedes
  33. Obama is a Keynsian.
  34. Racism
  35. US Midterm Elections 2010
  36. I hope Marijuana is never legalized!
  37. Voting and college students
  38. Canadian Legion member wears KKK outfit with slave at halloween party!
  39. Second two years of Obama Administration
  40. What is your opinion on the DREAM Act?
  41. Ding dong the (I am not a witch) is dead.
  42. Trick-or-treating with the Obamas
  43. SF Food Fascists Kill the Happy Meal
  44. UK Students face £9000 fees
  45. A congressional loss for the tech policy world: Rick Boucher
  46. 10-year-old girl from Romania
  47. The face of traditional conservatives
  48. Huffington Post: Dysfunctional Democracy- Zero Blacks in the Senate
  49. -
  50. Alvin Greene Reflection Thread
  51. Iowa governor-elect already flexing his gubernatorial muscles.
  52. Fake Scandals Begin
  53. U.S. Added 151,000 Jobs in October
  54. Self-Deluded POTUS Tells 60 Minutes 'Communication' is the Problem
  55. What can America do to be in better shape in 2030?
  56. Which Group Best Suits Your Views on Government?
  57. Olbermann Suspended Indefinitely Without Pay (Fired?)
  58. Republican Bill Brady concedes Iilinois governor's race to Quinn
  59. Retired couple gives away $11 million lottery win
  60. Choosing not to vote?
  61. Illegal immigrant self deports to avoid justice system
  62. Single Mother must pay $1.8m for downloading 24 songs
  63. nasty accident that could not happen to someone more deserving.
  64. panhandling?
  65. For those that support UHC a question
  66. Republicans oppose compromise with President Obama on tax cuts
  67. Airshow features most legendary fighter planes
  68. MI Asst. Attorney General Fired
  69. Conservatives, Liberals, and Liberty
  70. Arena of Ideas
  71. Switzerland grows backbone, time to kick out criminal immigrants!
  72. Dancing With The Stars; Tea Party Conspiracy?
  73. George Bush would have Endorsed Obama
  74. Debt Commission: Panel Weighs Deep Cuts in Tax Breaks and Spending
  75. Socialist vs. Progressive - O'Donnell vs. Greenwald
  76. Fired over facebook, not sure where I stand on this.
  77. Opinion on Alaska's future
  78. What shows do Republicans favor as opposed to Democrats? Find out inside.
  79. Armistice Day
  80. 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee
  81. Muslim extremists burn Poppy during silence at Remembrance day in London
  82. Chances of 'don't ask' repeal fading in Congress
  83. Beck's at it again
  84. Maddow vs. Stewart
  85. Focus on the Family Targets Day of Silence
  86. School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
  87. GW Bush memoir
  88. First They Came For Your Happy Meal... (No Circumcision in San Francisco?)
  89. The Glenn doth protest too much?
  90. This one just had me ****ing myself laughing, the Kinect is racist.
  91. Space: The Beginning
  92. Jon Stewart is Right, but what can be done about cable news?
  93. Woman sentenced 1 year prison for fake rape claim
  94. why are successful black people looked down upon by blacks?
  95. Question: What would happen if the elderly retired outside the US?
  96. Why are successful black people looked down upon by liberals/blacks?
  97. Just In: James Blunt Stopped WW3!
  98. ARK State Rep The Confederate flag is a symbol of Jesus
  99. McCain Attacks DADT Study
  100. CA Man removed from airport for refusing security check
  101. Paul Krugman advocates 'Death Panels' as deficit cutting measure.
  102. Scientists propose one way trip to the red planet
  103. More food fascism- KFC double down removed from menu!
  104. Quantitative easing explained
  105. Hey, where's my healthcare?
  106. Taxing Junk Food
  107. Michael Moore speaks the truth! (Let's Pass Some Laws Before the Republicans...)
  108. Stewart Nails McCain on his DADT stance
  109. Gary Johnson 2012 anybody?????
  110. Arizona's Death Panel
  111. GOP refuses to vote on Nuclear Treaty with Russia
  112. Islamic channel in UK condones wife beating and rape!
  113. Israel's airport safest in the world! what we can learn from them.
  114. Willow Palin goes on a rant
  115. GOP Cancels Meeting with White House
  116. Republicans block 2 Million from receiving unemployment and women from equal pay
  117. Just another example of mindless sheep.
  118. Pretty Good for Government Work
  119. Palin says she could defeat Obama if she decides to seek the White House in 2012
  120. muslim terrorists using hijabs as cover due to liberal policies
  121. Islamic communities in Canada threat to national security- Govt. of Canada report!
  122. pro-life group banned from canadian university- more liberal tolerance at its finest
  123. General Motors launches IPO
  124. GOP, don't overreach
  125. Heaven is Realz- I saw it on FOX
  126. Alan Grayson shows 5 thing rich people can do with the GOP tax plan
  127. Bush Tax Cuts preceded the slowest period of post-WWII economic growth
  128. Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee
  129. school boards wants to pay poor kids to stay in school!
  130. Polling the Value of Human Life
  131. COICA: proof U.S. has the best Senate money can buy
  132. The Bully Pulpit
  133. Jon Stewart mocks Glenn Beck again
  134. Senate Committee OKs Domain-Name Seizure for Pirate Websites
  135. Driver who mowed down kid blames the parents, sues
  136. Pope: Condoms are OK.....sometimes
  137. The Supreme Court talks Technology
  138. Have I lost it?
  139. US pastor who says facebook is evil, admits to having threesome with male assistant
  140. Balance the budget! Fun Game!
  141. Article on tax cuts for the wealthy
  142. Islamic Sharia schools in UK teaching children homophobic, anti-Semitic and jihad!
  143. Republican lunatic: "Global Warming is not a problem because God says so"
  144. Sarah Palin wants to clean up journalism
  145. North Korea vs South Korea
  146. north korea shells south korea
  147. Global Warming = Repeated Apocalyptic Hallucination Tendency?
  148. native reserve chiefs in canada makes $1 million untaxed
  149. Cardinal: No Civil Unions
  150. the reason you liberal cowards attack sarah palin is because your scared of her!
  151. An Interesting Look at Entitlements is the US
  152. Thanksgiving Caption Competition
  153. China and Russia Quit the Dollar
  154. Tom Delay Convicted of Money Laundering
  155. Fox's Napolitano 9-11 truther
  156. Pilgrims, Property Rights, and the 'Real' Story of Thanksgiving
  157. TSA turns off scanners to avoid protest.
  158. Scanners and pat-downs coming to a train, boat, or mass transit near you?
  159. Чёрная Пятница — US stuck, still there
  160. Wikileaks diplomatic files speculation thread
  161. everlasting life question
  162. Canada's "Fox news North" gets approval
  163. Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuclear Weapons Ambitions Read
  164. Belief Census
  165. US Black Friday
  166. Why do women wear make up
  167. 30 years of redistribution of wealth, to the wealthy...
  168. Obama announces federal pay freeze
  169. Al Gore's comments on Ethanol support
  170. Scarborough: Palin makes Obama look like Winston Churchill
  171. Pentagon: Letting openly gay troops serve won't hurt military
  172. The "Who would be a better candidate than Sarah Palin" thread
  173. Wikileaks' Next Target: A US Bank
  174. Illinois House passes same-sex civil unions bill
  175. Senate votes down ban on earmarks
  176. Big government = increased burden on the poor more than the rich
  177. GOP Attacks the Smithsonian
  178. What's Krugman so afraid of?
  179. To get tax cuts for the rich, GOP will block ALL bills
  180. Incoming California Attorney General "Will Not Defend Prop 8"
  181. Was I being a jerk or was she?
  182. The Homosexual Agenda
  183. Unemployment under 9%
  184. Pollution turns birds gay!
  185. Cutting taxes for middle class is "Chicken Crap!" - John Boehner
  186. Lieberman & Wikileaks
  187. Former WikiLeaks Activists to Launch New Whistleblowing Site
  188. Scotland Yard 'will arrest wanted WikiLeaks boss today'
  189. Clean Slate Time
  190. My diet made me cry rape
  191. US government waste $4 billion for 25k people [High speed rail]
  192. Rush's Newest line of racists attacks.
  193. homosexual hiv+ man arrested knowingly infecting men in canada
  194. homeless advocates want the homeless to die to further their cause!
  195. Are Baptist Pastors The New Catholic Priests?
  196. Mass-mirroring Wikileaks
  197. MEEEE-oww! Sarah vs. the mean ol' media
  198. Prop. 8: Round III
  199. Ford was bailed out by the Federal Government too!
  200. Death Penalty Challenged...in Texas
  201. TX Christian conservatives trying to oust Jewish house speaker
  202. DADT repeal is alive and well [Update: bill has passed]
  203. 2nd Amendment Remedies? How about 28+ Amendment Remedies?
  204. Thoughts on Obama 2 years later?
  205. Iraq Oil slated to rival Saudi's in 7 years
  206. The Compromise
  207. Do you believe the Commonwealth countries spy on each other?
  208. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
  209. The Limits of Freedom
  210. China exceeds expectations in standardized testing
  211. Why are Americans so upset about Wikileaks?
  212. Where's the Tea Party?
  213. Wikileaks "Doomsday File"
  214. If extending tax cuts is good... why would the treasuries market drop?
  215. Thank Jesus the Fiscally Responsible Guys Are Taking Over
  216. GOP Strategy: Senate - Filibuster everything House - Work less
  217. Senate GOP blocks health care for 9/11 workers
  218. UK increases Uni. tuition fees
  219. Bernanke: "We're not printing money."
  220. Westboro Baptist Church to protest Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral
  221. Senate GOP blocks Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal
  222. 16-Year-Old Arrested For Pro-WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks
  223. FAA missing key data on 119,000 planes
  224. Ron Paul, author of 'End the Fed', to lead Fed oversight panel
  225. Wikileaks is built inside a former WWII Bunker ... link with pics
  226. Clinton, Obama to huddle
  227. Sen. Sanders has been speaking for 6 hours
  228. Are You Moral or Just A Good Rule Follower?
  229. Why the obsession with airplane security?
  230. Being a Competent Theist
  231. Central Provision of Health Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional
  232. Man charged with blasphemy for throwing away business card.
  233. Caption Contest: Santa gets screened by the TSA
  234. Constitution Thread
  235. Tea Party Representative: "We should be censoring the American news agencies"
  236. Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV In 'Berlin Patient'
  237. Daily Show: Lame-as-F@#k Congress
  238. Tea Party - Time's 'Person of the Year' Runner-Up
  239. Interesting View of Richard Holbrooke
  240. The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
  241. Those Pesky GOP Earmarks
  242. Happy Meals under attack (again)
  243. Certainty
  244. UN Climate Conference Delegates want to ban... H2O?
  245. Let Us Have A Conversation
  246. Constitution Thread v.2.0
  247. GOP Senators Call Christmas Senate Session “Sacrilegious”
  248. The war on the middle class
  249. Constitutional Conservatives Step Out
  250. Ultimate Reason for UHC: Unfunded Retiree Health Care Obligations?