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  1. Jon Stewart Slams Republicans/Media on 9/11 health Bill
  2. Politifact's Lie of the Year
  3. Poll finds Fox News Viewers are the most Missinformed.
  4. 10,000+ child porn videos and images found on ex-TSA screener's computer
  5. What would you do if a contractor showed up at your place with a gun?
  6. New Gallup Poll Showing Opinions on Evolution, ID.
  7. Dream Act blocked in senate
  8. Jesus is a Liberal Democrat
  9. TSA Proves itself useless
  10. A major difference between liberals and conservatives?
  11. FOX news Shepard Smith outraged by GOP blocking 9/11 responders aid...
  12. Who is the Most Effective Political Party?
  13. Two more years until the end of the world!?
  14. Do you eat food?
  15. 150 Years ago Today...
  16. Tea Party: There They Go Again
  17. FCC to cave on Net Neutrality?
  18. Delegate: No Gays in National Guard
  19. Apple Removes Unofficial WikiLeaks Application From App Store [Updated]
  20. "Funding cuts leave many without home heating assistance in Macon" (When you see it)
  21. Rupert Murdoch and the UK
  22. President Obama: "Repealing DOMA... natural next steps legislatively"
  23. Cuts for NYC Homeless Youths Protested
  24. START Treaty Ratified and 9/11 Health Bill passes Senate
  25. Iraqi church officials call off Christmas festivities over fears of attacks
  26. Maybe not such a good thing for DYMO corp
  27. Obama's first two years
  28. Rachel Maddow Reduces Newt Gingrich To A Direct Mail Scam Artist
  29. Filibuster Reform
  30. LDS Church Invites Gay Leaders to Christmas Concert
  31. Let's talk about hackers/trolls, Cyber-bullying and what to do about it...
  32. The Republican Agenda
  33. Science Saved My Soul
  34. Freedom of Speech as a guaranteed right?
  35. The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired
  36. American Companies are FINALLY hiring!!!
  37. $500 Million waste - GOP fiscal responsibility?
  38. One of my clients sent to prison for drunk driving...
  39. Tea Party Targets Scott Brown for DADT
  40. Elder Care; a global issue of finances vs. quality vs. avilable resources vs.........
  41. Atheists Excluded from Mayoral Prayer Service(Non-Biased Article Now Included!)
  42. Social Life
  43. US Incarceration
  44. Bishop of Winchester: legal system discriminates against Christians
  45. Political Correctness Has Gone Too Far
  46. Obama Supportive of Vick's Second Chance
  47. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  48. O'Donnell under investigation for misuse of campaign finances
  49. RIP Isabelle Caro
  50. News, California cities implementing "Crash Tax"
  51. Pakistanis Rally in Support of Blasphemy Law
  52. [Read before posting!] Rules for the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum
  53. Canada's "Unsustainable" Healthcare System
  54. Are you freaking out yet? (the national debt)
  55. House GOP already moving to repeal health care reform
  56. $100 Billion in Pentagon savings!
  57. Demon Pass! Cue GOP outrage?
  58. New edition of 'Huckleberry Finn' to lose the 'n' word
  59. Scalia believes people have a Constitutional right to discriminate
  60. New Fiscal Responsiblitiy Rules
  61. Navy video really offensive???
  62. Health Care Repeal would increase deficit by $230,000,000,000
  63. 39% of NY City Pregnancies end in ABORTION
  64. Health Care Reform Update
  65. America By the Numbers- NYT Interactive Graphic
  66. U.S. Subpoenas Twitter
  67. Magnetic pole shift shuts down runways
  68. [Updated] Rep. Giffords in Serious Condition, Judge John Roll Killed in Ariz. Attack
  69. Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans
  70. The Invention of Money
  71. Judge sentences Tom DeLay to 3 years in prison
  72. California Supreme Court: Warrantless searches of suspects' text messages legal
  73. Antigay Activist Opens Mass. Coffee Shop
  74. This guy is bold, what is your thought on what he is saying though?
  75. Leading Republican, To Introduce Strict Gun-Control Legislation
  76. Antigay Activist Blames Bird Death on DADT Repeal
  77. Christian Pastor says former Aus PM to blame for floods
  78. `Angels' to protect mourners from church protesters
  79. Joe Wilson 'You Lie' Slogan Etched Onto Line Of Assault Rifle Components...
  80. About all this gay stuff...
  81. Illinois Income Tax Increase
  82. Obama Delivers Incredible Speech
  83. US Robotic Force
  84. More than 1,000 young American women have been raped in Peace Corps
  85. Council on American Islamic Relations asks Muslims not talk to FBI
  86. Pope John Paul II on Fasttrack to Sainthood
  87. Pharmacist refuses to fill prescription to prevent bleeding
  88. House republicans aim to stop DADT repeal
  89. The ever looming issue: Buy or steal music?
  90. Reagan may have had alzheimers while in office.
  91. Tea Party vs. The Founding Fathers
  92. RCMP probe report saying Canadians training with al-Qaida in Pakistan for jihad
  93. stop marriage all together!
  94. Women should be allowed to serve in combat
  95. Tunisian people power - is regional change afoot?
  96. Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts
  97. Republicans slip propaganda into the title of bill
  98. Vegetarian Diets (from "Steve Jobs was a fruitarian, now a vegan")
  99. An MLK day thread. A collection of questions about race in America.
  100. Sarah Palin Battle Hymn
  101. Rev. Jones to hold 'Judge the Quaran' Day!
  102. Vatican edict in 1997 rejected calls to report priests who abused
  103. Robot Wars
  104. M Theory
  105. Sup. Court Rejects Anti–Gay Marriage Vote Appeal
  106. AZ Shooter was a Bush Hater
  107. Death by Liberalism
  108. Joe Lieberman will not run for reelection
  109. Alabama Governor: Only Christians are my brothers and sisters.
  110. UK Homosexual Couple win B&B Case
  111. Creating new threads in PRSI: some tips
  112. McCarthy Introduces Bill Banning High-Capacity Magazines
  113. House votes on repeal of healthcare law
  114. Britain bans Pastor Terry Jones
  115. still having IRS problems...
  116. Justices Thomas and Scalia attend Koch strategy event - Citizens United conflict?
  117. Santorum: Banning Gay Marriage, Adoption "Common Sense"
  118. Let's have a theoretical &philosophical conversation about the end of human existance
  119. Is Anti-Muslim Prejudice Now Acceptable?
  120. Blackwater Founder Said to Back Mercenaries in Africa
  121. Are there any women who aren't religious?
  122. Keith Olbermann Leaving MSNBC
  123. Sen. DeMint boycotting CPAC over inclusion of pro-gay groups
  124. Decentralized currencies
  125. Buddism, Medditation and Yoga
  126. 200 Economists sign letter urging repeal of ObamaCare
  127. Israel rejected Palestinian peace offer "Keep all settlements" as not enough
  128. Liberal feminist fear Sarah Palin and her following of strong women!
  129. Cross-dressing event cancelled after parents object
  130. 10 officers shot in 24 hours
  131. [UPDATE]Terrorist Attack kills 35 people at Moscow Airport
  132. Appeals court orders Rahm Emanuel off Chicago ballot
  133. To lose the $3 box on the 1040?
  134. GOP wants ISPs to record user data
  135. Justice Clarence Thomas "erred" on Disclosure Form
  136. Joel Osteen on Gays
  137. Communism on our doorstep!
  138. Don't mess with Texas' stimulus cash
  139. The Bible
  140. Does Randall Terry speak for American Catholics?
  141. State of the Union speech
  142. Tax cuts vs. spending cuts during recession - which is worse?
  143. Rep. Paul Brown attacks Obama on Twitter
  144. UFO's
  145. Should employers be blind to private beliefs?
  146. Uganda Is Definitely Not Gay-Friendly
  147. Senate to vote on rule changes
  148. Most Big Businesses Don't Pay Taxes
  149. Fox News responds to rabbis calling for sanctions on Glenn Beck
  150. ObamaCare - over 700 waivers approved
  151. Whooping Cough Epidemic Kills 10 Infants
  152. GOP (Changes to abortion laws): Rape only Rape if Forcible
  153. DADT Repeal Effort Begins
  154. Egypt's Mubarak defends security forces as chaos engulfs Egypt
  155. Arizona Lawmakers Introduce Proposal Challenging Birthright Citizenship
  156. P. Diddy Sued for $1 TRILLION for CAUSING 9/11...What's your take on these lawsuits??
  157. What happens to ex-drug users down the road?
  158. Chick-fil-A's Ethos Is Questioned
  159. -
  160. Zeistgeist: Moving Forward (Part III)
  161. Hawaii Senate Passes Civil Unions
  162. Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin.
  163. As Egypt goes offline, US gets internet 'kill switch' bill ready
  164. Federal judge says key parts of health care reform unconstitutional
  165. Religious text that involves all beliefs?
  166. What if Keith Olbermann joined Fox News?
  167. Do you feel cell phone use is a privilege or a right?
  168. (Debt Ceiling Threat by GOP) - Pay China and Banks before Senior Citizens
  169. Darwin Awards
  170. atdhe.net was seized by homeland security
  171. NippleGate Feb 1, 2004
  172. Intellectual Property
  173. Proposed Bill would allow Arizona to Ignore Federal Laws
  174. What if the Myans' and 2012 is indeed true?
  175. New Mexico Bill Seeks to Protect Anti-Science Education.
  176. Bangladeshi Girl, 14, Dies After 100 Lashings.
  177. 3 more undercover planned parenthood videos released
  178. Hope for Humanity?
  179. Is your job merit-based, lockstep, or "up and out"?
  180. Should a former president be able to go anywhere he wants in the world?
  181. A Time for Choosing
  182. Bill O'Reilly interview of President Obama
  183. Role of Government
  184. What makes you believe?
  185. Boehner on transparency: C-SPAN Cameras denied access
  186. AOL to buy Huffington Post for $315 Million
  187. Taxes are at 60 year low
  188. Special treatment for military members?
  189. iPhone is your Salvation
  190. He's ba-a-a-a-ack!
  191. $53 Billion high speed rail investment.
  192. Apple and politics
  193. Tea Party Revolting! (Patriot Act Extension Fails)
  194. London Stock Exchange to Buy Toronto's Stock Exchange in $3.2 Billion All-Share Deal
  195. Bill in Iowa House aims to protect same-sex marriage objectors
  196. Iowa GOP Focus Group
  197. GOP Congressman Resigns
  198. Oil Tanker siezed by Pirates
  199. WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices
  200. Banker blows whistle on tax fraud, gets jail time
  201. Search for Intelligent Life
  202. License Plate Honoring KKK Leader Proposed
  203. Public vs. Private Schools
  204. Bachmann's latest Foot-In-Mouth
  205. Atheist news podcast, winner podcast awards.com
  206. More fun in Iowa... More crazy Bills
  207. Hawaii Passes Civil Unions
  208. Not happy with Iowa? Try next door (WI)
  209. Dictator Relationships
  210. Best System of Government?
  211. The Truth
  212. The little 11" MBA that helped spark Egypt's Revolution
  213. Jesus - Who do you say I am?
  214. GOProud Member Doesn't Like Gays
  215. Obama's 2012 Budget
  216. Rich Take From Poor as U.S. Subsidy Law Funds Luxury Hotels
  217. Ron Paul wins; YAF votes out Ron Paul
  218. It's On: Shirley Sherrod sues Andrew Breitbart
  219. Can government force you to buy __________?
  220. South Carolina lawmaker wants separate currency for the state.
  221. Move over Iowa, Mississippi and South Carolina, South Dakota is in the house!
  222. I can't imagine this not happening
  223. Will gun laws change in the USA?
  224. Gay marriage double-banned in Indiana
  225. Can there be a better way to elegantly expose the fakes?
  226. Florida Gov. Scott Rejects High Speed Rail Funds
  227. Missouri voters pass puppy mill cruelty prevention act, GOP attempting to repeal it
  228. If you were leader of your nation for a day, what would you change?
  229. The Nature of the US Constitution
  230. Wisconsin public workers stand up to Republicans
  231. Did President Obama's Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg spark this?
  232. Congresswoman Threatened over NASCAR Cut Proposal
  233. Are Animal Lives As Valuable As Human Lives?
  234. 20th Feb: No Religion Day
  235. Should the FDA ban carcinogenic colorings used in sodas?
  236. I need syllogism examples in politics.
  237. Man asked for Facebook login info during job interview
  238. Libya Getting Out Of Control
  239. 2008 Presidential Election in hindsight
  240. Higher Taxes = More Government Receipts?
  241. Another Nail In Creationism's Coffin?
  242. Congressional Questioning of Federal Reserve's Inspector General
  243. Where do you get your news from?
  244. Pirates Kill Hostages on Yacht
  245. The Rise of the Global Elite
  246. Your Liberty Versus Your Security- What Will You Choose?
  247. A Note Of "Nue Tone" Politics
  248. Move over IA, MS, SC & SD, Tennessee is in the house
  249. Obama administration ceases defending DOMA
  250. Who will history credit or blame for the middle east uprisings?