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  1. Teens convicted of beating illegal immigrant to death...get 9 years.
  2. Anti-abortion people getting all racial now.
  3. Gas hitting 100, where is the outrage?
  4. Rahm Emanuel is now mayor
  5. Immigrants assault 12 year old girl, no appreciable punishment
  6. Seriously, Iowa?
  7. Larouche, Democrat or Cult Leader?
  8. Honest question about unions
  9. John Boehner and the Republicans: Government Shutdown
  10. Congressman asked "Who is going to shoot Obama", doesn't denounce it
  11. What do you think about Islam ?
  12. B&B to Couple: You're Wrong, Unnatural
  13. Georgia: IA, MS, SC, SD, and TN ain't got nuthin' on us!
  14. Baja Arizona - The Antidote for Red State Craziness
  15. SPLC lists anti-Islamic NYC blogger Pamela Geller and followers a hate group
  16. Recovery built on low-paying jobs
  17. Meet Your Meat, the Barbarity of Halal Slaughter.
  18. ICC Irony
  19. O’Donnell Rewrites Beck and Gingrich Over DOMA
  20. I'd only buy it for the pictures....
  21. Fallacy: Soaking the rich increases revenue
  22. Catholic College Fires Gay Teacher
  23. The Tyranny of Defense, Inc.
  24. [News] Who Owns The U.S.?
  25. Payoffs to donors disguised as fiscal responsibility?
  26. Asian American who cringes at the term, "Asian"
  27. Man pleads guilty to coercing moms to molest their children.
  28. The Death of DOMA . . .
  29. Where are the JOBS Mr. Boehner?
  30. A cautionary tale re: Government Regulations
  31. Do you, a fetus, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
  32. To Block A Gay-Straight Alliance, Texas High School Shuts Down All Extracurricular
  33. Iran: London 2012 Olympics Logo Is Racist
  34. Supreme Court: AT&T can't keep bad behavior a secret
  35. 14 Charts that prove the U.S. Is Screwed
  36. Anti-gay church's right to protest at military funerals is upheld
  37. Rep. Trent Franks: Impeach Obama over DOMA
  38. National ID Card? For real?
  39. Political bribery loosely disguised as charitable donations
  40. How we deal with public bigotry
  41. Is Bill Gates' Money a 'National Resource' or his to spend?
  42. Charlie Sheen makes more sense than Boehner
  43. US survey finds fewer high school teens, young adults having sex; reasons unclear
  44. California Politician Participates in a Reddit AMA.
  45. Environmental Activism is felonious
  46. It's even worse than Wisconsin in Ohio
  47. Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.9%
  48. Meet Mike Huckabee
  49. Meet John Boehner
  50. Smart Cover, black just in leather?!
  51. CNN - Are Whites being racially opressed?
  52. Student suspended for pre-marital sex
  53. Texas' proposal to kick out all illegal immigrants (except the maids)
  54. Operation Fast and Furious - The ATF's plan to trace guns
  55. Protesters Screaming At Muslim Women And Children
  56. Limbaugh and Hannity shows feature paid actors, parent company admits
  57. John McCain thinks Apple Products Are Made In USA
  58. College Student? Some of the GOP doesn't want you to vote
  59. President Lincoln And Colonization
  60. Should Democrats support Palin?
  61. Drunk Priest Offers Oral Sex to Cops
  62. Obama Removes Ban On Gitmo Military Trials
  63. The horror! NPR exec calls tea partiers racists
  64. GOP efforts to change voting laws - fair or not?
  65. GOP in Michigan wants to take away your rights.
  66. GOP tries to avoid vote on its own spending bill
  67. Clarence Thomas' Dangerous Conceit
  68. Quinn ends death penalty in Illinois
  69. Hacking Democracy
  70. Sweden: Pro Soccer Star Comes Out
  71. Rand Paul blames Energy Department for his toilets not working
  72. It's NOT Enough!
  73. Made in the U.S.A Thread
  74. White House Kills Cap'n Crunch!!!
  75. Endgame
  76. So How Do You Regard Nuclear Power Now?
  77. Bullied Kid Fights Back
  78. Glenn Beck: Japan earthquake was a message from God.
  79. Mich. AG Supports Antigay EMU Student
  80. Ohio Bill to ban capital punishment
  81. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
  82. The Republican Primary Debates! Brought to you by...
  83. Why is their no looting in Japan?
  84. Biggest jump in food costs in more than 36 years
  85. This guy makes the tea party look sane.
  86. US Sends Drones to Fight Mexican Drug Trade
  87. Republican Rep: Eleven Year Old Raped Because She Was "Dressed Like a Prostitute"
  88. Evaluating Obama: was he the better/best choice?
  89. RNC Debates…and now a word from our sponsor
  90. Obamahawk
  91. Nate Phelps: 'What My Dad does is Evil'
  92. is streaming copyrighted files felony worthy?
  93. What The Bible Really Says About Sex
  94. UN "No Fly Zone" Resolution: US will use Lybia as aerial target practice
  95. GOP Proposes massive tax increase - cuts to medical coverage
  96. Missouri GOP moves to block voter initiative on Minimum Wage
  97. Arizona Republican led Senate REJECTS anti-immigration bills
  98. What do you do to live a more sustainable life?
  99. Democrat Party workers face felony charges on election fraud.
  100. Wisconsin Judge Blocks anti-Union Law
  101. Helen Thomas- Jews 'own the White House.'
  102. Should Exodus Intl be removed from the App Store?
  103. Missouri's New Theocratic Religious 'Freedom" Bill.
  104. The 'I Survived the May 21st Rapture' Thread!
  105. This is the school where a small town guy co-invented what would become DOS
  106. Victoria Jackson (former SNL actor) blasts 'Glee' over gay kiss
  107. Senators Ask Apple, Google, RIM to Pull DUI Checkpoint Apps
  108. US to advocate gay rights at UN
  109. Study Predicts Religion "Headed for Extinction"
  110. EDL (English Defence League)
  111. CNN and Fox News Reporters trade jabs
  112. GOP Pushes Bill To Put ‘In God We Trust’ On All Federal Buildings
  113. Maine Governor orders destruction of Commie Art
  114. GOP: The Bat**** Wing
  115. Pole Dancing for Jesus
  116. Won't you help James O'Keefe pay off his credit card debt?
  117. Vatican: Please Let Us Hate Gays in Peace.
  118. Conservatism bad for America? The evidence seems to point that way.
  119. G. E. paid no taxes last year
  120. Canada is having an election
  121. Commodities
  122. Praise the Lard! Religion makes you fat.
  123. How about a driving tax
  124. Unbelievable
  125. Sexual preference chemical found in mice
  126. Animals Near Failed Reactors Spreading Radiation?
  127. A Trail Blazer has Passed
  128. And now, a commercial message ...
  129. If you were Pope, what would your name be?
  130. Rand Paul's Common Sense Response to Barack Obama's War Mongering Speech
  131. Gingrich fears atheist country dominated by radical Muslims
  132. China 'to overtake US on science' in two years
  133. your very own menstrual shack..
  134. Birther Trump can't produce his own birth certificate
  135. Obama: I love polluting
  136. If Saddam Hussein were still in power, this year's Arab uprisings could never have ha
  137. If we can't agree on a budget.... Make the GOP bill law anyway?
  138. GOP attacks AARP over support for healthcare reform
  139. Congress likely to still get paid. (They need the money.)
  140. It's not just Glenn Beck: Fox News has lost 21% of its audience this year
  141. Apple Does Not Pay Enough For the Chinese Foxconn Slaves
  142. Proposal To End All Taxes
  143. Gaddafi's Ministers deserting en masse?
  144. Fear of Death Drives People to Reject Evolution; Research.
  145. Federal Reserve granted $26 Billion in loans to Libya
  146. I will be here to watch GOP hopefuls, how about you?
  147. States broke? Maybe they cut taxes too much
  148. If I buy a used computer, do I own all the data on it as well?
  149. The Vatican: At it again...
  150. Open gay sailor gets to keep job!
  151. iPad 2 sold out - in the afterlife
  152. A Secular Bible - Anyone reading this?
  153. Global warming critic research proves... (?)
  154. Tenn. Bill Addresses Teaching Evolution.
  155. Does hope matter? Do you have hope in something?
  156. Glenn Beck To 'Transition Off' His Fox News Show
  157. The Vatican: We can't make up our dam minds!
  158. Female infidelity
  159. Boehner answers question of Tea Party independence
  160. Government shutdown 2011
  161. Respect For Marriage Act introduced in House and Senate
  162. Shariah Bumper Sticker
  163. The GOP/Tea Party Must Be Pro-Abortion. I Guess?
  164. govy shutdown and ...... PARKS CLOSED ???
  165. Birthers
  166. Florida's Anti-Evolution Bill.
  167. U.S. District Court Judge who Struck down Prop. 8 Confirms He's Gay
  168. Brain Structure Determines Political Views
  169. Texas Speed Limit Soon to Be 85 MpH!
  170. Welcome to USA! Welcome to the 3rd World, Home of low wage, no benefit jobs.
  171. Interracial marriage should be illegal: 46% of Mississippi Republicans in new poll
  172. See what people are whining to the FCC about
  173. Women in face veils detained as France enforces ban
  174. should racism be legal?
  175. NASA announces Space Shuttle's Fate.
  176. Chicago Public School Bans Bag Lunches
  177. NYT: Tax and spending myths and realities
  178. J. Crew Boy with Pink Toe Nails Controversy
  179. GE Will Repay Government $3.8 Billion Tax Break
  180. Kobe Bryant gets complaints from Gay Rights Group
  181. Let's Talk About Taxes
  182. Google to sentence YouTube violators to 'copyright school'
  183. The Absolute Moron’s Guide to President Obama’s Debt Plan
  184. It Gets Better: Apple Employees
  185. Obama 'forgets' Microphone is on; Speaks candidly about Budget
  186. California to teach gay history
  187. Hundreds protest outside London pub after gay couple evicted for kissing.
  188. Senator lands on closed runway endangering lives of workers
  189. Racist Orange County Republican Email
  190. What happens to US debt payments when rates rise?
  191. Come on Canada lets vote Green Party!
  192. Progressive proposal creates surplus 19 years before Ryan budget manages to
  193. Jesse Jackson Jr. - An American Dick
  194. It's official: Christ's Last Supper 'was on a Wednesday'
  195. MN Public Schools Budget FAIL
  196. How to save a trillion dollars
  197. Man Jailed for Quaran Burning.
  198. WikiLeaks reports secret U.S. funding for Syrian opposition
  199. QE2 ending in June?
  200. Don't like what a city government is doing? Eradicate them, you're governer after all
  201. TN Senator:Einstein Would Have Supported Creationism. WTF?
  202. What Would You Define as an Advanced Culture?
  203. Gulf Oil Disaster - One year later
  204. "Once you're a Muslim, I don't think you can change"
  205. What defines your individuality?
  206. Why do people still see value in the current educational system? (My point of view)
  207. Ok this is really crazy
  208. Ensign resigns - Who will be appointed to replace him?
  209. Faux News- What's Your Story?
  210. Why Are There So Many Atheists Here?
  211. Trump for president?
  212. Girlfriend's parents racist
  213. Pastor Jones refuses to pay $1 peace bond, taken to jail
  214. Violence in another Mc Donalds almost kills customer
  215. Gary Johnson (R) 2012
  216. The Problem With U.S. Foreign Policy
  217. What's The Deal With Religious People?
  218. Demand that McDonald's be held responsible in the beating of transgendered woman
  219. London: Over half of gun crimes committed by black men, only 12% of the population
  220. Same-Sex Kissing Common In UK Male Students
  221. Equal Time for 'Traditional Values'
  222. Obama releases long form birth certificate
  223. Westboro Church Member Gets Beat Up
  224. Vermont moves to attract new businesses - Single Payer health care
  225. Jesus christ!
  226. D.C. Cabbie Boots Gay Guys for Kissing
  227. Reid: Senate to hold vote on Ryan budget
  228. Opinions from the Left please! GOP candidates?
  229. Where do we draw the line?
  230. Exxon Profit $10.7 BILLION this first quarter
  231. Lawrence O'Donnell lambasts NBC re: Trump
  232. US Debt Ceiling Raise
  233. A Modest Proposal on Healthcare Costs
  234. Hope and Change?
  235. Name-calling and name-callers
  236. Why Obama should pay more in taxes
  237. Should we have to pay sales tax online?
  238. 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner
  239. The Decline and Fall of the American Empire
  240. Osama Bin Laden Captured/Killed
  241. How will War on Terror Change after "Osama Bin Laden" can't be used
  242. Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden's sea burial
  243. Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden both died on the first of May...
  244. CBC Predicts Conservative Majority
  245. Catholic Church still stuck in dark ages - fires bishop who supports ordaining women
  246. Amid Bin Laden noise - GOP again defines rape - "forcible ONLY"
  247. Keynes vs Hayek rap videos
  248. Boiler Plate: 1 Consumers & Employees: 0
  249. Thoughts on enhanced interrogation now?
  250. Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist'