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  1. Great idea from California
  2. South Carolina rejects Amazon
  3. More NRA Craziness
  4. The Scottish & Welsh Assemblies & English Council Elections & AV thread
  5. Pakistan: Involved or Incompetent?
  6. Minnesota lawmaker’s gay marriage defense goes viral
  7. Palestinians agree to make peace
  8. What if Jesus was gay?
  9. Teacher Mocks Student Over bin Laden Death
  10. PC rental company installs webcam spy software on computers
  11. Brazil offers new rights to gay couples
  12. GWB not at Ground Zero
  13. First GOP Debate - Who won?
  14. Believe in conspiracies? You'd make Machiavelli proud
  15. 2 Muslims removed from flight for being Muslim
  16. Xenophobia
  17. Women photoshopped out of "situation room" photo
  18. Mich. GOP Votes to Fine Colleges for Same-Sex Benefits
  19. Why The Price Of Food Is So High
  20. Sign This Petition to Stop Uganda's 'Kill the Gays Bill'
  21. New Yorkers soon to get emergency cell phone alerts in what Bloomberg calls 'quantum
  22. WTF is wrong with people? (Bad neighbor edition)
  23. Obamacare: Who is Worried About Adding All Those Uninsured To The System?
  24. PROTECT IP Act, What are you doing?
  25. Billionaire convicted of fraud and conspiracy in insider trading case.
  26. ‘I love boobies’ - Breast Cancer Campaign
  27. Green Is the New Red: The Crackdown on Environmental Activists
  28. Is Catholicism a false religion? Are Catholics saved?
  29. FCC Commissioner votes for NBC & Comcast merger, is hired by Comcast
  30. Gay Minn. Sen. Scott Dibble Slams Marriage Ban
  31. What principles should distinguish a Christian business?
  32. Should Christians try to evangelize atheists?
  33. Thanks everyone.
  34. Ind. court: No right to resist 'unlawful police entry'
  35. Pornography found in bin Laden hideout
  36. Conservative group sues over Bin Laden death photos
  37. Should the world allow dictators to kill their own people?
  38. Ask me anything
  39. Patriotic millionaires
  40. Is religion the cause of most wars?
  41. Kids learn hate at Afghan mosque
  42. Googles "it gets better" Commericial: Too soon
  43. Donors to G.O.P. Are Backing Gay Marriage Push
  44. Are you a normal person?
  45. Oh Good, This'll Help: Blackwater mercenaries in UAE.
  46. Big Oil Threatens Its Customers
  47. Perspective on "Free Market Capitalism" and Taxes
  48. Thanks again religion: Two honor killings
  49. Violence at Israeli border
  50. Who's the last U.S. President who *didn't* use cocaine?
  51. Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks
  52. IMF head denied bail on attempted rape charge
  53. Wis. Gov Walker says he won't defend Domestic Partnerships - says unconstitutional
  54. The Terminator Had Love Child with his Maid
  55. Deadly time vortex appears over Antarctica | EUTimes.net
  56. You know the tea party has gone completely off the deep end when...
  57. The most wicked character ever created.
  58. 513 illegal immigrants found In two tractor-trailers
  59. Gingrich- Mistake to criticize Medicare killing budget & 1993 GOP Health Plan a scam
  60. GOP uses filibuster to block ending Oil Company welfare
  61. Santorum: McCain doesn't understand how torture works...?
  62. Catholic church blames 1960s, sexual revolution for sex abuse
  63. The Secret Service Can't. Deal. With. The. Blathering.
  64. Teacher accused of child molestation for urinating in trash can
  65. The GOP was for the individual mandate before they were against it.
  66. TheStar article - America - the world's sweatshop
  67. Obama breaking law by being in Libya
  68. 16 year old girl challenges Bachman to debate, gets death threats
  69. Professional Jurors
  70. 13 vs. 14 in a minimum wage kitchen job
  71. The Tale of the Slave
  72. Herman Cain Offically In
  73. Israeli Pre-1967 Borders
  74. do you judge people by their facebook?
  75. Putting u.s debt into perspective! "Pile of debt would stretch beyond stratosphere"
  76. I this what has become of my country?
  77. Black Women Less Attractive.
  78. I'd gladly pay double for my iPad if it was made in the USA
  79. Are Black People the Descendants of Cain?
  80. CNN Article: Why is America the 'no-vacation nation'?
  81. Tenn. Green-Lights Discrimination
  82. Chrysler repays government loans...
  83. Casey Anthony's Defense: "Calyee Drowned"
  84. Cantor: No Disaster Funds for Joplin Unless Other Cuts
  85. Horchul wins in NY 26th - Thank you Paul Ryan
  86. Parents keep child’s gender under wraps
  87. What date is it Mr. President?
  88. Fat Bias
  89. Life Vests Should Be Mandated For All Swimmers
  90. Please sign this or attempt to rationally justify not doing it
  91. MSNBC Suspends Schultz for 'Slut' Remark
  92. VT passes single payer law, says healthcare a right
  93. Obama says just as many stupid blunders as Bush did
  94. War on the Middle Class (continued)
  95. Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter for Not Predicting Earthquake
  96. Obama extends Patriot Act
  97. Sensitivity in the Workplace
  98. Santa Monica Circumcision Ban Proposed As Ballot Initiative (Also a wonderful poll!)
  99. Are U.S. immigrations at airports going too far?
  100. Don't dance at the Jefferson Memorial
  101. Democrats forced into weird vote
  102. Weiner.... Weiner....??
  103. FoxNews polling - Quadaffi v. Obama
  104. Trade deals for more offshoring or no nominee!!!!
  105. 6 GOP State Senators Being Recalled
  106. GOP Theft Affirmed in Wisconsin SC Election
  107. Should we outlaw baby piercings?
  108. US declines to try half of native american crimes.
  109. First day of civil unions in Illinois!
  110. Australia to Issue Fines for Swearing in Public!
  111. Increase Retirement Age in US
  112. Silk Road
  113. The bulk of Chris Christie is as well equipped for flying as thinking.
  114. Global panel: end the war on drugs
  115. My niece's graduation gift
  116. Rand Paul: Jail people who attend political speeches
  117. Asbestos in Canada.
  118. Run Sarah Run
  119. Dr. (Death) Kevorkian Dies
  120. John Edwards indicted
  121. Looking for a You Tube series on Evolution
  122. Florida Family Association Warns All Of Orlando About Gays At Disney World
  123. FOX #2 in News
  124. Did the USA get any "oil payments" from Iraq yet? Or have they officially anounced?
  125. Wells Fargo "credit defense" service the biggest fraud I have come across
  126. Man Cited After Paying Bill With 2,500 Pennies
  127. Drug tested before recieving welfare check?
  128. "It's as eco-friendly as you can make a datacenter."
  129. Detroit
  130. 1 in 3 Employers will drop health benefits after Obama's healthcare plan kicks in
  131. Man commits suicide years after therapy to remove "feminine" behavior
  132. What's the proper way to use Twitter
  133. Connecticut Approves Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana
  134. "Gay Girl in Damascus" kidnapped.
  135. Alec Baldwin Running For Mayor?
  136. For Prayer Event, Perry Teams With Controversial Group
  137. Smoking Voids Your Apple Care Warranty.
  138. Would you support this man's policies
  139. What got left behind
  140. Old Navy Gets Backlash for Gay T-Shirts
  141. Newt's campaign for President - over?
  142. How do you like my climate change now?
  143. Man tries to hire hit man through underage girl on FB BUT...
  144. Tracy Morgan's Gay Rant
  145. AT&T paying groups for T-Mobile merger support
  146. Out of curiosity, where are the non specific bully tv spots
  147. Doctor hits man, carries dead body home on roof
  148. Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World Order
  149. Anonymous releases new videos claming start of revolution...
  150. *2012 Presidential Contenders Thread*
  151. Racial hoax causes PR headache for McDonald’s
  152. How Does Lower Taxes Increase Jobs?
  153. Scuba diver on the hunt for OBL
  154. DOMA ruled unconstitutional
  155. Disabled Gay Couple Ejected From Pool
  156. Valedictorian spends 20 minutes preaching at public high school graduation
  157. An Apple Union?
  158. Ron Paul: Auto industry bailout "not morally correct"
  159. WI Supreme Court reaches wildly far-fetched ruling on union law
  160. Ad goes racist, backfires
  161. New York: Gay Marriage Officialy Legal
  162. Michelle Bachmann Feared Abduction by Lesbian, Ex-Nun
  163. Top Barack Obama Donors Net Gov't Jobs
  164. America for Sale: Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?
  165. Never let your wife run your presidential campaign
  166. Real chefs vs. Food Network "personalities"
  167. Tea Party Re-Edumication Camp
  168. Vancouver Canuck's fans go ******* after they lose Stanley Cup
  169. Saudi women challenge driving ban
  170. UN Passes Gay Rights Protection Resolution
  171. Bachmann: Schools should teach intelligent design
  172. The Singularity
  173. The Truth of the Apple iPad Behind Foxconn's Lies
  174. Confused: Taliban Peace Talks???
  175. John McCain blames Arizona fires on illegal migrants
  176. Flash Mob Robberies
  177. stolen guitar
  178. Syria
  179. Bristol's Story (Palin)...
  180. Jon Stewart LIVE On Fox News, Tells Host 'You're Insane"
  181. NBC can't apologize fast enough for leaving God out of Pledge
  182. 9 Year Old Pakistani Girl Forced to Wear Suicide Vest
  183. Obama being sued over Libya.
  184. 51 year old actor marries a 16 year old
  185. Joe Scarborough can unilaterally ban guests from MSNBC? Really?
  186. Meet the new Countdown, same as the old Countdown
  187. FDA Unveils Graphic Images for Cigarette Packs
  188. Man Robs Bank To Get Medical Care In Jail
  189. Robert Reich Solves The U.S. Economy In Two Minutes
  190. The Half Term Half Wit and the Half Bus Tour
  191. Early U.S. Census hint shows dramatic upsurge in same-sex couples
  192. Obama Afghanistan Plan Panned By Both Sides
  193. Obama releases the Oil strategic reserves
  194. Gendercide
  195. Cell Phone Links Bin Laden to Pakistani Intelligence.
  196. Marijuana bill officially introduced to Congress by Ron Paul, Barney Frank
  197. 20 Years Later: A Post Mortem of the fall of the Soviet Union
  198. Would you help this man?
  199. Since the patriot act extension wasn't actually signed by Obama, is it legal?
  200. Vandalism mars Pride Parade: Tires punctured on 51 floats
  201. TSA makes 95-year-old woman remove diaper
  202. Doctors prefer patients with Medicare over private insurance
  203. Bernie Sanders' petition against tax cuts for the rich
  204. Supreme Court Strikes Down CA Video Game Law
  205. Man gets ticket for flipping another driver off
  206. Reagan To Get Statues In Budapest, London
  207. Fox News calls in psychiatrist: Bill Maher has mental problems
  208. Estimated cost of War on Terror at $4 trillion
  209. The video the Pope included in his iPad
  210. Meet. Mr. Bachmann
  211. Man Eludes TSA With Fake ID and Boarding Pass
  212. Boehner's Economic Terrorism
  213. Free Market Fail
  214. Just another corporation...
  215. Last Vietnam-era Draftee Retires
  216. Do you consider Obama Black, white or mixed?
  217. Arizona Fires: Residents Blame Smugglers and Federal Stonewalling
  218. Fox New Twitter hacked - Claimed Obama shot dead
  219. Tip Etiquette
  220. News of the World phone hacking (UK)
  221. Court Orders End to DADT
  222. Just Desert : A Story of US Military "Deserters"
  223. Try 15-year-old as an Adult??
  224. Bachmann Jumps to Sign New Antigay Pledge
  225. Army amputee thrown from NY roller coaster, dies
  226. Betty Ford Dead at 93
  227. The Economist: Republicans "economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical"
  228. US witholds 800 million in aid from Pakistan.
  229. Pharmacists gets life for killing robber..
  230. Any other straight couples holding out for marriage equality?
  231. Veganism
  232. ‘Sister Wives’ stars: Polygamy law challenge called demand for equality.
  233. Fake Democrats lose in Wisconsin primary recalls
  234. Dim bulbs try to repeal light bulbs
  235. Restaurant bans kids under 6. Discrimination or smart move?
  236. N.Y. Town Clerk Quits Over Marriage Equality Law
  237. Should parents lose custody if their child is extremely obese?
  238. Split California in two?
  239. Good-bye Minimum Wage, Hello Serfdom
  240. Do you believe in god?
  241. Man wins right to wear pasta strainer in license
  242. Pentagon Declares Internet a Theater of War
  243. [News] Man says he was rejected by blood bank for seeming gay
  244. Partiality of news channels (Fox, CNN etc)
  245. Study: Effects of Penis Size in Gay Community
  246. National Internet Sales Tax
  247. The Immigration Mess/Dilemma- Is There a Practical Solution?
  248. anybody care to justify America's death penalty?
  249. Where did morals originate?
  250. RNC moved votes around 2004?