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  1. AP sources: Panetta to OK end of military gay ban
  2. Big Business and the "Justice" Department
  3. Study Finds Alarming Number of Gay Teens Are Homeless
  4. Arizonians complain about use of the word "Haboob"
  5. absolute proof evolution did not happen.
  6. I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'
  7. Obama removes Military Gay Ban
  8. US Big Pharma: You're All Nuts!
  9. 22/7 - The attacks on Oslo !Warning: Some strong content!
  10. The Separation of Creationism and Religion
  11. Boot on the other Foot: ID cards please!
  12. Changes at MSNBC: Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes on the way
  13. Arizona town city council corruption exposed, woman arrested for it, mayor ousted
  14. What religion Jesus was part of ? Your first thought ?
  15. More airlines raise fares to grab tax savings
  16. Beck: Norway camp smacks of 'Hitler Youth'
  17. Teen Suicide Epidemic in Michelle Bachmann's district
  18. Rep. David Wu (D) Resigns
  19. The First Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn New York’s Gay-Marriage Law Is Here
  20. Rep. Joe Walsh (Tea Party-Glass House) owes child support
  21. Seat-belts and Helmets
  22. Apple has more cash than US
  23. Study Finds "Huge Discrepancy" Between Hard Data and Warming Models
  24. Atheists Sue to Block Display of Cross-Shaped Beam in 9/11 Museum
  25. Iranian Man Sentenced to Blinding Receives 11th Hour Pardon
  26. Biden Charges Secret Service Rent to Use Cottage Next to His Home
  27. Elaborate Welfare Housing Project Video
  28. More saveings to the US Budget, tell your congressman
  29. Muslims Americans least likely to justify violence
  30. Murdoch shaving foam attack: 'Jonnie Marbles' jailed
  31. Are Americans Closet Socialists?
  32. Are you a Vegan?
  33. Missouri passes law preventing students and teachers from being Facebook friends
  34. Great 25 minute video on income inequality in America
  35. Global cyber-espionage operation uncovered
  36. US Campaign Finance is Broken
  37. Here's one reason we need equal mariage rights
  38. I can finally be proud of Chris Christie for something!
  39. Homeless Man Beaten to Death by Fullerton Police
  40. US loses AAA credit rating.
  41. What are your thoughts on missionaries?
  42. Fox News makes a reference to Obama being black. Shocker.
  43. Is a direct democracy now possible in the USA?
  44. Deficit by who had control of congress
  45. Polar Bear Killed After Killing Student
  46. Hide your husbands pistol
  47. S&P down 6.66%
  48. UK Riots
  49. Circle of Life or downward spiral.
  50. U.S. companies invest overseas
  51. Prisoner denied Satanic Bible because it "incites violence"
  52. In addition to AAA rating, what else did Obama get from GWB?
  53. At 98, Gay Concentration Camp Survivor Shares Story
  54. Hacker group vows to 'kill Facebook'
  55. The replacement for big oil
  56. How religions are born
  57. Rick Santorum: Marriage Is Like a Napkin, Not a Paper Towel
  58. Who'd Thunk Iran Would Provide Comic Relief?
  59. Students at Troubled School District Attend Pride Event
  60. Player with Down Syndrome kicked off team because of age.
  61. Romney: "Corporations are people"
  62. Thoughts on the GOP debate
  63. Closeted Politician Outed - Guess Which Party?
  64. David "Mubarak" Cameron wants power to shut down and monitor communications
  65. US appeals rules against Obama's individual HC mandate
  66. Did you know there was no stone age? yep here is proof.
  67. Video - A Nurse Applies for Food Stamps
  68. Antigay Church Sign Smashed in North Carolina
  69. How important is honesty & consistency for a presidential candidate? (Bachmann)
  70. I believe that Michelle Bachmann would be a terrible president.
  71. Warren E. Buffett wants to pay more taxes
  72. GOP Townhalls go Pay-Per-View, GOP congressman bans protestors
  73. Gov. Rick Perry's big donors fare well in Texas
  74. ATF Promotes 3 "Fast and Furious" Supervisors
  75. Governor Perry's intemperate remarks
  76. Paypal founder funds artificial Libertarian island.
  77. What if the Senate were organized around income?
  78. Marcus Bachmann Gay?
  79. Crashing the Tea Party
  80. 20% of U.S. children now live in poverty
  81. Really sad Mississippi Hate Killing
  82. The Fallacy of the Capitalist Natural Order
  83. What is Nickelodeon's affiliation with Universal?
  84. Do Corporations have Constitutional rights?
  85. Kill David Letterman?
  86. Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution
  87. PETA to launch porn site
  88. Homeless kids put on a play
  89. Well, whaddaya know? Republicans are okay with raising taxes...
  90. Why does everyone hate on Fox News?
  91. MLK memorial
  92. Calling all moderate republicans
  93. Canadians, Jack Layton
  94. Conservative Economist Accidentally Proves The Stimulus Worked
  95. Reading List
  96. Al Sharpton Officially Joins MSNBC
  97. Gays caused earthquake
  98. Gay Dad Ordered to Not Leave Son Alone With Any Man
  99. as if we needed another reason to not vote for rick perry
  100. 100+ CEOs promise no campaign donations
  101. District believes teacher violated church-state provision
  102. Which will come first?
  103. Is the GOP Anti-Science?
  104. Raid on Gibson Guitar Factory
  105. Each US Dr. spends $80,000 a year dealing with insurance companies
  106. Republican Politician Resigns After Grindr Scandal
  107. Bachmann: Hurricane and earthquake are messages from god to cut spending
  108. Al Gore: Global warming skeptics are this generation’s racists
  109. Drill, Baby, Drill - Bachman Style
  110. Eid Mubarak
  111. Atheists: You're on The List!
  112. Why does everyone hate on Fox News Pt. 2
  113. White House blasts GOP over FEMA funding
  114. N.C. Republicans push same-sex marriage ban
  115. Top 25 CEOs earn more than their company's tax bills
  116. White House-Backed Solar Energy Company Collapses
  117. Secret U.S. diplomatic cables posted online by WikiLeaks supporters
  118. Pima County Arizona GOP raffles off Glock
  119. EEOC Sues Freight Company for Firing Alcoholic Drivers
  120. Is protesting Illegal now? Tar Sands.
  121. -
  122. The iPresident
  123. Time For Obama To Step Aside
  124. How to create enough jobs worldwide?
  125. Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult
  126. The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On
  127. FoxNews edits quote - Right demands apology
  128. Texas wildfire
  129. Michigan Governor Signs 48 Month Welfare Limit
  130. 2011-2012 Global competitiveness index, US falls to 5th position, Canada 12th
  131. America is Number one!!!!
  132. Amazing predictions that came true...
  133. My day with the CGHA and the Chicago Blackhawks
  134. UK: Gay blood donor ban to be lifted
  135. CNBC; Obama and Steve Jobs
  136. Pick your GOP candidate: Flowchart
  137. Indian Freedmen Descendants still seeking Equality
  138. Brain versus Penis.
  139. Israeli Embassy Attack in Cairo
  140. What Do You Think about the Illuminati?
  141. NFL without cable tv
  142. Am I the only person who doesn't care about 9/11?
  143. Unusually Balanced: Cockburn on Al Qaeda
  144. The virtual revolution
  145. 911
  146. Mile High Club initiation results in fighter jet escort and other flying paranoia
  147. Jewish organizers successfully censor "Child's View from Gaza"
  148. CNN/Tea Party Debate 9/12
  149. Federal Agents Raid Gibson Guitar Factory
  150. Debate: Are certain hospitals truly charities, or, just avoiding taxes?
  151. Surprise! CBO study discovers a long-term problem with Medicare funding
  152. FBI interrogator describes how torture failed
  153. Republicans Win Special Elections in New York & Nevada
  154. Government Pays More in Contracts, Study Finds
  155. Why is God Punishing Texas?
  156. Cops tow CT State Treasures Car.
  157. Did Sarah Palin Have Pre-Marital Sex With Glen Rice?
  158. Japanese Seniors: Send Us to Damaged Nuclear Plant
  159. Number of Americans in poverty hits record high
  160. Liquid Floride Thorium Reactors
  161. Right-Winger Harvey: Gays “Hate Jesus Christ”
  162. Private Citizens and Companies Booting Cars
  163. UK Government planning on legalizing Gay Marriage
  164. BAN all fundraising for public schools!!!!
  165. Since AZ is apparently crime free, sheriff investigates Obama birth certificate
  166. Bill Clinton, talking and doing
  167. DADT dead on September 20, 2011
  168. Gingers, take your sperm, and shove it.
  169. How'd we go from 85% cuts to $3T plan w/$1.5T in revenue?
  170. Mayor Bloomberg on Social Unrest
  171. Obama, Buffet, full of BS on taxes.
  172. The Problem With Relgious Thinking
  173. Georgia executes likely innocent man
  174. U.S.Supreme Court Denies Stay of Execution
  175. Close Guantanamo, Reopen Alcatraz?
  176. Elizabeth Warren for President
  177. Radioactive Material Found In Libya
  178. Tea Party Watch- This is Who You'd Vote For?
  179. BMW. Joy of Driving to some. Racist panzers to others.
  180. Lets do some math!
  181. Perception of Germany and/or Germans
  182. NJ considers bill that would ban photographing children
  183. President Obama
  184. Oh, by all means, blame the teachers, not the parents
  185. Alabama town: Church or jail
  186. Recipe for Revolution
  187. Catholic leaders fear discrimination against them while discriminating themselves
  188. Faux News Digest
  189. Dr. Laura on Homos
  190. Rick Perry asks Obama to continue letting people die to save money
  191. Christians v Atheists
  192. FBI stops planned attack on Pentagon, Capitol
  193. ACLU supports prayer in school
  194. Anwar Al-Awlaki targeted kill completed
  195. Should Apple Help U.S. Government?
  196. Occupy Wall Street - 700 Arrested
  197. Amanda Knox Set Free. Another O.J ?
  198. Gay Couple Assaulted by Church Leaders
  199. The Prez's Boys Say NO To iPhone
  200. Are you ready for some Hitler?
  201. U.S. Senate Proposes Bill to Rein in Chinese Currency
  202. Looking For a Good Job?
  203. Mexicans...please come back
  204. Medical Marijuana User: Papa John's Driver Ratted Me Out To The Cops
  205. Get Money Out
  206. What if ALL manufacturing jobs were outsourced?
  207. God tells Sarah Palin not to run for President
  208. Bye jobs
  209. Westboro church announces protest of Steve Jobs’ funeral
  210. New York Democrats Argue Free Speech is a Privilege That Can be Revoked
  211. Lutheran Church and SCOTUS case...
  212. First collective statement of Occupy Wall Street
  213. Domestically Abused in Topeka? Too bad!
  214. Irony Defined - Steve Jobs/Apple/Occupy
  215. Whence cometh evil?
  216. House Armed Services chairman: No compromises on gay marriage, detainees
  217. Moses - Meet Steve
  218. Saddam Hussein Look-alike, Says Iraqi Gang Tried To Kidnap Him For Porn Films
  219. Herman Cain 9-9-9 Tax Plan
  220. Angry Gays Make Sally Kern Fear for Life
  221. iPhone Reincarnation?
  222. The catholic church just lost a lot of respect from me.
  223. Human Rights groups ask Canada to Arrest George W. Bush
  224. Tenn. lawmaker's bill allows guns in bars...and guess what happens?
  225. Colombian Athlete Arrested for Religious Tattoos
  226. Male Cheerleader Suspended For Kissing Another Boy
  227. Governmental Fast Ones
  228. Cain wants to fry Mexicans, Ha ha??
  229. Fox News "Angry Black Man"
  230. Christian school vandalized before anti-gay speaker’s appearance
  231. Pick Your Own Gender...???
  232. Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use
  233. Herman Cain lining his pockets with donor's money
  234. Frick'n Fracking- An Environmental Disaster?
  235. Why wasn't Ron Paul given a chance for a closing statement?
  236. Those Yanks are revolting!
  237. Col. Gaddafi is dead..
  238. A strategy for re-partriating foreign profits
  239. What is your view on this?
  240. Apple and the Moral question
  241. All troops out of Iraq by years end
  242. Half of all US workers made less than $26k
  243. Dan Savage To Herman Cain: Prove Being Gay Is A Choice
  244. Again David Camp is wrong about of the end of the world.
  245. BofA shifting 74 Trillion to taxpayers.
  246. Jobs on Obama
  247. Gaddafi had an iphone on him when he was caught!!!!
  248. Anyone else see "Margin Call" yet?
  249. Growing Wealth Disparity, An Explanation
  250. As a gay man, I'm terrified right now...