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  1. Woman uses Craigslist to find a man who got her pregnant.
  2. We already knew it - some homophobes are really just repressed
  3. Where Do You Keep Up With Your Politics?
  4. Democracy and Democratic protests in Israel's eyes
  5. A Tour Of The Afterlife
  6. Norway mass murder suspect claims self defense
  7. US teen pregnancies down except for the bible belt.
  8. Six hospitals won’t reveal fetal sex during ultrasound
  9. Brevik on trial, far right still gaining members, whats goin wrong?
  10. A discussion about god...
  11. Supernatural or Other Easily Explainable Phenomena?
  12. Morality and Religion
  13. Best Spokesmen the Dems Could Ask For
  14. Police Handcuff Kindergartener for Tantrum
  15. Having an abortion when no one called me a slut
  16. War on women moves to Ohio
  17. Another Republican Voter Fraud Allegation
  18. Not So Secret Service
  19. Christian group books anti-gay ads to appear on buses
  20. What does the US Government gain from the war on drugs?
  21. Happy 4/20 (funny video inside)
  22. To All Those Who Think Any Part of Fox is Real News Organization
  23. Eating meat helped early humans reproduce
  24. More Religious Child Molestation?
  25. Social Security Could Be the Greatest Social Program Ever Concieved
  26. Nuclear test? Again?
  27. How much is road tax?
  28. Death penalty and racism.
  29. Liberty University students outraged over Romney giving commencement speech
  30. Even More Murdoch Madness
  31. Missouri Proposes Its Own Version of "Don't Say Gay" Bill
  32. Marine discharged over online Obama comments
  33. Congress passes the privacy-destroying Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
  34. The lion, the witch, and the wolf
  35. How does emergency healthcare work in the US?
  36. Whcd 2012
  37. You Might Be A Homosexual If...
  38. Facebook posts and work
  39. Missiles at the Olympics? More likely than you think:
  40. Lets Just Say it Republicans are the Problem
  41. The Pirate Bay To Be Blocked In The UK
  42. What Should the Role of Government Be & How Should They Pay For It?
  43. Radio DJ's sex advice to father of gay daughter sparks controversy
  44. Oklahoma high court strikes down personhood amendment
  45. Dan Savage= Epic Fail..
  46. Political: Apple's New Highland Village Retail Store in Houston Hit by Gunfire
  47. UK parliament committee: Murdoch not fit to run multinational company
  48. Freedom Index
  49. FBI arrests 5 trying to blow up bridge
  50. Anti-Gay Pastor: Parents Must ‘Squash Like A Cockroach’ The Gay Out Of Kids
  51. My Two Moms
  52. Bin Laden is still dead. Jon Stewart's take.
  53. And then there were two. Romney v. Paul
  54. NYT Krugman - Does Austerity Work
  55. Activist wants to leave China, says authorities threatened to beat wife to death
  56. Gay Marriage moves beyond destroying traditional marriages, destroys whiteness too
  57. Will there ever be a World War?
  58. GOP Leader? Romney or the Bigots? You decide.
  59. Americans, Obesity and Five Guys
  60. Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power
  61. How long before Fox news blames Obama?
  62. Junior Seau's death and violence in the NFL
  63. Canadian Politicians
  64. Mitt Romney: Democrats 'just don't like business very much'
  65. Indonesian Atheist Facing Jail Time For Saying "God Doesn't Exist"
  66. Mitt Romney, Chinese-American diplomatic expert
  67. The Missouri State Rep
  68. Didn't Know that Orson Scott Card Was a Homophobic Douche.
  69. Montana Takes on Citizens United
  70. Man dressed as a penguin gets more votes than the Lib Dems
  71. The government can seize your domain indefinately and not even press charges
  72. Sarkozy Exits with Class
  73. Arizona
  74. Wall St. - Should a company make decisions based on stock price?
  75. Will the majority of Americans be obese by 2030?
  76. A Christian's Response to Pro Amendment One Mega-Church
  77. For Agnostics only please
  78. Santorum Endorses Romney
  79. Bullied Homosexual Teen Expelled for firing stun gun at ceiling to ward off attackers
  80. Howd that get into our islamic textbook?
  81. N.C votes to insert constitutional amendment defining marriage as a man and a woman
  82. About Science, for anyone
  83. Some times it takes a small country to show the way.
  84. Is the U.S. headed towards a constitutional crisis?
  85. Submission, an Obstacle to Overcome
  86. President Obama officially supports marriage equality
  87. Richard Lugar's goodbye missive
  88. Discrimination in golfing
  89. Romney bullied gay students in prep school
  90. Blame Obama (First Budget Surplus in 42 months)
  91. Gay marriage is evil!!!
  92. legal question
  93. ILLINOIS Governor, Pat Quinn Announces His Support for Same-Sex Marriage!
  94. Clooney Raises Record $15 million for Obama campaign.
  95. Men and women: Equal or not
  96. Why is there bullying?
  97. In memoriam
  98. America's Looming Default Crisis
  99. Swiss Miss Bat***** Edition (Michele Bachmann)
  100. Gay Judicial Nominee Could Be Denied Because of Marriage Support
  101. More Awesome Repression From Oklahoma
  102. Arizona school won't play ballgame against team with girl
  103. Rhode Island to Recognize Everyone's Same-Sex Marriages But its Own
  104. The Euro zone crisis and what Germany is doing right
  105. This thread requires 60 votes.
  106. Gay Marriage vs. Polygamy
  107. Bomb Scare At D.C. LGBT Offices
  108. Another reason to reform the Senate
  109. PRSI: Tim Cook Meets With Speaker of the House John Boehner
  110. So why the heck are people still so obsessed with people being gay?
  111. 1 Down, 269 To Go (Norquist Tax Pledge)
  112. Federal Spending, Tax Revenue, and Deficit reduced under Obama
  113. Minorities no more
  114. Massachusetts celebrates eight-year anniversary of Marriage Equality
  115. USA to facebook founder: "and don't come back..."
  116. UK Police To Easily Extract Data From Suspects Phones
  117. Serious Reports of Starvation Induced Cannibalism in N. Korea
  118. Nationality: American
  119. Crazy Idea?
  120. Is President Obama "divisive"...?
  121. China vs. Phillippines, which side are you on?
  122. Obama and Afghanistan
  123. When is one a slut?
  124. Do you like your height? Would you wanna be taller/shorter?
  125. NC Pastor: Lock all the gays inside an electrified fence
  126. Americans, look out for your ass!!!
  127. The GOP White, Old, and Dying.
  128. Bain Capital sells AMC Theaters to Chinese
  129. Youth unemployment
  130. First ballot MLB Hall Of Famers in the steroid era?
  131. AZ taxpayers footing bill for Sherrif Joe's cronies' Hawaiian vacation
  132. Vaccination fears cost herd immunity in Arizona
  133. Auction of Ronald Reagan's Blood Draws Condemnation
  134. European Court ofHuman Rights 1 - UK Government 0
  135. Pakistani who aided US find Bin Laden convicted of treason.
  136. 'OK to be Gay' article in high school yearbook
  137. Girlfriend sued for texting driver
  138. Limewire suit penalty, more than Earth's total worth
  139. New York Senate bill seeks to end anonymous internet posting
  140. Who Are the Job Creators?
  141. Judge strikes down Defense of Marriage Act provision in California
  142. Man finds out he is a woman
  143. I hope Romney wins the election
  144. 17 Funniest Super PAC Names- POLITICO
  145. Romney - Don't Shrink Military
  146. Budget Puzzle
  147. PRSI posts from D10 thread
  148. The Military Computer Virus - "Flame"
  149. Fascinating new surgical treatment for Diabetes
  150. New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks
  151. DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional
  152. News, or Manufactured News?
  153. Petition Circulates After Beating of Rights Leader in Ukraine
  154. "Let's hurl some acid at those female Democratic senators" -- PR for Rep. Hayworth
  155. Apple considering moving manufacture back to U.S. ... it's about time (merged)
  156. J.C. Penny's runs same-sex Father's Day ad
  157. ABC Invents Fact Check Story About Romney Lying - Contridicts Self
  158. Politicians abandon yearly projections
  159. Moron handles venomous snake because the bible tells him to, dies of snake bite
  160. Rise in misuse of apostrophe's?
  161. Wan't to play your music at parties? Get ready to pay for it!
  162. PRC censoring internet searches regarding the Tianamen Square massacre
  163. Wisconsin Recall of Scott Walker
  164. North Carolina wants to ban sea level measurements
  165. FBI are they manufacturing terror?
  166. 'The Boss' Tops New Anthem Poll
  167. rules of order – a rant
  168. What Criteria Can Government Use To Discriminate Against Citizens?
  169. What caused our debt, and can we eliminate it?
  170. South Korea Removing Evolution From Textbooks.
  171. Sorry, women, you're just not worth that much
  172. Woman arrested for cheering at daughter's graduation
  173. Sexist/Racist Abortions
  174. Question to CA residents - Proposition 14
  175. 'it's the economy stupid' some one once said!
  176. Is set theory considered heretical?
  177. Are Republicans trying to sabotage the economy?
  178. All Things Mitt
  179. Antigay 14-Year-Old Says Obama Made His Former Friends Gay
  180. Danish Parliament green-lights marriage equality
  181. Yet another surge by the US military.
  182. MI to pass extreme anti-abortion bill. Democracy? No. War on Women? Yes.
  183. Forced your kid's marriage? Free jailtime. [UK law]
  184. Your opinion on health impact from portable devices
  185. Moscow Bans Gay Pride for the Next 100 Years
  186. Racism in Euro 2012 Football?
  187. Jon Steward vs. Edward Conard
  188. Trickle Down Economics Has Been Thoroughly Dis-proven.
  189. Santorum Website: 83% Approval Rating for President Barack Obama.
  190. Spain and the Eurozone crisis
  191. Sharing Textbooks = Piracy, Also, You Must Buy Textbooks For All Courses.
  192. Republican Math
  193. If its meant to be its meant to be
  194. Holocaust memorial vandalized by Jews?
  195. Looking Back at the Great Recession
  196. Leaked Trade Papers - broken promises
  197. If You Stop Being A Homosexual, I'll Buy You The New MacBook Pro.
  198. The Story (and Viral Video) of My Wedding Proposal
  199. Yet Another Suicide for a Foxconn iPhone Worker
  200. Dr. Norman Finkelstein "If you had a heart you would cry for the Palestinians"
  201. Iranian oil embargo already broken?
  202. The Daily Show
  203. Southwest Airlines - Burqas next?
  204. Do you agree with plastic surgery (for looks)?
  205. (King) Obama Decrees Dream Act - Ignores Constitutional Checks And Balances
  206. Michigan State Rep Barred From Speaking After 'Vagina' Comments
  207. Time to let athletes dope?
  208. Morality and Income Survey
  209. Opinion on government works projects?
  210. President Obama's "passive-aggressive" inaction
  211. Is Social Security means testing right or wrong?
  212. Romney runs from protesters
  213. Russian arms-ship headed to Syria halted
  214. Joe the Plumber Goes Godwin
  215. What's up with all the 0bama ads?
  216. Fast & Furious..Doesnt get any better than this..
  217. Apple not selling to Farsi-speakers. WTF??!?
  218. Bullied 68yo Bus Monitor To Receive $520k+ In Donation Money For Dream Vacation.
  219. Drone strikes a danger to international law.
  220. Queensland downgrades Civil Partnerships, bans surrogacy for same-sex couples
  221. sandusky verdict in....
  222. Texas man will not be charged for beating daughter's molester to death...a good call?
  223. Republicans have always supported individual mandate until...Obama came along?
  224. SCOTUS decision on Arizona Immigration Bill
  225. Eliminating the Corporate Income Tax
  226. Can you believe this?
  227. What's Wrong with the U.S. Supreme Court?
  228. Loch Ness Monster used to debunk evolution in state-funded school
  229. Republicans support Obamacare if you don't call it Obamacare
  230. Male circumcision of minors for religious reasons a crime in Germany (for now)
  231. Lsd
  232. Jack Wu, Kansas Board Of Education Candidate, Calls Evolution 'Satanic Lies'
  233. Banking conspiracy
  234. Chicago City Council passes pot ticket ordinance
  235. Bishop gets caught having relationship with an Adult. Resigns.
  236. 65 percent of Americans say Obama better suited to handle alien invasion than Romney
  237. The Supreme Court rules on the Affordable Care Act
  238. Bets are on that Romeny won't repeal "Obama care" if gets PotUS
  239. News Corp to split
  240. Not happy with ACA decision, righties threaten move to Canada
  241. Chuck Norris Supports Boy Scouts's Anti-Gay Policies
  242. Megaupload/Dotcomm: 100, USA: 0
  243. Does The Federal Government Have The Authority To Compel A Woman To Get An Abortion?
  244. Mormons quit church in mass resignation ceremony
  245. Republicans Appeal DOMA Case to Supreme Court
  246. [Official] Anderson Cooper: 'I'm Gay'
  247. How does the dollar lose value?
  248. US increases military presence in Gulf
  249. Joe Walsh - An American Dick
  250. Quinnipiac has Obama pulling away from Romney in key states