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  1. Great news for internet freedom.
  2. NC Fraking approved by mistake
  3. 99 percent of gay British pupils hear homophobic language in school
  4. Vile Swedish rapist escapes conviction...because "victim was a man".
  5. Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Threatens To Disenfranchise Nearly 10 Percent Of Voters
  6. Job Growth Remains Tepid; No Dent in Rate of Unemployed
  7. Mitt Romney and all his money...
  8. LA State rep: You mean they can use vouchers for Muslim schools? Oops!
  9. Libor: The Crime of the Century
  10. War of the Wombs
  11. Jacob Zuma - 'I can't handle all these penises' NSFW
  12. Mitt Romney Didn't Appear at NEA Convention. I Find That Insulting
  13. Tax Atheists who don't go to Church
  14. Two Tales of Mortgages
  15. How could competition be increased in the U.S. wireless industry?
  16. Difference between Obamacare and Universal Healthcare
  17. STEM PhD oversupply
  18. Google, gays. eh.
  19. Lord's Reform misery
  20. Jan Brewer Asks Supreme Court to Strip Benefits From Same-Sex Partners
  21. US experiences warmest 12 month period on record...again
  22. Donald Trump, Statesman of the Year
  23. Maine governor "apologizes" for comparing IRS to Gestapo
  24. Wombwars: And they lose another one, Indiana Abortion Law Ruled Illegal
  25. 31st time's a charm? House GOP votes again on Obamacare Repeal
  26. Question About Federal Spending
  27. Civil Unions for Heterosexuals?
  28. Ethnic cleansing in Burma (Myanmar)
  29. Regarding taxes, Maryland and Kansas go in opposite directions
  30. Romney Opposes Marriage Equality in Speech to NAACP
  31. Does Obama deserve re-election?
  32. A great example of just how rubbish Fox News is
  33. Freeh report released.
  34. London 2012 Olympics: The PRSI subthread
  35. PRSI twitters
  36. ASCPA Animal cruelty commercials.
  37. Lawmakers furious over China-made U.S. Olympic uniform
  38. Romney's Got Nothing
  39. Dear Romney - A Letter From A Mad Black Man
  40. The Daily Mail is on crack...
  41. 'Moderate' American Muslims Stone and Abuse Christians Practicing Freedom of Speech?
  42. It's immoral to drink coffee in Iran
  43. So how well did that PirateBay ban work last April?
  44. A question for Romney supporters...
  45. Call it an (American) comeback?
  46. HIV drug approved by the FDA
  47. It's an Aye!! Scottish marriage equality bill to be introduced!!
  48. Boy Scouts reaffirm ban on gays
  49. Old man guns down thugs:
  50. Aus Government to record your email, web history, outlaw encryption, and even more
  51. 100 Interesting Facts About the Economy:
  52. "If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that."
  53. Confirmed: Barack Obama Is Batman!
  54. Senate GOP block Obama jobs bill
  55. "We've given all you people need to know."
  56. Ex Gitmo detainee -Bomber in Bulgaria..?
  57. Mass Shooting at The Dark Knight Rises premiere in Colorado
  58. Louie Gohmert: An American Dick
  59. My solution to the gun problem (What? There's a problem?)
  60. Columbine: Whose Fault Is It? By Marilyn Manson
  61. GM once again top dog
  62. Gun-toting Olympians forced to leave London early, banned from social media
  63. Insane vs Evil and Sane?
  64. 17-year-old sexual assault victim could face charges for tweeting names of attackers
  65. Syria Admits Having WMP
  66. Someone is actually watching Bristol Palin's reality show: 3 year old son uses slur
  67. Catholic Church proven as liars - it's not about the term "marriage"
  68. US Drought
  69. First lawsuit filed in aftermath of the Colorado shooting
  70. TV Ad Calls Out Jim DeMint for Saying Gays Shouldn't Be Teachers
  71. Sally Ride, the first woman astronaut, was gay
  72. Gun sales are up in the USA
  73. We're gonna audit the FED
  74. New Zealand Gay Marriage Bill drawn from Ballot...
  75. Dani Dayan: Israeli settlements are the solution, not the problem
  76. Hello Mr Leader. Mitt visits the Limeys
  77. Taxi Lost and Found
  78. Are Replublicans really Conservative?
  79. A thought I just had on liberal and conservative values
  80. Does Florida Law Make This Legal, Too?
  81. In Memoriam -- Aurora: Composed By Hans Zimmer
  82. Black Couple Told They Can't Wed In Baptist Church
  83. Would you support a gasoline tax increase?
  84. Olympic Opening Ceremony Celebrates NHS
  85. Black on white hate crime - is it ignored by the media?
  86. The ethics of pharmacists (multivitamins and more)
  87. Double Standard much: Penn State vs The Catholic Church and it's Bishops
  88. Calling all Bay Area and California Locals.
  89. Should Government be Involved in Changing Self Destructive Personal Behavior?
  90. Was Jonas Salk an Idiot for Not Patenting His Polio Vaccine
  91. Prominent Antigay Evangelical Blogger Outed as Gay
  92. How serious is peak oil?
  93. [NSFW] The Newsroom: America Is Not The Greatest Country
  94. Which VP was the biggest "mistake?"
  95. Democrats to support gay marriage at convention
  96. Michele Backmann doing a witch hunt of Muslins working in the government
  97. Larry Wachowski (Co-Director of The Matrix Trilogy) Comes Out As Transgender.
  98. Mitt Romney to Announce Vice Presidential Pick via iPhone App; Obama Campaign Releases New App
  99. What's more fascist?
  100. Rep. Steve King goes full birther
  101. Has this country ever been more polarized?
  102. Is Cannabis addictive? [from the Pointless to buy Apple Care thread]
  103. Apple Shaking Down another State
  104. At "English Only" hearing, House Representative Gives Speech in Spanish
  105. Some Renouncing US Citizenship
  106. Attn: Homos and Homo-lovers! August 7, 2012 Is Marriage Equality Appreciation Day!
  107. Obama
  108. Caterpillar Makes Record Profits 2011, Insists on 6 year wage and pension freeze.
  109. Mitt Romney raising taxes?
  110. Loughner wants to plead guilty to Giffords shooting
  111. Weather ≠ Climate
  112. Shooting in Wisconsin
  113. Will TEA Party become an independant party?
  114. Trading on Wall Street:
  115. Obama Arrives at Harvey Weinstein's Connecticut Compound for Lavish Fundraiser
  116. Government and Our Health
  117. Teddy Roosevelt's Badlands Ranch Faces Potential Threat
  118. Good book on the USA propping up dictatorships?
  119. Demonoid taken offline by Ukrainian authorities
  120. Gay Day Marred by Threats of Rape and Murder
  121. Texas executes man with IQ of 61
  122. Anti-Romney Tactics ...
  123. Billboards with Hanging Dummies startle Las Vegas
  124. Help research in your State for a new documentary
  125. The GOP Convention
  126. Obama Signs Law Limiting Westboro-Style Funeral Demonstrations
  127. A message from a former Romney supporter
  128. So how progressive are you? Relationships
  129. Whose vision is this, anyway?
  130. How would a paediatrician, TV Doctor and near death researcher deal with an 11yr old?
  131. Get out of the city
  132. TIME Magazine Suspends Fareed Zakaria a Month Over Plagiarized Parts of Column
  133. Romney to Announce VP Pick Tomorrow Morning in Norfolk, VA
  134. Paul Ryan, the next President of the United States
  135. Tax cuts for "Job Creators"
  136. How Do We Fix Government?
  137. Greetings from Afghanistan . . .
  138. High profile Republican to Speak at Democratic National Convention
  139. Conservapedia "proven right"
  140. The next great social debate ...
  141. QANTAS airline defends policy of moving any men sitting next to unaccompanied minors
  142. New Thomas Jefferson book pulled after complaints
  143. Voter Fraud does exist (evidence)
  144. Taking Down "El Chapo"
  145. No wonder Jackson Jr is 'suffering'
  146. Standard Charter fine: not enough.
  147. Assange sticks it to the man
  148. Aussie ciggie packing gets the all clear
  149. Is racism one sided?
  150. Autistic Man Denied Heart Transplant at UPenn Hospital
  151. Security Guard Shot in Arm at Lobbying Group (FRC)
  152. Soldier gets small sentence for killing civilians under white flag
  153. Romney shoots himself in foot, again.
  154. Rich Kids of Instagram
  155. Are you ready to die for coal?
  156. Terrible Grammar Lately?
  157. Fox News App has Obama ad popup
  158. Free ***** Riot!
  159. Obama's VP
  160. Shirvell ordered to pay $4.5M in damages for slamming gay U-M student body president
  161. She feeds hungry neighborhood children...and gets a huge fine
  162. ***** Riot - Sentenced to Two Years Penal Servitude
  163. What IS legitimate rape?
  164. Augusta National admits 2 women
  165. Same Sex Couple Upset with Hospital's Treatment
  166. Why are so many forum frequenters liberals?
  167. Iran speculation
  168. Ryan = Akin if you read what they say.
  169. Why are so many forum frequenters critical of conservatives?
  170. The lost decade
  171. 2016: Obama's America
  172. Religious Fresco Restoration Disaster
  173. 'VOTE!!!' Combines Infinity Blade with the U.S. Presidential Election
  174. Man with locked-in syndrome dies at home week after losing euthanasia court case
  175. An honest question to gay/lesbian forum members
  176. Take note GOPers, a conservative government in Germany further advances gay rights
  177. The Future of Health Care?
  178. Despite Fact Checks, Romney Escalates Welfare Work Requirement Charge
  179. Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown (NOM President) on Same-Sex Marriage
  180. Texas Judge asks for tax hike to pay for preparations for Civil War 2.0
  181. Gawker releases 950 pages of Romney's Bain files
  182. Anders Behring Breivik (Norwegian terrorist) ruled sane and convicted
  183. Privacy concerns are no concern to Romney.
  184. 10 Shot in front of Empire State Building
  185. Fear Of A Black President
  186. Romney makes birther joke
  187. I Love The UK
  188. This is why you read Playboy for the articles
  189. The TSA reaching new heights of hilarity
  190. The homosexuality-as-choice argument
  191. The RNC Convention thread
  192. 60 Years of American Economic History Told in 1 Graph
  193. Chris Matthews goes after Romney and RNC on Morning Joe
  194. Poll: Latinos Prefer Obama By 39-Point Margin
  195. Peak Steak?
  196. President Romney
  197. Coal miners say they were forced to attend Romney event and donate
  198. Who has seen the President in person?
  199. Bill Nye's short, but brilliant explanation against creationism
  200. California Tries To Ban Gay "Cure" Therapy
  201. Obama is doing an AMA!
  202. Yahoo! News Fires Reporter Over Romney Comment
  203. How Bain was saved from bankruptcy with a Federal bailout
  204. 100 Year Old Driver Plows Into Crowd At LA School
  205. I seriously think it is the coolest thing ever that Obama did a AMA.
  206. So, Politifact is practically on fire with everything said at the RNC.
  207. American Friar Claims Teens Seduce Priests In Some Sex Abuse Cases
  208. Republicans think Black people want free ****.
  209. Federal Court Rejects Texas Voter ID Law
  210. Does the GOP completely throw Seperation of Church and State out the window?
  211. So, how badly is the GOP doing "Damage Control" on Eastwood talking to the chair?
  212. How well does the conservative/liberal spectrum apply to you?
  213. The DNC Convention thread
  214. ‘Fox News Obsessed’ Man Threatened to Murder Girlfriend for Being ‘a Liberal’
  215. The Debt Ceiling Again, Sooner Than Expected
  216. MediCare, MedicAid, ObamaCare, ObamaAid
  217. Bill Mahers New Rules was amazing last night.
  218. Paul Ryan: More or less truthful than average?
  219. Anti-American sentiment
  220. Eric Cantor tweets: we celebrate those who built a business
  221. Glibs have Rs on the ropes???
  222. Using God to explain known, naturally occurring phenomena...
  223. So. You wanna ban assault rifles eh?
  224. Chances there will ever be an Atheist President?
  225. Laurene Powell Jobs Spotted Next to Chelsea Clinton at Democratic National Convention
  226. Stay Classy Jason Biggs
  227. Clare's law
  228. Mitt Romney's tax retruns being held ransom
  229. Has Draghi saved the Euro?
  230. GOP email me
  231. What percent of the Democrat party actually thinks this way?
  232. No Shooting At Protest? Police May Block Mobile Devices Via Apple
  233. How pro choice are democrats?
  234. 88,921,000
  235. Baltimore politician asks Ravens to silence LB in favor of gay marriage
  236. Silver at $33.68
  237. Slut or Liberated?
  238. Question for both of those on the left and the right
  239. Romney brings the crazy
  240. Do Republicans deserve to use the term "Pro Life"?
  241. Would you pay more for your electronics if they were not made in sweatshops?
  242. R.E.M. demand Fox News stop playing 'Losing My Religion'
  243. Why do you support your candidate?
  244. Climate change
  245. Mormons Baptized Obama's Mother: CONFIRMED
  246. Progressive asks for tolerance of pedophiles
  247. Wtf no way from apple!!!!
  248. Obama cant figure out iphone
  249. Romney campaigner Pat Robertson says no divorce - beat your wife instead
  250. Do we need another reason to think the GOP is full of squirrel bait?