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  1. Do we need another reason to think the GOP is full of squirrel bait?
  2. 11 years. Alot has happened
  3. Virginia lawmaker: Children with disabilities are Godís punishment to women who previ
  4. Alabama town putting up monument for KKK founder
  5. NY Senator Mark Grisanti Targeted In Anti-Gay Marriage Attack Ad
  6. Who's NOT voting and why?
  7. Well this really blew up in our face.
  8. Iraqi gays in 'hell on earth'
  9. Absentee Voting!
  10. Need some help from PRSI...Agenda twenty one
  11. Chicago Teachers Strike
  12. 1 Billion MORE debt relief for Egypt
  13. The state of work in the future.
  14. Qe3
  15. Glenn Beck Returning To TV With Dish Network Deal
  16. Scott Van Duzer
  17. Racist GOP consider removing Obama from ballot in Kansas
  18. Alert - UT Texas and North Dakota State Bomb threats
  19. School Cancels Cosmetology to Stop Gay Students From Joining
  20. Judge Strikes Down Wis. Law Limiting Union Rights
  21. Why aren't we hearing from US muslims in the media?
  22. amusing... the youtube movie director
  23. What about the producers of this movie huh?
  24. Romney's Tax Claims Don't Add Up
  25. Look at this email:
  26. Some positive Presidential election threads?
  27. Any Libertarians / Ron Paul supporters here?
  28. in America everyone gets their fair share of....
  29. Why American Apparel models look sad?
  30. Who in their right mind.....
  31. Vanilla Ice's little to do with Libertarians/Ron Paul thread [SPIN-OFF]
  32. Mitt Romney thanks hate group for their leadership.
  33. Obama's Way
  34. Study: Tax Cuts For The Rich Do Not Spur Economic Growth
  35. Muslim, 18 years old, tries to blow up Chicago area club
  36. Rupert Everett Thinks Gay Parents Aren't A Good Idea
  37. Santorum just S*** the bed... Again
  38. Secret Video: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters
  39. Is the Islamopocalypse really upon us ?
  40. Can we say the iphone is a Chinese product?
  41. The Last Dinosaur Died In 1927: The Fossil Record According To Creationism
  42. Poll - Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative
  43. Some Muslim Countries Pull YouTube
  44. How effective a president has Obama been?
  45. France closing embassies and schools in 20 countries on Friday
  46. The Face of God?
  47. Trayvon Martin's DNA not found on George Zimmerman's gun
  48. Chick-Fil-A finally doing the right thing?
  49. Obama economy is awesome for some!
  50. Republicans are trying their best to keep the unemployment rate high
  51. NOT ANOTHER VIDEO! Owned & Operated
  52. Nick Clegg Apologizes
  53. Pawlenty quits Romney campaign to become Wall Street lobbyist.
  54. More Obama Derangement Syndrom
  55. More Obama Derangement Syndrom
  56. One Year Out: An Assessment of DADT Repealís Impact on Military Readiness
  57. Petition to stop celebrating Columbus's arrival in 1492.
  58. New CBO report shows ominious signs for ACA
  59. 5 attacks Planned in eastern Ohio Guess who?
  60. Obama: "You canít change Washington from the inside"
  61. Ann Romney to critics: "Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it?"
  62. Fox News and NPR: two sides of same coin?
  63. Obama continues to gut Clinton welfare reforms. Adults getting food stamps doubles.
  64. Romney and taxes
  65. Iran to ban women from studying certain things
  66. And thank you for flying Partisan Airlines
  67. $100,000 bounty for anti-Islam filmmaker
  68. Corporal punishment still legal?
  69. Where are the bigots?
  70. Barack Obama is a Tory
  71. Don't beg in China:
  72. Ahmadinejad says Israel will be "eliminated"
  73. Romney Mocked for Airplane Remark
  74. Where iPhones, religion, and politics meet
  75. CNN publishes from ambassador's diary against family's wishes
  76. A Black Muslim in the White House
  77. Great video on Israeli settlements and occupation
  78. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Lives On Food Stamp Budget For A Week
  79. Fox News Right 7% of the Time!
  80. Railway privatization
  81. Couple Sues After Wedding Photo Used in Antigay Ad
  82. Top campaign gaffes
  83. Ex-pastor admits having sex with girl, 16: 'I was not aware of the law'
  84. I dont agree that requiring I.D. is voter suppression.?
  85. G.W. Bush Is Now More Favorable Than Mitt Romney
  86. My Mama Says Obama - Funny Video pokes fun at Republicans
  87. Romney seeks to lower debate expectations
  88. Why is Fox News the number one News Channel?
  89. White House wants to keep mortgage-interest deduction
  90. Romney amasses $100Million IRA retirement account!
  91. U.S. intelligence now says Benghazi attack "deliberate and organized"
  92. Who here will actually admit they're a Republican or Democrat?
  93. Samuel L. Jackson's ad for Obama
  94. Inciting Buddhist Facebooker Responsible For New Muslim Violence
  95. California bans "Pray the gay away" therapy for minors
  96. Finally, real proof voter fraud exists!!
  97. " ... if everyone thinks like you."
  98. Obama playing politics with people's jobs???
  99. Why is Romney losing in the polls?
  100. Why do billionaires feel victimized by Obama?
  101. Ben Bernanke has Wall Street howling
  102. Obama waives sanctions on countries that use child soldiers
  103. Everything wrong with religion, summarized in one sentence
  104. Do all humans have a right to the fruits of Western culture?
  105. Let's vote for President (US and International)
  106. 2012 Presidential Debates: First Debate
  107. Stay Classy TSA: Hires defrocked child molesting priest to perform pat downs....
  108. Legitimate Moron Todd Akin: Drs. are doing abortions on women who aren't preagnant
  109. A TV Anchorwoman's Response to Being Called 'Fat'
  110. This is Why we are screwed ............
  111. Tax breaks for moving jobs overseas?
  112. Gay Texas couple scared for their lives after vandalism
  113. Is Big Bird really fired if Romney wins?
  114. Gay Boy Scout denied Eagle award
  115. Government Conducts Secret Experiments in St Louis back in the mid-50s
  116. Obama or Romney?
  117. Unemployment drops to 7.8%
  118. Romney admits he was "completely wrong."
  119. Are you insulted?
  120. GOP Rep.: Big bang, evolution are lies straight from the pit of Hell
  121. Happy Smallpox day!
  122. How have your political views affected your relationships with others this year?
  123. Abu Hamza (and friends)
  124. Romney - In Republican's own words
  125. This pretty much sums it up for me
  126. What is Charity?
  127. Naked student fatally shot by police at Alabama college
  128. The Spectre Of Obama's America
  129. Healthcare - U.S. vs Canada
  130. Stewart and O'Reilly debate 2012
  131. The U.S. Dollar Heading for Collapse
  132. When Romney Wins
  133. Stewart vs O'Reilly Rumble 2012
  134. Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious children
  135. Thomas Sowell of RCP on Obama: Phony in Chief
  136. 2012 Presidential Debates: Second Debate (Biden/Ryan)
  137. Study: Kids under 3 should be Banned from Watching TV
  138. New Details re Libya Attack: No Protests Took Place
  139. Romney flip-flops on abortion...again
  140. Lance Armstrong at center of doping program
  141. Family Research Institute: Sally Ride died young because she was a lesbian
  142. The first debate: A Bad Lip Reading
  143. Four Years Under Obama Wipes Away 30 Years of Black American Gains Read more on News
  144. Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips
  145. If Obama is re-elected, you'll be fired, CEO tells workers
  146. Romney Surrogate outs CIA base on live TV
  147. Pro-life Congressman urged mistress to get abortion.
  148. Should atheists be a special case?
  149. JP Morgan Chase - 3Q12 record profits
  150. B*tch Get Off My Bus: Driver Uppercuts The ***** Outta Teen Girl In Cleveland!
  151. Post Your Election 2012 Picks! (Electoral Map)
  152. Wasteful spending by our government
  153. Will things get better in this country after November 6?
  154. Some People Change.
  155. Pew Research Center: 20% of US Adults Have No Religious Affiliation.
  156. 2012 Presidential Debates: Third Debate
  157. Now it's a Koch company telling its employees to vote for Romney
  158. Will Saudi Arabia Sell their Oil for Chinese Money?
  159. Ryan tests boundaries of "pathetic"
  160. First "Fatties" Now Secular Jews - Rabbi attacks Silverman
  161. Romney Releases Details of Tax Plan
  162. Obama lies about Rose Garden address.
  163. Worlds Colliding: Apple called out during the debate.
  164. Koch Brother follows Andrew Carnegie's footsteps, the bad way
  165. More Signs of Economic Recovery
  166. Seems there is still some sane Republicans trying to save the party from itself...
  167. Romney's 12 Million Jobs - The Math
  168. Alarming Topics!
  169. 2012 Presidential Debates: Fourth Debate
  170. Christians and a Mormon candidate?
  171. Romney's son says he wanted to ĎTake A Swing Atí President Obama
  172. "Global Warming Ended 16 Years Ago"
  173. Romney's women problems
  174. Voter registration
  175. Dinesh D'Souza resigns
  176. Mitt Romney has 'Romnesia'
  177. What a blow: Salt Lake City Tribune endorses Obama
  178. No, youíre not entitled to your opinion
  179. "Why I Am Voting for Mitt Romney on Nov. 7"
  180. Okla. Girl, 12, Shoots Intruder During Home Burglary
  181. BREAKING NEWS: Mass Shooting @ Wisconsin Mall
  182. 2012 Presidential Debates: 3rd party candidate debate
  183. Increase in foodborne illness and factory squalor
  184. George McGovern dies
  185. Italian scientists guilty of manslaughter
  186. Obama's final push: Determination and a Plan
  187. What Party Did You Vote For
  188. Romney-endorsed GOP Candidate: Rape pregnancies Ďintended by Godí
  189. Is Libya an October Surprise?
  190. Obama Pulls out of Florida [no source]
  191. Article: Toxic Atheism vs. "Faithiests"
  192. Crossroads Uses Eastwood in Newest Ad
  193. Election vandalism
  194. Pre-Post Election Autopsy
  195. Voting Fraud..... but wait, by Republicans... can't be...
  196. Donald Trump's Birther Asshattery continues....
  197. Anyone watch the US Third Party Presidential Debate???
  198. The customer is always right, but....
  199. Romney made a fortune from the auto bailout + shipped ~25k jobs to China
  200. Need some help with the bible!
  201. nonsense...democrats would never think of giving advice on voting fraud.
  202. Should High School Football be banned?
  203. Surprise! Fearful Kids More Likely to Hold Conservative Political Views as Adults.
  204. Colin Powell endorses Obama for second term
  205. CNN Subliminal Message?
  206. The Reason for the price of tuition
  207. Poll numbers
  208. CNN: Math for Obamas budget does add up and could add 6.2 trillion to debt by 2022
  209. Ted Turner: I think its good that American troops are committing suicide
  210. What if Romney gets more votes but loses?
  211. Obama Endorses 2012 Marriage Equality Ballot Measures
  212. Lana Wachowski receives the HRC Visibility Award
  213. Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson On Republican Party: My Party Is Full Of Racists
  214. Obama's Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days
  215. Time for the election (US) meltdown
  216. New power grid for the USA
  217. Supreme Court Copyright Case
  218. Sandy, only the beginning?
  219. Another storm, another preacher blaming it on gays
  220. The Politics of Sandy
  221. An Open Letter to Tim Cook
  222. Mitt Romney an honest man? I think not.
  223. Beyond the pail
  224. Christie praises Obama, doesnít Ďgive a damní about Romney photo op
  225. Michael Moore & MoveOn.org: Kick Romney in the nut sack (NSFW)
  226. Is calling a black man "not grown up" the same as saying "boy?"
  227. WWII Vet Fought to Cast his Last Vote
  228. Climate change is here to stay.
  229. Whedon on Romney
  230. Noam Chomsky...
  231. Help me vote!
  232. Election campaigns, should there be a spending cap?
  233. Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Obama is Best Candidate to Tackle Climate Change
  234. How should children address adults?
  235. Chrysler exec tweets that Donald Trump is 'full of @%#!' over Jeep accusation
  236. Obama's in "fantasyland"...but it's the GOP avoiding reality
  237. Sandy victims don't need help from non-union workers? (merged)
  238. Anyone Else Reading Princeton Election Consortium?
  239. US adds 171,000 new jobs in October; 25th straight month of job growth
  240. Has this site swayed your beliefs and opinions?
  241. My main source of neutral info on election is down
  242. It's time to make your final predictions
  243. The blackmail caucus and protection racket politics
  244. How Close are We to Violence?
  245. Campaigning = Big Business, it's a Done Deal
  246. So Apple don't pay their taxes either...
  247. Mitt Romney ranting about the 2nd coming of Christ.
  248. If Romney is so great, why can't he win his home state?
  249. Romney Virginia Speech...
  250. Should Obama resign?