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  1. Yet Another Reason to Vote Obama
  2. Company cultures in light of Sandy
  3. So Obama didn't know if it was a terror attack?
  4. Polls, Statistics, and Killing the Messenger
  5. Romney or Obama ?
  6. Would YOU make a better president if elected?
  7. Nate Silver has Obama up to 91.4% re-election
  8. Free access to NYT and WSJ Tues-Weds
  9. Does Obamacare cover Romnesia?
  10. Black panthers back in Phili!
  11. How long did it take for you to vote?
  12. Live Stream?
  13. today's vote in Puerto Rico: 51st State?
  14. Question 1 in Virginia
  15. Election not yet over, Boehner already picks a fight
  16. What is this non-story?
  17. Fox News is simply un-American
  18. 2012 Elections: Results MegaThread™
  19. Amendment 64 - Weed legal in Colorado
  20. The Legality of "Vote for xxx, or you're fired"
  21. Is America moving to the left?
  22. The Aftermath — Rush is bewildered
  23. Steve Jobs prediction did not come true!
  24. OPE: Our Purity of Essence
  25. Trump is a Looney
  26. After election Vegas employer lays off 22 employees
  27. Stay Classy Romney Campaign :) [campaign cancels staffers credit cards]
  28. Obama's classy, heartfelt "thank you" to his campaign workers
  29. The new 1%: Karl Rove's SuperPAC's ROI is minuscule
  30. GOP starting to have a change of heart on immigration
  31. We have voted for Higher Taxes and Layoffs.
  32. Clown Shoes: The Incompetence of the Romney Campaign
  33. David Petraeus resigns
  34. Where America's Racist Tweets Come From
  35. Too old-white-male, or, too right-wing?
  36. San Fran. Poised to Pay for Sex Changes
  37. The fiscal cliff
  38. Will there ever be electoral reform of US presidential elections?
  39. Why is the "choice" aspect of homosexuality so central to the gay equality argument?
  40. Papa Johns reduces worker hours in response to Obamacare.
  41. Bloomberg bans donations of some food to the poor/homeless.
  42. First openly gay Austin school board member criticized for withholding sexuality
  43. An Official petition to secede from Texas?
  44. WSJ: Individual tax payments up 26% last 2 years
  45. Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill to become law in December
  46. Does size matter?
  47. Serious Labor Shortage Ahead
  48. Woman runs over husband for not voting
  49. Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people
  50. Dutch legal system makes a mockery of itself.
  51. War on Christmas: European edition
  52. Analysis of the First post-Citizens United Presidential Election
  53. Who are the takers? Who wants stuff?
  54. What happens to women denied abortions?
  55. Tell me something about yourself?
  56. Why is $250,000 the magic number?
  57. New reason for Romney loss: Obama gifts to Minorities
  58. Nova Ultimate Mars Challenge
  59. Farewell Ron Paul
  60. What responsibility does a citizen have to his nation?
  61. Unions force Hostess into bankruptcy. 18000 to lose jobs. No more Twinkies
  62. Pro-life Tenn. GOP Congressman's Ex-Wife Had 2 Abortions
  63. Smokin Pot in Colorado and Washington
  64. SF deputy robs bank
  65. Israel and Palestine in Crises Mode
  66. Republican party is DOOOOOoooooommmed....
  67. Being Anti-Abortion undermining Republican party?
  68. Curse You Trader Joe's...
  69. Yoga bad for kids. Naughty, naughty.
  70. President Obama Meets With Tim Cook and Other CEOs to Discuss Fiscal Crisis
  71. What most people don't realize about taxes.
  72. 'Becca and Andy headed for the slammer
  73. Labor markets are not always free
  74. And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust
  75. What email privacy. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants.
  76. The Real B@ttlefield
  77. Federal sales tax on home sales effective January 2013
  78. Warren Buffet says balance the budget in "5 minutes..."
  79. Cancer cure possible? But too cheap and unprofitable for pharmas to invent in?
  80. USA: Happy Thanksgiving! Our Budget Deficit Is Shrinking!
  81. Pat Robertson Admits He Blew The Election Prediction He Got From God
  82. Pot re-legalization in India - inspired by USA
  83. Obama: only two paths for 'taxes'
  84. Santander investment question - UK - advice needed please
  85. Angus T Jones commits career suicide
  86. 3D printable plastic Guns about to be tested.
  87. Republicans do not want to be for reform
  88. Beware the ides of December in Dubai
  89. Atheists and the purpose of life
  90. Clinton and the 22nd
  91. Digging up Yassir Arafat
  92. Obese woman refused flights home, dies, family sues
  93. Gay men sue counselors who promised to make them straight
  94. UK 6th in school rankings
  95. Quitting? Or Hitting? Pot Smoker Dilemma
  96. Supreme Court gets one right
  97. Has the UK changed it's tune on US extradition.
  98. Prop 8: Final Round
  99. Oh boy another guy shooting an unarmed teen
  100. Syria has been taken off the Internet
  101. Apple SVP of Technologies Bob Mansfield Cashes in Over $20 Million in Stock [PRSI]
  102. Tony Perkins Won't Take It Back; Uganda Is Still Exemplary
  103. Bill has a cunning plan
  104. It's Official: Watches are not Cool.
  105. United States of Subsidies
  106. Christian’s year of living 'gay' leads to dramatic change, sparks controversy
  107. Some New iMacs Are Assembled in the USA [PRSI]
  108. "Negro" wording on Census survey
  109. Syria Gearing Up?
  110. Private Moon Mission?
  111. Romney disappointed and depressed
  112. Chinese Anchor Baby Mansion in California
  113. Michigan Senate Committee Advances ‘License To Discriminate’ Healthcare Bill
  114. GOP blocks disability treaty
  115. SOPA author to chair science committee?
  116. Study shows access to birth control lowers abortion rates
  117. Olive Garden backs out on promise to cut down full-time staff because of Obamacare
  118. Newly Released Drone Records Reveal Extensive Military Flights in US.
  119. Ex-Gov. Charlie Crist to join the Democratic party
  120. Pranked Nurse Found Dead
  121. Goodbye Fast Food Jobs
  122. President Obama to accept unlimited corporate donations for inauguration event
  123. Russian Prime Minister Opposes Gay “Propaganda” Law
  124. Made in the US
  125. HSBC Slammed by US
  126. Walmart + 30 other mega-corporations lobbying $26mn ea to enter India's retail space
  127. Global Trends 2030
  128. Judge finds NC 'Choose Life' plates unconstitutional
  129. GPS: A Social Issue?
  130. U.S. Congress Opposes United Nations Internet Treaty
  131. Will Republican party survive?
  132. Treasury sells AIG stake for $22.7B profit
  133. How can anyone oppose 'right to work?'
  134. Gene Regulation May Explain Homosexuality
  135. Racist violence in Michigan
  136. Banker reduced to sleeping in a park
  137. Children shot and killed at Connecticut school
  138. Westboro Baptist Church planning to picket Sandy Hook
  139. Damn Nature, You Scary!
  140. Concealed weapon owner confronted Oregon mall shooter
  141. 18 year old who had sex with 14 year old - goes to jail
  142. Senator Manchin supports gun debate
  143. More gun control law proposals....
  144. Hasbro: We Will Make Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Oven
  145. Obama is Time's 2012 person of the year.....
  146. Piers Morgan on gun crime for CNN
  147. Homeland
  148. Thought Problem - Guns and a New Nation
  149. God Save the British Economy
  150. The meaning of being conservative - differs by region?
  151. Ban The Mentally Ill
  152. Gun Owners are their own worst enemy
  153. NRA offers solution: Armed guards in every US school
  154. Looks like another shooting happened....
  155. Iowa Supreme Court rules you can be fired for being attractive
  156. Largest civilian arms build-up in American history
  157. FOX News War on Xmas Interviews Santa
  158. Extremism in America: Where Did We Go Wrong?
  159. The Second Amendment, Militias and Slavery
  160. If you are betting man, odds are we go "over cliff"
  161. The Connecticut Gun Lobby
  162. Firefighters shot when arriving to fire.
  163. Anyone commiting violent crime while high on Marijuana?
  164. GB, the people have spoken,will you PLEASE take Piers Morgan back?
  165. Opposed to same-sex marriage, company ends wedding business
  166. Will the government seize all private gold again?
  167. Japanese 'lucky bags' PRSI offshoot thread
  168. DC Police Investigating ‘Meet the Press’ Incident
  169. Gun Permit Disclosure *ahem* Draws Fire
  170. You have to actually want it
  171. U.S. Debt Ceiling, Part 79
  172. War between China & Japan, US drawn into conflict: effect on Apple
  173. Apple wants 8 board members re-elected, doesn’t want a special ‘human rights committe
  174. Government Assets (-) Liabilities (=) Bigger Problem than you realize.
  175. Westboro Baptist Church is a left wing cult...according to Fox News.
  176. Apple's preliminary Proxy Statement - PRSI spin-off thread
  177. No Alternative Minimum Tax patch could mean higher taxes for most
  178. Something the government can agree on, spying on you!
  179. You are a gun control hypocrite if...
  180. There's Only One Way To Fix The Deficit — And Actually It's Totally Painless
  181. Obama orders federal pay freeze lifted, $1,000,000,000 in increases next year
  182. Taxpayers pay for this?
  183. 'US Can Learn From Australia's Gun Laws' Sky News Article
  184. So what are we gonna do with all these old ass nukes?
  185. Lawrence Hunter Explains the 2nd Amendment
  186. Apple is example of broken system: Low tax only work if tax-investment cycle operates
  187. Want to end the gun control debate? Legalize drugs
  188. Kansas demands that sperm donor pay child support
  189. Obama, Republicans reach deal on fiscal cliff; Senate vote expected tonight
  190. North Korean leader seeks end to confrontation with South
  191. ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Also Doles Out Millions for Hollywood, Railroads, Rum Producers
  192. Marvelous Modern Medicine
  193. Armed robbers steal €1m in Paris Apple Store
  194. Boehner shelves Sandy Aide Bill
  195. Pa. Governor to Sue NCAA
  196. American Family Assoc.- Christians Will Be Like Blacks Under Jim Crow Laws
  197. After caving on sandy, boehner kicks back on women this time
  198. House Republicans "Fail" hit list (contributions welcome)
  199. Meet Scott Norton: PBA Chameleon Champion
  200. Write Gambling Software, Go to Prison
  201. Would you rather be able to see through walls or walk through walls?
  202. Steubenville, Ohio Rape Situation
  203. Apple Paid $6 Billion in Federal Income Tax in 2012, 1/40 of All U.S. Corporate Income Tax Collected
  204. Current TV Sold to Al Jazeera
  205. LGBT Ugandans File Suit Against Antigay American Pastor Scott Lively
  206. It now costs 2¢ to make a US penny
  207. Disc Burning, when Book Burning isn't enough.
  208. Obama to pick Chuck Hagel as Pentagon chief
  209. Gun Rights Advocates Designate January 19th, 2013 as "Gun Appreciation Day"
  210. Pro-gun advocate Alex Jones rants at Piers Morgan in studio ‘debate’
  211. Held Without Retrial for 11,800 Days, Texas Inmate Still Waits for Justice
  212. Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly launch battle against gun lobby
  213. Report: Immigration leads federal law enforcement spending
  214. Is the Tea Party Dying?
  215. AIG considers suing government for bailing it out
  216. "The beatings will continue until morale improves"
  217. NRA Vows To Stop Tucson From Destroying Guns
  218. Will congressional leaders who voted NO on Fiscal Cliff bill lose reelection
  219. Wanted: fact based arguments for gun control.
  220. Gaypatriot.net
  221. Biden’s Gun Violence Event Interrupted By News Of Another School Shooting
  222. Insourcing- Point, Counterpoint
  223. GOP Congressman defends Todd Akin's comments
  224. Fox News: Teaching students algebra is socialist indoctrination
  225. Tactical Response CEO Threatens To 'Start Killing People'
  226. FACT: Most companies & the FDA don't care about your health.
  227. White House says no to building Imperial Death Star
  228. Wyoming moves to nullify any new federal gun legislation
  229. Languages taught in UK schools.
  230. Are the US and Europe really that different?
  231. The Sandy Hook Promise.
  232. French Anti-Gay Website Created by NOM
  233. In your opinion, what is the most dangerous kind of firearm? Poll
  234. NRA releases NRA: Practice Range iPhone app
  235. Boehner to Reid: "Go (bleep) yourself!"
  236. British government ditches "insulting words" crime
  237. First paycheck of 2013. $50 less.
  238. The High Price of Being Single in America
  239. AT&T Exempts Itself From Its Data Cap
  240. Gun control...
  241. Judges say middle school teacher can’t shake porn past, must not return to classroom
  242. NRA Video Criticizes Obama For Stance On Armed Guards In Schools
  243. President Obama signs 23 executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence
  244. Eating Competitions, who does it here?
  245. FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee
  246. Does the NRA Really Have 4+ Million Members
  247. Boehner to Senate: Pass a budget or don't get paid
  248. Extremists Muslims enforcing Shaira Law on the steets...
  249. In your opinion, which US president do you think was the best and why?
  250. Paid sick leave